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People Solving Problems: Colin Keogh

Colin Keogh, engineer, designer and innovator, talks to us about solving problems, why he likes to get stuck into stuff he knows nothing about and what happens when you say yes to everything Key takeaways [2:45] Ideas, innovation and people are what solves problems [4:35] Expert ignorance: Coming into a project that you know nothing about and applying what you’re good at can result in better solutions [5:00] Use what skills you have, you can always contribute something in someway [6:20]...


ExitEntry: A Community Of Opportunity

Lewize Crothers, founder of the online platform ExitEntry, chats to us about how not having a tech background shouldn't stop you from starting a tech based business, the importance of listening to your customer and what investors are really looking for. Key takeaways [1:10] Outside interests, teamwork, communication and leadership skills are as important to multinationals as academic results and qualifications when employing graduates [7:30] Its not about the obstacles but how you look at...


Founder Friday: A Fireside Chat With Jim Hughes

Jim Hughes, founder and CEO of Innovate, talks to us in our first Founder Friday fireside chat at The Hatch Lab. We chat about surviving recession, creating a positive work culture and planning for growth. Key Takeaways [7:00] A lot was learned from the recession, like how to be efficient and innovative. [9:00] Business strategy is built on four pillars: your financial objectives, value proposition, business processes and how you drive organisational capacity into your business. [11:45]...


The Freebird Club: Social Innovation In The Sharing Economy

Peter Mangan, founder of The Freebird Club, talks to us about social entrepreneurship, the importance of the double bottom line and creating a global community with a platform offering social travelling and home-stays to mature adults. Key Takeaways [0:47] By 2025 one third of Europeans will be over the age of 60 [3:27] Starting a business is a creative process [3:50] Initial challenges include getting the right people around you, finding the money to get started and getting the first few...


Works In Progress: Mindset, Success & Uncertainty

Ronan Lynagh talks to us about handling uncertainty, building resilience and being entrepreneurial in your career in this week's podcast. We chat about growth mindset and how we measure success as well as the evolution of his own career. Key takeaways [12:05] Having constants outside of work, like hobbies and friends, can help you cope with change, uncertainty and times of transition. [16:45] The benefit of not being too narrow with your focus is being open to opportunities you might not...


FRANC Magazine: Style With Substance

Briony Somers of FRANC Magazine talks to us about mixing business with creativity, disrupting crowded markets and how page views are the subprime mortgages of the internet. We discuss how women as a market are misunderstood, the resurgence of print media and the importance of talking about failure. Key Takeaways [6:25] There is a deep confusion around businesses targeting women. Fashion is often seen as superficial. [7:50] Fashion is a 1.7 trillion dollar industry worldwide, the second...


Stopping The Scroll: Social Media For Startups

Alex Calder, social media specialist and creator of Between Two Ears, talks to us about safaris, storytelling and how to be sound on social media! We talk about common mistakes brands make, what metrics really matter and how to stand out in the infinite scroll. GDTT is now on Instagram! Come follow us @godothething_podcast as we put into practice the advice in this week's podcast. Key takeaways [4:15] Social media is now more important than traditional advertising [4:25] The things to think...


TicketChain: From Hackathon to High Potential Startup

Jake MccGwire, Kevin Murray, and Zachary Diebold from TicketChain, a digital ticketing platform, talk to us about the start-up ecosystem in Ireland, how to expand your network and make new connections, and why the perfect time to launch a start-up is when you’ve just left college. Key takeaways [5:17] It’s important to know that you have to adapt as you understand the market better [8:17] Advice on reaching out to people: use direct message on LinkedIn, providing you have a valid reason for...


360 Degrees: Business With Vision

Ciara Sheahan and Ian Walsh from Seymour 360 Photography talk to us this week about the power of VR technology, from disrupting the property market to changing the lives of kids with autism. We talk about the challenges of being first to market, dealing with the slow no and the importance of listening in business. Key takeaways [3:00] Began with presenting properties for sale using 360 degree photography which developed into using it for venues such as pubs and restaurants, for weddings and...


Plot Twist! – Using Improv For Creativity, Confidence & Collaboration

Neil Curran, improv teacher and performer, and Anna Wilson, improv performer, join me to discuss how improvisation skills could help you nail your next pitch and unleash the potential of your team. And the good news is, you were already doing it as a kid! We talk about banning the “but” word, team making vs team breaking and embracing your mistakes. Key takeaways [1:53] Improv is usually associated with comedy but really it is something we all are born doing but tend to lose as adults. It is...


Feed: Food With A Conscience

Shane Ryan of healthy food startup, Feed, talks about tenacity, creating a mental health toolbox, and how giving back can be good for the bottom line. Key takeaways [1:42] Shane started young, planning businesses at the age of 10 and selling things from stalls on match day. [5:15] Gave up his career in hospitality, having managed some of the top hotels in the world. Saw how healthy food affected his well being as well as a shift in people's attitudes to food, with healthy food coming to the...


GirlCrew: From Secret Facebook Group to Silicon Valley

Pamela Newenham, one of the three founders of GirlCrew, tells us how a secret Facebook group for women to make friends has turned into a platform with over 100,000 members across the world. We discuss the power of networking, meeting Mark Zuckerberg and their move to Silicon Valley. The GirlCrew App Hootenanny is happening from the 17th - 20th August, with 19 events over 4 days, including tech talks, brunch, parties and speakers including Microsoft's MD Cathriona Hallahan and much more! Find...


Painkillers, Purpose & Problems Worth Solving

Omer Keser, founder of curasy.com, talks about understanding your customer, creating company culture and how it took almost losing his life to give him the courage to leave a successful career in Google to start his own business. Key Takeaways [1:40] Where the idea for Curasy.com came from, realising that there was a problem that he could address, helping independent luxury designers to reach their customers. [2:45] The most important thing is clarity of purpose. However clarity can also...


Strong Women & Wolves on Wall Street

Entrepreneur, Sharon Keegan, and author, Dan O'Neill, reflect on taking the leap, picking yourself up after failure and not holding yourself back in this mini Innovation Academy alumni reunion! Key Takeaways [2:00] Reflections on the Innovation Academy post-graduate course on Innovation, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship [7:20] Don't be afraid of failure, it's all part of the process. Coming up with an idea, trying it and it not working. Dealing with negative thoughts and feeling disheartened....



Seán Greif talks to us about how his experience living with a tribe in the Amazon rainforest inspired him to create an innovative approach to teaching the Irish language to kids. His award-winning startup, Moontour, combines his passion for the Irish language with adventure learning for an Irish class like no other. (In case you were wondering, "Is maith liom cáca milis” means "I like cake"!) Key Takeaways [1:49] The problem and Moontour's solution [6:14] The advantage of having the...



Lisa Ruttledge and Peter Harte tell us about their digestive health app, FoodMarble, which brings hospital technology to your mobile phone to solve a problem affecting 1 in 8 people. We talk about the highs and lows of startup life, how to maintain the vision and the importance of building a team around you. Key Takeaways [2:10] How FoodMarble came about and what problem it's solving [6:20] Forming the team [10:25] "I got a taste of what the start up life was like and just found it a bit...


Kickabout App

In our inaugural episode, Gary O'Toole and Andrew Turner talk to us about turning their passion for 5-a-side football and the problems they had with finding players into a successful mobile app. They went from tiling and teaching to tech startup and are here to tell us how they did it and how you can too. Key Takeaways [01:45] How they got the idea and the problems they want to solve [02:46] What to do if you want to develop an app without having coding knowledge yourself [03:38] On making...