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Every day, someone, somewhere, is doing something awesome. Working hard in a career that once seemed like a dream. Picking up a new hobby that will change their lives forever. This podcast is their story. Yours will be next! New episodes every Monday and Thursday.

Every day, someone, somewhere, is doing something awesome. Working hard in a career that once seemed like a dream. Picking up a new hobby that will change their lives forever. This podcast is their story. Yours will be next! New episodes every Monday and Thursday.
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Every day, someone, somewhere, is doing something awesome. Working hard in a career that once seemed like a dream. Picking up a new hobby that will change their lives forever. This podcast is their story. Yours will be next! New episodes every Monday and Thursday.




Travel Blogger (with Collette and Scott Stohler)

Raise your hand it you like to travel. Everyone? I see. Now, raise your hand if you like to spend time with your boo thang. Everyone that has a boo thang (sans those who just got in an argument right before reading this)? Just as I suspected. We’ve interviewed for a lot of fun and desirable jobs on Half Hour Intern, but how about getting paid to travel with your boo? That’s gotta be the best job in the world…tied at the very least. Getting flown around, wined and dined, free stay here,...


Food Writer (with Emma Christensen)

Nothing brings people together quite like a good meal. This makes today’s guest somewhat of an important person. You could say that Emma is a food writer and that she comes up with amazing recipes for a living. You could, in a more indirect way, say that Emma is a happiness dealer that knocks over the first domino en route to good times and lasting memories. I mean, without people like Emma over the years we’d all probably just be eating the same damn thing every day, and there’d be nothing...


Post U.S. Election Message (Peace Corps)

A short post U.S. election message and an inspirational episode about helping people in the Peace Corps.


Catalog Buyer (with Sarah Plovanich)

They say that what you own owns you. If that’s the case then I sure do hope that whatever owns me comes from the 167 year old Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. Consider being owned by a batman golf cart that shoots flames out the back…I’d be okay with that. Or how about a personal submarine, that’s also a sports car? Not too shabby. Yep, thanks to people like today’s guest, Sarah Plovanich, Hammacher Schlemmer, 167 years after it’s creation, is still a hub for high quality, very unique gifts....


Moveable Feast Retreats (with Laura and Tim Sullivan)

Life is a journey best spent with your whole heart and mind invested. Hold nothing back. Love fully. Travel far and wide, and learn and experience with an open mind. Eat great meals with people that make you smile. Experience deeply. Through all of this, live with a light heart that is focused on the present. These beliefs were the foundations of a wonderful idea and are now the blood and bone of a wonderful company, Moveable Feast Retreats. Uber amazing couple Laura and Tim Sullivan come...


Author (with Michael Goorjian)

Nothing beats a good book. A great fictional story can sweep us up in a make-believe world, blurring the lines of reality and the extraordinary. A great nonfiction book can disseminate wonderful ideas that we can logically digest and grow from. But why limit our lessons to the work of nonfiction? Perhaps the best of all book genres is the highly under appreciated philosophical fiction. Sewing seeds of growth while wearing the disguise of entertainment. When we are wrapped up emotionally in...


Vacation Rental Mogul (with Ryan Bradley)

They say that home is where the heart is, but what about when you rent a home on vacation? Suddenly your heart becomes more vulnerable. You want a home that treats your heart like the love of your life…but even better. Dare I say, like how your grandma would treat you. Anticipating your every need, and always having more in store than you could ask for. Homes like this are what today’s gust specializes in. Ryan saw the need for a home rental company that went the extra mile for both home...


Auto Mechanic (with Steve Honaker)

For most of us having a properly running car is a necessity. If our car isn’t functioning correctly, our lives can’t function correctly. We’d be late to just about everything…if we even had any chance of making it at all. Luckily for us there are wonderful people like today’s guest. Car not starting? Engine overheating? Bizarre clicking noise that you’re afraid might be animal living in your undercarriage? Steven has you covered for all of this and more. He’ll find out what the problem is...


Home Brewing (with Emma Christensen)

Ahhhh beer, how I love thee. Is there anything more refreshing than a Mexican beer with a lime on a hot day? Is there anything more satisfying than a dunkelweizen in the fall? Anything more perfect than a complex IPA or red ale? The answer to all of these questions is of course, no. Beer is such a wonderful beverage with so much depth to explore. Most of us undertake this exploration by heading down to our local market or bar, getting something that sounds interesting, and then imbibing....


Medical Device Rep (with Sam Kim)

If we ever get hurt, or our body has some sort of hiccup in proper function, it’s likely to take a whole team of specialized individuals to get us back on our feet. Physicians, physicians’ assistants, nurses, and the often unheralded medical device rep to name a few. If you have ever needed a procedure done to improve your body’s health or performance, there was likely a medical device rep involved somewhere down the food chain. Reps, like my friend Sam, make sure that the products and...


Goat Farmer (with PJ Jonas of Goat Milk Stuff)

There sure are a lot of animals out there that get a lot of recognition for their greatness. Dogs are a man’s best friend. Chicken’s are coveted for their delicious, healthy eggs, and their equally delicious and dynamic meat. Cows stand at the apex of the red meat world, and are also the standard for dairy products everywhere. But what about animals that are just as awesome and somehow fly under the radar of acclaim. What about the goat? Or should I say G.O.A.T? Their dairy…very low in...


2015 Half Hour Intern Awards Recap

Today’s episode is different from the traditional job or hobby exploration. This is a replay of the Half Hour Intern Awards episode 1 from 2015. It’s a great look back at some of the shows best moments from 2015. If you would like to submit an idea for an award category for the upcoming 2016 awards please tweet your idea to @halfhourintern or email blake@halfhourintern.com.


Gemologist (with Hannah Powers)

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I’m more of a pet rock guy myself…but today’s guest has me considering expanding my horizons. Hannah Powers is a gemologist which is a person that looks at gems all day and, among other things, grades them on their value. She’ll tell us all about what makes a gem a gem, what makes said gem valuable, and why diamonds are in fact pretty darn cool.


Working Holiday (with Yue (Monica) Yang)

Last year I was traveling with my wife and I said, “It’s just such a bummer that you can’t visit places for longer. A travel visa only allows you to stay somewhere for a few months. Think of what the experience would be like if you could stay longer than that.” Cut to a month ago when I get an e-mail from a listener of the show in China, Yue. Yue went on to tell me a story about this amazing program she had just been a part of called a ‘working holiday’. It is a visa that you get from the...


Glass Blowing (with Josh Simpson)

Most forms of art are meant to be admired from afar. We look, we interpret. We consider how beautiful it is or how it makes us feel. However, there are entire schools of craftwork that open up art to a much greater definition. Art for practical use. Art that we can literally feel. Art meant to not just be looked at, but to be touched, and more importantly, used. Today’s guest, Josh Simpson, is one of the best in the world at one of the oldest crafts in existence, glass blowing. Josh will...


Data Analyst (with Dr. John Johnson)

Did you hear, studies say two cups of coffee a day will give you a healthier heart?! I hear you, you can only drink coffee in the morning though. Never fear, didn’t you know that studies show that two glasses of red wine a night are proven to make you live longer?! I know, it’s the perfect one two punch! If only there was a study that supported my love of unhealthy food, like, oh, I don’t know, that eating grilled cheese sandwiches will make you more likely to have sex. This new world of...


Brik Book Founder (with Brett Miller)

Have you ever had the dream that you invented the next big thing? That you made the next ‘must have’ product that people all over the world wanted. That you were finally the person that made something that made everyone say “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Today’s guest, Brett Miller, is one of those people. About a year and a half ago he created Brik Book, and after being featured in everything from Gizmodo to Oprah magazine, he is now in the middle of living that dream. Brett will tell us...


Watch Enthusiast (with Zach Weiss and Blake Malin)

Us men are a pretty basic breed. Many of us don’t fuss too much over how we look. We’re in and out of the shower, grab some (hopefully) clean clothes, take about one minute with our hair (if we have any), and that’s about it. But as most women will tell you, it can be fun to dress up. It can be fun to add something to your style that complements your outfit in some way. For women, there is a whole range of things that accomplish this. For men, we pretty much just got watches, and what a...


Culture Manager (with Tom Freeman)

Culture is a difficult thing to define. It’s an even more difficult thing to influence and legislate. What makes one culture thrive and another flounder? What makes one artistic and another scientific? In the workplace, what do we even really mean when we say workplace culture? And once we get that defined, how do we try to influence that? Does hiring pretty much take care of everything, or does it go much further than that? Thankfully I don’t have to answer any of these questions. Today’s...


Australian Special Forces (with Tim Thomas)

Each of us has something to give this world, and we often plan how we are going to do this. Ironically, while we try to follow this path we often find that there is another, completely different plan waiting for us to set it in motion. Oftentimes, this path that finds us is a far truer calling than the one that we set out on. If we allow ourselves to change course and give this new plan some momentum, it often unfolds in ways we never could have conceived or anticipated. We grow, we learn,...