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Every week we usually talk out of both sides of our mouths regarding new and interesting court cases & legal matters.

Every week we usually talk out of both sides of our mouths regarding new and interesting court cases & legal matters.


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Every week we usually talk out of both sides of our mouths regarding new and interesting court cases & legal matters.






Credit When Its Due

If you been living at Noinek's house you may have missed that splash went viral about a week ago when him & Frank Zones posted a list of Top 50 Worst Rappers. The list made its way around the internet like wild fire. splash discusses that list here and also we discuss who went to jail and of course have some announcements and surprises. Press play and be offended


Hug It Out

kept you waiting huh? the gang is all here again. press play on this latest episode from The Verdict. what news stories have affected you the most recently? we would love to hear from you.


Him Did It!

sorry for the delay. we have been cooking up some big plans. all will be revealed soon. for now enjoy this latest.


The Calm Before The Storm

Something is a brewin' at The Verdict Podcast. All will be revealed soon but for now press play and be entertained.


What Can You Do For Me?

Thank you all for downloading, sharing and playing "The Verdict Podcast" we continue to grow thanks to our supporters around the world. This episode highlights how similar crimes can be seen differently depending on who is committing the crime. AJ Calloway and Katy Perry find themselves in hot water and a former lottery winner made a deal with God and didnt come through. All this and more so press play and be entertained.


10K Served

Welcome back! A joyous energy falls over the crew this week as they will surely cross 10 thousand downloads with this episode! Thank you for listening and for bringing us back every week ( most weeks lol). ASAP Rocky is out of Sweden, Jeffrey Epstein is also out of jail, Mia Khalifa might be a victim and wtf is up with Jay Z and the NFL. We gonna get to all that and more plus our upcoming live episode at NC State University! Press play & celebrate!


Ready, FIGHT!!!

Yikes a lot to cover in this episode. Starting with a message about respect and accountability and also includes some words for those of you starving for social media attention. Press play and be informed.



This is a fun episode! We usually have heavy handed topics but this time we smiled the whole way through. Tay K got football numbers for jail sentence. R Kelly's Crisis Manager quits. A woman says what at a Raleigh Bone Fish Grill?? Roll Call, Victim or Nah and of course 2 Truths 1 Con are all included. Press play and be entertained.



This episode is hot af.....literally. So hot we forgot to do multiple segments lol. Noinek is taking a break but joining us this week is Flitty Gang leader "Mosca Flux". She has turned heads serving looks but her skills on the mic are the real show and she doesn't disappoint as she sits with us to discuss her accomplishments, her experience in the judicial system and upcoming releases. Press play and flux with the squad.


The Trenches

This episode almost didn't happen....until it did. Easily the most inspiring episode of The Verdict in a long time. The episode starts with an update on our second live episode and new concert ticket contest. We discuss the now infamous ice cream licker and also ASAP Rocky being arrested but what happens later on is truly motivating and enthralling. Press play and be entertained.


Traitor Among Us

Press play and everything will be explained including the meaning of life


Homeward Bound

Yo the team is still working their way back home after some events forced them into the street. This episode is full of compelling dialogue concerning our next live show, organ harvesting and possible serial killer in Detroit. Also we add some interesting names to our roll and discuss a problem we created by being complacent. All that and of course 2 truths 1 con when you press play.


Slow News Week

Yo so due to circumstances beyond my control the first couple of minutes of this episode are lost forever. Dont let that deter you from a great experience. Returning this week is Milly who seems to be getting real comfortable as a consistent host and also Frank Zones stops by to give an insane theory about organ harvesting. Noinek is mostly seen and not heard but thats ok. Anyway give this episode a play and join the shenanigans.


When They Hear Us

This episode is the result of the team being determined and adaptable in uncomfortable situations. Even so we were able to deliver and almost on time at that. In this episode we discuss a baltimore rapper who finessed his job out of $4 million. We pretty much divulge all the details of our next live show on September 16th. A new challenger has appeared and "Milly" will add value and perspective to the show. Lots more to unpack including that netflix documentary. Press play and find out what...



Recidivist rejoice! Google is trying to make sure you can bounce back for good even before you leave jail. Yo Gotti thought NC rappers were sweet, Jussie Smollet is gonna have some 'splainin to do once these court docs get unsealed and you wont believe what some people are willing to do over a game all this and more live show updates when you press play.


My Podcast Is Not A Policital Playground

After an unplanned week off the cast of The Verdict Podcast is back. In this episode we discuss the unfortunate shooting of Pamela Turner, the recent release of some domestic terrorists, and also some grey area in copyright laws. Plus we give a few updates on our upcoming live show. Just gotta tune in and press play.



I couldn't hold it any longer! The date for my next live show "A Sight To See Take 2" has been decided. We will see you all again in Durham NC on September 16th 2019. In this episode we go over a few live show updates, try out a nasty new segment, discuss abortion and the behaviors of fairer skinned individuals. Of course we add names to our roll and play 2 truths & a con. Press play and be entertained.


His Name Was Riley Howell!

Unfortunately there is a good amount of bad news to discuss in the latest episode of The Verdict Podcast. First we send our condolences to the friends and family of John Singleton who was famous for writing, directing, producing several classic pieces of film and cinema. Shortly after that we discuss a recent school shooting that occurred in splash's hometown Charlotte, NC. This violent act was unnecessary and appalling. We remember the hero who gave his life so that others may live. In less...



Its almost that time again. Press play and find out what time I'm talking about. Also where is the line with this MeToo movement??? Some Reality TV stars punch the clock in our roll call and some updates on some recent cases plus a major announcement.


The Few. The Proud.

Got some good news and bad news Verdict fans. The bad news is Noinek was unable to be present for this episode. The good news is I can finally share with you the first #jailtale of the year. This episode is featuring none other than Zachary Baker from season 1 of 60 Days In. His participation and feedback were critical in making the program and show a huge success. In this interview Zac talks candidly about life before reality tv and his mentality during the process. Press play and be...