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Mature Preneurs Talk Podcasts connects near or over 50’s, 60's, 70's guests, who’ve created a new enterprise with an audience who are keen to do the same. The guests are a dynamic group of inspirational people with extremely diverse ventures. During the 22 minute interview, host Diana Todd-Banks shines the spotlight on this cavalcade of entrepreneurs who chat how they changed their life by starting a new venture, much needed community group or business; they also discuss how they did it, the pitfalls, tips, horror moments, funny bits and above all how their health benefited. In doing so they encourage and inspire the audience of all ages to spring into action to transform their life. Why? Mature Preneurs Guests demonstrate it’s never too late to start something new; or take a step into the unknown - it can change your life! You can make the next chapter of your life the best ever which the guests and the host clearly demonstrate. This is why Podcast Host Diana Todd-Banks still has coaching clients as she enjoys helping others to move forward. The audience can connect with the host and guests via a Facebook group Mature Preneurs Talk with Di Todd-Banks. This Podcast is about reinforcing the power of Sharing – Learning - Supporting - Inspiring = Action




Mature Preneurs Talk Podcasts connects near or over 50’s, 60's, 70's guests, who’ve created a new enterprise with an audience who are keen to do the same. The guests are a dynamic group of inspirational people with extremely diverse ventures. During the 22 minute interview, host Diana Todd-Banks shines the spotlight on this cavalcade of entrepreneurs who chat how they changed their life by starting a new venture, much needed community group or business; they also discuss how they did it, the pitfalls, tips, horror moments, funny bits and above all how their health benefited. In doing so they encourage and inspire the audience of all ages to spring into action to transform their life. Why? Mature Preneurs Guests demonstrate it’s never too late to start something new; or take a step into the unknown - it can change your life! You can make the next chapter of your life the best ever which the guests and the host clearly demonstrate. This is why Podcast Host Diana Todd-Banks still has coaching clients as she enjoys helping others to move forward. The audience can connect with the host and guests via a Facebook group Mature Preneurs Talk with Di Todd-Banks. This Podcast is about reinforcing the power of Sharing – Learning - Supporting - Inspiring = Action






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CAROL GRAHAM Says NEVER GIVE UP HOPE No Matter What You Experience! Gang-Raped, Left For Dead, Loss of a Child, Husband Falsely Imprisoned, & Cancer Diagnosis Would Drive Anyone Into Victim Mode.

Not Carol, instead she became a victor with a determination to succeed. In her early sixties, Carol had the opportunity to recoup serious financial losses. Life gave her a second chance. Carol wrote her memoir, Battered Hope, as a message of hope and never ever giving up. This pole-vaulted her career, despite the tough life experiences of being gang-raped and left for dead, losing a child, husband being falsely imprisoned, and a cancer diagnosis these could have driven Carol into victim mode, but she became a victor with a determination to succeed and she has. During this podcast conversation Carol offers a lot of suggestions and advice for listeners certainly if they or others they know are suffering and ready to give up. Carol’s personal experiences are of enormous help. Today in her seventies, Carol is living her dream as an author, an international speaker, and a talk show host of Never Ever Give Up Hope. As owner of two jewellery stores, three online stores, a health coaching business, writing for numerous publications, caring for her disabled husband and rescuing dogs (over 30 to date), Carol says her life is just beginning. What’s her message? Carol chose to start over and has helped many others be encouraged and challenged to never ever give up hope. She had and has much to offer and found a way to give it away. Today she continues that mission. To learn more go


JUDYTHE BARRET-CROXFORD Brings To Light The generation of Invisible Women Who Are Now Ready To Be Seen. She says since we’ve been given time to stop, pause, and breathe now is an amazing time for everyone to connect with themselves!

Both host Diana Todd-Banks and guest Judythe cover some fascinating provocative topics about the current world climate and the Invisible Woman. Invisible women can best be described as those women who have always been really self-sufficient, the person that nobody needs to worry about, so they don’t. But now you’ve turned 60 and have watched everyone else around you achieve amazing things, yet secretly you feel disappointed in yourself and your life. You find yourself out there, invisible, - but that’s changing - you’re ready to be visible. Judythe knows, she was invisible once so was the host Diana. A natural born mystic and a scholar in Afterlife studies, she is a professional Intuitive Medium and Therapist for over 4 decades offering workshops throughout Australia and now the World; as well today Judythe is a highly respected speaker, author, entrepreneur, coach, mentor and consultant on all things Life, Death, Dying and the Afterlife. Judythe focuses much of her professional attention on the Invisible Woman of that generation that lived for everyone else, but themselves. She says and asks, ‘Yet, only you can change being Invisible. You’ve been waiting for that magical journey to begin, the Journey of ‘Who am I?’ But how do you do that?’ As part of The Invisible Woman Generation herself, she is now teaching women around the world how to live an amazing life and be amazing, now they are free from the shackles of their upbringing. To connect with Judythe and learn more go here:


SARA GREBER Asks “Are You A Solo Ager“ Who is Going To Help You If You Don’t Have Kids?”

Sara noticed many of her 50- and 60-something year old contemporaries were spending a large amount of time and money ensuring that their 80- and 90-something year old parents were cared for and having a good life. Then after a long phone call from a friend Sara turned to her husband and asked “who is going to do that for us? We don’t have kids! That revelation led to her research on single and child-free couples and how they can best prepare for life as an elder. Discovering that almost 20% of baby boomer women never had children, Sara knew this was an area that needed addressing. She also recognised people today don’t want to face 20-30 years of doing nothing. Sara’s earlier career formed a strong knowledge base when she focused on the challenges of the retirement transition, having had a 25-year career in leadership and organizational development. Many of her boomer era executive coaching clients­­ became more interested in talking about their retirement plans than their strategic plans! They needed guidance in how to prepare for “life-after-work”, a term she prefers to use rather than retirement. Since then (2013) she has devoted her life to writing about and finding unique ways for Solo Agers to thrive and be safe and secure in their later years. Learn more about Sara here:


Foxxy Karen-Eleoyze understood from a young age, movement is a quick and effective way to tap into your body’s wisdom and stay young.

As the Relationship & Sensuality Sage, mother of 3, Foxxy worked as a professional exotic dancer for 17 years, gamely sticking with it until the age of 51, before quitting to pursue her new venture. She saw many women who were curious about their sensuality and have greater confidence in themselves, have a desire to have a voice. From this, she felt the calling to take her life experience and background of struggle overcoming abuse as a child, extreme shyness, a very strict religious up-bringing, and feeling guilt and shame over her controversial job, to help others. Foxxy understood from a young age, that movement is the quickest and most effective way to tap into your body’s wisdom and stay young. She realised by not processing and integrating unfelt (hurts and traumas) emotions mean they stay in your body and show up as aches, pain and dis-ease. She found the book, ‘The Secret Language of Your Body’ by Inna Segal to be a great resource on her healing journey. Foxxy took her extensive research and study into personal development, spirituality, energy-work and how the mind works into creating her uniquely developed ‘Senserotic’ therapy. She loves to create playful, experiential and powerfully transformational experiences, helping women to break the cycle of being shut-down, repressed and conditioned, so they give themselves total permission to reclaim their true essence and quickly create the life and relationships they deserve. Known for her signature program – The 9 Archetypes (Expressions) To Unmask Your True Essence Foxxy also facilitates online personal sessions, courses and runs live workshops and retreats. As an Intuitive Facilitator, Master Results Coach, NLP & Hypnosis Trainer, Energy Healer, Author, Speaker and Artistic Creator, does have a free offer for listeners. Webinar -


SELINA MAITREYA says on a global scale, given the current chaos we are all being asked to take one action. As with any chaos, there is goodness to be found should we choose to shine a light on it.

That one action we all need to take is to ... PAUSE! THIS PODCAST TOPIC IS POWERFUL & IMPORTANT with profound information from which we can all benefit, given the current world chaos. We are being asked to stop and pause and while that action will look different to each of us, as with any piece of chaos, we have an opportunity as to how we to respond to it from fear, or from love? Selina is a teacher of practical spirituality and says clearly a pause is what our world needs. How will you take the advice our planet is being granted? Where do you need to pause in your life? Think about that. Host Diana, says there are many who are not tuned into practical spirituality but who at this time are eager to do something, to take some action, but what, and asks what could they do to try and respond, even through love? We are creative and productive and have come from the perspective of striving to be independent rather than what is needed now - we need to work from the greater collective – that’s interdependence. We need to think differently, act differently but act consciously, and doing so that can open up many opportunities. In this podcast Selina Maitreya poses numerous profound questions and all are worth you answering them in your quiet time. Contact Selina via her website:


Diana Todd-Banks Monologue - Mature Preneurs Talk - Season 2

Books Books Books. Diana Todd-Banks host of Mature Preneurs Talk Podcast discusses the book by the podcast name with the sub-title “How To Have A Productive, Energised, Creative Life After 50.” in the book are 21 guests from this program – all over 50 60 70 plus, who have created new income producing ventures, some of which have not existed before. The amazing result is they feel more vital, younger, healthier, happier and financially more at peace. Each contributor can be contacted. During this new season sometimes specialists pertinent to this demographic and topic will also be guests. Get the MPT book on Amazon, Kindle and other online retailers. Talking books the MPT Host Diana, says many people want to write a book and asks listeners the question – “do you want to write a book, but don’t know how, you can’t, don’t have time or, or... you have other reasons you can’t?” She says too many good books don’t see the light of day. To ease that Diana, the Mature Preneurs Host, discusses albeit briefly, the quick start program to get a book out of your head. The goal is to help YOU, write and publish your book in a faster, better, less expensive way than on your own. Go to this address to contact the Host to learn more:


CATHY PAYNE Agrees Her 3 Decade Teaching Career is Vastly Different From Preserving Heritage Livestock Breeds Including Guinea Hogs in the South Eastern United States

Cathy said after retiring and somewhat spontaneously the couple showed a brilliant example of taking the bull by the horns purchasing some land with a house on it in rural northeast Georgia in the southeastern United States with the intention to grow their own food. But there was a catch! Neither had any farming experience, which meant there was a lot to learn. What they did in their first year set the basis for deciding to focus on rare heritage livestock breeds. Cathy chose two breeds well adapted to the southern US climate - American Guinea Hogs and Gulf Coast Native sheep. As well they raised two American breeds of meat rabbits and sold meat, wool, and breeding stock. For Cathy, history and related stories are a favourite topic of hers, which is why she wanted to learn more about Guinea Hogs. She explored several websites that referenced The Livestock Conservancy, a group, that tracks 180 endangered livestock breeds in the United States. The Conservancy had published a two-page breed profile. Cathy wanted more than that she became so fascinated with the breed Cathy says she wanted to read a whole book about Guinea Hogs. There wasn’t one so she decided that if she wanted to read that book, she had better write it first! As with so much in life today, there is so much history that’s lost when an ‘old timer’ passes on particularly in rural areas. This thought taught her a lesson that is necessary at times so Cathy began interviewing old-timers who remembered the hogs before they almost became extinct around 1995. That led her on a twisting winding journey, which resulted in her first book being published in March of 2019 Saving the Guinea Hogs. Cathy now promotes Guinea Hogs and other heritage livestock, writes about them, and educates the public on the importance of biodiversity in farming to protect our food systems. To learn more and also about her book go to:


SELINA MAITREYA Says In 2013 Her Entire Life Suddenly Stopped On A Dime. How Her Life of Unexpected Brain Trauma, Became A Gift Which She Later Created For Others Experiencing Daily Irritations & Difficulties.

Selina Maitreya’s recovery was miraculous but her earlier life of deep spiritual connection enabled that to occur. A powerful true-life story, it is longer than the usual MPT podcasts but is worth every second of your attention. Selina recounts her life at 58 prior to July 2013 and says after selling her home she was looking forward to the next phase of her life. The details she mentions are important. Two days before closing on her house she was driving to clean the house when a woman driving a van at 70 miles an hour ran a red light and plowed into the drivers car door, Selina’s side. After the jaws-of-life freed Selina from her car, her life took a big turn. No one was able to tell her when or how her recovery would progress except one medical doctor did say it will, ... ‘take a tincture of time’! That was the start of the most amazing 6 year odyssey. Unable to perform even the smallest tasks, Selina needed to surrendered to ‘her state’, and learned how to use that and this difficulty as a tool to go to peace.’ Today having made a complete recovery, Selina shares this: ‘How to transform any daily difficulty, even tragedy, into peace. It’s a direct result of the last 6 years of learning how to respond to great difficulty from the grace we all have access to. Most over 50s, 60’s plus have or may have had physical and situational life delays and interruptions. In this podcast you’ll hear Selina describe difficulties or strong emotions as ‘alarm clocks’ and how to deal with them. Visit and on the landing page you will find your Gift From Selina: Your New Tools For A Peaceful Life!


JOHN FAISANDIER Talks About Managing Emotions In A Time Of Change & Suggests People Resist Being Changed, But Don’t Resist Change & Part Of That Are Four Important Words, Feeling and Revealing Leads To Healing And Releasing.

John has had a fascinating career, as a volunteer teaching in Tonga, 19 years training and working as a Catholic priest, psychodrama training and work in a drug and alcohol treatment hospital all of which lay the foundation for him to become a compassionate emotional intelligence expert once he hit 50. Getting married when nearly 40 added the icing to the cake of really learning about intimacy and relationships. Not long after his 50th birthday John decided to rebrand his training business to focus on this one topic – managing emotions. He’d been looking for a niche business idea to give him focus and one day woke up to the fact that his topic had been right in front of his nose for years. Thriving Under Fire (TUF) was launched as a face-to-face workshop; he wrote a book (2009) and developed an interactive online training version (2013). Having taught thousands of people in many parts of the world including Bangladesh, Malaysia, Tonga, Samoa and of course New Zealand he found he loved this work because it makes such a difference to people’s lives which he knows will lead to a greater world peace. The best tip when dealing with an emotional person is to first calm yourself down, don’t get involved with the other persons emotions, breathe deeply; name your feelings (to yourself); ask yourself a complex question, such as, what else might be going on in this person life? Then genuinely acknowledge the other person’s feelings. This is very simple to do and during this podcast John provides examples of what he means and how to do that in a meaningful lasting way. John offers a free weekly blog, short posts with tips on managing emotions, and for Mature Preneurs Talk listeners there’s a free eBook you can download: The Power Apology at


SANDI ROSE MILLER Says Helping Women Navigate the Mid-Life Maze Can Be a Journey of Discovery & Fun For The Woman Who Also Wants to Discover Her Own Unique Way To Thrive Throughout Her Best Years Yet To Come!

For Sandi reinvention has become a way of life as it has for many people in their 50’s and above! By then we’ve triumphed and overcome numerous traumas – all just a part of life. Sandi said she is a former Miss America finalist, Breck Girl spokeswoman and television/film actress turned author/consultant/speaker: "The Art of Living - Feng Shui YOUR Way”. As founder of "True You Makeovers” – a Feng Shui based protocol for midlife reinvention and “Creating your future beautifully from the inside-out” these approaches can produce some wonderful and beautiful results. Listen to this podcast for the discussion about keeping physically and most definitely mentally alert and fit along as this has tremendous benefits – many who do adopt this approach feel as though they’re just getting going in the best sense! This podcast is full of wonderful tips and suggestions that are worth listening to. By remaining a fit, motivated and inspired mid-sixties entrepreneur you never know what’s around the corner or what wonderful and unexpected doors may open with the passing days, weeks and months. To receive a free “True Color Assessment Guide” go to Sandi’s website


MICHAEL PRIV Says His Life Is Like The School of Funny Stories - From Arriving in the US from USSR, Graduating University, Then To A Lot of Drama & Now Joy! Parts of This Podcast Are Hilarious!

Michael said he arrived in USA in 1979 at 19 from USSR, graduated the University of Pittsburgh as a construction engineer, found a job in San Francisco then that’s where the mundane part of his life ended. Having always been fascinated by the spiritual after brief stints with Judaism, several brands of Christianity and Buddhism, he started in Scientology, first on staff in San Francisco then joined the Sea Organization, the para-military, elite management corps of the Church. Quickly advancing up the ranks, he became in charge of the worldwide Church translations network, at a secret desert Church headquarters, the infamous, International Base, his home until his dramatic escape in 2005. Do listen to this Podcast, to hear Michael’s description about his escape in jail uniform and what he does next, it’s hilarious. Ultimately back into a more normal life and using his construction skills, he worked as an estimator and project manager at first and then trained as a property and casualty insurance adjuster and have been doing that as an Independent adjuster ever since, as his business. The main perk in having a business Michael says is flexible scheduling, which allows him to concentrate on his research and writing. Having a side business is a good approach for others too. Having studied and applied 28 different religions and using Scientology as a springboard, of which he says he’s an expert, Michael developed some incredible extra-sensory abilities and laid the basis for his own psychic healing methodology. Psychic healing of anybody, whether he knows a person or not, nor knows their location, serves as side business for Michael and despite not charging clients, it’s the most important facet of his life. For more go to


WENDY SHUGAR Said Being Grossly Overweight & Building A Barrier To Hide Behind Things Is A Tragedy, Yet She Turned That Around And Triumphed

WENDY said in her late 40s she remembers the exact defining moment she knew she needed to change from being at her heaviest 315 lbs. so she decided to go on a hike but became so tired after a mile, a stranger had to get down and tie her shoe. Then came the constant reprimands, self-put downs, which she mentions on this podcast ... ultimately asking herself, “Who am I hiding from; who am I kidding then realizing “I am hiding from myself.” Yes there was good that came out of Wendy’s experience and she says when facing a very difficult issue, no matter how bad things got for her or for others today, there is always a solution. When that solution comes from the point of view of ones true purpose in life, then it reflects growth and happiness, which means for her she is more fun, reliable and healthy to be around. Out of all those experiences Wendy has created an amazing brand designed to help you get healthy and importantly kill the mind drama! Whether your hiking, doing yoga or simply having a purposeful conversation, Wendy is sure to help you along your path to enlightenment and healthy living. Wendy is also a published Author most recently “thoughts Beneath the Stars” Poetry written in nature! Go here for more: Wendy said she is definitely a Mature Preneur on a mission to help others get healthy not only with their bodies but with their minds also! It all starts on the inside! And says, “Not all who wander are lost!”


LINDA CLAY Says at 60 It’s A Difficult Place To Be, Unemployed, Running Out of Savings; You Need To Take Dramatic Action, Then You Can Triumph & Even Help Others

Linda has been through several different life transitions and triumphed, which is why this podcast is full of practical tips. Losing her husband, becoming a single parent to her granddaughter, suffering depression and PTSD took several years to heal. One of the biggest challenges was realizing how little you could control in life. Through daily meditation and a routine she learned to control that overwhelmed feeling. The universe loves to send wake up calls and that message came through loud and clear - Linda realized she had no income, was about to lose her home and had her 5 year old granddaughter to raise. She ‘woke’ up, asked for help got a job, moved to a different state and started her new chapter. These types of challenges are difficult but by taking any tough situation and breaking it into manageable steps, you can find the steps to move forward. Over the next 10 years, Linda made more moves and career shifts, started a brand new career at 61 but was laid off at 63. This time she made a list of her skills, trainings and knowledge and knew she could transfer them into an online business. But something still felt off that. Realizing she had lost touch with herself, she had to do something out of the norm. Selling everything Linda went on an adventure to Portugal where she reconnected to her purpose, created a framework with tools she developed from her years of working in the public and private sectors guiding working moms and corporate women who are ready to create their own life, reconnect with their spiritual self and find their purpose so they can create more time, income, and more impact while living life on their terms at any age. Connect with Linda on social media and here


SANDRA BISKIND ASKS Imagine If We Could Eradicate The War Between The Ego Mind’s Unconscious Priorities & The Soul’s Desire To Be Whole – To Be The Best Version Of Who We Are?

Sandra had many pivot points at the age of 18 and often in turmoil some true wonders occur out of that turmoil. For Sandra she had an awakening experience when she almost died she discovered all things spiritual, which changed her life forever profoundly so … realizing she had a mission and purpose to help empower people to set themselves free via some unique processes which worked. That life turn around gave her many tools to enhance and develop beginning with her husband Daniel who together created a multi-global award-winning retreat in New Zealand, named the World’s Best Luxury Coastal Hotel in 2010. They went on to gain many incredible achievements that benefit others and profoundly so. This is an important Podcast to listen to as it will help you understand how you can identify your new path. Over time, using her unprecedented laser-like techniques, Sandra takes the brakes off your unconscious, freeing you to accelerate into the thrilling experience of a life without limits. Jack Canfield has expressed profound words about Sandra: “Known for solving unsolvable problems”, Jack Canfield said, “She is a profound healer, trainer, speaker and author who does some incredible transformational work. I’ve experienced her work and found it truly life changing. Sandra says she is 66 in August and looks and feels at least 15 years younger…I’m healthier and more balanced in every way and my level of awareness is so strong that its easy for me to help people know they are loved and supported. Her work clears unconscious programs that sabotage our health and vitality - people feel lighter and happier and that leads to better health and wellbeing …You can learn more about Sandra and her programs here: and also here:


KAY NEWTON Helps You Understand About The Simplicity Of Life, The True Meaning of Wealth & How To Make Your Next 50 Years The Best. Simplicity She Says Helps Reduce Stress & Creates More Time.

KAYS asks all her clients to address this question: ‘What will you do if you lose all your assets tomorrow?’ Clearly the question must be asked what caused Kay to come to these conclusions and her answer is fascinating and a wonderful story of adventure. Originally from Leeds, Yorkshire, the UK in her early 20’s she jumped on board a private yacht leaving Hull marina for sunnier shores in Spain. She refused to swim back. Kay set up her own business looking after second homes for the rich and famous, became an eco landlady and mother to two boys. The family shared their three-acre organic farm with holidaymakers, workshop and retreat attendants. Leaving her 30-year dream life on the island of Mallorca, Kay and her husband decided than rather having an empty nest they preferred 'no nest.’ Leaving their two grown boys to fend for themselves. They de-cluttered and downsized their lifestyle to a two-roomed, tin roof house near to a pristine beach in Zanzibar. Years passed and still more stories, Kay became an award-winning International speaker, enthusiastic author and Midlife Strategist, whose hundreds of clients love her straight talking and no-nonsense practical holistic help in dealing with wealth at midlife. Today with the majority of her business on-line Kay has combined work with her love of travelling, but now lives a simple life back near a beach in Mallorca and has never been happier. One of Kay’s secrets is not being afraid to do something new. You can find Kay here: along with her many practical books including ‘The Art of Midlife Stress Busting,’ ‘Tips and Tricks For Stress Free Downsizing – A Step By Step Guide To Moving On’


GABRIELA MASALA Says Feeling Regenerated, Creatively Fulfilled, Connected, & Empowered, ‘Unlimited’ Should Not Be The Exception In A life, It Can Be The Norm By Doing So We Can Begin Creating a Magnificent Life By Our Own Design.

Gabriela Masala found by integrating multiple modalities into her facilitation practice to help people “heal”, she soon realized the greatest service she could give was to point people back to their own innate genius, intuition, wholeness and sovereignty. Serving individuals and communities world wide through intuitive, energy medicine and expressive arts based consultations, events and retreats, she began to focus on building a relationship to the aspect of our human being that is already “healed”- already whole, infinite and divine. By doing so she stopped using the word “healing,” but began supporting others to live with this unlimited part of their nature as guide – that changed her life and those of her clients. At the end of inspiring events and retreats, she would often hear people say, “It is back to the real world.” She felt so clearly, we have this all wrong. The peak experience of meditations and retreats: feeling regenerated, creatively fulfilled, connected, and empowered, unlimited should not be the exception in a life, It can be the norm! This inspired the creation of the interactive journal, and process, Everyday Magnificent. The book is a guide to a lifestyle practice that integrates these peak states into the “real world” of daily life. As we practice living in gratitude, cultivating whole brain and heart coherence, and allowing the creative force of life to flow through us, we are able to reframe and rewire our inner and outer world. We begin creating a magnificent life by our own design. You can find her book, ‘Everyday Magnificent, Practices for Activating an Unlimited Life’, and learn more about Gabriela at Her book is on Amazon and Balboa Press. Follow Gabriela on Instagram and Facebook to hear her updates and inspirations.


NANCY GUBERTI: From golden handcuffs to golden lifestyle, starting her Functional Medicine Practice was scary given the uncertainty of being an entrepreneur, learning your craft & building a practice.

Nancy said she needed to heal her son with a liver disorder since no-one else seemed to be able to but then she ended up starting her own practice in functional medicine. How did she do that? Studying Food Chemistry, Holistic Nutrition, and Functional Medicine a far cry from her corporate life. Nancy said you do not have to wear all the hats in a corporate life but when you start out as an entrepreneur, all the responsibilities are yours. You also need to have a financial plan since you will not be receiving a paycheck each week but have to create your income differently. Many will give up and may run back to a job but it’s the self-doubt and fear that you must battle and win with a positive mindset each day until it becomes second nature. This is the most important, your mindset and then working consistently on a daily basis to make your dream a reality. And Nancy certainly has done that. Packed full of powerful important ‘healthy’ information, do listen to this podcast it’s full of tips and advice for everyone who is interested in maintaining a healthy body. Nancy also discusses some very significant information about Alzheimer’s and Dementia, heavy metal tests, helping special needs children, and some of the ‘ugly ingredients’ found in most food today and the damage they inflict. Now 55, Nancy has reinvented herself as an author (2 books launching in May and June), a podcaster, and has an online wellness monthly membership & Raising Achievers. You can reach Nancy via her website in her name and also via


ANI ANDERSON For Years Was Known As “the person you came to when the professionals didn’t know what was wrong with you”, Yet As A Holistic Occupational Therapist When Her Life Fell Apart No Other Professionals Could Identify The Cause.

Ani, said the solution was and is in the same place. Today she is the author of ‘Find Your Soul’s Agenda,’ and says her book is almost a story about her journey, one that others also experience. After a very public divorce, she felt completely lost and none of her therapist friends seemed to be able to help her. Her identity as a wife, mother and business owner had been crushed and she needed to rebuild. At first she had no idea how. After taking 3 purpose courses, Ani finally found her purpose in an unlikely place – listen where. Often we find ourselves feeling like something is wrong with our lives, when in fact, it’s perfect and always has been. In Ani’s book she describes when we understand life will both show up for us in ways we love and in ways we don’t love (but happen anyway), predictably we will be better able to navigate the challenges that will inevitably present themselves as we continue to grow and evolve. Ani has seen people dramatically change their money, business, health and family situations on a dime once they realize that what they are looking for exists right in front of them already. If you feel like you’re looking for something, Ani suggests you open your mind to your Soul’s Agenda to realize that the treasures you seek are always right under your nose. This is a powerful and informative podcast do listen. To learn more and to see what Ani offers go to her website:


BILL DOERR Says “Be The Bee Among The Flowers” was advice Bill’s mum, a very successful entrepreneur, told him when, as a young child, he asked her, “Mom, how do you get your clients?”.

BILL said her sage wisdom was that if you’re creating value for others, they will add value to you. This lead Bill to adopt a life philosophy and build a business based on this principle and which he has ultimately proven many times. Of course there is more to this little story. And you can hear it all on this fun podcast I had with Bill. After working for others — including international clients — he took his years of experience and began to work for his own clients. “Self-employment” he likes to say, “is an oxymoron. I can’t afford myself so I must get clients to live the lifestyle of my choice!” A good sense of humour is characteristic of Bill. As is a lot of common sense and practical wisdom gleaned from experiences over the course of his sixty plus years on the planet. Today, he helps coaches, consultants and other advisors to ‘get more clients and earn more money’. He’s developed two online services — The Client Machine® and The Expert Directory™ that support his clients in realizing this goal. Bill is a certified coach and created a unique program: “How To Get More (and, Better!) Clients, ... without losing your soul in the process”. It’s designed for people who seek to convert their competence into compensation. An ardent supporter of Maturepreneurs, he’s offering you my listeners, the first Module of this program — without charge or obligation — to see if you like it. If you do, he’s arranged for you to enjoy a 50% reduction in the fee Bill normally charges to take this program. For more details — and to enjoy his many downloadable informational guides at no cost to you — visit: and be sure to let him know “Diana Todd-Banks sent me!”


NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN Helps People Find A Better Way To Build Their Business, As Too Many Entrepreneurs Work Too Hard, With Little Income & Don’t Have a Life

Neville says the question: ‘What can I do for the rest of my life,’ is a question he toyed with long ago, and knows that the dilemma is a common feeling for many midlifers. Having helped hundreds of businesses he knows if a person is good at something they can build a business and have a life too. The big starting tip is to list your skills, what you’re passionate about and somewhere in those two lists there’ll be a sweet spot. Next step is to find a market where people will pay you. All that sounds very easy, but listen to this podcast and you’ll hear Neville discuss the 6 questions for which you need to find answers, as well he suggests be sure to do something valuable and to also feel valued. Growing up in South Africa Neville trained as a software developer in the good old days when computers still had floppy drives. He spent time travelling running businesses for others, then, back in Canada he started consulting on his own and came to realise how difficult it still is to build a business. There’s lots of hype around but building a business it’s still too difficult and too many entrepreneurs struggle, often giving up their lives in the process. Helping entrepreneurs build a better business faster, Neville found that led to the development of the Tornado Method - a framework for building and growing a business, and uses that Method now as the central framework around which he builds more guides and courses to help entrepreneurs get more successful faster - and still have a life. Learn more about Neville and his ‘Tornado Method’ at his website where you can get a free download ‘Beginner’s Guide to the Tornado Method ‘.