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JILL STOREY Is Able To Transform Ideas & Get Many Projects & Ventures Off the Ground By Just Following Her Passion - Part 2 - Mature Preneurs Talk

In London for the 2012 Olympics Jill was moved by the manner in which the Olympics can inspire passion in a host nation. The effects of the global financial crisis were still being felt and it was tough for some families to fund their children’s sporting activities so she decided to create at first in the UK, ‘Inspire a Star’, a donation based platform to help fund children’s’ sporting dreams. That platform will be launched in Australia soon. In her prior work life Jill was a partner with...


JILL STOREY Is Able To Transform Ideas & Get Many Projects & Ventures Off the Ground By Just Following Her Passion - Part 1 - Mature Preneurs Talk

In London for the 2012 Olympics Jill was moved by the manner in which the Olympics can inspire passion in a host nation. The effects of the global financial crisis were still being felt and it was tough for some families to fund their children’s sporting activities so she decided to create at first in the UK, ‘Inspire a Star’, a donation based platform to help fund children’s’ sporting dreams. That platform will be launched in Australia soon. In her prior work life Jill was a partner with...


IRENE GABELNICK’s Life Long Ardent Desire To Help Others Has Fuelled an Intriguing Journey of Many Twists, Turns, & Tips To Convey - Mature Preneurs Talk

For some, writing a book can change your life it all depends on the topic and some other factors. This was the case with Irene. Listen to her volunteering stories and how she progressed toward 50. Approaching 50, Irene looked at her bucket list to see which items or item on her list had the greatest draw for her and one stood out it was writing and self publishing her first book, which she ultimately called “​Zipping it Up: ​How to lose 5 pounds fast - and look great in that little black...


Susan Spelic Had A Decades Old Safe Job, But Was Itching To Get Out And Start Something Creative Herself, Even Though She Didn’t Know What, But Then - Mature Preneurs Talk

How does a creative, experienced, literacy educator, (without a business background) have the grit to leave a safe, successful career to be a Company Director of a children’s book publishing business and after 50? Taking that step away from long-term job security can be scary but exciting because doors can open up. But taking that step can be empowering even energizing which has allowed Susan’s creative energies to flow more easily. So how did Susan choose to focus on her new enterprise?...


EDDIE LEES From A Serious Life Threatening Reality to Thinking Is There A Way I Can Give Back, A Problem I Can Solve? And There Was! - Mature Preneurs Talk

Eddie Lees mind produced some insightful thoughts when he was coming out of an aesthetic - from drama to serious reality to very creative thinking and that’s when he conceived his new business idea of creating a ‘now sorted’ platform. Having been a superannuation consultant for years he knew his life had to change and he had to change his priorities. For anyone reaching the 50-age milestone, everyone needs to address his or her priorities in life and work suggests Eddie. Given Eddie’s...


LISA SWEENEY Advice to Female Leaders is to Give It a Go Take A Risk, and Be Prepared to Learn o The Job.

Stepping out of a long corporate career can free the mind of mental clutter and allow you to find or come across other interesting opportunities. Lisa Sweeney did that and stumbled across Business in Heels, now a very successful women’s networking business. An organisation that won’t have a glass ceiling,” thought Lisa, the more she looked into it the more it appealed. First she bought a couple of franchises and ran events for a year Then, seeing potential to grow the business further, as...


It’s Remarkable How Surviving a Major Health Challenge One Can Still Find the Drive & Energy To Do More With Your Life & Help Others - Mature Preneurs Talk

Ludwina Dautovic definitely has! Ludwina feels while her latest entrepreneurial project is one that will not be her greatest achievement but it is the one that will have the biggest impact on a global scale. But with one kidney down and out and then 8 years later being clear of the ‘nasties’, that entire experience, as with many major health challenges can become a massive benchmark in terms of knowing what you can survive, achieve and create in terms of new beginnings, new niche projects....


We’ve Lost Our Connection to a ‘Tribe’ A Community That Can Help & Support You To Resolve Issues & Accelerate You Moving Forward But There’s A Solution - Mature Preneurs Talk

Ronan Leonard understands risk and reward where your true value lies in what you put your time and money into (but not gambling). Learning that while being paid to travel the world and meet 2000 people each week, he started a small business managing 2 casino tables, yet Ronan was just 23 when the cruise ship he was working on began to sink off the wild coast of South Africa. The Captain and most crew deserted leaving him to help rescue passengers and fellow staff. Undaunted he continued...


Many Over 50s Ask What I Am I Going To Do With The Rest of My Life? What Will I Do All Day? One Good Answer is Search For Your Passion - Mature Preneurs Talk

At 69, Susan Goldfein regularly asked those questions, despite having retired with a doctorate in Speech Pathologist, which had afforded her a successful career as a clinician, adjunct professor, and consultant. For any newly retired people those questions do pop up. When you have no idea what to do with your life going forward, taking some time to explore YOU, your passions, loves, dislikes and skills it’s worth every second you do that. Susan found she had a knack for writing humour, but...


Retirement Does Not Mean Slowing Down, Fading Away, Rather the Opposite, a Positive New Vital Energizing Life - Mature Preneurs Talk

Retirement for some does mean slowing down, but that’s not the case for Stephen Peterson. It means making a fresh start, trying something new, a range of new interests, and grasping those with open arms and seeing where they all take you. Being Open. You could be in for positive surprise he says. By the time we all reach 50, change may have been a recurring theme but arriving at that so called ‘5 0’ also means you have a blank canvas in front of you ready for you to paint it however you...


Mac Prichard Suggests If You’re Over 50, Now is the Time to Do Something You’ve Always Wanted to Do & That You’re Passionate About - Mature Preneurs Talk

Mac Prichard is the founder and publisher of Mac’s List an online community for people looking for rewarding creative and meaningful work. While much of the focus is on jobs in a few US states the articles, blogs, courses and podcast content applies to anyone wherever they are located in the word. They are extremely useful and insightful. Life is full of transitions, and managing even navigating those changes successfully can be very difficult certainly as you progress through life,...


Corbie Mitleid Asks How Do You Create a New Future or Enterprise After 50? You Find Your Sentence of Passion. - Mature Preneurs Talk

But how Do You Do That? You clean out your LifeCloset to find what is there in everything you did or do. Actress, legal assistant, comic book writer, video producer, executive recruiter, and ordained minister, – Corbie Mitleid did it, but nothing seemed to fit, until she discovered what she wanted to leave behind in every encounter. Her turning point was 9/11 - she crossed the bridge from Fear to Fearlessness and flew, and realised there was no time to waste so became an intuitive...


Dr Diederik Gelderman - How Did He Do It? Being an Atrocious Communicator then a Worldwide Trainer, in Communication - Mature Preneurs Talk

As a veterinarian, Dr Gelderman’s journey started with his clients and team telling him was an atrocious communicator and now he teaches others how to improve their influence and impact by mastering the art of communication. What did he do to transform himself? The criticism Dr Gelderman received didn’t sit well and this became the catalyst to immerse himself in studying the science of communication and non-verbal communication. Doing so enabled Diederik to turn his practice into a highly...


TONY WHITE Part II: We Are More Than Our Body - You Never Know What’s Inside – If You Just Keep An Open Mind Life Opens Up To You - Mature Preneurs Talk

In Part I, Tony White talked about working all his life as an award-winning director, animator, teacher and author but at the age of 70 he decided to take all the skills he accumulated in the animation industry over many decades to see where that exploration might take him. Tony‘s other ‘love’ was astrology, but not the standard 'prediction', 'fortune-telling,' 'Star Sign' kind of astrology that we usually see. Instead it is deep, transformative, life-changing kind of serious astrology...


TONY WHITE Part I: Great Wisdom For Over 50s From This Colourful Animator and Now Astrologer With a Twist - Mature Preneurs Talk

As an animator, award-winning director, teacher and author Tony White reached the age of 70 and decided to take the skills he accumulated for decades in the animation industry and focus on another love - astrology! But this is not the standard 'prediction', 'fortune-telling,' 'Star Sign' kind of astrology but a deep, transformative, life-changing kind of serious astrology that doesn't normally get mentioned let alone discussed. Life takes twists and turns and for Tony a remarkable Irish...


Benjamin Oxley Talks About His Dichotomy of Professions from Opera to Funerals - Mature Preneurs Talk

As a Professional Opera Singer for 30 years singing alongside Andrea Bocelli and Tony Bennett and many other well known operatic stars, there comes a time when another direction beckons. This was the case for Benjamin Oxley. When many people approach 50 or when a time, place and career needs rethinking, what do you? Look at your passions even those when you were young. What steps do you take, how do you decide what’s next? Ben’s approach was practical, which he suggests others do when in...


Elly Johnson Talks about Learning to Distinguish Between Truth and Lies When it Matters Most - Even On Dating - Mature Preneurs Talk

Her fascination with uncovering the truth started as a rookie policewoman at 22 when she discovered the importance of having skills to effectively evaluate the truthfulness and credibility of the information received. Elly Johnson’s strong interest led her to create a business in 2001 that teaches people involved in high stake situations to distinguish between truth and lies when it matters most, and it did with law enforcement officers, intelligence agents, security assessors and...


How Does She Do It? A Geologist On Off Shore Oil Rigs - Running Her First Marathon At 48 & Mum to 3 Kids - Mature Preneurs Talk

As a female wellsite geologist working within the male-dominated offshore oil and gas, coal seam gas and minerals industries, life is always interesting. But Amanda Barlow does much more than that. Starting out as a recreational marathon runner she now has run 47 marathons in 16 different countries and is a member of The Seven Continents Marathon Club. In the Jungle Marathon, in Brazil she wrote about that experience “Call of the Jungle – How a Camping-Hating City-Slicker Mum Survived an...


Are you getting enough electrical charge and energy? - Mature Preneurs Talk

Sandy Sanderson suffered a health crash due to the stress of the GFC in 2008. After a severe event that hospitalised her, she was told by her cardiologist, there were no drug solutions for people with her heart arrhythmia, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroid and ‘electrical system’ issues, and that these electrical system glitches were very common problems for people around the world. He told her to just, “put up with it like everyone else.” Sandy took up the challenge to find a natural solution...


Shel Horowitz Talks About Circular Thinking, Going Beyond Sustainability Turning the Impossible into Let’s Get it Done! - Mature Preneurs Talk

Shel Horowitz is on a mission! Inspired by his "impossible" success in protecting a threatened local mountain forever, Shel expanded his focus to harness the profit motive as a powerful tool for turning hunger and poverty into sufficiency, war into peace, and catastrophic climate change into planetary balance. Founding the website Going Beyond Sustainability "Enlightened self-interest can get it done, while guilt and shame fail," he says. During the chat he offers some wonderful insights...


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