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CATHY PAYNE Agrees Her 3 Decade Teaching Career is Vastly Different From Preserving Heritage Livestock Breeds Including Guinea Hogs in the South Eastern United States

Cathy said after retiring and somewhat spontaneously the couple showed a brilliant example of taking the bull by the horns purchasing some land with a house on it in rural northeast Georgia in the southeastern United States with the intention to grow their own food. But there was a catch! Neither had any farming experience, which meant there was a lot to learn. What they did in their first year set the basis for deciding to focus on rare heritage livestock breeds. Cathy chose two breeds well...


SELINA MAITREYA Says In 2013 Her Entire Life Suddenly Stopped On A Dime. How Her Life of Unexpected Brain Trauma, Became A Gift Which She Later Created For Others Experiencing Daily Irritations & Difficulties.

Selina Maitreya’s recovery was miraculous but her earlier life of deep spiritual connection enabled that to occur. A powerful true-life story, it is longer than the usual MPT podcasts but is worth every second of your attention. Selina recounts her life at 58 prior to July 2013 and says after selling her home she was looking forward to the next phase of her life. The details she mentions are important. Two days before closing on her house she was driving to clean the house when a woman...


JOHN FAISANDIER Talks About Managing Emotions In A Time Of Change & Suggests People Resist Being Changed, But Don’t Resist Change & Part Of That Are Four Important Words, Feeling and Revealing Leads To Healing And Releasing.

John has had a fascinating career, as a volunteer teaching in Tonga, 19 years training and working as a Catholic priest, psychodrama training and work in a drug and alcohol treatment hospital all of which lay the foundation for him to become a compassionate emotional intelligence expert once he hit 50. Getting married when nearly 40 added the icing to the cake of really learning about intimacy and relationships. Not long after his 50th birthday John decided to rebrand his training business...


SANDI ROSE MILLER Says Helping Women Navigate the Mid-Life Maze Can Be a Journey of Discovery & Fun For The Woman Who Also Wants to Discover Her Own Unique Way To Thrive Throughout Her Best Years Yet To Come!

For Sandi reinvention has become a way of life as it has for many people in their 50’s and above! By then we’ve triumphed and overcome numerous traumas – all just a part of life. Sandi said she is a former Miss America finalist, Breck Girl spokeswoman and television/film actress turned author/consultant/speaker: "The Art of Living - Feng Shui YOUR Way”. As founder of "True You Makeovers” – a Feng Shui based protocol for midlife reinvention and “Creating your future beautifully from the...


MICHAEL PRIV Says His Life Is Like The School of Funny Stories - From Arriving in the US from USSR, Graduating University, Then To A Lot of Drama & Now Joy! Parts of This Podcast Are Hilarious!

Michael said he arrived in USA in 1979 at 19 from USSR, graduated the University of Pittsburgh as a construction engineer, found a job in San Francisco then that’s where the mundane part of his life ended. Having always been fascinated by the spiritual after brief stints with Judaism, several brands of Christianity and Buddhism, he started in Scientology, first on staff in San Francisco then joined the Sea Organization, the para-military, elite management corps of the Church. Quickly...


WENDY SHUGAR Said Being Grossly Overweight & Building A Barrier To Hide Behind Things Is A Tragedy, Yet She Turned That Around And Triumphed

WENDY said in her late 40s she remembers the exact defining moment she knew she needed to change from being at her heaviest 315 lbs. so she decided to go on a hike but became so tired after a mile, a stranger had to get down and tie her shoe. Then came the constant reprimands, self-put downs, which she mentions on this podcast ... ultimately asking herself, “Who am I hiding from; who am I kidding then realizing “I am hiding from myself.” Yes there was good that came out of Wendy’s experience...


LINDA CLAY Says at 60 It’s A Difficult Place To Be, Unemployed, Running Out of Savings; You Need To Take Dramatic Action, Then You Can Triumph & Even Help Others

Linda has been through several different life transitions and triumphed, which is why this podcast is full of practical tips. Losing her husband, becoming a single parent to her granddaughter, suffering depression and PTSD took several years to heal. One of the biggest challenges was realizing how little you could control in life. Through daily meditation and a routine she learned to control that overwhelmed feeling. The universe loves to send wake up calls and that message came through...


SANDRA BISKIND ASKS Imagine If We Could Eradicate The War Between The Ego Mind’s Unconscious Priorities & The Soul’s Desire To Be Whole – To Be The Best Version Of Who We Are?

Sandra had many pivot points at the age of 18 and often in turmoil some true wonders occur out of that turmoil. For Sandra she had an awakening experience when she almost died she discovered all things spiritual, which changed her life forever profoundly so … realizing she had a mission and purpose to help empower people to set themselves free via some unique processes which worked. That life turn around gave her many tools to enhance and develop beginning with her husband Daniel who...


KAY NEWTON Helps You Understand About The Simplicity Of Life, The True Meaning of Wealth & How To Make Your Next 50 Years The Best. Simplicity She Says Helps Reduce Stress & Creates More Time.

KAYS asks all her clients to address this question: ‘What will you do if you lose all your assets tomorrow?’ Clearly the question must be asked what caused Kay to come to these conclusions and her answer is fascinating and a wonderful story of adventure. Originally from Leeds, Yorkshire, the UK in her early 20’s she jumped on board a private yacht leaving Hull marina for sunnier shores in Spain. She refused to swim back. Kay set up her own business looking after second homes for the rich...


GABRIELA MASALA Says Feeling Regenerated, Creatively Fulfilled, Connected, & Empowered, ‘Unlimited’ Should Not Be The Exception In A life, It Can Be The Norm By Doing So We Can Begin Creating a Magnificent Life By Our Own Design.

Gabriela Masala found by integrating multiple modalities into her facilitation practice to help people “heal”, she soon realized the greatest service she could give was to point people back to their own innate genius, intuition, wholeness and sovereignty. Serving individuals and communities world wide through intuitive, energy medicine and expressive arts based consultations, events and retreats, she began to focus on building a relationship to the aspect of our human being that is already...


NANCY GUBERTI: From golden handcuffs to golden lifestyle, starting her Functional Medicine Practice was scary given the uncertainty of being an entrepreneur, learning your craft & building a practice.

Nancy said she needed to heal her son with a liver disorder since no-one else seemed to be able to but then she ended up starting her own practice in functional medicine. How did she do that? Studying Food Chemistry, Holistic Nutrition, and Functional Medicine a far cry from her corporate life. Nancy said you do not have to wear all the hats in a corporate life but when you start out as an entrepreneur, all the responsibilities are yours. You also need to have a financial plan since you will...


ANI ANDERSON For Years Was Known As “the person you came to when the professionals didn’t know what was wrong with you”, Yet As A Holistic Occupational Therapist When Her Life Fell Apart No Other Professionals Could Identify The Cause.

Ani, said the solution was and is in the same place. Today she is the author of ‘Find Your Soul’s Agenda,’ and says her book is almost a story about her journey, one that others also experience. After a very public divorce, she felt completely lost and none of her therapist friends seemed to be able to help her. Her identity as a wife, mother and business owner had been crushed and she needed to rebuild. At first she had no idea how. After taking 3 purpose courses, Ani finally found her...


BILL DOERR Says “Be The Bee Among The Flowers” was advice Bill’s mum, a very successful entrepreneur, told him when, as a young child, he asked her, “Mom, how do you get your clients?”.

BILL said her sage wisdom was that if you’re creating value for others, they will add value to you. This lead Bill to adopt a life philosophy and build a business based on this principle and which he has ultimately proven many times. Of course there is more to this little story. And you can hear it all on this fun podcast I had with Bill. After working for others — including international clients — he took his years of experience and began to work for his own clients. “Self-employment” he...


NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN Helps People Find A Better Way To Build Their Business, As Too Many Entrepreneurs Work Too Hard, With Little Income & Don’t Have a Life

Neville says the question: ‘What can I do for the rest of my life,’ is a question he toyed with long ago, and knows that the dilemma is a common feeling for many midlifers. Having helped hundreds of businesses he knows if a person is good at something they can build a business and have a life too. The big starting tip is to list your skills, what you’re passionate about and somewhere in those two lists there’ll be a sweet spot. Next step is to find a market where people will pay you. All...


BRIAN WINCH Says If You’re 45Plus, Ambitious & Motivated You Can Change Your Future Even By Starting a Small Side Hustle, Just As He Did & That Quickly Turned Into An Amazing & Growing Business Anyone Can Do

Brian said he was uninspired and lacked motivation within his full-time job at a sporting goods store, and recalled a side business that his father worked years ago cleaning parking lots and decided to turn that idea into his side-hustle. After two months Brian was bringing in enough income with Cleanlots to leave his full-time job behind. Brian tells the story of how he began, "My prospects were slim as all I had was a high school diploma and a small savings account. But what I had was the...


[Part II] SUZIE GRUBER Asks Over 50s, What Is It You Most Want For Yourself Then Suggests Don’t Let Your Old Wiring Prevent You From Stepping Out On Your Own To Create A Fulfilling New Future

Suzie says Often when we reach the later stages of our lives, we hear the clock of our own mortality ticking and we wonder if it’s too late to create something new and better for ourselves. The question is why wait. Ask yourself if the old, familiar excuse, “it’s too late” is a way you keep yourself from pursuing your dreams rather than an actual limitation. Do you have a lifelong pattern of getting in your own way? Do you dream of having a new career now that the kids are launched,...


CHRIS & SUSAN BEESLEY: Retiring The New Way – What Do Those Four Words Mean To You? The Word Retirement Conjures Up Many Thoughts Even For Those Near 50, Some Took A Walk, Others A Leap Of Faith While Others Lost It All in 2007-2008.

Chris and Susan’s plans for their 50’s and beyond, took advantage of the property boom which ultimately became a millstone around their necks rather than the generous pension it was meant to be. As self employed Accountants and Management Consultants in their fifties they worked 6 - 7 days a week, 10 - 12 hours a day, had a good income but no time ... no time for to do the things they wanted to do in life, a familiar cry of many in the traditional work force. Only two option appeared to...


ELIZABETH DUCIE: After 25 Years In The Corporate Industry Then Giving It All Up To Transition Into Her Second Life Chapter To Write, Is A Big Leap of Faith & Confidence in Yourself, But This Is The Step Many In The Over 50s Are Doing Or Need To Do

Elizabeth had spent over twenty-five years in the international pharmaceutical industry helping companies make their drugs safely and built up a ‘store’ of anecdotes she intended to publish “one of these days.” Then a major health scare reminded her if she left it too late, she may never reach, “one of these days,” and so began writing creative non-fiction putting real situations and locations into fictional settings, which worked. The millions of words written during Elizabeth’s first...


DAN McCRORY - If You’re Dying To Write A Book, Make Sure You Have An Audience And Know What It Looks Like. DO NOT Take Your Better Half For Granted. Keep Them In The Loop. Ask For Their Advice. And Be Sure To Thank Them In The Credits.

Dan McCrory said for decades, he worked at a phone company as a telecommunications technician but he always had writing jobs on the side, but as he found out writing a book is different and has its own set of pitfalls. Some advice? Know your target audience. He never stopped to ask will millennials, (his audience) read this? While receptive, they want a book they can listen to while driving. At 63, Dan said he’s a driven person; many people don’t understand what motivates him and he would...


SUZIE GRUBER Overcoming Limitations of Life’s Traumas Is Not Easy If You Want To Follow Your Heart; Truth Is Most People Are Not Interested In What Needs To Be Done, They Want Results & Is Why Many Miss Out On Life's Greatest Joys

Listen how Suzie Gruber’s life took a circuitous route to be where she is today, helping you to improve your life and really come alive. She says many have an innate drive towards connection, aliveness, and success, an urge that gives you the courage to change, regardless of what you face along the way. But those desires may be submerged until Suzie starts working with a client. It seems more and more people working in jobs feel their heart isn’t in the work, they get uneasy, unhappy, but...