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E0024 - Kicking Butt and Blazing Trails

You've seen her pitch her new beeswax food wrap product Abeego® on Season 11 of the Dragon's Den, and more recently receiving the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneurs Telus Trailblazer Award. Meet Toni Desrosiers, a creative rebel taking the world by storm. She started this journey a long time ago from a camper van in Mexico, where she started seeing food in a whole new way inspiring her mission to Keep Food Alive. Ideas keep flowing and later in the podcast Toni invites you to reach out and...


E0023 - Grande Damme Theatre Grand

When Tony McGrath got involved with Theatre Junction Grand he had no idea what he was in for. Never having been in the "Arts" before it might seem like a strange leap to go from Management Consultant to CEO of one of Western Canada's oldest and dearest theatres—Theatre Grand. For Tony, it was love at first sight—love of a theatre he likens to a 75 year-old aunt who wears the best clothes, and is likely smoking a stogie, swearing profusely, and having a grand ol' time doing what she wants...


E0022 - Mind the Walrus

Dan Gibbins has made a life and career in theatre—from his first win in a high school competition to producing award-winning plays with a community theatre group called Scorpio Theatre he founded 19 years ago. Dan is a blast to listen to. He's got stories galore about travels to New York and the "Applebees of Last Resort", as well as how he created some of his favourite plays, and his involvement with Scorpio productions such as BLOOD OF THE RED QUEEN, WHO KNOWS, CITIZEN SMEE, and so many...


E0021 - A Life Most Prolific

Dive back 30 years. What were you doing? Michael McAdam was starting to figure out what he wanted to do in life: create. Fast forward to today and he is having a blast. We catch up over a heroic amount of coffee and talk about the huge body of work he continues to create with Two Gargoyles Comics, life as "Internet Famous", Improv, the importance of comic lettering, and one of the best tipes I've ever heard on how to make stuff happen. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS PODCAST Live Mike Michael...


E0020 - The Ruthlessly Reasonable Orca

Maclean Kay is loving life in Victoria on Vancouver Island. He's the Editor in Chief of the new online magazine, The Orca, and couldn't be happier. We catch up over a few craft beers at WHEELIES MOTORCYCLES, this great hole-in-the-wall restaurant, venue, and motorcycle shop. This episode looks at the struggles of today's journalists, farming food and/or marijuana, Social Media "The Snarky Medium", Power Rangers, Football, and even Dwayne Johnson. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS PODCAST The...


E0019 - Range Warrior Accessories

The guys from Range Warrior Accessories descended into Kensington to hang out with me and talk about what they've been up to for the last year and a half creating and manufacturing firearm accessories. It's not just the love of all things firearms that drive these guys, but a great way to keep their manufacturing facility busy and people employed in Alberta. Proud of their city, province, and country, these guys are passionate about doing it right one step at a time. Seriously, how much...


E0018 - Doctor of Transportation

It's not every day you get to hangout with a Doctor of Transportation, and certainly not one as cool as Willem Klumpenhouwer, PhD. He explains complex transit systems and principles in a way that's engaging and accessible. And we do it over a great beer from Good Mood Brewery. From theoretical models and matrices, to exploring Brownian Motion, feedback loops, bicycle tracks, cities on the move, and improvisational theatre—we cover a lot of ground. WILLEM KLUMPENHOUWER Dr. Willem...


E0017 - Life has literally gone to the dogs

Every time I sit down with someone on the RebelRebel Podcast I'm blown away. For example: The owner of DOGMA TRAINING started her career in a place different from where you'd expect; in computers, websites, and eCommerce. Her friends would have told you she'd be "Most Likely to Make a Career with Animals" no computers. With some big goals for the future, please enjoy some time with Megan Stanley as we talk about dog-first training, puppies, Tim Burton, New Orleans, Howler Monkeys, and Mark...


E0016 -Inspiring Infinite Elements

Jason Crawford and Brian Moore of recording label Infinite Elements dropped by Kensington Studio to talk about music, their first anniversary, favourite people, preferred venues, and even drop a few tracks from THA FAX's first album "Twisted Mirrors". Jason talks about being the challenges and opportunities of being a legally blind performing artist, as well as possible cures for his condition, "Retinus Pigmentosa". Then of course we hit the heavy topics of DC vs Marvel and where to get the...


E0015 - Got an App For That

It's Season 1, Episode 15 with Ryan Hnetka of The App Guys! We start off talking golf and world travel and then tear down a rabbit hole of application development, policing, and safety around the world. Ryan is one of those rebels who just goes for it in everything he does and his success shows. He loves Uber Eats, has life lessons to share from the movie Days of Thunder, and once accidentally ignored Kelly Hrudey on the gold course while wearing loudmouth pants. RYAN...


E0014 - Brand Alchemist and Digital Jedi

Tune in to Season 1, Episode 14 of the RebelRebel Podcast and meet David Schmeikal from BRAND IS TRUTH INC. David is a kickass creative who sits down and lays it all out. How did he become a "Brand Alchemist and Digital Jedi"? What impact did having a brain tumour have on his life? What kind of music does a rebellious ambivert who hunts unicorns for a living like to listen to? Grab this episode and discover how David helps his clients find and fly their freak flag by finding, embracing,...


E0013 - Dave, the Introverted Networker

As an introvert you know. You know how hard it is to network and do the things that seem so easy to others. Well, meet Dave. He not only recognized this hole in his game, but he embraced it and has gone on to teach others how to harness it. In this episode Dave shares what he know about combating social anxiety, being an introvert in business, helping introverts with their job search and networking, boardroom life, cutting through the crap, and helping us understand the difference between...


E0012 - Evoking Emotion in Marketing

Kat Lesperance is not just passionate about marketing, she absolutely lives for it. Kat, a mother of three, started her powerhouse marketing company Sensible Marketer Inc. a little over a year ago after spending 13+ years in corporate marketing. In this episode we talk about finding her passion for business in High School, becoming an accidental entrepreneur, her love for data mining, shaping and embracing the customer journey, split A/B testing, how to increase response rates in your...


E0011 - Beer. It's Science.

I rode my motorcycle in the rain with a backpack full of recording gear north of Calgary to Airdrie to meet with Cody Fitzsimmons on location at Fitzsimmons Brewing Company. It’s the story of Cody and Pam starting an award-winning brewery in Alberta, the challenges and support of operating a micro-brewery, their amazing full-circle-sustainable philosophy creating some of the most unique and interesting beers we’ve ever tasted. Then we go off the rails and talk about mac versus pc, video...


E0010 - Death Before Waterfall

He designed, coded, and sold his first video game when he was 10 years old in his neighbourhood playground—meet Mike Borthwick of New Dot Spot. In this episode of Rebel Rebel we talk about the venerable VIC20 and Amiga Personal Computers, programming faux pas', hiring for culture, niche'ing down, software road-mapping, anarchy, comedy, and the new card game he designed and is selling called DO DONE DRINK. Mike Borthwick New Dot...


E0009 - Living the 6 Principals

In this episode I'm talking with Lisa Genovese about everything. Lisa is the President of Bottomline Marketing and we talk about marketing, her six principals of brand building, entrepreneurial journeys, disruption and innovation in big markets, brand pivots, scuba diving with sharks, horse jumping, Mickey the Boston Terrier and so much more (it would take three pages to list it all). Lisa Genovese Bottomline...


E0008 - The Communication Maven

In this episode Social Strategist Alison Masniuk joins me in Kensington Studio. We get to talking about a talented group of branding misfits called the Rivitt Collective, inbound marketing strategies, super powers, how to make an impact in social media, sacred platforms in social media today, Adobe Creative Suite, VR/AR, and her favourite tools, people, and video games. We discuss branding, Casey Neistat, Peter McKinnon, drones and discover Alison's love for espresso(s)? And if that wasn't...


E0007 - Build It and Act As If

Happy Canada Day! Today I’ve got a long-time friend, entrepreneur, and totally kickass dude Dallas Paquette sitting with me. We’re hanging out in Kensington studio talking about the meteoric rise of his new company Lift Renovations, his Martin Guitar, higher education choices, and his favourite Canadian artist. Dallas Paquette Hosted by Michael Dean Dargie @MichaelDargie IG @MichaelDargie TW


E0006 - The Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal

Hanging out with Carrie Tuttle at Kensington Studio talking about her new business Team Mojo, her world travels, working and training some of the world’s biggest brands, the art of Glamping and it wouldn’t be complete without hearing about her Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Carrie Tuttle Hosted by Michael Dean Dargie @MichaelDargie IG & TW


E0005 - Going Nuclear with Chris Popoff

In this episode I sit down and talk with Chris Popoff from Terrestrial Energy and the My first Seven Podcast. It's an terrific talk with an inspiring and gifted entrepreneur about everything from energy economics, molten salt nuclear reactors, Dark Horse Comics, and what it means to be an entrepreneur. Chris Popoff Terrestrial Energy My First Seven...