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Episode 47 - Yelena Khotsevitch

Yelena is the Community Organizer for Harvard Business School's (HBX) Community Chapter in Washington, D.C. She is in charge of engaging business-minded professionals in the greater D.C. area to come together to learn and share their professional expertise. As an emerging business leader, Yelena aspires to set the example for women and girls around the world that they should not be afraid to embrace their own ambition. In this episode, Yelena talks about the importance of self-awareness, the...


Episode 46 - Ashley Kelso

Ashley is a Senior Proposal Manager at Fairlead and a Teaching Assistant for two international relations courses at Harvard Extension School, based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. She graduated from HES in 2016 with a Bachelors of Liberal Arts, concentration in International Relations and minors in History and Anthropology. In this episode, Ashley talks about the value of mentors, the importance of smiling and being a better leader by uplifting others. Consider becoming a Listener...


Episode 45 - Shereen Agbarie

Shereen Agbarie is the founder of the jewelry company, Agbarie. Shereen has travelled the world to locate inspiration for her curated jewelry collections. AGBARIE firmly believes that the way you accessorize and style speaks volumes for your personality and individuality. Inherently unique and remarkably luxurious yet priced affordably, their jewelry allows you to express yourself and keep up with accessory trends without going broke. In this episode, Shrereen talks about the lonely nature...


Episode 44 - Alexander Padei

Alexander Padei is not only a fluent musician but a businessman, designer, event planner and stylist as well. For the last five years, Padei has refined his professional skillset, beginning with just a laptop and conquering every popular genre he could get his ears on, including Hip-hop, Top 40, EDM/Dance, Reggaeton and, more recently, everything from Punjabi to Persian. Today, Alexander Padei is especially proud of his capacity to navigate a multiethnic diversity of crowds, rocking the room...


Episode 43 - Dina Kayali

Dina Kayali works for Pfizer as the US Institutions Portfolio Management Lead, as well as the Business Development Lead for Australia. Dina is also a Latin dancer and teacher competing and performing all around the world including most recently at the International Dance Cup in Korea winning the World Championship in the Open Salsa teams division. Dina is currently pursuing her Masters at Harvard University. In this episode, Dina talks about the emerging prominence of female leaders,...


Episode 42 - Jyotsna Dedha

Jyotsna is an Executive Director at Dedha India HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd., heading the Finance & Strategy side of the business process management company which has a presence all across India.Previously, Jyotsna also helped promote civic engagement via a national foundation, the agenda of which has now been picked up by the Government of India. In this episode, Jyotsna talks about the value of global exposure, the power of sustainability and constantly achieving bigger heights. Consider...


Episode 41 - Jason Lim

Jason is based in Hong Kong and currently a Group CFO in the healthcare industry. Jason will be joining MARLEQ as an Executive Coach and Country Manager and attending Harvard Business School in 2019. In this episode, Jason talks about paying it forward, leading with heart and leaving behind a meaningful legacy. Consider becoming a Listener Supporter. Be a part of the Afflatus community and enjoy exclusive membership rewards. Full details here: Subscribe here:...


Episode 40 - Christopher Lindeman

Christopher Lindeman is the President at Lindens Holding LLC. Working alongside one of the most successful brand-creators in alcoholic beverages in the US, Lindens Holding is responsible for bringing millions of bottles across 6 new brands to market in the past year alone, and are poised to fill a gap in both the craft and import market – the craft-import brand Svijany. In this episode, Chris talks about the power of hustle, bridging gaps between markets and the excitement to constantly...


Episode 39 - Zachary Steele

Zachary is a teaching faculty at Harvard University, focusing on psychology and decision making based courses. Zachary was also an ex-partner at Hawk Partners, a Brand Strategy and Market Research Consulting firm. In this episode, Zach talks about enriching people’s lives, the role of an educator and priceless nature of compassion. Consider becoming a Listener Supporter. Be a part of the Afflatus community and enjoy exclusive membership rewards. Full details here:


Episode 38 - Vibhash Joshi

Vibhash works in the Corporate Treasury of General Electric Company (GE) in Singapore, which is the regional headquarters of Asia Pacific for the company. Vibhash is part of the Liquidity and Banking team of GE Corporate Treasury in APAC which takes care of solving liquidity crisis as well as investment management of surplus cash in the region. In this episode, Vibhash talks about spreading positivity, the value of grades and the importance of experiencing life. Consider becoming a Listener...


Episode 37 - Jaffar Hasnain

Jaffar is a News Anchor and Program Host at an international news channel based in Turkey, called Anews, where he goes beyond the narrative with his intriguing style and character to discuss the latest in world politics and current affairs every week on his show called ‘The Brief.’ In this episode, Jaffar talks about the impact of media on society, the power of autonomy in leadership and supplementing education with hard work and will power. Consider becoming a Listener Supporter. Be a part...


Episode 36 - Vishwanath Chandrashekar

Vishwanath is a business consultant working with Ernst & Young. He helps clients to meet their governance requirements around the world. Vishwanath has worked with clients in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In this episode, Vishwanath talks about defining success, making a comprehensive use of education and building an effective team. Consider becoming a Listener Supporter. Be a part of the Afflatus community and enjoy exclusive membership rewards. Full details here:


Episode 35 - Self Driving Cars

Self Driving Cars have created a lot of buzz recently and rightfully so. The idea of a car driving itself was unimaginable just 10 years ago. But there's more than what meets the eye. Such a radical technology poses numerous challenges on a regulatory and an ethical level. In this episode, we explore that how companies such as Google are leading the front in developing self-driving cars and what it means for other stakeholders such as insurance companies and legal counsels. Consider becoming...


Episode 34 - Entrepreneurship lessons from Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is an Emmy award-winning hit drama series that depicts the tale of chemistry teacher turned drug lord. In this episode, I analyze the show as a startup and offer insights that you will help you understand the finer nuances of building a business from scratch. Consider becoming a Listener Supporter. Be a part of the Afflatus community and enjoy exclusive membership rewards. Visit for complete details. Follow The Afflatus:


Episode 33 - How to find your passion?

We are all looking for what we are passionate about. Our passion is an intricate part of our existence and identity. Why is it though that it’s so difficult to find one’s passion? In this episode, I share a framework designed by Steven Kotler that will help you not only discover passion but also turn it into a purpose. Consider becoming a Listener Supporter. Be a part of the Afflatus community and enjoy exclusive membership rewards. Visit for complete details. Follow...


Episode 32 -Mathilde Bach Stougaard

Mathilde is the Creative Director of Fashion Industry Database, which aims to be the largest database to search and find fashion businesses, brands and professionals in the world by connecting industry professionals and help people looking for unique fashion. In this episode, Mathilde talks about balancing creativity with numbers, deriving inspiration from kids and carving a niche in the fashion industry Consider becoming a Listener Supporter. Be a part of the Afflatus community and enjoy...


Episode 31 - Heena Purohit

Heena is a lead product manager at IBM Watson Internet of Things. In her role, Heena leads the development of AI and IoT based offerings for industrial and manufacturing customers. Heena is also identified as IBM’s Millennial Leader in the Boston area. In this episode, Heena talks about developing the problem-solving approach, the impact of emerging technologies and her opinion on the recent acquisition of Red Hat by IBM. Consider becoming a Listener Supporter. Be a part of the Afflatus...


Episode 30 - Jenna Pollack

Jenna is a Boston-based performer, maker, and educator. She dances with Bridge Repertory Theater, Heather Stewart Dance, and the Reciprocity Collaborative. Additionally, she is a 2018 Harvard Bok Learning Lab Summer Fellow, a dramaturge for The Davis Sisters, and an executive administrator for Springboard Danse Montréal. In this episode, Jenna talks about growing up in a creative household, being an inclusive leader and combining different styles to develop a unique choreography. Consider...


Episode 29 - Artvine (Vina) Torossian

Artvine is the founder of Karaka™, a firm that consults entrepreneurs on business strategy, relationship, and network management, with a specialized focus on character. In this episode, Artvine talks about self-acceptance, loving without judgement and developing a balance between mind, body and soul. Consider becoming a Listener Supporter. Be a part of the Afflatus community and enjoy exclusive membership rewards. Visit for complete details. Follow The Afflatus:...


Episode 28 - Devakshi Dhawan

Devakshi is the founder of Hope Collective, an e-commerce portal that specially curates products from unique social enterprises from all parts of India. Through her work, she champions the concept of ‘Conscious Consumption’, and believes every small step to make a difference counts. In this episode, Devakshi talks about developing a vision for the brand, making a social impact through business and the true value of tenacity. Consider becoming a Listener Supporter. Be a part of the Afflatus...