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Following Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on its rise to global reserve currency. Start with Episode 85.


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Following Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on its rise to global reserve currency. Start with Episode 85.




#92: Listener Survey 2023

Jett and I review the podcast listener survey results, contrast them with last year, and discuss the ongoing narrative collapse in the crypto scene. Enjoy the chat!Links:2 GB blocksize limit clarified:"Downvote" by Marc Falzon on X / Twitter: slides of this episode: you very much to our flipstarter contributors: Protocols: and https://bchbull.comSocials:Website: https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts00:37 Intro01:59 #AVAX out of top 2014:18 2 GB “limit” clarified19:39 CashScript flipstarter30:17 POS #ETH governance crisis43:33 Listener survey 202347:32 Listener demographics58:49 BCH and other crypto holdings1:07:54 BCH community and progress1:12:10 Adaptive blocksize limit algorithm support1:20:18 BTC development changes and drama1:24:46 BCH podcast segments1:36:26 When global reserve currency?1:39:33 Other suggestions and comments2:06:15 Community comment of the week2:11:34 Meme of the week2:27:38 Message to the community2:33:32 Podcast supporter appreciation2:34:00 Shoutouts and outro#bitcoin #bitcoincash #bch #btc #crypto #cryptocurrency


#91: Traveling on BCH & BCH Momentum feat. Ray Uses Bitcoin Cash

Ray, a BCH advocate and YouTuber, shares his experiences traveling and living on BCH only. We also talk about BCH getting noticed in the crypto world and gaining traction in Argentina, BCH blocksize algorithm, the new Cash Ninjas, BCH wallet growth, and more. Enjoy the discussion!Links:Ray on YouTube “Ray Uses Bitcoin Cash”: on Twitter: Podcast listener survey: Blocksize Limit Algorithm for Bitcoin Cash: (buying digital gift cards with BCH): https://giftoff.comPresentation slides of this episode: you very much to our flipstarter contributors: Protocols: and https://bchbull.comSocials:Website: https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts00:37 Intro01:21 Ray’s intro and crypto journey09:50 Documenting the bitcoin story18:27 Selene wallet update28:31 Podcast listener survey35:03 Crypto market update37:52 Traveling on Bitcoin Cash42:00 Tips and secrets for paying with BCH49:26 Peer-to-peer is unstoppable54:29 Adaptive blocksize limit algorithm for BCH1:05:03 Cash Ninjas and wallet growth1:15:53 Bitcoin Cash getting noticed1:27:56 BCH accelerating in Argentina1:34:22 Community comment of the week1:44:48 Meme of the week1:49:37 Ray’s message to the community1:52:51 Podcast supporter appreciation1:54:51 Ray’s shoutouts1:55:47 Final shoutouts and outro


#90: Shadow Wizards & BTC/BSV Update feat. CypherCat

Cypher cat, a "cypherpunk", crypto YouTuber, and BCH enthusiast, joins us to discuss BCH culture, the upcoming ShadowWizards sessions, the latest from failing sibling forks BTC & BSV, and more. Enjoy the chat!Links:Cypher cat on Twitter: cat on YouTube: Podcast listener survey 2023: blocksize limit algorithm for Bitcoin Cash: slides of this episode: you very much to our flipstarter contributors: Protocols: and https://bchbull.comSocials:Website: https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts00:37 Intro01:40 CypherCat’s intro & crypto journey03:20 Celsius, Alameda, SBF & Kevin O’Leary15:59 Bank to the future?20:26 Shoutout to bitcoincashautist22:30 BCH adaptive blocksize limit algorithm25:16 Doge Cash28:30 Selene wallet update34:28 Podcast listener survey 202336:23 Crypto market update39:08 Bitcoin Cash culture49:23 ShadowWizards sessions initiative56:00 Banks, CBDC's, BCH, and cashless system1:12:07 BTC is a mess1:14:42 Community comment of the week #11:15:27 Maxis targeting random civilians 😀1:22:28 Meme of the week (ht EmergentReasons)1:32:13 BSV is a mess1:37:59 Community comment of the week #21:41:56 Meme of the week #2 (generative art)1:46:48 CypherCat’s message to the community1:50:04 Podcast supporter appreciation1:50:43 CypherCat’s shoutouts1:51:39 Podcast shoutouts and outro


#89: Drivechain Debate feat. Paul Sztorc

Paul Sztorc (Founder & CEO of Layer 2 Labs) shares his reflections on BTC dev (captured?), and BCH problems / progress post fork. We also discuss Drivechains, Worldcoin launch, SlimeShadies, and more. Enjoy!Links:Paul Sztorc on Twitter: Independence Day video by Pantera: slides of this episode: you very much to our flipstarter contributors: Protocols: and Socials:Website: https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts00:37 Intro01:45 BCH Independence Day #604:21 Bitcoin's blocksize debate13:10 On ideas and innovation18:57 On Drivechains28:08 Reflections on BCH54:26 BCH’s community governance57:28 BCH is unkillable1:09:41 What would convince Paul?1:28:51 Status quo and game theory1:31:00 What is the tipping point?1:33:45 BSV is looking for the exit1:39:18 Paul explains his position on BTC / BCH1:41:56 Jason Dreyzehner and CashTokens1:47:29 Worldcoin launch1:50:37 Meme of the week1:53:02 SlimeShadies joining BCH1:54:49 Paul’s predictions for BCH / BTC2:06:20 Paul’s message for the community2:08:53 Podcast supporter appreciation2:09:32 Paul’s shoutout2:12:00 Shoutouts and outro


#88: BCH Argentina & FedNow Launch feat. Leo Beltran

Leo Beltran (from Bitcoin Cash Argentina and La Economía P2P Podcast) discusses Argentinian BCH adoption, living with inflation, FedNow launch, CBDCs, BCH scaling, and more. Enjoy!Links:Leo on Twitter: Cash Argentina on Twitter: Economía P2P Podcast (Spanish): Economía P2P on Twitter (Spanish): wallet:"A Transaction Fee Market Exists Without a Block Size Limit" (by Peter Rizun): slides of this episode: Protocols: and Socials:Website: https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts00:37 Intro01:17 Leo’s intro and crypto journey05:45 Got introduced to BCH, banned from r/bitcoin!14:22 Bitcoin’s incentives model 25:39 Crypto market update26:47 "Spend and replace BCH" strategy30:17 Selene wallet update38:50 BCH in Argentina40:47 Living with inflation45:22 Currency exchange restrictions51:00 Gun laws in Argentina54:50 Perspectives of Argentinian travelers59:07 BCH Argentina flipstarter1:04:10 Merchandising kits1:08:29 Influencers and sponsorships1:13:07 Peter McCormack shitcoins in Argentina1:15:30 More utility = better money1:22:57 FedNow goes live1:25:32 Meme of the week (KDM): us vs. CBDC1:29:27 Bigger blocks on BCH1:33:55 Algorithmic blocksize limit, miners role, fee market1:49:38 BCH scaling discussions1:56:56 Community comment (LTC Underground)2:00:48 Leo's message to the community2:03:10 Podcast supporter appreciation2:04:02 Shoutouts and outro#bitcoin #bitcoincash #bch #btc #crypto #cryptocurrency


#87: StackWallet & Crypto Adversaries feat. Diego (rehrar)

Our guest for this episode is Diego "rehrar" Salazar, CEO of Stack Wallet, and a self-described “privacy maximalist”. We talk about building BCH wallets, online and crypto privacy, newly announced Arkham crypto intelligence marketplace, Binance withdrawal problems, SEC vs. Ripple case, etc. Enjoy! Links: Diego on Mastodon: Stack Wallet on Twitter: Stack Wallet: Selene Wallet: CashFusion in Stack Wallet flipstarter funded: Community comment of the week (skeptic love): Meme of the week: Presentation slides of this episode: Donations: bitcoincash:qpyhhq46pk3cwnv0fpvnkmt8dnckj0d9gyukc5cfus Sponsors: General Protocols: and Socials: Website: Timestamps: 00:00 Podcast starts 00:37 Intro 01:28 Diego’s intro and crypto journey 05:16 Crypto wallets 14:48 Building for humans 19:11 Privacy options in crypto 26:18 Online / digital privacy 29:48 Crypto market update 34:50 Selene Wallet update 35:33 Stack Wallet and Stack Duo 41:08 Open-source projects considerations 50:02 CashFusion in Stack Wallet flipstarter 56:18 On BSV 59:11 On maximalism 1:03:44 Arkham crypto intel marketplace 1:10:45 Privacy is an arms race 1:18:35 XRP wins a lawsuit 1:24:50 POW vs. POS cryptos, Ethereum 1:29:34 eCash funding BCH privacy? 1:30:48 Binance admits fractional reserve 1:34:04 Challenges of self-custody 1:42:15 Community comment of the week 1:44:13 Love from Diego to BCH community 1:46:29 Meme of the week: hype vs. reality 1:47:48 Diego's message to the community 1:50:15 Podcast supporter appreciation 1:50:53 Shoutouts and outro #bitcoin #bitcoincash #bch #btc #crypto #cryptocurrency


#86: Vitalik Roasts Eric & CashRain Release feat. Brian Canacci

Joining the show is Brian Canacci, an enthusiast of Bitcoin Cash and The Podcast. We discuss CashRain's full release, Vitalik Buterin roasting Eric Wall, the falling of the Taproot Wizards into disarray, the latest from Ethereum, Q & A, and more. Enjoy!Links:Brian on Twitter: wallet: https://selene.cashVitalik Buterin roasts Eric Wall: slides of this episode: Protocols: and Socials:Website: https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts00:37 Intro01:13 Brian’s intro and crypto journey03:22 On #XRP, #SEC vs. #Ripple07:13 Brian's view on BCH community and The Podcast13:20 BCH is not getting a free pass16:18 1stmil returns19:22 Shoutouts to Chadwick, Ray, Ryan, Sovereign Naan22:16 Crypto market update25:38 Selene wallet update28:28 Vitalik Buterin roasts Eric Wall42:57 Did Eric and Udi buy any BCH yet?49:24 Meme of the week: Brandon Driver @ Vitalik52:27 Ethereum going off-track?56:36 Justin Drake: Decentralization doesn’t matter?1:00:12 BCH, BTC, and ETH : how much change is healthy?1:05:11 BCH: "Bitcoin, consistently cash" 1:07:00 Kim Dotcom releases CashRain1:09:11 The BCH Podcast’s CashRain experiment1:18:34 Community comment of the week: Kaleo1:27:04 Q&A with Brian1:28:19 Zero-confirmation and double-spending risk1:34:53 On self-custody1:36:22 On Bitcoin Cash address formats1:41:57 Brian’s message to the community1:44:42 Podcast supporter appreciation1:45:56 Shoutouts and outro


#85: Essential Introduction to Bitcoin Cash

In this special episode, Jett and I explain Bitcoin Cash (BCH) comprehensively from the basics for all new BCH adopters. Topics covered include: • Context (fiat, debt, CBDC's), and history of money • History of Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash, including the BSV and XEC wars • How and why BCH will be the global reserve currency • Price discussion and "Flippening" speculation.Enjoy; and if you are new to BCH or the Podcast, welcome aboard!Links:Bitcoin In 1 Hour: whitepaper:“Who killed Bitcoin” documentary: wallet: https://selene.cashPresentation slides of this episode: Protocols: and Thank you very much to all of our flipstarter contributors: Socials:Website: https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts00:37 Intro and agenda04:07 Who we are: Jeremy and Jett06:47 Jett’s intro11:16 Toxic maximalism and cultish attitude14:39 Having “intolerant minority” is important16:53 BCH rocketing up23:40 Price does matter32:29 Why is any of this important?37:11 Cash is going extinct46:07 The Bitcoin Cash Podcast55:20 Global Reserve Currency is inevitable1:06:24 Is Global Reserve Currency feasible?1:14:08 What is money?1:20:48 What is Bitcoin?1:24:07 Self custody1:27:40 Scams and problems1:30:34 History of Bitcoin: early days1:36:56 Blocksize wars1:39:09 “Who killed Bitcoin?” documentary1:41:01 Censorship of Bitcoin discussions1:46:52 BCH continued the mission of Bitcoin1:51:30 BSV hashwar2:00:02 eCash war, ABC and Amaury Séchet2:03:58 Flipstarter and CHIP process2:05:21 Bitcoin BCH’s modern era2:07:05 Renaissance, adoption and upgrades2:10:03 Archiving BCH's history2:12:45 The Flippening2:19:09 BTC death spiral2:22:40 BCH community has emerald hands2:28:14 Selene wallet2:32:24 Podcast supporter appreciation2:34:04 Shoutouts to new and old listeners 2:36:22 Outro


#84: SEC Crackdown & BlackRock ETF feat. Chadwick Bailey of Cryptocurrency Theory

SEC crypto crackdown, regulations, BlackRock ETF, BCH Podcast vs. Eric Wall on Twitter.Links:Chadwick’s “Cryptocurrency Theory” channel: flipstarter funded: wallet: https://selene.cashBlackRock files for BTC ETF:’s BCH metrics:"General Protocols: Opinion on BCH Maxblocksize Scaling": Podcast vs. Eric Wall (Twitter thread): is King: and slides of this episode: Protocols: and Thank you very much to all of our flipstarter contributors: Socials:Website: https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts00:37 Intro01:26 Chadwick’s intro and crypto journey07:24 On crypto content creation24:09 #SEC wrecks the market29:43 Selene wallet update31:21 SEC sues #Binance and #Coinbase41:42 Community comment of the week48:01 #BlackRock files for BTC #ETF58:15 BlackRock on forks1:05:09 Are we hitting the tipping point for crypto?1:10:15 Jett on BCH stats1:17:02 On adjustable maximum blocksize1:22:04 Bitcoin Cash Podcast vs. Eric Wall1:33:10 Message for Eric and Udi1:42:06 Cash is King!1:52:03 Meme of the week: @riddle245 - "lol Barry"1:54:21 Chadwick’s message to the community1:56:14 Podcast supporter appreciation1:57:42 Shoutouts to Jett’s dad and brother, and #JoeRogan1:59:56 Outro


#83: BCH Guru Mint & Meme Competition 2023 feat. Luke Pryor

BCH meme competition returns for the second year! Meme enthusiast Luke Pryor joins the show to discuss SmartBCH, CashTokens NFT's, 2024 BCH updates, review the memes submitted for our competition.Links:Luke on Twitter:'s "Life Labs" healing programs YouTube channel: BCH meme competition rules and guidelines: wallet for BCH: https://selene.cashTapswap CashTokens marketplace: BitcoinCashTV: Dinodanimal: Deisy: (3rd place - Pink Panther and BCH - by Dwellers): (2nd place - Peter Parker on CashTokens - by fixthetracking): (1st place - Jason Dreyzehner in Interstellar - by Kush): Podcast starts00:38 Intro01:38 Luke’s intro07:31 SmartBCH future14:21 CashTokens vs. #EVM16:20 #PeterSchiff at London Blockchain Conference23:50 Market update: BCH accumulation phase25:14 Selene wallet update27:08 BCH Gurus mint33:51 Paytaca BitCats #NFT36:43 Can SmartBCH make a comeback?37:55 SmartBCH April updates?44:26 Jihan Wu as a crypto #OG46:00 Reaching out to Chinese BCH community48:32 Strategy for 2024 BCH updates53:49 Jett on scaling56:14 On blocksize limit1:02:18 UTXO commitments explained1:06:19 2023 BCH meme competition 🍿1:08:47 Meme entries reviewed and judged1:39:09 Meme competition winners1:40:09 Community comment: Leave your baggage1:42:33 Meme of the week: American HODL is upset1:44:34 Luke’s message to the community1:46:25 Podcast supporter appreciation1:47:30 Shoutouts and outro


#82: Selene Wallet & CRC-20 Tokens feat. Kallisti

A special episode unveiling Selene wallet, cypherpunk style! Kallisti returns to the show to talk about Selene wallet development and roadmap. We also discuss DeFi on Bitcoin Cash, and BTC narrative's collapse. Enjoy. Links:Kallisti on Twitter: wallet: flipstarter: comment of the week: Gal Buki from BSV: of the week "be_cashy": slides of this episode: Protocols: and Thank you very much to all of our flipstarter contributors: Socials:Website: https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts00:37 Intro05:55 Crypto market update09:46 Selene wallet12:19 Shortcomings of current popular wallets15:05 “Keep it stupid simple”18:01 Shoutout to Jason Dreyzehner18:38 Selene wallet user interface23:53 Wallet download metrics30:13 Selene coding37:12 Selene roadmap46:46 Focus on simplicity and minimalism49:08 BCH content feed53:45 Selene flipstarter1:00:40 Selene on Apple App Store1:02:22 Wallet monetization ideas1:05:08 CashTokens kicking off1:08:12 ERC-20 - BRC-20 - CRC-201:14:29 TapSwap CashTokens marketplace1:20:36 Community comment of the week: Gal Buki1:29:28 BTC narrative collapse1:37:11 Meme of the week: HT BeCashy1:41:00 Message to the community1:42:03 Podcast supporter appreciation1:43:00 Shoutouts to moms, and outro#bitcoin #bitcoincash #bch #btc #crypto #cryptocurrency


#81: Paytaca & Philippines Adoption feat. Joemar Taganna

Joining us is Joemar Taganna, CEO of Paytaca, a Philippine fintech company building Bitcoin Cash tools and services. Joemar is also a biologist, programmer, technopreneur, and startup builder at SciBiz Informatics. We talk about Paytaca, Philippines BCH adoption, BitCat Heroes NFT collection, BTC 2023 conference, among other things. Enjoy the chat!Links:Joemar on Twitter: on Twitter: website: wallet: is Emerald DAO? Heroes NFT: https://bitcatsheroes.clubBCH is getting to crypto normies: of the week ( slides of this episode: Protocols: and Thank you very much to all of our flipstarter contributors: Socials:Website: https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts00:38 Intro01:10 PSA on legit BCH wallets02:53 Joemar’s intro and Bitcoin journey10:30 Reminiscing about BTC-e 12:25 Bitcoin, the movie 13:44 Why Bitcoin Cash?20:08 Market update: no CashTokens pump23:24 Paytaca34:46 Wallet download and usage stats41:17 Paytaca team44:38 Paytaca’s future plans49:06 Emerald DAO59:15 BitCats Heroes #NFT1:09:10 Paytaca building an NFT #marketplace 1:15:21 PurelyPeer1:21:45 PurelyPeer release in June?1:25:06 BCH is getting to crypto normies1:33:43 #Bitcoin2023 BTC Miami, just boring?1:35:55 Bitcoin Cash 2023 conference?1:37:25 Sad state of Bitcoin brand1:40:56 Meme of the week1:43:17 Message to the community1:48:29 Podcast supporter appreciation1:49:16 Shoutouts and outro


#80: BCH Guru & BRC-20 BTC Civil War ft. EmergentReasons, CheapLightning & Imaginary_Username

Three prominent BCH figures make a return appearance on the show: Emergent Reasons (John), Cheap Lightning, and imaginary_username.Topics of discussion include BTC 2023 conference, BCH Guru, CashTokens, and BRC-20 mess leading to BTC civil war. Enjoy!Links:Emergent Reasons on Twitter: Lightning on Twitter: on Twitter:“It's a Fucking Scam?” by Cheap Lightning:“On Mercenaries and Grifters” by Cheap Lightning: vs. BCH fees: comment of the week: if BTC raises the blocksize? has got the message: slides of this episode: Protocols: and https://bchbull.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts00:37 Intros04:02 Crypto market update: BCH vs. ICP06:07 BCH Guru16:15 On mercenaries and grifters24:31 Grifters can be a sign of success31:00 #Ordinals and #BRC-2035:30 1st BTC fee crisis in a #bearmarket42:09 imaginary_username: Exchanges love hype50:04 Emergent Reasons on #LightningNetwork problems56:53 Cassandra feeling1:01:04 CL: BTC decision making is centralized1:08:14 Jeremy: BCH and #ETC are unique1:14:35 Three BTC camps re: ordinals1:18:06 Pro BRC-20: #Taproot wizards1:22:31 Ordinals created a social split1:30:23 Community comment of the week: CL1:30:37 Against BRC-20: laser eyes1:34:00 Will BTC raise blocksize? What if it does?1:45:14 Predictions on outcome of ordinals mess1:52:12 Crypto has got the message1:55:29 Neutral BRC-20: Bitcoin doesn’t care1:56:57 #bitcoin2023 conference predictions2:01:01 Messages to the community2:10:12 Supporter appreciation, shoutouts & outro


#79: CashTokens Creation feat. Jason Dreyzehner

Jason Dreyzehner joins the show. He is a software developer focused on pro-freedom technologies: peer-to-peer money, communication, and identity. We discuss Libauth, Bitauth, Chaingraph, CashTokens, and tons more. Enjoy!Links:Jason Dreyzehner on Twitter:'s blog: IDE: video guides: & FAQ's: slides of this episode: Protocols: and https://bchbull.comThank you very much to all of our flipstarter contributors: https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts00:37 Intro01:38 Jason’s Bitcoin journey05:08 Transaction ordering: BCH vs. #ethereum12:16 0-confirmation spending in BCH17:08 BCH price ATL / narrative ATH18:03 We are still here for liberty19:31 Libauth JavaScript library24:40 Libauth advantages29:17 Libauth future plans34:54 Simplified description of Libauth37:08 #JavaScript performance & advantages41:57 Foundation for explosive BCH development49:38 Bitauth IDE54:45 Chaingraph #blockchain indexer1:04:00 Bitcoin splits technical implications1:07:30 Goals of Chaingraph1:14:38 Having alternative cryptos / teams is protective1:18:45 CashTokens1:32:20 Fungible tokens as a specialization of #NFT 's1:34:50 CashTokens design considerations1:37:25 Jedex decentralized exchange1:50:10 Jason’s message to the community1:56:10 Podcast supporter appreciation1:56:56 Shoutouts & outro#bitcoin #bitcoincash #bch #btc #crypto #cryptocurrency ▪️


#78: BCH School Report Card feat. Ryan Giffin

Ryan Giffin returns for his fifth regular appearance on the show. We talk merchant onboarding in Florida, his new restaurant, BCH meetups, and upcoming golf tournament. We also do a scorecard for BCH’s yearly progress. Enjoy!Links:Follow Ryan Giffin on Twitter: Giffin’s YouTube channel: Kitchen Stop website: https://commercialkitchenstop.comCKS Bitcoin Cash Charity Golf Tournament: https://www.cksgolftournament.comCommunity comment of the week (Tom): slides of this episode: Protocols: and Thank you very much to all of our flipstarter contributors: Socials:Website: https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts00:37 Intro01:43 Ryan’s intro & crypto activities08:10 BCH school report card09:53 Crypto market update: BCH stablecoin10:22 Price: D-22:09 Community comment of the week (Tom)23:18 Merchant onboarding in #Florida 30:19 #CPI vs. "Truflation"37:54 Merchant adoption: C48:40 Jett's thoughts on price & adoption54:00 Jeremy's BCH Podcast Twitter threads57:13 Ryan: "we are the core"58:16 BCH carries on the crypto vision1:05:25 BSV & Nexa1:12:25 #Satoshi & #SteveJobs1:18:51 Protocol / nodes development: A-1:32:09 Wallets: B-1:45:35 #Venmo adds crypto transfers1:47:31 Marketing & content: C+ / B-1:57:09 Return of the Charity #Golf Tournament2:06:22 Ryan's message to the community2:08:48 Podcast supporter appreciation2:09:51 Shoutouts & outro#bitcoin #bitcoincash #bch #btc #crypto #cryptocurrency ▪️ #venmo


#77: CashTokens & Community Collaboration feat Mathieu Geukens

Joining us is Mathieu Geukens, a libertarian, p2p cash advocate, BCH developer, and recently graduated Master of Economics from KU Leuven. We discuss the upcoming launch of CashTokens, discussion and collaboration in the BCH community, SEC Gensler's uncertainty, and more. Enjoy!Links:Mathieu Geukens on twitter: Webwallet: Webwallet explained: CashTokens demo: wallet / tools: documentation: https://cashtokens.orgCashTokens subreddit: slides of this episode: Protocols: and Thank you very much to all of our flipstarter contributors: Socials:Website: https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts01:10 Intro02:04 Mathieu’s intro & crypto journey13:39 Crypto market update16:36 CashTokens web wallet19:22 BCH price pump on May 15th?25:41 Wallets supporting CashTokens28:17 CashTokens innovation & significance35:03 UTXO vs. account model, scaling41:36 "Smart transactions" in BCH44:20 CashTokens “layers”48:25 Paytaca CashTokens demo54:10 CashTokens, metadata & token lists58:57 Fostering BCH discussion spaces1:08:10 #Dystopian banking advances1:16:58 Jett on liberties in #Canada1:21:56 BTC near-empty blocks, demand boom/bust1:28:39 #SEC Gary Gensler's insincerity1:39:07 Meme of the week: Gensler makes decisions1:44:44 Community comment of the week: Fouad1:47:27 Mathieu’s message to the community1:53:57 Podcast supporter appreciation1:59:33 Shoutouts & outro


#76: Bitcoin Cash Content Creation feat. bChad

Joined by bChad (host of BitcoinCashTV, in green sunglasses!), we chat about BCH marketing and content creation, CashRain, Bitcoin whitepaper on all Macs, anti-crypto army, and more. Enjoy!Links:BitcoinCashTV on twitch: website: on twitter: on twitter: slides of this episode: comment of the week: of the week: Protocols: and https://bchbull.comThank you very much to all of our flipstarter contributors: https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts00:38 Intro01:38 bChad’s intro & crypto journey08:54 CashRain 21:03 Crypto market update27:30 bChad’s BCH onboarding experience36:05 Anti-crypto narrative43:24 Bitcoin Cash TV50:03 #Twitch streams potential53:54 Fiendish Crypto & green emeralds1:00:55 Impassioned plea to the listeners1:05:18 BCH positive messages & rebirth of Bitcoin1:11:07 Bitcoin whitepaper hidden on #Mac1:16:09 The Attack arrives - too late?1:24:13 Crypto is too decentralized to stop1:32:10 Community comment of the week: Esteban1:37:29 Meme of the week: @TheStalwart1:43:55 Message to the community1:45:40 Shoutouts & outro


#75: Operation Chokepoint 2.0 & Balaji’s Bitcoin Bet feat. Esteban

Joined by Esteban @rarepassenger, a bitcoin (BTC) enthusiast and publisher of the “Living on Bitcoin” newsletter. We talk about banks' crypto sabotage (Operation Chokepoint) uncovered by @nic_carter. We also discuss Balaji's Bitcoin & hyperinflation bet, BTC mempool congestion, and more, all in a nice friendly chat..Enjoy!Links:- Esteban on Twitter: “Living on Bitcoin” substack newsletter by rare passenger (Esteban): Presentation slides of this episode: Nic Carter on Operation Choke Point 2.0: Balaji’s Bitcoin bet: Johoe's Bitcoin mempool statistics:,3m,weight- Joel Valenzuela’s tweet on BitPay’s Lightning Network data: Community comment of the week: Meme of the week: Protocols: and Socials:Website: https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts00:37 Intro01:24 Esteban's intro & Bitcoin journey08:21 Bitcoin & #PreciousMetals20:19 Financial crises: banking crisis vs. fiat crisis30:27 Crypto market update37:50 #StudentLoans & debt47:21 Operation Chokepoint 2.057:19 Bread & circus58:57 Balaji bets big on Bitcoin1:07:50 Bartering with Bitcoin1:13:49 BTC mempool moons1:29:02 "I am a freedom maxi"1:39:04 Esteban’s shoutouts1:41:31 Update on #Lightning Network1:49:53 Community comment of the week: 8 years late!2:01:17 Meme of the week: Janet Yellen & BTC mempool2:03:08 Message to the community2:10:50 Shoutouts & outro


#74: Shinobi vs Cyprian Debate Review

For a temperature check on the current Bitcoin narratives, Jett and I do a 4 hour breakdown of the debate between Shinobi (Brian) and Cyprian (formerly Vin Armani), which was hosted recently (Feb. 8) by Hotep Jesus. Enjoy! Donations: bitcoincash:qrk9z7zhnufkk7dmfuex73043dgp8hsc0yqpp7zfek Links: Presentation slides of this episode: Sponsors: General Protocols: and Socials: Website: Youtube: Twitter: Telegram (Announcements): Telegram (Discussion): Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 01:16 Crypto market update 02:25 Who are Shinobi and Cyprian? 09:33 Debate starts 26:14 Commentary: BTC got the brand and BCH got the idea 32:20 Has the market decided? 36:29 Commentary: debate strategies 39:18 Debate: the meaning of #marketcap 44:03 Commentary: market cap vs other metrics 1:11:51 Debate: #Satoshi 's vision 1:14:50 Commentary: Satoshi's vision, and does it matter? 1:19:46 NSA, #cryptography, and Bitcoin 1:24:23 Summary of the arguments so far 1:36:10 Commentary: nodes and scaling 1:40:55 Debate: blocksize and technical tradeoffs 1:50:32 Commentary: scaling and computing requirements 2:05:01 Debate: Level 2 and payment channels 2:11:03 Commentary: importance of such debates 2:14:21 Debate: the right blocksize 2:21:53 Commentary: the right blocksize is all about moderation 2:25:14 More blocksize debate 2:47:44 Hotep asks Shinobi: "are you a BTC maxi?" 3:04:31 Commentary: BCH ticker and naming 3:12:10 Debate: naming, which is the real Bitcoin? 3:29:34 Commentary: ? extremists in all camps 3:34:41 Debate: Hotep Jesus on Bitcoin maximalism 3:44:22 Interplay between online behavior and real world 3:54:51 Relationship between hashpower and transactions 4:03:04 Wrap-up 4:11:52 Shoutouts and outro #bitcoin #bitcoincash #bch #btc #crypto #cryptocurrency


#73: Collapsing Banks & USDC Depegs feat. Dinopawnz

Dinopawnz joins to talk about Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank meltdown, USDC de-pegging, the latest from CoinFlex, making gains on BCH-Bull, and more.Links:Dinopawnz on twitter: on YouTube: Presentation slides of this episode: twitter thread on stablecoins: comment of the week: of the week: “Krugman’s Revenge”, by foobar: Protocols: and https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comYoutube: (Announcements): (Discussion): Podcast starts00:37 Intro01:58 Dinopawnz crypto journey03:35 From #Matic to Bitcoin Cash07:40 Dinopawnz favorite crypto content sources12:14 Crypto market update12:40 ETH, Polygon & Dogecoin14:03 SmartBCH & Dogecoin ecosystems22:36 Thoughts on the BCH community25:41 Reading the bitcoin whitepaper28:48 Bank Collapse #1: #Silvergate38:30 Bank Collapse #2: Silicon Valley Bank #SVB47:59 Yellen: “everything is fine”!56:05 #USDC de-pegging, what is going on with stablecoins?1:08:39 CoinFlex Moves “Forward”1:16:00 SmartBCH comeback?1:22:06 Jett’s take on SmartBCH future1:28:17 Dinopawnz project: NFT rich1:35:08 General Protocols as a new sponsor of the podcast1:36:45 Dinopawnz BCH Bull experience1:45:36 Community comment of the week: molecular1:49:32 Fiat money is #Monopoly money1:49:46 Meme of the week: foobar1:52:20 Message to the Community1:55:22 Shoutouts and outro