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Kathy and Judy Full Show 2/4/17: Favorite moments with your girlfriends

As Kathy and Judy say goodbye one more time, they invite girlfriends to share their favorite stories from the Kathy and Judy Show.


Kathy and Judy Full Show 1/28/17: Changing your name

Kathy and Judy talk to girlfriends who were impacted by the Mary Tyler Moore show. They also hear funny stories about changing your name and stepping out of your comfort zone. The girls also try to get a better understanding of cults.


Kathy and Judy Show 1/21/17: Learning life skills

Kathy and Judy let girlfriends speak their piece, talk to listeners whose parents divorced when they were adults and want to know who taught you your life skills.


Kathy and Judy Show 1/14/17: Surviving the bully

Kathy and Judy find out what women will be marching for in the upcoming Women’s March on Washington. They take calls from mother-of-the-grooms who might have gotten a little too involved in the wedding planning process. Judy looks to girlfriends to figure out what this whole “Real Housewives” franchise is all about. Finally, K&J hear from those who were bullied and how it has changed them in their adult lives.


Kathy and Judy Full Show 1/7/17: When an ex returns

Kathy and Judy talk about standing in line for things (with a nice surprise from caller Noah Bertrand), when an ex pops back into your life (with two callers that almost had K&J speechless), stepping in when you see something and finally – talking to yourself.


Kathy and Judy Full Show 12/31/16: Memorable New Year’s Eve

Kathy and Judy talk about the stupidest thing you did this year, in case of emergency in your iPhone, being estranged from your child, your memorable New Year’s Eve and a Kathy and Judy New Year’s Eve tradition with the playing of ABBA’s “The Way Old Friends Do.”


Kathy and Judy Full Show 12/24/16: Christmas Ornaments, Naughty kids

Kathy accidentally left the garbage out and her new rescue dog swallowed a chicken bone, girlfriends called in to share times they had accidents with their pets. They girls also talked about your favorite Christmas tree ornament. Callers also discussed naughty things they did that their parents never knew about.


Kathy and Judy Full Show 12/17/16: Cold as Ice

Kathy and Judy talk to their girlfriends about the impact versus inconvenience of the cold weather. They also chatted about break-ups that crushed you, competition between grandparents at holiday time and what caused a friendship to end.


Kathy and Judy full show 12/10/16: Going against the grain

This week the girlfriends were inspired by the Twelve Bars of Christmas event and wanted to know about the stupid things you did in your younger years. They also talked about liking or not liking something that’s different from everybody else. The girlfriends detour to movies and also want to know why people make a big deal over birthdays.


Kathy and Judy Full Show 12/3/16: Scrotox, anger management

Kathy and Judy hear from their male girlfriends about scrotox and then let all “speak your piece.” After reading about anger rooms, Judy was curious on how girlfriends deal with anger. Kathy saw the movie Fantastic Beasts and noticed a scared child in the theatre and wanted to know if kids are more sensitive or less sensitive to scary movies.


Kathy and Judy Show 11/19/16: Speak your piece, losing your pet,

Kathy and Judy have been off due to Northwestern games and some pretty big events have happened, so they let girlfriends “speak your piece.” Kathy had to put down her rescue dog and they talked about staying with your pet when it’s time for them to go. Kathy and Judy also want to know what you can always count on happening at Thanksgiving.


Kathy and Judy Show 10/29/16: Memories of Cubs fans, fashion advice

Kathy and Judy take time to remember those Cubs fans who have passed. They also ask for opinions on some of the fashionable shopping trends, wonder how you keep track of all your passwords and where you go when you just need to get away from the kids.


Kathy and Judy Show 10/15/16: Election anxiety, forgetful moments

Kathy and Judy talk to their girlfriends about having election anxiety, words that need to be removed from vocabulary and forgetting things. Things turn serious when Kathy and Judy talk about sexual assault and provide a safe place for women to share their experiences.


Kathy and Judy Show 10/8/16: Sticking with Trump, healing broken friendships, journaling

Amy Guth (in for Kathy O’Malley) and Judy Markey start the show by wanting to hear from Trump supporters only. After the recent audio that was leaked of Donald Trump making lewd comments about women, the girlfriends want to hear if Trump supporters are still sticking with Trump and why. They also talk about what it takes to heal a broken friendship. Amy and Judy also hear from their girlfriends that journal. They end the show talking about the love […]


Kathy and Judy full show 9/24/16: Personal space, the crying game

Kathy O’Malley and Amy Guth (in for Judy Markey) talk with their girlfriends about personal space being invaded, not being forthcoming when dating online and how often you cry.


Kathy and Judy Full Show 9/17/16: Town slogans, rescue dogs

Kathy and Judy talk to their girlfriends about rescue dogs and the difference habits they have. They also wanted to know what strange possession you have kept from someone who has passed. They dive into town slogans and also want to know if age gaps matter in friendships.


Kathy and Judy Full Show 9/10/16: Ankles, what you left behind, current events quiz

Kathy and Judy want to know if you ever notice ankles. They also give girlfriends a current events quiz. Have you ever left anything behind when you have moved or moved and discovered something somebody else left behind? K&J wrap up the show by wanting to know what kinds of topics girlfriends want to hear them talk about.


Kathy and Judy Full Show 8/27/16: Classifying friendship and bathing suit shopping therapy

Kathy and Judy discuss minute clinics, the stupidest thing they’ve done this month, classifying friendships and bathing suit shopping.


Kathy and Judy’s “Letting Go 2016”

Break out those tissues as Kathy and Judy have their annual “letting go” segment. Each year parents drop their kids off at college and go through some tears and this year is no different.


Kathy and Judy Full Show 8/20/16: Embarrassing fashion, “Letting Go”

Kathy and Judy have their annual “letting go” segment, talk about embarrassing fashion and more!