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Go For Launch provides tools and tips for entrepreneurs. Learn to start and grow a business the right way.

Go For Launch provides tools and tips for entrepreneurs. Learn to start and grow a business the right way.
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Go For Launch provides tools and tips for entrepreneurs. Learn to start and grow a business the right way.






GFL 088: Create and Sell Digital Products

How would you like to create and sell digital products? You might be surprised how relatively easy it is to do this and start earning extra income. In today’s podcast, I share information about why digital products are so effective. I also talk about the process of creating them—speaking from personal experience. Over the past week, I created a multi-part digital product offering just to demonstrate I could (and to create a passive revenue source!). Then I did a webinar about it and...


GFL 087: How to Write a Best-Selling Book

Want to know how to write a best-selling book? Believe it or not, there’s a service for that now. It’s called Book In A Box, and it is a game changer for professionals who want to write a book but don’t know how—or who can’t commit the time that is typical involved. I had the pleasure of speaking with Tucker Max, the co-founder and CEO of Book In A Box, that has turned book writing and publishing into a service. Tucker himself has written three #1 New York Times Best Sellers, which have...


GFL 086: How to Disrupt an Industry

Some of the most promising startups happen when their founders discover how to disrupt an industry. They see opportunities to radically change or improve “business as usual.” That is what Mike Devlin and his cofounders are doing with LureBoats, an online marketplace that enables customers to book boat charters across the country right from their computer or mobile device—it’s like an OpenTable or Airbnb for fishing charters.  Mike is cofounder and CBO of LureBoats. He graduated in 2014...


GFL 085: Start A Business By Helping Others

Many people have this idea that they can start a business by helping others. But few act on their instincts. Kathryn Jones is one of those who decided to turn her passion for improving others' lives into a business that is helping children who are facing medical treatment get the emotional support they need. Kathryn is co-founder and head of product development for SuperHealos, a company dedicated to helping children facing medical treatment feel like superheroes. Before living life as an...


GFL 084: Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

How would you like to make money with affiliate marketing? There’s no better person to learn from than Matt McWilliams. Matt is the president of Matt McWilliams Consulting, where he helps online business owners and brands, small and large, leverage the power of partners to grow their businesses. Specifically, he teaches people how to make money as an affiliate and how to work better with affiliates. Matt has worked with companies and entrepreneurs like Shutterfly, Ray Edwards, Brian Tracy,...


GFL 083: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About HR

I recently talked to two experts about what entrepreneurs need to know about HR (human resources). Shannon Cook is a SHRM Senior Certified Professional with over 17 years’ experience in Human Resources. She received her Professional Certification in Human Resources Management from UCLA, and is the proud wife of a business owner. She works with Insperity, a trusted advisor to America's best businesses for more than 30 years that provides an array of human resources and business solutions...


GFL 082: Making Millions With WordPress

How does a high school kid who speaks no English immigrate to America, overcome racial tensions, graduate from college and go on to earn millions with WordPress (among other things)? That is just part of the amazing story of Syed Balkhi. I had the honor of meeting Syed two different times in 2015. He joins me on today's podcast to talk about his impressive entrepreneurial journey. Syed is a 25- year-old, award-winning entrepreneur with several 7-figure online businesses. He was recognized...


GFL 081: Develop A Winning Edge

Dan Waldschmidt helps billion-dollar companies and high performers develop a winning edge. His bestselling book, EDGY Conversations: How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success, is a blueprint that goes beyond typical self-help advice. Dan is a popular speaker, business strategist and an ultra-runner who since birth has been refusing to accept business as usual. Like many kids, he had a lawn mowing business, but he turned his into a money-making machine (though he opted not to tell...


GFL 080: How To Work On Purpose

Are you just running a business merely for the sake of making money—or have you discovered how to work on purpose, with a clear mission? Scott Beebe has many missions in life, among them helping small business owners and organizational leaders uncover what they cannot see. As the founder and head coach of MyBusinessOnPurpose.com, a business coaching, training, and strategy group, he does this in three primary ways: Through the development and implementation of organizational Vision,...


GFL 079: Automate Your Business Success

When it comes to starting and running your own business, Joshua Latimer has a great saying: "Everybody sees the wine, but no one sees crushing of the grapes." Josh knows firsthand how challenging it is to start your own venture—and how much grape-crushing is needed. He left his job as a banker for JP Morgan Chase to start a cleaning business in Michigan that he eventually grew and sold to a California based cleaning conglomerate in 2015. Now, he is living and working from Costa Rica with...


GFL 078: How to Invent New Products

Learn how to invent products and bring them to market in this interview with Louis Foreman. Louis is founder and Chief Executive of Enventys, an integrated product design and engineering firm. He is also CEO of Edison Nation, and Edison Nation Medical.


GFL 077: Monetize Your Expertise and Work Anywhere

Discover how to monetize your expertise and work anywhere with Caitlin Pyle. Caitlin is a 29-year-old former desk zombie turned business transformation consultant. She’s the creator of ProofreadAnywhere.com, home of the online course Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™, the first-ever online course on how to work from anywhere by proofreading transcripts for court reporters. She teamed up with a colleague to expand the brand by launching Transcribe Anywhere in January 2016. An...


GFL 076: Increase Your Website Conversions

Most people and companies have a goal to "drive more traffic" to their website. But a more crucial goal is to increase your website conversions, or the number of visitors you capture into your sales funnel. You want to make every website click count. My guest on today's podcast is an expert on the subject of turning browsers into buyers. Justin Christianson is a 14-year digital marketing veteran and #1 Bestselling author of Conversion Fanatic: How to double your customers, sales and...


GFL 075: The Power of Direct Response Copywriting

Get ready to learn about the power of direct response copywriting from one of the masters of the craft, Scott Martin, founder of Scott Martin Copywriting. He joins me on today's Go For Launch podcast. Scott has been a professional copywriter for his entire career. He was born in America, spent his formative years in England, then moved back to America where he lived in Charlotte, North Carolina for 27 years. He now lives in Aspen, Colorado. He has taken detours into corporate...


GFL 074: Tell Your Business Story With Infographics

Learn to tell your business story with infographics, one of the most powerful and effective digital communications tools. Brian Wallace of NowSourcing joins me in this episode of the Go For Launch podcast. Brian is the president of NowSourcing, an industry leading infographic design agency based in Louisville, KY. The agency works with companies that range from small businesses to Fortune 500 firms. Brian also runs a local event to make Louisville a more competitive city (#ThinkBig) and he...


GFL 073: From Wantrepreneur To Entrepreneur

Have you been thinking about starting your own business for awhile? Progress from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur with advice from Brian Lofrumento, my guest on this week's Go For Launch podcast. Brian is the creator of The Ultimate Profit Model and author of the book Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur. Brian’s businesses have reached over 3.5 million people in over 200 countries. Brian built a six-figure SEO agency at the age of 24 and has helped over 50 clients from around the US and over 3,000...


GFL 072: Turn Frustration Into Business Inspiration

Have you ever encountered a problem and said to yourself, "There should be a solution for this!" That is what happened to Anne Brewer, who decided to turn frustration into business inspiration. Anne is the inventor and owner of Pocket Palz® and Potti Pocket®. As the product names imply, these products literally started with a lightbulb moment in a bathroom. Picture this: you are enjoying an outdoor concert and go to use a portable toilet, only to have your cell phone fall in! That is almost...


GFL 071: Make the Leap from Physical to Virtual Training

Are you a trainer or a coach? How would you like to make the leap from physical to virtual training? Jeff McMahon is doing that, with about one third of his personal training business now being conducted virtually with some marquee clients in the online business/marketing space, including Pat Flynn Chris Ducker, Jeff Wenberg and Lindsey Anderson. Jeff is owner and founder of Total Body Construction, and he has been a personal trainer for almost a decade now. He has degrees in...


GFL 070: The Coming End of Jobs

What happens when jobs are we know them are gone? Are you ready for the coming end of the 9-5? Taylor Pearson is on a quest to delve into the current and future trends behind tremendous shifts taking place in traditional global workforces. Taylor is an entrepreneur and author of The End of Jobs: Money, Meaning and Freedom Without the 9-to-5. Inc.com rated The End of Jobs one of the Top Three ‘Start Your Own Business’ Books and a Top 25 Business Book of 2015. He joins me on today’s podcast....


GFL 069: From Services Provider To Custom Software Developer

Do you have a business that is largely dependent on your providing services? How would you like to transition to sell products instead. That is what my guest today has done, transitioning from services provider to custom software developer. Greg Forehand is the founder and CEO of Ekos. Since starting the company in 2002, Greg has designed and developed software for some of the largest companies in the world. More recently, he has moved the business away from custom software development and...