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"Back(Lash) That Ass Up!”

Wow is all I can say! This episode starts off like any other with News, Contests & notifications. From there we discuss "Amber Rose Slut Walk 2018" (6:55) Then we add our special guest "Stuff", an expert and free thinker (8:22) Why we calling her "Stuff" tho? Well some things happen and she says everything you really need to know (13:33) This is where it gets CRAZY not only did "Stuff" get some wild backlash from prior events (21:17), but Noinek comes in and gives her opinion that was very...


Mixed Feelings

Yooooooooo! another episode of Tom Foolery for your listening pleasure. This week Frank Zones calls up to the show and tells us how he was caught up a few times. Noinek gives some insight on how to handle yourself as a woman in a post #metoo era. I of course give bad advice and make inappropriate jokes you will love it. press play and get started.


Floppy Tissue

Good riddance to bad rubbish! Bill Cosby will hopefully be going away for a long time. I hope people don't think its cool to drug women and then rape them. Maybe one day Bill will come on the show and we can get a good laugh out of all this but for now he getting what he deserves. Dreamville fest has been rescheduled so dust off those cameras and send ya videos in. Have more tickets to give away so stay tuned to that as well. You know the deal press play and listen to this track b***h!!!!!!!


Under D Influence ft Giovanni HL

We survived Florence! Thank you all so much for the support and feedback. How are you enjoying our new segment "Jail Tales"? This week we have someone who has been in and out of jail more times than he would like. Welcome Noinek's own brother Giovanni HL who gives us some insight about how to stay out of trouble. Press play & be entertained!


"Jail Tales"

I promised you some big changes on the last episode and I feel confident that we delivered! As some of you may know I have an addiction for trying new ideas. Well thankfully my new cohost is full of them. In my quest to provide you more and more organic and innovative content. During the taping of this episode I was contacted by a family member who is currently doing time. Although he is behind bars his mind is as colorful as ever. Shout out to "G" for supporting and sharing his "jail tale"....


Master Plan

Another weekend means another episode of "The Verdict". Noinek is still here for everyone asking lol and she is already planning to shake things up and add some different elements to the show, but for now we stick to the old ways. First off you still have time to win the Dreamville Fest tickets for free! just have to follow some simple instructions. Second, dont forget to nominate "The Verdict Podcast" for podcast of the year at this year's Queen City Awards. Which you can do at...


A New Challenger Appears!

We're back! Well splash is at least! Lets get you guys all caught up......Welcome my new cohost "Noinek" who will be replacing Rick Mills. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors. The show finally has a resident female voice who can add a much needed to touch to a usually male dominated conversation. Anyway in this episode I announce the official contest rules if you wanna win Dreamville tickets for free! Also take two seconds out and nominate this show for "podcast of the year" at...



Yooooooo! first I want to shout out Leslie for winning the Wiz Khalifa contest. She and a friend are going to the Dazed and Confused tour courtesy of "The Verdict Podcast". In this episode we welcome back Eerie Canal who has an uncanny ability to constantly disagree with me. He wont be smiling so hard when i stump him in two truths and a con. Also whats going on with Starfire from teen titans??? Press play and find out what big things splashjordan has been up to.


Joose, Jovi & Jordan

In a move that I know you didn't see coming I landed two talents from the NC music scene (Jooselord Magnus and Jovi Mosconi) to stop by and dish on a few things and right from the start things get wild lol. After running through some quick picks. The guys both agree that every action has consequences. We clap it up for rappers who went to jail but why tho? The guys also give a brief but riveting introduction to how they got started and where it all went right. Press play and be entertained.


Rick Sh*t!

Whats up yall? Ready for a new episode of "The Verdict"? Instead of talking your ear off for over an hour how bout we condense things a bit and get right into the good stuff. We gonna tell you whats going on with Charlamagne. Also we have tickets to see Wiz Khalifa and Rae Sremmurd in Raleigh, NC. Plus rappers who went to jail and a surprising twist for two truths and a con. Press play and be relieved.


This is America(n) Pharaoh

Nearly 30 states have voted in someway to decriminalize cannabis! So whats the hold up with NC and when are we gonna be free to toke if we wanna?? Well award-winning journalist Rhiannon Fionn is going to set us all straight on what it takes to make that happen. Also Rick & I actually agree something??? Press play to find out what. Of course we also have some rappers going to jail and I may or may not extend my winning streak against Rick during 2 truths and a con you just gonna have to play...


Got the stiffy, uh!

Fridays are for "The Verdict" and we have a great episode for you today. Special guest & codefendant Frank Zones stops by and him and Rick think they can outsmart me. Press play to find out who wins this week's two truths and a con. Also we gotta give it up to Tekashi who becomes Troll God this week, Victim of the week has a tough go at things and also Future might have some explainin to do. Press play & enjoy!


The Verdict Will Be Televised

The gift of Ye has reached our ears! Play this new episode and find out what splash and rick think of kanye's new album. Also our condolences to the friends and family of anybody who is recently suffering from depression or contemplating suicide. We hope that if by listening to this episode you can find some peace in life. press play and be enterained!


Yo Thurz!

Man oh man! What an episode! A good friend from back in the day, Thurz Day, pops up straight from LA and quickly we get down to the tea. This episode is jam packed we talk Pusha T vs Drake, Morgan Freeman, Trippie Red, bubbly sangria, and Thurz Day recalls some memories of her experience on a daytime court room tv show. We debut another new segment that you dont want to miss and also announce the next concert contest. Dont wanna miss this one! Shout out to our sponsors for this week. Lethal...


Shut up & run!

First of all shout out to lethal princess. You can check out her music at Second, Fuck the NFL except for the Jets (go jets!) play this episode if you wanna hear some dope Will Smith bars and also hear how Rick and I feel about this current witch hunt labeled as a women's equality movement.


Black, Ops

Maaaaaaaaaaan! We back. Took a week off to enjoy everything Rolling Loud had to offer and it was intense to say the least fr fr. Rick & Splash link up on this episode to talk about wtailtf is going on with white people calling the police on black people for no reason. Splash gives a few Rolling Loud details. Its Rick's birthday turn up!!!! Also we give the instructions for the contest. You not gonna want to miss this. Press play & get the party started


Shout out to rice!

Yo! This is one crazy episode we find the pocket and get right to it. Not gonna talk about Kanye forever I promise. We do discuss some opinions about baby daddies and also announce a new contest where you can win.......ya know what press play and find out!!!



Yo the contest was a huge success! I reveal the winners and more details about future contests. You know we had to shout out the hero in the Waffle House shooting. Bill Cosby comes up a few times. Wanna hear how we feel about Kanye's political stance? Press play & find out!


Pickle Rick!

Ha Ha! This episode was recorded under the most random conditions. Guess I had too much fun on 4/20. Rick will now be taking over my second chair as cohost. Check him out on his first day. Press play & be entertained! Also added a few tings to give it some oomph ya know!


Street Tacos ft Rome

Guys I know its been a while almost a month since last episode but im still looking for a cohost in the meantime I had some friends help me out to hold you over until the show gets a more permanent cohost. Check out this episode I recorded on the road in Charlotte, NC. I wont bother telling you what its about other than we were supposed to be talking about anime lol press play and be entertained!