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DANIEL GOODENOUGH – We Are All On This Planet For A Reason, For A Purpose But Most People Have Not Discovered What That Is For Them, & Is Why Three Words Are So Important. Through A Purposeful Process It Is Possible To Discover Your Life Mission.

Daniel Goodenough is the author of the recently published book, “The Caravan of Remembering, A Road Map for Experiencing the Awakening of Your Life Mission”. Although fiction, the reader is taken on a mystical journey to finding a life of meaning and purpose that is right for you. As a child, Daniel was disturbed seeing people around him doing work they hated, and wished he could help people find work they loved. Looking for that for himself, he worked as a research scientist, professional...


INGRID BAYER Knows What It’s Like To Experience Severe Workplace Bullying. Rocking Recipients To The Core This Emotionally Devastating Experience Can Stymy A Person’s Ability To Move Forward Unless You Re-Think Your Life - Then Magic Can Happen.

Starting off on a fairly conventional career path Ingrid recognised to grow her career she needed to relocate from the country to Sydney. In her late 40s, she experienced terrible workplace bullying that rocked her to the core causing her to re-think her career choices, which at first was tough considering her experience. Wisely Ingrid reviewed her skills, which enabled her to set up a Virtual Assistant business, which she operated very successfully from her own home office in Taree in...


SARAH DAHMEN, Frequently Asks Why? Or ... Why Not And Is A Question A Person Might Ask About Any Life Decision They Are Faced With. Ask Why Not – Look At The Long & Short Term Consequences – Go With Your Gut. You Never Know Where It Might Take You.

Sara applied that question to her life and now is one of (if not the only) female coppersmith in America (or the world), working as a metal smith of vintage and modern cookware manufacturing pure metal kitchenware in tin, copper, and iron. It wasn’t easy at first she had to learn how to create cookware from scratch because in America, copper cookware, in particular, had not been made for decades. The knowledge was hidden or lost, it was hard to find as no one seemed to know what they were...


ELSE BYSKOV Says Once You See The Bigger Picture, Your Whole Outlook On Life Will Change And You Will Become a Much Happier Person When You Realize That ‘Death Is An Illusion,’ Else’s First Book - Based On The Work of Martinus.

Else Byskov like many people nearing 50 had been a searching soul all her life. Leaving her homeland of Denmark and living, working and teaching Spanish, she surprisingly encountered the material of Martinus, the Danish visionary and mystic - and was completely bowled over by it. After Else read the major part of his voluminous work, she was so enthusiastic she felt compelled to tell somebody about it! Rather than verbally discussing what she uncovered, Else wrote her first book ‘Death Is an...


DR ROSEMARY McCALLUM You Never Know Where A Life Challenge Will Take You, How It Will Stretch You & What Gifts It May Present – A Powerful View Such As This Can Be A Life Changer. It Was!

Dr Rosemary McCallum is a great believer in ‘The Powerful Impact of Emotional Intelligence.’ But that wasn’t always so. Life presented a major challenge for she and her husband who had a defaulting client, the result of which caused them to not only lose their successful design business, but their life to fall apart, as they lost everything. Refusing to go bankrupt life spiralled out of control, Rosemary suffered severe manic depression, and it took years for them to get back on their feet...


[Re-Upload] DEBORAH McDIARMID Says Baby Boomers Are At The Crest Of A New Wave Of Opportunity - Why You Should Ride The Wave of a Second Chance By Starting A Business After 50 – But What ? - Mature Preneurs Talk

Deb McDiarmid was following her dream of living around the world and working in the Hospitality industry, when she was suddenly faced with a challenge she had no idea how to deal with. In fact it’s a challenge many over 50’s are faced with today. It can be a terrifying lonely time. When this life-changing event occurred, Deb was living on a luxury resort in the small island nation of the Maldives and immersed in her challenging senior management role however, but there was a storm brewing in...


[Re-Upload] BEVERLEY GANDARA Talks About How she adapted a screenplay into a novel what she did and how plus tips - Mature Preneurs Talk

Beverly Gandara says adapting a screenplay into a book is not an easy task for anyone and what is intriguing, is to hear her describe the experience along with her achievements which are extremely inspiring and motivating. Inspired by her husband, Armand’s experience Concrete Wings is about Julian, a naive teen sent out of Cuba on the eve of the Bay of Pigs Invasion to retrieve smuggled family jewels. He comes of age in New York at the height of the sexual revolution as he earns his...


[Re-Upload] AMANDA BARLOW How Does She Do It? Mum to 3 Kids & A Wellsite Geologist On Off Shore Oil Rigs - Running Her First Marathon At 49 Then 47 Marathons in 16 Different Countries!

As a female wellsite geologist working within the male-dominated offshore oil and gas, coal seam gas and minerals industries, life is always interesting. But Amanda Barlow does much more than that. Starting out as a recreational marathon runner she now has run 47 marathons in 16 different countries and is a member of The Seven Continents Marathon Club. In the Jungle Marathon, in Brazil she wrote about that experience “Call of the Jungle – How a Camping-Hating City-Slicker Mum Survived an...


CATHERINE AUMAN Said “I’m 50, I Can Do Whatever I Want”, Which Is Also Profound Wisdom For Those Struggling with the ‘Will I, Won’t I Dilemma Of Ditching The Corporate Life For A New Life You Create Yourself’! - Mature Preneurs Talk

Catherine had a successful career in mental health, but found her soul wasn't satisfied which is why at 50, she decided to "come out of the closet" about her spiritual journey. Why? Up to then if a person expressed interest in yoga or meditation of any form you were viewed as being suspect. Now of course it’s mainstream, but back then, not so. Hitting the half-century, Catherine ditched her corporate career, put up a website, and opened her own counselling practice incorporating...


KAREN MAGILL Was Disabled By Multiple Sclerosis And Recognised She Couldn’t Do Anything About That, But Almost Daily She Would See & Hear of People Choosing to Disable Themselves ... With Debt

Karen worked for the Canadian federal government as a tax collector until one day she woke up partially paralysed on one side of her body. Nine days after that, she was diagnosed with MS and ended up on disability, taking a 30% cut in pay, and 2 years later filed for bankruptcy. You think that would be the end of it but when Karen was able to get credit again, she found herself spending the same way as before. Karen says no doubt others reading and hearing this can relate but this time it...



Dr. Clete proudly states at 80, he’s going strong and focused on helping to improve public schools. With so many years behind him he has many fascinating stories to talk about some of which Dr. Clete does allude and expand on during this program. Dr. Clete is extraordinarily eloquent when he discusses the five basic needs for human relations, whether in a love relationship, business relationship, parental relationship or a friend relationship, he says four factors come into play. Listen to...


JANE CURNOW Says By Learning New Life Skills Age Truly Is No Barrier To Your Dreams Nor To The Dramatic Barriers Like Several Addictions You Encounter In Life - She is Living Proof Of That, And Wants Her Story To Be Told To Help Others - Mature Preneurs T

Jane Curnow was in and out of therapy from the age of 16, by which time she had made two attempts on her life, and had three hospitalisations. Chronically addicted to drugs and alcohol, exercise, she had eating disorders, anxiety, serious medication all of which made depression Janes intimate companion and for over 25 years. Significantly, at 45 years of age she suffered an injury that saw her having to change her exercise routine because she was addicted to exercise because her self worth...


DOUGLAS VERMEEREN Asks Have You Ever Fantasized About Being In Napoleon Hill’s Shoes As He Was Gathering The Wisdom Of The World’s Leading Industrialists For Think and Grow Rich -- BUT Doing It Today And Getting Guidance That Is Not Only Ageless, But

Douglas Vermeeren did just that! With an illustrious international background, as host I asked Douglas to elaborate and address the over 50’s demographic and how his findings, research and writing can benefit this massive market. An internationally renowned speaker, leader, mentor and filmmaker he has interviewed 400 of the world’s business and motivational leaders to glean the wisdom that creates Personal Power Mastery, the skill of leading a life of achievement and success on every level...


KERRIE MERCEL Had a Total Life Turnaround From a Being Destined To A Life in Bed Filled With Drugs, to Healing Naturally to Teaching Thai Prostitutes, Sold Into Slavery How To Cook Western Style Food to Get A Job & A Life of Freedom From Abuse

Kerrie Mercel said at 56 she found herself in bed barely able to walk. Diagnosed with an "incurable" autoimmune disease then supplied with enough steroids to take 20 years off her life she spent the last 4 months of 2016 mostly in bed. As a full time, hands on, property developer and renovator she found it impossible to keep working in her business. In the months she spent in and out of bed Kerrie said she had been given at mindset tool by a friend, - called The Sedona Method. This allowed...


CRAIG O’BRIEN Asks For Your Next Phase Of Life Do You Want To Do Something In Which You Feel Inspired, Passionate, & Helping Others Yet You Are Still Socially Conscious In A For Profit Business? - Mature Preneurs Talk

Craig says if you answer yes, then its time to be brutally honest with yourself even seek help as he did despite his amazing earlier business life. With a life of turning points or pivot points, all have been part of his valuable learning journey. From Bank officer, restauranter and business owner, Head of Foreign Exchange and Commodity Trading for a large bank, to an Executive in large Global firm, to now being a happy Business Coach in Perth, Australia As with many in the corporate world...


JEREMY STONE Says Despite Having a Long Corporate Career, Consciously Tapping Into The Right Side Of The Brain, Can Turn Your Life Around & Unlock Amazing Creativity, Courage and New Happiness! - Mature Preneurs Talk

Jeremy Stone said an amazing 7-week creative immersion in New York City gave him the courage to leave a 30+ year corporate career in a global professional services business. Needing to do something very different, Jeremy wanted to put himself out there, to feel, tingle, breathe and this was the catalyst to cause he and his wife to move to NYC and enrol in acting, painting, sketching and yoga classes. They also committed to getting to know one new person for everyday they were there, and were...


DEDRA JORDEN Said To Herself, ‘This is The Youngest You Will Ever Be So Whatever Dreams And Desires You Have Left, Do Them Now.” That’s A Wise Call For Everyone To Heed - Mature Preneurs Talk

Dedra Jorden acknowledged being in Corporate America for a long time can take its toll, and it did. As a Human Resources Professional working with employees and management, Dedra was under a tremendous stress at work and found herself exhausted, and sick a lot. Ultimately being diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, she realised making major changes in her life became of paramount importance. As Dedra recovered from surgery, she went back to her regular personal hygiene routine with...


JAMES DRURY Says You Can Never Know Enough People, The Art of Genuine Communication And An Offhand Comment Of His Opened Up New Doors, It Can For Others Too! - Mature Preneurs Talk

James Drury is powered with energy and creativity and started 3 companies after the age of 50. Working for a Medical Auction company assisting hospitals disposing of outdated and excess medical equipment, he used his 25 years of Medical Sales to explain to the management of hospitals what equipment had value and what equipment needed to be disposed of. During that time James obtained his Auctioneer License in Illinois, which propelled him into what he does now. In the craze of 2000, the...


SAS JACOBS Says When You Follow Your Passion, Your Dreams, You Need to Be Open to Change, & Learn to Be Flexible, She Had To Learn to Make Cheese, Keep Bees While Dealing With A Lot of Heavy Mud

Sas says her previous life as a software developer, being a published author of 7 books on programming and speaker at many International conferences on related topics, didn’t really prepare her for the life she longed for – a simple life in the country with her family chasing her dreams of one day opening a sustainable café on a large area of land in the country. Leaving city life for four years, Sas and her husband worked 7 days per week and fell into bed exhausted most nights. Overcoming...


ROSIE CHRISTOPHERSON Felt Sure It Was Possible to Combine a Small Business With Caring For Your Employees As Family, After Seeing So Many Companies Putting Profits Before People - Mature Preneurs Talk

Rosie Christopherson finally realized she had a quiet goal. The sad indictment she discovered while working for many years in human resources in Melbourne, established that quiet goal. Constantly seeing more and more greedy companies not putting people before profits, she was sure there had to be a better kinder way to conduct business. If she was to actually achieve that, it would mean living in a much less consumeristic way for her partner and herself plus making other life changes. Listen...