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BWE Special 06 - When everything is against you.. interview /w Vuk Guberinic, CEO CarGo

You think you have it hard, with your marketing, lead generation, debt collection, product pivot... now imagine that your entire business environment is against you, the laws and the state are against you. Let me introduce Vuk Guberinic, a man who has fought for every step in his business, and still has a smile every day. LIsten to the story of CarGo, a Serbian version of Lyft and Uber, and all the obstacles that have been in their way from day one to now, from payment processor issues,...


BWE Special 05 - Tips and tricks in social media marketing /w Zac Jarvis

There is a whole industry around social media marketing, and most businesses cannot exclude this type of marketing from their strategy and online presence. In social media, there are two types of marketing approaches - one is an organic, community, non-paid approach and presence, and the other is based on paid ads. What are the tips and tricks that businesses should know and how to do proper social media marketing? These are the topics I discuss with my guest, Zachary Jarvis, the founder of...


#16 BWE - Did you have your A-HA moment?

Some people know what do they want to do for the rest of their lives already when they are kids. Some want to be doctors, some firemen, some astronauts, and some actually follow their dreams until they are achieved. For the rest of us, that A-HA moment comes much later, if at all. Well, I had my A-HA moment just a couple of weeks ago, and I want to share it with you... or maybe I have been doing things that lead up to that for a long time now... Check out the episode and let me know if you...


#15 BWE - Do you want a job or do you just want money?

I know I already spoke on the topic of the importance of wanting to work, but I need to take one more pass at this from another angle. There are too many people wanting to work just because of the money. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being paid for your services, but is it just about that? When you work only for money, do you actually give any value at your job? Worst of all, I have an example of companies adapting to this trend... Take a listen, and let me know your...


#14 BWE - How important is project management?

Being around several companies, including my own I often thought that having a clear process of doing things, using available tools and optimizing internal management came naturally to companies and that everyone is doing this. Oh, boy was I wrong. In this episode I will touch on the various points people should think about in order to improve their management of business, internal or external. That includes how you manage projects, communicate with your team or clients, pass on knowledge to...


BWE Special 04 - Simplifying Marketing with Roger Edwards

Marketing can be very complicated and complex, but it doesn't have to be. No matter if you are a big company or a small one, everyone can benefit from taking a step back and seeing what they can simplify in their marketing. A simple approach to marketing can be much more effective, productive and easier to conduct and analyze than going through layers and layers of paperwork and analysis just for the sake of bureaucracy. This episode's guest is Roger Edwards. Roger helps people keep their...


#13 BWE - Getting attention of the audience with provocative content

All the content we produce for our businesses has one major intention - to capture attention. Secondary aim can be different but capturing attention is crucial in order to do anything after that. In an overload of information, we already talked about that your content needs something engaging, intriguing or even provocative in order to do so. So just how provocative should the content be, and how do you manage the reactions of the audience? In this episode I share a recent experience of a...


#10 BWE - Why should you create content, how you do it and what kind is right for you?

Content is everything, but creating content without knowing what are you doing, just for the sake of it leads nowhere. There are many different types of content and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Not all content is right for you or your business. In this video I answer the Why, How and What of content creation. Should you create content? How to make it work, and how to create content that the audience will want to consume? What kind of content is right for you or your...


#09 BWE - 4 Things to Know When Starting a Business

Most entrepreneurs fail because they underestimate the amount of time, effort and money they need to put into business. However, where you put your time and effort can also be a deciding factor. Too many times people fail because they focused on the wrong thing or they focused only on ONE right thing, and neglected some of the other essential factors to making their business succeed. In this episode I give you my four things which are one of the primary things anyone should focus on in...


#08 BWE - Difference between entrepreneurs and startups /feat. Wiley Larsen

Nowadays we hear the word "startup" used for anything and everything, especially in the digital landscape. This is only partly true, and not every business can be considered as a startup. Some may disagree, and there is a point - to start any business from scratch, is a small startup but that is only a small piece of what it means to be a startup. In this episode I talk about the difference between businesses, entrepreneurs and startups. Is every entrepreneur a startup and is every startup...


BWE Special 02 - Growing your business: Challenges for yourself and your team /w Samantha Woolven

Growing your business comes with a lot of challenges, both for yourself as an entrepreneur as well as your team. Managing team dynamics and the individuals within the growing company means that sometimes you have to recognize do you have the right team for the stage that your business is in? Are you enabling your team to outgrow you and why that should be your goal? Are you happy being an entrepreneur or are you creating a job for yourself in the future? To all these and much more, my guest...


#07 BWE - Why you shouldn't expect marketing results in 2 weeks

Are you expecting fast results in your business? Do you change up your entire marketing strategies before they even have time to produce results - essentially burning money and throwing it down the drain? You shouldn't! In this episode I focus on the importance of having patience in marketing and using your content long enough to really justify its value. Content marketing needs time to work. So check out these thoughts and let me know if you had a similar experience. You can check out this...


#06 BWE - Shit periods of being an entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not always blitz, sparkle and shiny, happy people dancing around the fire. Every business has its ups and downs, as well as periods when people have a really difficult time of getting out of bed, knowing that what they do is right. In this episode, I talk about that reality and how to get pass the rough period. If you like the podcast, please subscribe, comment or like and let me know if you have any questions. Check us out on YouTube:...


#05 BWE - Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a great way to scale business up or even down. It is a growing trend in the business world, which grew as more and more of the global marketplace became available, and through it - a more diverse, cost effective and flexible work force. Check out my view on the pros and cos of outsourcing and let me know what you think. Backwater Entrepreneur podcast is intent on building content that can help entrepreneurs and businesses no matter where they are by giving the insights, new...


BWE Special 01 - Danny Creed on Entrepreneurship and Productivity

In the first Backwater Entrepreneur Special, I interview Danny Creed, international business coach with over 20 years of experience in coaching businesses. We dive into a discussion on what it means to be an entrepreneur, mistakes, mindset, drive, productivity and tools that can help you take your business to the next level. Danny Creed is an international master business and executive coach, business consultant; trainer, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and international keynote and...


#04 BWE - Hiring people or being a one man show?

How long can you keep being a one man show in your business, and when is the time to build up your team? When that time comes, it's time to think about do you just want to outsource, hire temp workers or full time employees. In this episode we talk about scaling your business and the problems that trouble people when that time comes. Check out this podcast also in video form on YouTube:


#03 - Just start already!

Thinking about a great idea and moving from the drawing board to actually making it happen, for some people, takes ages. In a fast paced marketplace, where everything changes in a matter of days, months, you can't wait until you have everything made to perfection. That can cost you not only time and money - but also the entire business. In this episode we talk about why you need to move fast, keeping in mind not to be reckless. I also take a look at the reality of why will, even my business,...


#02 - "Work" is not a BAD word

Working to achieve a goal, no matter what that goal is, is something you should know already. Nothing comes without you first making an action towards it, and you are the only person that can change something in your life if you do not like it. Just wanting things to change is not enough. In this episode, you need to asses if this podcast and show is for you - because if you just bitch about your situation, without actually wanting to move your ass to achieve whatever it is, that is your...


#01 - Intro (Get into the rowboat)

Welcome to the first episode of the Backwater Entrepreneur, the show that guides your business through the backwaters to the global marketplace. In this episode, I will introduce you to the podcast and my idea for it.