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The world's #1 fancast about the world of GI Joe!

The world's #1 fancast about the world of GI Joe!
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The world's #1 fancast about the world of GI Joe!




Rack Time 6: GI Joe ARAH 266

Rack Time is Snack Time! Rob returns to prepare the palate for the main course of "Snake Hunt" in GI Joe: A Real American Hero with this quick synopsis of the first part of Larry Hama's current ten-part epic. Remember that Paul Allor's new GI Joe #1 hits the racks tomorrow! Be sure to catch our interview with Paul here: Email- Voicemail- 262-515-9656 Facebook-...


WOJM 117: This Episode's Title Has Been Trademarked

With Joe prepping for Dragon Con and Carson lost to his workload, Mark Weber and Bobby Vala return to the WOJM compound to host the first episode with not one, but TWO former Hasbro heads-of-the-brand! It's over three hours of GI Joe content as our intrepid crew sails the sea of Snake-Eyes movie news, IDW comic happenings, and Postsac letters! This episode also takes a nostalgic turn as Mike talks about cast turnover and gives tribute to the end of a colleague's podcast, and Mark relives the...


Special Edition 63: An Interview With Paul Allor

It's new comic day, so celebrate with Mike, Rack Time Rob (in his main-roster hosting debut) and new GI Joe scribe Paul Allor! It's a half-hour of talking about the new IDW title "GI Joe," on sale September 18! Mike fights to hold on to his voice (which may make this the most popular episode in a long while) but Rob's comics pedigree shows up in force. Congratulations and good luck on a long run for Paul! Be sure to get GI Joe (with not adjectives or superlatives) added to your pull list...


Rack Time 5: GI Joe ARAH #265

Rack Time is back time! Rob reviews GI Joe: A Real American Hero #265, which concludes the "Artificial Intelligence" story arc. The next issue will be on the racks this Wednesday (8/14), so Rob gives also gives another brief preview of what's up next in "Snake Hunt" - including the return of Robert Atkins on pencils! Remember that checkout code HCC788 will give 10% all purchases at What's On Joe Mall through the end of summer! Buy your commemorative WOJM COBRA Convergence IV t-shirt...


Special Edition 62: The Finest Charity Fundraiser, 2019 Edition

Mike and Joe welcome Sara Detrick back to the luxurious WOJM Recording Studio, and Joe and Sara describe the ins and outs of this year's Finest fundraising effort to help K9s For Warriors! K9s For Warriors is a non-profit organization that pairs shelter dogs with American veterans suffering from PTSD and other battle-related ailments. Over the last few years, the Finest has raised over $80,000 for this charity thanks to donations from fans like you! WOJM is proud to be a part of this charity...


Rack Time 4: GI Joe ARAH #264 & GI Joe #1 Ashcan

With GI Joe ARAH #265 due tomorrow, Rob would be remiss if Rack Time didn't get you caught up with the big events of #264 in advance (SPOILERS)! Plus, Rob takes you through the retailer-incentive, ashcan-covered GI Joe #1 preview by Paul Allor and Chris Evenhuis! Remember that all WOJM merchandise is 10% off with the checkout code HCC788 for a limited time! Visit What's On Joe Mall today!


Special Edition 61: WOJM Panel At The 2019 Ohio Toy & Comic Show

Host Emeritus Gary Godsoe returned to take the stage with Mike, Joe, and Rob at the 2019 Ohio Toy & Comic Show! The team chatted with the live crowd about the current GI Joe comic, the Joefest experience, and the future of the Ohio Toy & Comic Show. Special appearances by Sara Detrick, The Wristlock Wes Whitlock, The Infamous Podcast, Chris McLeod, and more! It's always a thrill to do the show with a live audience - if you want WOJM at your local or regional show, give our email address to...


On The Spot: One Last Shot From Podcasters' Row

Mike gives a tearful farewell to Brian and Johnny of the Infamous Podcast. That Pulitzer is as good as ours.


On The Spot: World's Latest Boss Fight Press Release

Erik Arana's triumphant return to WOJM extols the latest triumphs of Boss Fight Studio, from the acquisition of the Flash Gordon/Phantom rights, their upcoming Lucha Libre announcement, and the continuing success of the Bucky O'Haire and Steeds lines. There's an intermission in there where Erik had to solve a cash register crisis, so enjoy some appropriate intermission music.


On The Spot: Donut Delirium

Joe Colton arrives at the WOJM booth weak and weary from hunger, and things take a turn when her friend Molly appears with donuts. Keen-eared listeners will notice Morgan Lofting making an accidental cameo!


On The Spot: Rumor Disspelled!

Mike and Sara Detrick finally appear on the podcast at the same time, ending the rumor that they are, in fact, the same person.


On The Spot: Crack O'Dawn At The OTCS

Mike and Rack Time Rob start the day in Fairborn, Ohio, at the 2019 Ohio Toy & Comic Show. Joe Colton is, as expected, AWOL.


Special Edition 60: Morgan Lofting's Baroness Round Table

Joe Colton and Sara Detrick take the reigns for this interview with Sunbow's irreplaceable Baroness, Morgan Lofting! Morgan takes her intrepid hosts through her passage through "The Biz" and beyond, touching on such widespread topics as fan conventions and ancient European history. It's an enlightening hour - wear a loose hat and let your mind expand! Contact WOJM: Email- Voicemail- 262-515-9656 Facebook- Twitter-...


WOJM 116: Dogs Of Dún Laoghaire

With Carson still away from the microphone due to his recent wedding, Mark Weber returns to hosting for the second consecutive regular episode! In this episode, news about the upcoming G.I. Joe movie is discussed, Hasbro's struggles in finding a home for its animation studio are noted, the most recent flood of Postsac letters are cleared, and the gang teams up to give Bobby Vala's Action Force Kickstarter one last... well, kick. Also, Mike struggles with pronunciation, Joe finds an issue...


Special Edition 59: 2019 Joefest Wrap-Up

Congratulations to WOJM co-host Carson Mataxis on his marriage! Carson's nuptials force Mike and Joe to record alone as they wrap up their experiences from Joefest weekend. Joe pitches a new YouTube show for the WOJM channel, Mike provides tales from his time as an accidental storm chaser, and the intrepid hosts cover any experience that wasn't recorded in an On The Spot segment. It's another hour of fun, frolic, nostalgia, and constructive criticism in the Wondrous WOJM Way! Contact...


Rack Time 3: G.I. Joe ARAH #263

Rob returns with an all-new Rack Time to break down G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #263, a special Memorial Day issue! Rob also gives the skinny on IDW's new series "G.I. Joe" so we don't have to make the next regular episode any longer than it's already going to be! What a guy! Contact WOJM: Email- Voicemail- 262-515-9656 Facebook- Twitter- @wojmpodcast Instagram- @whatsonjoemind YouTube-...


On The Spot: A Moment With Kirk Bozigian

Mike catches up with longtime friend of the program and former Hasbro GI Joe honcho Kirk Bozigian, who implores everyone to come to his panel the afternoon and to next year's Joefest! Contact WOJM: Email- Voicemail- 262-515-9656 Facebook- Twitter- @wojmpodcast Instagram- @whatsonjoemind


On The Spot: More Fun At The Joe Colton Booth

Mike returns to Joe's booth, where they appease the food fetishists, take selfies while recording, and accost a show-goer into showing off his prize purchase, a chromed helicopter. Mike plugs Cook Out, a local eatery chain, and begrudgingly names Mary Mercenary his new Head of WOJM Merchandise, since WOJM fans don't buy t-shirts. Contact WOJM: Email- Voicemail- 262-515-9656 Facebook- Twitter- @wojmpodcast Instagram-...


On The Spot: A Wild Guillermo Appears!

Joe Colton makes her first appearance of the weekend, and quickly leads Mike down a winding path of insanity. Then Molly and a wild William appear and drive things further down the rabbit hole. Joe and Mike attempt to make sense of James' booth but ultimately logic fails and entropy reigns. Contact WOJM: Email- Voicemail- 262-515-9656 Facebook- Twitter- @wojmpodcast Instagram- @whatsonjoemind


On The Spot: Please Feed The Noted Author

Mike finds Noted Author James Kavanaugh amidst the chaos of the Joefest sales floor, and they chat about the new, updated Volume 4 of Rank & File, as well as the other fine wares at his booth. If you're coming to the show, find James and make a deal! Contact WOJM: Email- Voicemail- 262-515-9656 Facebook- Twitter- @wojmpodcast Instagram- @whatsonjoemind