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The world's #1 fancast about the world of GI Joe!

The world's #1 fancast about the world of GI Joe!
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The world's #1 fancast about the world of GI Joe!




WOJM September 2018 Edition

"NOTE TO ASPIRING PODCASTERS: Never try to "squeeze in" a recording just ahead of a major storm. Sound quality is not great for some of this episode and it was a four-week nightmare to try to save, but SAVED IT WAS! Carson picks up a new sponsor, Joe regales the boys with drunken tales of Dragon Con, and Mike tries to get everyone to just plug the show. Yes, it's business as usual on the September, 2018 episode of What's On Joe Mind? Download, enjoy. and tell your friends RIGHT NOW!!"


WOJM Panel @ The Ohio Toy & Comic Show!

Noted Author James Kavanaugh gets Gary, Joe, and Mike to fall in for Rank & File Vol.4 at the Ohio Toy & Comic Show! The gang also talked more about the 2018 GIJCC and took some time for Q&A with the crowd at this live appearance. All this plus Debbie Godsoe! DOWNLOAD NOW!!


WOJM 2018 JoeCon Wrap Up!

It's the last JoeCon! They've been home for weeks, but join Mike, Joe, and Carson as they unpack from the 2018 Joecon! They've got stories to tell, news to spread, and Joe may even shed a tear or two! What's next for the community? What's On Joe Mind? RIDES AGAIN!!


WOJM 2017 Holiday Extravaganza!

Mike and Joe sit down with Carson Mataxis from and Maggie Cogan of The Finest to review the news and BS about the holidays. Along the way, our hearts grew three sizes, and we all gained some respect for Joe's mom. Enjoy! (Opening/closing themes thanks of Funky Butt Brass Band!)


WOJM Special Edition #53: An Interview with Larry Houston

The guys interview Larry Houston of GI Joe animated movie fame. Enjoy!


WOJM One Shot’s: Ohio Toy & Comic Show

Mike corners Joe and they talk smack about each other...and talk about the Ohio Toy & Comic Show.


WOJM Ohio Toy & Comic Show Preview

Mike, Gary and Joe briefly promote the Ohio Toy & Comic Show. Also joined by Brian (or Bryan...he's recording right now so we will not interrupt) from the Infamous Podcast. Go find them! Come join us if you are in the area. We have free cookies...really!!


Episode 108: What’s on JOE Mind?

It's the annual Quick 'n' Dirty "Live" Pre-JoeCon Edition! "Live" just really means that Gary didn't put much effort behind editing this other than dropping in the opening and exit cuts. So you get to hear every "um," "ah," studder, long awkward pause and lame joke that we normally record yet we edit out 99% of the time. The gang talks about the Joes of 2008, goes over the JoeCon schedule and touches on the news, in addition to the very popular Creepy Fanboy Emails to Joe and Postsac...


WOJM Special Edition #51: Annual Reading the JoeCon Brochure!

For the 6th consecutive year, we read the JoeCon brochure and give you our tips and tricks on how you can best enjoy the weekend. We also share in past JoeCon stories and experiences. Justin reads as Mike, Joe and Gary comment. Chances are running out! There are only 2 Official GI Joe Conventions left!! We'll see you (well, most of us anyway) in Orlando in June! Enjoy!


Episode 107: What’s on JOE Mind? Part 2

The long awaited part 2 of the epically long Episode 107. We are joined by Aubrey Sitterson as we discuss comics and what IS and what ISN'T a crossover, plus we share what we got in recently (at the time) and shout outs!


WOJM Special Edition #52: Blake from Lanard!

Mike and Chris interview Blake...and his big KONG...from Lanard. Enjoy!


Episode 107: What’s on JOE Mind?

Yes, yes, yes, blah, blah, blah...yes, I know this is late and they are not timely as they have been in the past, but real life matters. Stop yer bitchin'! This is the Holidays/New Year edition. When we recorded 107, it was shaping up to be a 6 hour epic. So instead of continue to make our listeners wait, we are releasing 107 in two parts. Part one consists of our typical show material: The Joes of 2007, more creepy cosplay fanboy messages to Joe, a ton of news, Buzz Dixon makes his...


The Full Force - SERIES 3 - Episode 6

On this edition of the world’s leading, Action Force Chodcast; we have a packed NEWS segment courtesy of JUSTIN BELL at GENERAL'S JOES containing; movie news from G.I. JOE 3 and M.A.S.K., convention news from GRANITE STATE COMIC CON, COIL CON 7 & HASCON, comic news from IDW’s REVOLUTION universe and toy news from HASBRO & 1000TOYS/BAIT!! PADDY LENNON jumps on to help us interview the awesome AUBREY SITTERSON of IDW Comics G.I. Joe Revolution fame, we have a SUPER FIGURE REVIEW and FROM THE...


WOJM 2016 FFL Week 10 in Review

The Cubs win, the election is over (oh, BTW, Gary was right!), so now the focus is back to football. The race is tight as even among the divisions, but will the tie breakers make it impossible for the challengers to make up ground? Find out what the team thinks! Enjoy!


Episode 106: What’s on JOE Mind?

ZOMG! It's a REAL episode!! Yes, the gang brings you almost FIVE hours of Joe Related Talk...and other subjects...and pointless tangents. Justin was having "family time" so joining us for substitution host duty is Chris McLeod of The Full Force. Since this is our first show since JoeCon (yes, we know it has been that long, but we all have real lives we must live folks), we spend a SIGNIFICANT amount of time in the news doing a day-by-day review of all that went down in Loveland. We also...


WOJM 2016 FFL Week 8 in Review

In the Hama, Jamie moves to 7-1 with Debbie, coming off her first ever Couch Bowl win, is following closely behind at 6-2. Over in the Dixon, Ty Samms and Da Busters suffer a setback but still control the division with the Privateers and Wild Bills not too far behind. Celeb entrant, Zach Hoffman is struggling after a 4-0 start, losing his last 4 to even up his record at 4-4. Gary manages to save SOME face this week as he improved his record to a still-poor 2-6 but putting a 143 point pasting...


WOJM 2016 FFL Week 6 in Review

I am posting this so I don't get fined... It's been two weeks since our last show and a lot has happened. All of the unbeaten teams have suffered a loss. The, LSPs rallied up in a big way and got back-to-back wins to end their start-of-season woes. The Warriors on the other hand, lost their 3rd game THIS YEAR...BY A SINGLE POINT. The difference between 4-2 and 1-5 is just that close. As you would guess, the former two time division championship winning owner, Gary, is pretty...


WOJM 2016 FFL Week 4 in Review

Gary loses yet another to his hated rival (Note: Gary is a hater, but he just hates his rival's team, not the rival himself, although...if he beats him again, he may change his mind). Ty, Jamie and Zack remain undefeated. Poor Rock and the now named LSP's got doubled up (and then some) to drop to 0-4 and remain as the lone winless squad. Who'd thought that the infamous RHP's and Cleveland Browns would have something in common. The New England Taco's get some league intervention and field a...


WOJM 2016 FFL Week 3 in Review

Jamie, Zack and Ty all remain undefeated with their squads. 3 more teams get off the schneid with their first wins of 2016. And the Nanomites suffer a setback. All this, plus an interview with the owners of the Mishawaka (its a suburb of South Bend, Indiana - look it up) Blue Lasers, local real life radio celebrities (they paid us to type that), Maximus and The Bartender!


The Full Force - SERIES 3 - Episode 5

On this episode of your favourite 'old toys that we loved as kids and as a fandom seem to hate more as adults' chodecast, we have the NEWS with Justin Bell who tells us what to think about Hasbro, ThreeA, SDCC, BAIT, 1000Toys, the FSS 4.0 mystery figure, Joecon 2017, the FSS 5.0 reveals, the Micro-Machines app, IDW's Revolutionaries and the sad passing of the real life Bazooka, Rest in peace John Hostetter. The boys get SPECIAL with Special Corps aka Steel Brigade in the FIGURE REVIEW and...