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For People Changing Their World






#40: Professor Tim Jackson on The Humanity of Progress

My guest today is Tim Jackson. Tim is Professor of Sustainable Development at the University of Surrey where he’s Director of the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP). He’s spent over thirty years involved in multi-disciplinary research and policy development on sustainability, in particular his work as Economics Commissioner on the UK Sustainable Development Commission. […]


#39: David Croft on Building Trust Through Action

My guest today is David Croft. David is Global Sustainability Director for Diageo, a leading global drinks company with brands like Smirnoff, Guinness and Johnnie Walker, where he’s responsible for their work on environmental and social sustainability around the world, working with farmers, communities and manufacturers within an international supply network. David has spent his […]


#38: Valentina Velandia on Being An Accidental Entrepreneur

My guest today is Valentina Velandia. Valentina is co-founder of Capacity, a Swiss-based organisation founded in 2015 with the objective of achieving radical inclusion in Zurich and beyond. Born in Colombia, Valentina is a specialist in gender policy and has studied and worked in the US, Singapore and Europe. Capacity serves as a tool for […]


#37: Oscar Rodriguez on The Flywheel of ‘To Do’ Lists

My guest today is Oscar Rodriguez. Oscar is founder and director of Architecture & Food, a design consultancy specialising in Building Integrated Agriculture which he founded in 2012 and which has been at the forefront of the urban agriculture movement. Oscar is a Registered architect educated at Cambridge, Cardiff and UCL, and has broad practical […]


#36: Dr Shaun Davis on The Role of Followership

My guest today is Dr Shaun Davis. Shaun is Global Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability at the Royal Mail Group, one of the world’s oldest postal services dating back over 500 years and employing over 160,000 people to deliver 58 million items per day across the UK. Shaun joined Royal Mail Group in […]


#35: Rachel McLelland on Finding Focus and Purpose

My guest today is Rachel McLelland. Rachel is founder of The Beautiful Life, a creative company producing content across a variety of channels including film, radio, podcasts, blogs and print to promote a sustainable future for all. She also provides creative consultancy to ethical businesses. Rachel spent fifteen years in the entertainment industry working across […]


#34: Daniel Buchbinder on Contextualising Your Approach

My guest today is Daniel Buchbinder. Daniel is CEO and founder of Alterna Impact, a social ‘business cultivator’ based in Guatemala that launches and supports grass-roots ventures to address social issues. With a background as a serial entrepreneur, Daniel along with his team of 30 staff, work with over 1,000 social ventures across Central America. […]


#33: Kresse Wesling MBE on Being A ‘Do’ Leader

My guest today is Kresse Wesling. Kresse is a Canadian-born serial environmental entrepreneur who builds businesses that make money whilst having a positive impact on the environment. Kresse founded her first business, an environmental packaging alternatives company, in Hong Kong in 2002. By 2004 she launched this business in the UK and has since helped […]


#32: Venkatesh Valluri on Building An Authentic Personal Brand

My guest today is Venkatesh Valluri. Venky is founder and chairman of both Valluri Technology Accelerators and Valluri Change Foundation, both of which he established following over 30 years of senior leadership experience in technology-based multinationals such as HP, GE and latterly Ingersoll Rand, where he was Chairman until 2015. I spoke to Venky face-to-face […]


#29: Joanna Gilroy on Mobilising A Sustainability Movement Within A Corporation

My guest today is Joanna Gilroy. Jo is Head of Sustainability at Bunzl plc, one of the world’s leading distributors and a FTSE100 company. Throughout her time at Bunzl, Jo has pioneered an open, collaborative approach to finding solutions for packaging waste in the catering and hospitality industry. By building strong partnerships throughout the industry, […]


#28: Dr Graham Boyd on Leveraging Your ‘Superpowers’

My guest today is Dr Graham Boyd. Graham is founder & CEO of EvoluteSix, and an expert in organisational change and design. Graham has led businesses to reinvent their future across strategy, innovation and organisational transformation and is a regular speaker on how business transformation will transform our economy, and on transforming organisations to thrive […]


#27: Dr Christina Tewes-Gradl on The Rational Case For Inclusive Business

My guest today is Dr Christina Tewes-Gradl, founder and managing director of Endeva, which works with partners from all sectors to identify and implement innovative market-based solutions to poverty. With over 13 years of experience in research and advising on sustainability, strategy and development issues, including a stint as a strategy consultant at McKinsey, and […]


#26: Dr Dilip Kulkarni on Serving The Needs of The World’s Poor

My guest today is Dr Dilip Kulkarni, President of JAIN Irrigation Systems, an Indian multinational and one of the world’s leading irrigation companies with factories in 30 countries. Dilip and his team at JAIN have pioneered a productivity revolution through modern irrigation systems and innovative technologies in order to achieve significant increases in ‘crop per […]


#25: Prof Vanina Farber on Making a Jigsaw from Career Pieces

My guest today is Professor Vanina Farber. Vanina originates from Argentina, is an economist and political scientist and currently holds the elea Chair for Social Innovation at IMD Business School in Switzerland. Vanina is a specialist in social innovation, entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility, with almost two decades of experience in teaching, research and consultancy, working […]


#24: Benjamin Lephilibert on Picking Difficult Battles

My guest today is Benjamin Lephilibert. Ben is the Managing Director of LightBlue Environmental Consulting and an expert in hotel food waste prevention, employees/guests participation, and certification. Ben describes himself as a ‘self-made food waste solution designer’. He started his career in sustainability ten years ago with Accor Hotel Group, where he was in charge […]


#23: Genevieve Boast on Constructive Rebellion

My guest today is Genevieve Boast. Gen is a writer and the founder of Beyond Human Stories: a global consultancy that exists to connect individuals and organizations to their bigger social purpose and story in the world. She works with leaders and teams in business, education, charities and communities to create new stories that are […]


#22: Rajesh Nair on A Love For Ambiguity

My guest today is Rajesh Nair, Founder and CEO of Bangalore-based blockchain startup Happystry. Rajesh is a serial entrepreneur following earlier careers as a senior corporate executive, researcher and consultant. Currently, he’s working with his team on building Happystry as a parallel economy for responsible actions, products and services. Happystry will be driven and catalyzed through […]


#21: Caroline Meledo on ‘The Hair in the Soup’

My guest today is Caroline Meledo, Senior Manager for Corporate Responsibility and Human Rights at Hilton Worldwide. Starting with a Masters in International Relations from John Hopkins University followed by an early internship with Professor John Ruggie, the United Nations’ Special Representative on Human Rights, Caroline has rapidly built a career as one of the […]


#20: Michael Cassiers on Self-Managed Organisations

My guest today is Michael Cassiers, a Director of CompanyDoctors, which he co-founded in 1998 in order to work with organisations to liberate locked-up potential and to minimise or even eliminate organisational friction and energy losses. They aim for a climate of ‘organisational wellbeing’ best suited to exploiting potential more fully. Over the years, he […]


#19: Dr Vanita Viswanath on Epic Learning Journeys

My guest today is Dr Vanita Viswanath, a Bangalore-based social entrepreneur, organisational mentor and researcher. Passionate about women’s empowerment through entrepreneurship, up to 2014, Vanita was CEO of Udyogini, an NGO she founded in 2000 to develop women entrepreneurs across India. Nowadays, she divides her time as an advisor to Sattva Consulting, as chair of […]