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The world's leading source of information on why Bryn Packard is not Famous, Yet.

The world's leading source of information on why Bryn Packard is not Famous, Yet.
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The world's leading source of information on why Bryn Packard is not Famous, Yet.




The Truth and the End - Episode 236

We discuss our low numbers and cost/benefit ratio. Download numbers are revealed. Laura and Jake talk about stopping regular production of the podcast. As is fitting, the sound would not work (curse you dongles) so we are using a MacPro mic and it sounds as bad as you'd expect. See for the data we discuss. Stay subscribed if you like: We may do updates of our lives as events progress. Intro Music: "Are You Famous, Yet?"...


Lauren Sowa of Form & Pressure Films - Episode 235

Bryn W Packard and Nilsa Reyna join us from New York City, update us on their lives, and introduce us to Lauren Sowa. Lauren Sowa is an actor and independent filmmaker. In 2016, she co-founded Form & Pressure Films to tell stories that inspire and provoke thought, while encouraging diversity and equality on set and on screen. Their first film, Marisol, is currently beginning its festival journey. As an actor, Lauren has been featured in the films Café Artist, The Devil’s Well, 42 Seconds...


Cabaret on the Lake September 14th, 2018 - Episode 234

This week's episode is the audio of the Friday September 14th, 2018 Three Cat Theater's Cabaret on the Lake hosted by Rob Dorn and produced by Laura Force-Scruggs. The performers were: Judy Parker (Storyteller), Matthew Lee Amyx (Storyteller), Danii Gallegos (Comedian), Bob Lawrence (Author/Reader), and Willa Moore (Musician/Poet). Willa Moore's guitar wasn't behaving so she asked us not to record her but gave us two recorded songs to insert. As always the Berger Park Cultural Center was...


Daniela Thome's Journey to "Not For Sale" - episode 233

Daniela Thome is an actor, and recently writer, who has traveled from New York city for just a few months to be a part of the play "Not For Sale" which just recently opened and is Jeff Recommended. She's acted in Fru Mary, The Surprise , The Addicts, Elvira, One Minute Play Festival, Patience, Fortitude, & Other Antidepresants, Three Sisters, Cinderella, Life Without Joey, In The Shadow, and Oh de Sea! And that's just the theater. She has been in the films: God I Miss You, Fat Guy,...


David A. Holcombe and "Blacksite: The Musical!" - Episode 232

David Holcombe returns for his 3rd appearance and updates us about projects that were just a gleam in his eye when we last talked... For instance: The 3 part "Anthropology Anthology" is now finished and plans are in the works to release it as a single unit. A big part of the discussion is about "Blacksite: The Musical!" A musical that David has filmed but not finished because he needs your help to finish production. There's an IndieGoGo campaign...


Thom Britton and Jonathan Pritchard Play with the Dead - Episode 231

Thom Britton and Jonathan Pritchard join us to discuss "The Seance" which is best described by this quote from their recent press release: A 'spook-house' show for the smart set; The Seance is an original stage show that recreates an authentic Victorian-era seance. We will investigate the history of the seance, tell stories of the participants and demonstrate the exact techniques used by psychics and mediums who claimed to contact the dead. You will learn exactly how a seance was...


Wisps of Ash w/ Greg Ledger - Episode 20

Classic episode from Apr 7, 2014 This week Laura brings Greg Ledger, storyteller and fellow podcaster! Greg's Podcast: A Dear School 0:01:30 Say hello to Greg! 0:02:20 Obamacare may be working for Bryn shortly 0:02:50 Nilsa already has Obamacare… because she's more organized than Bryn 0:06:00 Recorded some radio spots for Engine Lab of Tampa with Brian McKenna at BToven Studios 0:08:00 This Greg had an incredible guest on his podcast… our own Laura Scruggs. Drinking may have been...


"Wicked, Immoral, Utterly Bad!" with Pete Blatchford - Episode 230

Pete Blatchford has been an actor for 35 years. He has performed in Chicago, New York and Edinburgh. He has acted with Yippie Fest, On the Spot, Three Cat and many other Chicago theatre companies. Pete is an ensemble member of On the Spot theatre company. He wrote the book, "Wicked, Immoral, Utterly Bad!" an illustrated history of Chicago Theatre, 1837 - 1974. For more information about his book, visit Pete is available for presentations about his book as well! He...


Baltimore Here We Come - Episode 229

Super quick update about a new showing of "Uncle Fun: You're the One" ( with some very interesting women at the American Visionary Art Museum ( in Baltimore. The show is September 23rd, 2018, is a benefit for the museum, and costs 100 smackers. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook Intro Music: "Are You Famous, Yet?" - Laura Scruggs. Outro Music: "AYFY 1" - Christopher Kriz


Musicals, Death, Sports, and Food - Episode 19 remastered

01:12 - The Benefactor returns. Matt Shuemaker is Bryn’s high school friend and our first repeat guest (back from the 6th episode)! 02:18 - Yet another person comes in from out of town and paints the town red. A discussion of Rocky - the musical ensues. 05:22 - Guess which members of our crew have never seen "Rocky"? Surely not our star and focus of the show... 09:40 - "All the Way" the LBJ bio play with Bryan Cranston 13:30 - Jake tells a sports story! 20:22 - Uh... We explain the...


Maureen Smith and Daniel Johanson of Scapi Magazine - Episode 228

03:12 - When did Maureen and Daniel know they wanted to sing? 06:04 - Origin story of and what is Scapi? 10:19 - Advice on promotion, especially on social media. 10:55 - Ashley Ray: 13:04 - Scapi's podcast: 22:38 - YouTuber Casey Neistat: 25:20 - What is Scapi now? 30:15 - Natalia Roxas:...


Father and son with Walter J. Packard - Episode 18 remastered

This week we welcome Dr. Walter J. Packard (Bryn's Dad) to the podcast for a heart-to-heart. Twitter: @WJPACK2 0:00:30 Bryn introduces "the big guns" 0:02:25 Nilsa's Dad… 0:03:00 Is Bryn famous, yet? No… not yet. 0:04:25 "Kinky Boots" with Dad and Broadway's survival. 0:09:00 "12 Years A Slave" worth seeing, even if you don't want to see a super-heavy movie about people being terrible in an institutionalized way. 0:12:30 Walter's first memory of Bryn: he was late. 0:13:45...


July 13th, 2018 "Cabaret on the Lake" - Episode 227

This episode is a recording of the July 13th, 2018 Three Cat Theater Productions’ "Cabaret on the Lake" performed at the Berger Park Cultural Center, sponsored by this very podcast, and hosted by its own Laura and Jake Scruggs. Video of the event is at: T’was a hot night so we had a box fan blowing on the performers which, unfortunately, was picked up extremely well by our microphone. Our audio engineer did his best to filter out a fair amount of the "box fan...


Naked and Fearless with Janie Martinez - Episode 17 remastered

We interview Nilsa's childhood friend and “Sextra” from the movie “Shortbus" Janie Martinez @MartinezJanie 01:44 "Can anyone truly know Janie Martinez?” No. 03:34 How Nilsa and Janie met 06:15 And almost destroyed their high school 12:30 Chicago suburbanites marvel at the well funded and versed South Texas high school drama program Janie and Nilsa come from: Pharr-San Juan-Alamo High School 15:23 The College of Sexual Frustration 17:15 On not...


The Good in the Bad - Episode 16 Remastered

This week we welcome Shawn Wickens and Gavin Starr Kendall: founders of The Bad Theatre Fest and Bad Film Fest Gavin Starr Kendall: @TheStarrKendall Shawn Wickens: @shwickens 0:02:00 Our guests are the founders of "The Bad Film Fest" 0:02:39 Starr hails from Texas, which he has in common with Nilsa 0:03:00 Turns out Shawn has actually listened to an episode of the podcast and proves it 0:04:46 Starr Fellows a woman to New York, as one does, and falls-in with...


Short Update on our Last 5 or 6 Things - Episode 226

Jake and Laura sit down for an quick chat about Laura's new job at Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. -, recent film premiere, cabaret, and fairy training events. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook Intro Music: "Are You Famous, Yet?" - Laura Scruggs. Outro Music: "AYFY 1" - Christopher Kriz


Uncle Fun: You’re the One premiere Q&A&Performances - Episode 225

02:37 - 2PM Q&A session begins 26:25 - Gentleman John Battles start paying 39:53 - Captain Ambivalent performs 52:11 - Gentleman John Battles spills some water and plays a bit more. 56:36 - 7PM Q&A session begins Video of all this is on YouTube: 1000 thanks to Chicago Filmmakers for handling all the logistics of 2 shows at 50, then 60, 75, then a third show, then building risers in time for the show before us (and therefore us too). Please donate to...


June 8th Three Cat Cabaret on the Lake - Episode 224

This episode was recorded live at the fabulous Berger Park Mansion on June 8th, 2018. Curator/Creative producer Laura Scruggs made it all happen and Jake Scruggs hosted and told some comedy jokes. If you like what you hear, the show is presented the 2nd Friday of every month except January. Video of the event is here: Jake Scruggs - Jokes about being married to Laura Jake grew up in Lansing, IL the son of a sculptor and a writer and spent his pre 30s getting 2...


Steve Presser: Merchant of Happiness Remastered - Episode 66

More 03:27 - Steve has the largest piece of Whoops fake vomit. If it were any bigger, there would be a failure in the physics of creating the product. 05:12 - The first time Steve walked into Goodies, it changed his whole life and career path. 08:55 - We discuss Ted Frankel, known as “Uncle Fun,” former owner of a now-defunct store that bore his nickname. 16:13 - Steve returned to Cleveland and worked with people with special needs 18:28 - Big Fun Columbus 19:05 -...


Surreal Cupcake Comedian Martin Felshman - Episode 223

Martin Felshman is a freelance baker who has been doing stand up for the last 7 years. His proudest comedy accomplishment was when he was invited to Wizard-con 2015 in Madison Wisconsin where he got to tell jokes while wearing a very pretty dress. He is a co-producer of the Cupcake Comedy Cabaret every Thursday evening at the Gallery Cabaret, and a co-host of the machine culture podcast "Podzooky" where a bunch of comedians get real tired and talk about kaiju monvies, and co-producer of the...