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Welcome to the Business Made Simple Podcast where we coach you to build your business like an airplane. The cockpit is your leadership. The body is your overhead. The right engine is your marketing. The left engine is your sales. The wings are your products and the fuel tanks are your cash flow. If you build the six parts of your business correctly it will fly far and fast. Every week we help a business owner just like you optimize their airplane.


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Welcome to the Business Made Simple Podcast where we coach you to build your business like an airplane. The cockpit is your leadership. The body is your overhead. The right engine is your marketing. The left engine is your sales. The wings are your products and the fuel tanks are your cash flow. If you build the six parts of your business correctly it will fly far and fast. Every week we help a business owner just like you optimize their airplane.








#110: How to Quit Your Job & Start a Coaching Business

What if you could grow your small business on autopilot? Our new tool will show you how! Access our free PDF compiling all parts of the plane– the steps you need to grow your small business–into one place so you can install a business growth plan that leads to higher revenue, less chaos, and more freedom. Get immediate access to our free PDF at  -- Have you ever considered leaving your 9-5 to start your own coaching business? Quitting a job with...


#109: Cameron Herold—How to Hire a Great “Second in Command”

One of the hardest parts of building a business is hiring the right people. This becomes even more challenging when you’re looking to hire a second in command. You need someone you can trust on a deep level and someone who has the right skills set for the job. If you make the wrong hire in this area, it can be catastrophic for your business and ruin years of hard work. In today’s episode, guest host Dr. J.J. Peterson, Director of StoryBrand and host of the Marketing Made Simple Podcast,...


#108: Alex Hormozi—Surviving the Looming Economic Storm

Concerns about the economy are on the rise as the U.S. hit the debt limit last Thursday. If the “extraordinary measures” taken by the Treasury Department aren’t enough, it could create a financial nightmare for many Americans – including small business owners. How can you prepare your small business for the looming economic downturn? In today’s episode, Donald Miller talks with Alex Hormozi, founder of and author of best-selling book, $100M Offers: How To Make Offers So...


#107: How to Have Your Best Year Yet in 2023

What if you could look back on 2023 and say that it was the best, most fun, and rewarding year you’ve ever had? For many of us, our life looks almost the same year after year. No big goals reached, no bucket list items crossed off, and nothing to make the year particularly memorable. If you’re ready to have a stand-out year that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, this episode is for you. In today’s coaching conversation, Donald Miller shares 3 things you can do to have your best...


#106: Why “Work-Life Balance” Isn’t Working For You

If you feel like you’ve been trying to achieve “work-life balance” for years and never experiencing it, you’re not alone. Most business leaders have a hard time shutting off work and finding time to focus on other things like time with family, health and fitness, and personal hobbies. But if you constantly live with unhealthy work hours and stress, it can have serious effects on your mental and physical health. In today’s episode, Donald Miller opens up about how he’s changed his...


#105: How to Scale Your Business Without Burning Out Your Team

Is your highest business expense people’s salaries? If so, managing people and productivity is vital to your company’s ability to scale. If you want to make your business operationally effective, there are only two options: you either have to decrease the cost of your labor or make your labor more productive. But how can you increase productivity without burning people out? In today’s one-on-one coaching conversation, Donald Miller gives you the solution to increase productivity while...


BONUS: Marketing Made Simple Podcast—The Best Takeaways From This Year's Top Episodes (Part 2)

Continue to position your marketing and messaging for success heading in the new year with Part 2 of our Marketing Mixtape. In this bonus episode, J.J. and April continue calling out the best marketing takeaways from this year to help you get even more clarity and inspiration going into 2023! Help the Marketing Made Simple Podcast deliver even more value by completing our Hero Maker survey at Let us know what you're loving and what you're wanting more of in future...


#104: Top Business Growth Hacks of 2022

Running a business can be exhausting and complex. As a business owner, you have to think about every aspect of your business including sales, finances, marketing, product development, and so much more! If you don’t take a step back every now and then to look at the big picture, you can get so lost in the details that you miss important opportunities for growth. In today’s episode, we’re sharing the top business growth hacks from our 2022 episodes. You’ll hear clips from four conversations...


BONUS: Marketing Made Simple Podcast—The Best Takeaways From This Year's Top Episodes (Part 1)

If you’re feeling overwhelmed closing out 2022, you’re not alone! Many business owners and marketers feel the weight of incomplete projects, initiatives that never got started, and stress from trying to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. To make matters worse, you’re not even sure what to prioritize for 2023. Instead of overworking yourself or getting paralyzed thinking about all there is to do, take a moment to take a step back with us. In this bonus episode...


#103: The Best Way to Increase Revenue in the New Year

If your business didn’t make as much money as you thought it would in 2022, it’s time to perform a profitability audit. Instead of dumping more money into sales and marketing and hoping for better results, you need to take some time to evaluate the foundation of your business: the profitability of your products or services. In today’s coaching conversation, Donald Miller coaches you one-on-one how to perform a product profitability audit. When you understand where your money is truly...


#102: How to Give an Inspiring Presentation

No one wants to listen to a boring presentation – and no one wants to be a boring presenter! Yet so many presentations are either uninspiring or completely self-centered. If you fall into either of those ditches, your audience will tune you out and your message won’t get heard. In today’s coaching conversation, Donald Miller coaches you one-on-one through the 7 parts you need to give a great presentation. If you have a big presentation coming up or want to become a better speaker, this...


#101: 5 Tips for Expanding if Your Business is at Max Capacity

It’s exciting when your business reaches max capacity, but scaling your operation can be challenging. You have to continue to produce at high volume while figuring out how to build infrastructure to produce more. It can feel like a catch-22 for a busy entrepreneur. To make matters worse, you know you’re missing out on a ton of revenue because you can’t meet demand. In today’s coaching conversation, Donald Miller talks with Laura Higgins, founder of, where Laura and her...


#100: Do You Have a Service People Need, Yet Your Business Isn’t Growing?

Are you frustrated with slow growth even though you have a service you know will help your customers? It’s frustrating when your business doesn’t take off, but it’s even more frustrating when you don’t know what you’re doing wrong! If you don’t figure out what’s holding your business back, your business won’t survive long enough to become profitable. In today’s episode, Donald Miller talks to Aimee Bennett and Lauren Paradis, founders of Empower Postpartum Physical Therapy. Aimee and...


#99: The Quickest Way to Grow Your Business

If you’re looking to grow your business FAST, you might be surprised to learn that email marketing is one of the best ways to do that. But there’s a big problem: Most small business owners think they don’t have the time or expertise it takes to write marketing emails. In today’s episode, we’re busting that myth and helping you learn an email framework that’s doable and effective. In today’s episode, you’ll learn from the email marketing master himself, Donald Miller. Join Don for this...


#98: Should You Bring on Investors for Your Small Business?

More often than not, small businesses need more money than their businesses are bringing in order to grow and scale. There are options like private equity, venture capital and loans that can help you take the next step. But how do you decide if bringing on an investor is best for your business? In this episode, Donald Miller talks with Ryan Filsinger, CEO of Iron Fox Games, and walks him through the pros and cons of different investment options and helps him determine the right path for...


#97: How to Make More Money Without Creating New Products

Do you have customers and a great product but aren’t seeing an increase in cash flow? You might be tempted to create a new product – which might be a good move. But before you do that, you should consider how you can make more money with what you already have! Sometimes, all you need to do is think more creatively about what you’re currently offering your customers. In today’s coaching conversation, Donald Miller talks with Elisha Reverby, CEO and Founder of Elique Organics, a luxury...


#96: There’s Been A Murder! How Did This Small Business Die? (Special Halloween Episode with Don & J.J.)

Tune in for this special Halloween “whodunnit” murder mystery episode! Like so many small businesses, Penelope Featherbottom’s business has died. The doors have closed and all that’s left is the carnage of what used to be a thriving soap business. When Business Detective Dr. J.J. Peterson (host of the Marketing Made Simple Podcast) arrives on the scene, he helps Don piece together clues to solve this dreadful mystery so that it never happens to anyone else. Was the cause of death a...


#95: Will Guidara—Why a Culture of Hospitality Matters for Every Business

If you’ve ever thought that hospitality is only for… well, the hospitality industry… think again! Your customers are craving human connection more than ever – whether they’re staying in a hotel or buying a pair of socks. And genuine acts of hospitality don’t have to be extravagant or break the bank to have an impact. In today’s episode, Donald Miller talks with Will Guidara, James Beard Award winning restaurateur and author of the new book, Unreasonable Hospitality: The Remarkable Power of...


#94: The Secret to Optimizing and Pricing Your Products for Explosive Growth

If you have a great line of products but don’t optimize, price and package them strategically, you are leaving money on the table. The truth is, 10% of your customers are willing to pay you 10 times more money if you had the right product or package for them. Every company should think through having an entry-level product, a mid-level product, and an elite-level product for customers with different needs (and pocketbooks!). In today’s coaching conversation, Donald Miller talks with Dr....


#93: Why Your Products Aren’t Selling and How to Fix It

Do you have a great product that people need, but for some reason people aren’t buying it? This is a common problem when you’re just starting out or launching a new product. When customers are confused about the problem your product solves or it sounds too complicated to buy or use, they won’t be motivated to pull out their wallets and buy. In today’s coaching conversation, Donald Miller talks with Tyler Robertson, Founder and CEO of Diesel Laptops, a company providing much-needed...