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The world's leading source of information on why Bryn Packard is not Famous, Yet.

The world's leading source of information on why Bryn Packard is not Famous, Yet.
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The world's leading source of information on why Bryn Packard is not Famous, Yet.




Short Update on our Last 5 or 6 Things - Episode 226

Jake and Laura sit down for an quick chat about Laura's new job at Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. -, recent film premiere, cabaret, and fairy training events. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook Intro Music: "Are You Famous, Yet?" - Laura Scruggs. Outro Music: "AYFY 1" - Christopher Kriz


Uncle Fun: You’re the One premiere Q&A&Performances - Episode 225

02:37 - 2PM Q&A session begins 26:25 - Gentleman John Battles start paying 39:53 - Captain Ambivalent performs 52:11 - Gentleman John Battles spills some water and plays a bit more. 56:36 - 7PM Q&A session begins 1000 thanks to Chicago Filmmakers for handling all the logistics of 2 shows at 50, then 60, 75, then a third show, then building risers in time for the show before us (and therefore us too). Please donate to if possible. All of their...


June 8th Three Cat Cabaret on the Lake - Episode 224

This episode was recorded live at the fabulous Berger Park Mansion on June 8th, 2018. Curator/Creative producer Laura Scruggs made it all happen and Jake Scruggs hosted and told some comedy jokes. If you like what you hear, the show is presented the 2nd Friday of every month except January. Jake Scruggs - Jokes about being married to Laura Jake grew up in Lansing, IL the son of a sculptor and a writer and spent his pre 30s getting 2 degrees in education and teaching for the better part...


Steve Presser: Merchant of Happiness Remastered - Episode 66

More 03:27 - Steve has the largest piece of Whoops fake vomit. If it were any bigger, there would be a failure in the physics of creating the product. 05:12 - The first time Steve walked into Goodies, it changed his whole life and career path. 08:55 - We discuss Ted Frankel, known as “Uncle Fun,” former owner of a now-defunct store that bore his nickname. 16:13 - Steve returned to Cleveland and worked with people with special needs 18:28 - Big Fun Columbus 19:05 -...


Surreal Cupcake Comedian Martin Felshman - Episode 223

Martin Felshman is a freelance baker who has been doing stand up for the last 7 years. His proudest comedy accomplishment was when he was invited to Wizard-con 2015 in Madison Wisconsin where he got to tell jokes while wearing a very pretty dress. He is a co-producer of the Cupcake Comedy Cabaret every Thursday evening at the Gallery Cabaret, and a co-host of the machine culture podcast "Podzooky" where a bunch of comedians get real tired and talk about kaiju monvies, and co-producer of...


Fairy 101 at the WasteShed w/ Laura Scruggs - Episode 222

Laura and Jake discuss Laura’s new fairy workshop at the WasteShed (Saturday June 30th 3-5pm) after they catch up on some “Uncle Fun: You’re the One” premiere news and events. Laura is excited to teach 7-13 year olds about the ways of the faerie and Jake is excited to see some of the larger bags of ‘tiny fairy things’ leave the house. Does Jake look like the Maxell 'blown away' guy in chair? Laura thinks so. Here's the image:...


Tales of Awesome Heaviness Part 2: The Relativity of Failure - Episode 15

First: Sorry about the sound quality on this one. Second: This the second of two episodes where the hosts talk about failures. 0:02:00 Jake's turn to pour his heart out. 0:02:15 "I was bored in school and developed NO study habits" 0:05:00 Let the begging begin. 0:06:40 Failing at relativity 0:12:15 Colleges want to take your money 0:13:38 Taking the leaving the gang beating… or not. 0:14:10 The hard lesson of learning how to manage upward 0:15:30 Dead teacher walking 0:16:10...


Laura's New Documentary Subject - Episode 221

We are back after a week off and Laura has just gotten off a plane from seeing the last ever "Spoutwood Fairie Festival" where she interviewed many and got lots of footage for her next documentary project. She also went to see a certain "Uncle Fun" in Baltimore and has a bit to say about that. Get your tickets for the June 10th showing of "Uncle Fun: You're the One" soon because over half of the tickets are already...


Chels Harvey talks social media, podcasting, and writing - Episode 220

We talked about social media, Chels' writing, podcast, Sell Me A Pup; and graphic novel, Dead Weight with Brooklyn-based illustrator and "Lenny Letter" contributor Danie Drankwalter. Sell Me A Pup podcast Follow us on Twitter or Facebook Intro Music: "Are You Famous, Yet?" - Laura Scruggs. Outro Music: "AYFY 1" - Christopher Kriz


Tales of Awesome Heaviness Part 1 - Episode 14 remastered

Originally released Feb 24, 2014. The first of two episodes where the hosts talk about failures. 0:01:40 - Josh Force ( is the graphic designer behind Laura's impending website. Note from the future Laura’s website is done and here: Jake is very proud of the SSL/TLS certification. 0:02:15 - Laura Force: Porn star? 0:04:50 - What happened to Bryn and social media? 0:09:13 - Apparently Facebook is...


Uncle Fun Documentary is Done! - Episode 219

Links to tickets for world premiere screenings of "Uncle Fun: You're The One" at Chicago Filmmakers: 2 pm showing 7 pm Facebook event pages for Chicago Filmmakers' screenings: 2 pm 7 pm Website Facebook page Twitter...


Jenn Mello: Following Different Avenues - Episode 13 remastered

Originally released Feb 17, 2014. 0:00:52 Jenn Mello founder of the first networking event Bryn attended in NY 0:01:50 "Nat Geo" and other mysterious abbreviations and acronyms 0:03:50 A mysterious text to Jake from Nilsa 0:09:20 Film Interchange and the origins of it's founder ( 0:14:50 "Let's talk to filmmakers about film making…" 0:17:20 "No one stands alone at my events" 0:20:45 K. Lorrel Manning and "Happy New Year"...


A Lifetime of Music with Jon Spiegel and Some Storytelling - Episode 218

00:38 - Presenting: Jon Spiegel! 02:20 - Someone wants to make a movie of Jon's life! 03:07 - Ten x 9, 05:39 - How Jon is famous. 10:23 - Jon's favorite gigs and other musicians he's met. 18:40 - How Jon got involved with music. 26:36 - An important story. 36:45 - Storytelling! 40:17 - Jon tells a story! 45:15 - Fairy wands and Do Not Submit 57:51 - Jon the playwright. 59:33 - Jon has been...


The Condition of Femme - Episode 217

Recorded at the Pride Arts Center on "The Condition of Femme” set minutes after their 3/16/2018 performance. 00:35 - Presenting: the playwright, director, producer, sound designer & several cast members of Circle Theatre's "The Condition of Femme.” 00:58 - Inspiration for show. 05:17 - Highlights of rehearsal process. 13:58 - Holding space for each other. 16:24 - Favorite parts of script or moments played. 22:33 - Jake's compliment & video...


Rosina and Ryan Snow, Jazz, Song, and the Law - Episode 216

Ryan Snow hails from Stanford, California and has his B.A. in Politics and his B.M. in Jazz Studies from Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music. He is a former member of Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds and was a professional trombonist based in Brooklyn from 2005 to 2014 and is now pursuing law. Rosina Snow is from New York, New York. She attended LaGuardia High School and Oberlin College. She is a singer and environmentalist. She is currently working on her thesis about the...


Dan Taube All Together and Remastered - Episode 12

Originally recorded late March 2014 02:13 - Introducing Dan and a glimpse into his history with our group 04:00 - Dan and Nilsa and The Women 07:38 - "…it started when I was 11, 12 years old…" 10:45 - Encounters with soon-to-be-famous campers 14:28 - The Notorious C.T.S. 19:25 - Dan goes method 22:04 - Going to Chicago Academy for the Arts and meeting Ronnie 33:01 - "…I can drink more than anybody else, all of a sudden people like me..." 40:44 - The Great and Terrible NYU 47:55 -...


Jake, Laura, Ladie M, Uncle Fun, and Stand Up Comedy - Episode 215

In this episode Jake and Laura talk about last night's showing of her Uncle Fun documentary to "The Benefactor" and "The Benefactor Jr" (see and some lessons learned. Then they discuss two recent readings of Laura's play "The Magic of Ladie M" which is MacBeth from Ladie MacBeth's point of view with lots of magic and set in an alternate modern world where politics are even crazier than now. Finally they reflect...


Drugs, Richard J. Miller, The Facts, and Society - Episode 214

00:38 - Presenting Richard J. Miller: 01:16 - How we met Richard and his relationship to previous podcast guest, Lauren Miller. 02:01 - How Richard got into his field. 04:24 - Story of Richard attempting to mix up his own drug. 09:11 - Proliferation of various drugs from morphine. 12:51 - Origin of the name of heroin. 13:22 - Bayer and heroin. 16:58 - Part of opioid crisis. 21:36 - Can drugs be made less addictive through chemistry? 26:03 - Kratoms. 27:14 -...


Amy Crider, Self Producing, Leda, and Metadata - Episode 213

More 02:18 - "Leda." 06:37 - Oedipus. 08:05 - Prophecy and fate. 10:04 - Thoughts on what it was like to self-produce "Leda." 15:29 - Lines Bek improvised! 18:06 - Would Amy self-produce again and breakdown of expenses for "Leda." 22:02 - Some of Jake and Laura's self-producing experiences. 25:47 - A funny thing that happened during "Leda." 27:14 - Amy has a reading of the opening scene of "Charlie Johnson Reads All of Proust" at the Make Ready with Dandelion...


Andrea Prestinario: The Intersection of Preparation and Opportunity - Episode 11

Audio Note: Bryn used a decent microphone and recorded the episode on his computer. I used the built in MacBook Pro mic and so this is one of the few episodes where the New York side sounds much better than the Chicago recording. Guest: Andrea Prestinario and Twitter: @aprestinario 01:10 Introducing Andrea 03:45 Intro to Meisner 08:50 Bryn and Andrea reconnect 10:14 Jake calls-out Bryn on living with women who are not his girlfriend 14:00 Finally, we let...