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Following Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on its rise to global reserve currency.

Following Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on its rise to global reserve currency.


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Following Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on its rise to global reserve currency.




Welcome To The BCouch - Scrappy Hotel Stream (feat. Luca & Max Hastings)

Welcome to the BCouch Luca, Jett and Max Hastings join the BCouch in our hotel room minutes after the end of the BCH22 Conference on Nov 12 to chat about St Kitts & Bitcoin Cash adoption - with some sound and internet issues. Donations: bitcoincash:qrjfxdk96hjk9y06jtyqkfus5cn59m30yqh5v9r40t SOCIALS: Website: Youtube: Twitter:


#64: LIVE in St Kitts

Livestream from the Royal St Kitts hotel, two nights (10 Nov) before the BCH22 (12 Nov) conference. Attendees was whoever happened to be walking around in the hotel lobby, so featuring John from General Protocols, Sarah and Bill from the Free State Project, Luca from La Eterna Vigilancia, Sunny Gehani from St Kitts onboarding and Noel from The Bitcoin Cash City. Sound quality was impacted by testing the audio setup before the conference, and also the unexpected background noise of St Kitts...


#63: Regulation & Twitter Takeover feat. Joël Valenzuela

Joël Valenzuela the unbanked-since-2015 crypto advocate rejoins the show to weigh in on the Sam Bankman-Fried vs Erik Voorhees crypto regulation debate (plus BitBoy bonus drama), the launch of BCH Bull, Elon buying Twitter, and the usual memes and stats. Joël: Twitter: Digital Cash Network (Twitter): Digital Cash Network (Youtube): Donations:...


#62: Google Crypto & 3D Printing feat Fouad

Fouad comes on the show to explain hyperinflation in Lebanon, Google accepting crypto, protocol upgrades, 3D printing and Dubai adoption efforts. Donations: bitcoincash:qrn3zqesgw5zvrfnad6k7fauj0v6aavr85yzx5a5j2 BCH Telegram channel: Fouad on Twitter: SOCIALS: Website: Youtube: Twitter:...


#61: Centralised Chains vs Decentralised Development feat Kilian

Kilian joins the show to talk BNB hack/shutdown, BSV’s ongoing legal and community struggles, Bitcoin mining, CashTokens, Paytaca full launch and engineering on BCH. Donations: bitcoincash:qr852x9286r4yvlf0kd6y52lk8mjrpt0agtf8q5ljn Kilian’s Twitter: SOCIALS: Website: Youtube: Twitter:...


#60: CoinFlex Restructuring & BCH Nigeria feat Nurain

Nurain joins the show to discuss the Ethereum Merge and having hundreds of people at the Peer to peer cash festival in Nigeria, then Jett and I catch up on CoinFlex's next steps, a new BCH 22 speaker announcement and the release of the AnyHedge Alpha. Nurain's Twitter: BchNigeria: Donations: bitcoincash:qqzv45mu64hksedfg79z2quh06m6axhwwvxpvv65zx SOCIALS: Website: Youtube:...


#59: Listener Survey 2022 & Political change

Jett and I discuss all of the listener survey results and feedback, testing out the Alpha release of AnyHedge, the AVAX drama and the changing political tides around the world. Donations: bitcoincash:qpagvpjs32etwhv2hn75vdqyhckqs83w4unacjfjsa SOCIALS: Website: Youtube: Twitter:


#58: Flipstarter & BCH Open Source Engineering feat. Sahid Miller

Sahid Miller, developer of joins the show for a deep dive into Flipstarter, censorship resistant technology, open source development funding plus the usual segments. Try out Flipstarter yourself! Sahid on Twitter: Donations: bitcoincash:qz879aetphqkuhmqud0q43ev4f7pxewu9qt4sakqxc SOCIALS: Website: Youtube: Twitter:...


#57: Community Narratives & BCH Content Creation feat. FiendishCrypto

Fiendish Crypto joins the show to talk Ethereum's upcoming merge, Canadian regulation expansion, cashless societies, the BCH conference, producing Bitcoin Cash content and whether BCH is a phoenix or a river. BCH Hangouts: Fiendish Crypto: Donations: bitcoincash:qzqrpz325jx0cjzsfrjkpzqnkl3u3gvp6svc63wwsa


#56: US Government Crackdown & BCH LATAM feat. Jose Ignacio Araujo & Talia Guerrero

Jose and Talia join the show to discuss the currency crisis in Venezuela, government crackdown on, Michael Saylor, onboarding work, spreading adoption and their new flipstarter campaign. Donations: bitcoincash:qq2ys3gq0hv6atmppfk40szyhguxn5qvvc4gzxsm53 Check out BCH LATAM flip starter: Twitter: Jose: Talia:


#55: BCH Day #5

Jett and I celebrate 5 years of Bitcoin Cash independence, talking about what it took to get here, what could be coming up, the ongoing slow disaster of inflation, crypto clowns and more. Donations: bitcoincash:qzexp77vhentnx0e79vfcyr7jmfe6dmhsvkrv4zrn0 To get involved in the BCH Open source ATM: Check out Jett's rock music (Rivals an Ion):


#54: BCH Past, Present & Future feat. Hayden Otto

Hayden Otto joins the show to give the behind the scenes details on Craig Wright, his thoughts on CoinFlex and where BCH could be headed in future. Donations: bitcoincash:qr6c6dq6gdhredgxxv59wkakwuudaxdnwv4n7nwjuz


#53: Problems - CoinFlex, Maximalism & Banks

Jett and I survey the state of crypto adoption to see who is having the biggest disaster. BCH is trying to sort out the CoinFlex mess, BTC's narrative of maximalism is falling to tatters and Peter Schiff is getting a taste of his own medicine. Who has the biggest issues, and who could handle it better? Donations: bitcoincash:qz34ud8c5gcxx8t79luczckapu64jht7gufwc77yf4


#52: CoinFlex Capitulation & CashTokens feat. Max Hastings

Max returns to the show to talk through the CoinFlex calamity and 100 000 locked community BCH, plus updates on SideShift, St Maarten and the proposed upgrade to CashTokens. Donations: bitcoincash:qz34ud8c5gcxx8t79luczckapu64jht7gufwc77yf4


#51: 1 000 Subscribers & Mainstream Inflation

No guest episode as Jett and I discuss the growth of the podcast, breaking CoinFlex news, inflation going mainstream, the release of and more. Donations: bitcoincash:qpae96nw0ufxfahxatmzz2xnp3lu3tu9359stepzy3


#50: Celsius Collapse & Node Dev feat. Josh Ellithorpe

The much promised node developer episode, Josh joins the 50th episode to discuss Celsisus exploding, developing BCHD and the node protocol, BCH history, his upcoming game Clementine's Nightmare, Eric Wall's change of heart and a huge array of other topics. Donations: bitcoincash:qrgag0mqczptkghkeh3eclav0x2wk0q5wcq0gatlzc


#49: Narrative War & Supply Chains feat. Nick Cornell

/r/btc regular Nick joins the show to discuss breaking news about Bitcoin legislation in the US, Forbes covering BCH history, Bitcoin Cash hangouts on Twitter, the state of global supply chains and rising pressures in the economy. Donations: bitcoincash:qrstf4tv6rhr3p44388xpdp9rghdl0ycsy2p50v9cl


#48: Bitcoin Economy Analysis & Fork Divergence feat. EmergentReasons & CheapLightning

Emergent Reasons & Cheap Lightning, two very early Bitcoiners and prominent BCH governance volunteers, join me to try figure out how many Bitcoiners there are in the world, what is the state of adoption and the crypto revolution, are we on the right path and why crypto investors are either geniuses or morons. Donations: bitcoincash:qz8n2c43n245j3x8z3hesyhahf8zsd3naypduhha6e


#47: UST Depegging Cryptocalypse & Humanitarian Bitcoin feat. Jenny

Jenny joins the show to discuss the UST meltdown, BCH's protocol upgrade, ideas around BTC & BCH, her personal experiences in El Salvador and with Alex Svetski plus why we need to foster The Remnant. Donations: bitcoincash:qpj6jq4xnucg4mcjuf50j85jahggv099yv3t6gtses


#46: BCH vs BTC Protocol Upgrades & Florida Adoption feat. Ryan Giffin & Marc Falzon

Ryan Giffin returns to the show plus special guest Marc Falzon to discuss Elon buying Twitter, protocol upgrades in BCH & BTC (CTV drama) & rapidly growing adoption in South Florida. Donations: bitcoincash:qzzfcwdz9kn9la9mdeezp8fcpsr9zp43rcks7mcppm