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Welcome to the top rated business podcast, Marketing Geeks, and to our 23rd episode of the show. In today's episode, we are into Part 5 of our 6 Part Series on identifying the Six Major Influence Patterns as illustrated in the book, "Influence," by Robert Cialdini. Special shout out to this episode's sponsor, Virra Marketing. Please visit their website at If you are new to the podcast, go back and listen to our last 4 episodes which covered the influence patterns...



Welcome to episode 22 of the hit podcast Marketing Geeks featuring your hosts, Justin Womack and Andros Sturgeon. Today, we enter part 4 out of our 6 part mini-series where we delve into the six major patterns of influence as illustrated in the awesome marketing book, "Influence," written by Robert Cialdini. Part 4 of the Influence series is all about how marketers use social consensus and social proof to influence their audiences. Listen in for our full discussion of how this shows up in...


Ep 21 - Marketing with Scarcity - The Third Pattern of Influence

In today's episode of Marketing Geeks, Justin Womack and Andros T. Sturgeon discuss the topic of marketing with the influence tactic of scarcity. This is part 3 of our 6 part influence tactics series where we break down each of the 6 influence patterns as listed in the book "Influence" by Robert Cialdini. Additionally, the geeks cover current marketing news including Facebook's admission that they are looking into copying the features of Music.Ly / Tik Tok and the story that Michael Jordan...


Ep 20 - Marketing and the Law of Reciprocity

Welcome to Episode #20 of the Marketing Geeks podcast starring Andros Sturgeon and Justin Womack. Today, we enter part 2 of our influence series looking at the law of reciprocity. This is a part of the 6 pillars of influence as cited in the Robert Cialdini book aptly titled “Influence.” Throughout this show, we cover all the current geek news, we introduce a brand new marketing book segment, and we just continue to give massive value. Listen in and enjoy the show. For those of you interested...


Ep 19 - How to Build Credibility and Become an Authority...

Welcome to episode #19 of Marketing Geeks with Justin Womack and Andros Sturgeon. Today, we have a very special episode where we do a deep dive into the subject of how to build authority as a business owner or entrepreneur. In the context of this discussion, building authority means creating trust and establishing credibility with your target audience. The reality is that times have changed. What used to be a society that valued only college degrees and credentials has shifted into something...


Ep 18 - Amazon Takes Over the World...

Welcome to Episode 18 of Marketing Geeks with your hosts Andros Sturgeon and Justin Womack. We are just one week out of our upcoming FREE webinar training on Video Marketing. If you would like to reserve your spot and attend the training, please register at the following link: It will be informative and a lot of fun so be there this coming Monday. In today's episode, we talk about Adobe Spark, the power of Amazon, and all the latest...


Ep 17 - Secrets of Video Marketing & a Joker Origin Story?

Welcome to the 17th edition of the greatest marketing podcast online, 'Marketing Geeks' with your hosts, Andros Sturgeon and Justin Womack. In today's episode, the geeks tackle news of a stand-alone Joker origin movie, the recasting of Superman in the DCEU, and CBD infused CocaCola drinks. In the main content chunk, we will discuss the top secrets of video marketing including little-known hacks that only Andros Sturgeon knows about. You won't want to miss this segment. On October 1st, 2018,...


Ep 16 - Marketing to Millennials

Welcome to the 16th episode of the legendary podcast known as 'Marketing Geeks.' Andros Sturgeon and Justin Womack return to your streaming device to deliver brand new content as only they can. In today's episode, the geeks discuss the changing landscape of social media and advertising, and how it all relates to the behaviors of millennials. Millennials are ignoring ads, abandoning Facebook, and altering the rules when it comes to traditional marketing. So, how do you reach this generation...


Ep 15 - The History of Burning Man Through Organic Marketing

Welcome back to a brand new episode of Marketing Geeks where Andros Sturgeon returns from his hiatus at Burning Man to rejoin Justin Womack on the show. In today's episode, we will discuss the origins of Burning Man including its roots in organic marketing and takeaways that Andros learned from his spiritual journey at the actual event. We will cover the Colin Kaepernick Nike Ad, Elon Musk on the Joe Rogan Podcast, and even Andros' late-coming review of 'Solo: A Star Wars Story.' It's a fun...


Ep 14 - The Art of the Sales Funnel

Andros Sturgeon is away at Burning Man this week leaving Justin Womack to pull solo duty on today's special episode. This is the 14th episode of the top-rated iTunes podcast, Marketing Geeks, and to make it special, Justin Womack brings you pretty much pure content. In today's episode, you will learn about sales funnels in online marketing and how they relate to the process of customer value optimization. Justin will walk you through the three main ways to boost revenue in your business...


Ep13 - The Intersection of Burning Man & Affiliate Marketing

In the latest edition of Marketing Geeks, Justin Womack & Andros Sturgeon tackle all of the hard hitting geek news of the world. Tune in to hear about Andros' upcoming trip to Burning Man, the return of Rick & Morty, your Top Gun 2 update, and a special discussion of affiliate marketing. Today's main subject will be that of affiliate marketing in business and it begins at the [21min, 42sec] mark for those of you that are just here for the content. Learn exactly what affiliate marketing is...


Ep 12 - How HR Managers Recruit and Hire from LinkedIn...

In Ep #12 of Marketing Geeks, Andros Sturgeon & Justin Womack are joined by a very special guest. Iris Gerrits, an HR director from a multi-national company, stops by the show to talk about how HR professionals find and hire people both online and offline. We tackle questions such as how to get back into the workforce after being an entrepreneur, how to use your age to your advantage, and whether prospects should reach out to an HR manager directly or not. Find out these answers and more in...


Ep 11 - The Secret Lives of Webinars

The Marketing Geeks return with an all new episode focused on the latest geek news & our topic of the week, Webinars for Business. We start the show with a very special news segment discussing the fall of MoviePass, what's up with "Die Hard: Year One," & the rumors of Idris Elba taking up the James Bond mantle. Plus, you will hear Andros Sturgeon's familial connection to the Star Trek universe. [31:20] This is the time stamp of where we dive deep into the topic of webinars, how they work, &...


Ep 10 - Apple Hits $1 Trillion and Humans Face Extinction?

Welcome to the milestone 10th episode of the hit podcast 'Marketing Geeks.' Andros Sturgeon and Justin Womack return for a brand new episode riddled with marketing news, updates, and current events. As a reminder, you are invited to join us for a free live training on "Creating a Master LinkedIn Profile" on August 7th, 2018. Go to to grab your free seat and for full details. We start this episode by discussing the historic accomplishment of Apple as they became...


Ep 9 - The Real Reason Facebook Stock Just Crashed...

In the 9th episode of the Marketing Geeks podcast, Andros Sturgeon, Justin Womack, and the "Fashionable Chic," Gwendoline, start the show analyzing the crash of Facebook stock. Mark Zuckerberg lost approximately $16B in just a few hours. So, what are the ramifications of this? How does this effect marketers? Does Facebook still have a future? These are all questions we tackle and more in this very special episode. Plus, we are graced with the introductory segment to Andros Sturgeon's brand...


Ep 8 - The Thrilling LinkedIn Trilogy Conclusion [Part 3]

Welcome to episode 8 of the top-rated, highly regarded, and future award-winning podcast, Marketing Geeks. In today's episode, we wrap up our trilogy of LinkedIn related marketing content. In this session, we discuss publishing on LinkedIn, how to best perform outreach, and what it means to lead with value. As always, we keep our fingers close on current events and we tackle the James Gunn tweet-firing, our spoiler free 'Antman and the Wasp' review, and what's coming out of San Diego Comic...


Ep 7 - The Hidden Secrets of the LinkedIn Profile [Part 2]

In this episode, the marketing geeks tackle "Part 2" of a three week mini-series on LinkedIn marketing. Justin Womack, Andros Sturgeon, and "fashionable chic," Gwendolyn, dive into exactly what it takes to create a LinkedIn profile that will draw attention from hiring managers and prospective clients. Gwendolyn joins the show traveling abroad in London and has quite a story to share with our listeners. We will also tackle Papa John's ouster from his own company, the seeming demise of...


Ep 6 - Are You LinkedIn with the Cool Kids? [Part 1]

The Marketing Geeks and the Fashionable Chic return for Episode 6 of the fastest growing podcast in the world. In today’s episode, we tackle the world of LinkedIn and why it still matters to have a strong presence on the platform. If you would like to accelerate your LinkedIn game and learn how to build a master profile, register for our upcoming live training which is absoulutely FREE by visiting the website . This podcast episode is part 1 of a 3 part...


Ep 5 - Do You Copy?

Thank you for continuing to listen to the fastest growing podcast in the nation, "Marketing Geeks." In this episode, Justin Womack, Andros Sturgeon, and Lisa [The Fashionable Chic] dig deep into the foundations of copywriting. What makes effective sales copy? How does it work? Where can I learn this stuff? These are all questions we get from our avid listener base each and every day, and finally, you're going to get your answers. Imagine what will be possible in your life when struggles with...


Ep 4 - Top Secret Pillars of Influence - Ltd to 10 Listeners

Act now or risk missing out on this very special and hard to find episode of Marketing Geeks which is all about the secrets of influence. In this episode, you will learn the 6 pillars of influence as revealed in the aptly titled book, "Influence," by Robert Cialdini. Listen to the episode your friends, colleagues, and neighbors are calling amazing and fantastic. This episode is available for a limited time and only to the first 10 listeners so make sure to download fast. Want to contact the...