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Motorcycle Adventure Tourism

Warren Cummins—one of the owners of Rocky Mountain Sidecar Adventures—popped into the studio to talk about starting a business because he experienced the trifecta of awesome : Motorcycles, sidecars, and mountains. Going into their sixth year they show no signs of slowing down and continue to add more bikes and guides to their fleet. It was a natural progression for them to get into Movie Bikes too ... want to know more? Listen to Season 3, Episode 3 with Warren Cummins from Rocky Mountain...


Meet People and Make Friends

Randy Milanovic is the CEO at Kayak Marketing specializing in helping companies win big through content marketing. He makes complex subjects simple to understand and immediately usable. Randy went toe-to-toe with Stage IV Cancer and kicked it's ass, then went on to write the book(s) on how to be found online, how to build a better business website, content structure, and how to use social media more effectively. He's a great human with a terrific hat who fully embraces the Oxford...


Move the Plot Forward

Dennis Cahill is the Artistic Director of the world renowned Loose Moose Theatre Company and is an all around fun and creative guy. He took some time out of his schedule to talk about how he first got involved in theatre and the road he traveled to running one of the most recognized improvisational theatre companies in the world. We talk music, teaching, history, the elegance of the touch typewriter, how (not) to write a book, and his current passion for teaching scientists to be better...


E0046 - Fitting in is Just Boring

Patrick Lor is pure energy barely contained in a human body — and it's impossible not to get caught up in his mission to make the world a better place along with his belief there is always a place for dreamers. What does he want? He wants Canadian Entrepreneurs to think bigger. Like BIGGER. As Managing Partner at Panache Ventures he is driven to see us Canucks up our game and not stop at mediocre. LINKS FOUND IN THIS PODCAST Panache VenturesPatrick Lor on LinkedInRain Forest...


E0045 - Comedy and Camping in the Foothills

If there’s one thing to know about Victoria Banner it’s she isn’t shy. Her energy is as boundless as her passion is for living life on her terms. A talented comedian with stories for days and isn’t shy about talking about how to support positive mental health. From her days in band, her brief stint as a dinner theatre actor, life on improv stages from Calgary to Chicago, growing her brand and following in Vancouver, and to her crippling burnout, her’s is a story of sharing passion and...


E0044 - Life's Too Short to Wear Matching Socks

In this episode we meet up with Adam Thompson who has taken the 'Sock Game' to a whole new level across the world. He's the owner of The Friday Sock Company which is built around the belief that every day should feel like a Friday. Adam rocks ethically-made, purposefully mismatched socks in over 300 stores across North America and ships his socks around the world. He's one of those entrepreneurs that has found the formula for fun in business and is truly living his best life. LINKS FROM...


E0043 - Make Life Beautiful

What did you want to be when you grew up? Not many people can say they have a clue where they'd end up and Kevin was no different. Kevin Gray is the creative spark behind Kevin Gray Interiors, specializing in Interior Design for Timber Frame Homes but he wasn't always that. Kevin talks about the road to finding your life purpose and what happens when you find it and everything just clicks. His mission? To make life beautiful. From awe-inspiring designs, to giving back to the world, he does...


E0042 - The Black Radish Theatre Company

Christopher Hunt continues to make his mark as a professional performer in Calgary — so much so he received the Harry and Martha Cohen Award in recognition of his significant and sustained contribution to theatre in Calgary. And he's an absolute treat to hang out with. His career spans more than 35 years as an actor, teacher, writer, producer, director and now he can add Theatre Company Founder. We talk about starting a new company as well as a tackling a seminal work like Waiting for Godot...


E0041 - Do The Stuff That Matters

Lanchi Dech wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle ever since she was a teenager, but life happened. She was finally able to realize her dream back in 2013 by taking a course with Too Cool Motorcycle School and that was it. She was hooked. Most know her as the Motorcycle Operations Manager – or MOM for those in the know – and is pivotal in keeping the classes running, and helping others realize their dreams. She's physically not a large person but she rides big bikes and does big things and...


E0040 - Trust Your Gut and Stay Curious

The title of this episode pretty much sums up Jeremy's rebel journey from being a world-travelling professional dancer, to world-travelling, award-winning professional photographer. Not to mention he is a helluva nice guy. Jeremy once travelled across the world with one change of clothes, a camera bag, and a desire to better understand the people living here on earth. From that adventure came his book "The Human Connection" and even more passion to meet interesting people and share their...


E0039 - When He Speaks It's an Event

Every once and a while you meet an artist who knows business — it's not very often — so when you do, try to squeeze as much knowledge from their brain as possible. Doug de Nance is that guy. A guy with business smarts, work ethic, and talent for days. I might mention it once or twice in this episode — I could listen to Doug talk for days. Hell he could read a phone book and I'd be enthralled. I hope you enjoy an amazing 45-minute conversation with this generous, humble, and talented...


E0038 - See What You Want and Go After It

Mike Peterson just won two awards for his feature film "Knuckleball" starring Michael Ironside: Best Director and Best Editor. He's written, directed, and produced everything from short films, to commercials, to documentaries, music videos, and feature films. But as you'll soon learn it hasn't always been a clear path; from struggling in school, to finding his purpose it's been a helluva ride. His story is a rebellious journey that even has him on stage as a punk singer opening for The...


E0037 - The Indie Learning Curve

A legit rock star, photographer, cinematographer, improviser, and actor — Rob Mitchelson comes over to Kensington Studio to hang out with Newton the Studio Cat (hello allergies) and I to talk about everything from his two amazing albums, to battling Spotify, to breakfast cereals of yesteryear, and more. Not one to shy away from tough subjects Rob also talks about the challenges of managing social anxiety and PTSD in the context of the performing arts. And what happens when we become code in...


E0036 - Rebel Accountant

It's not everyday you meet someone who was born to be an accountant — but today is that day. Kaitlin is so much a rebel that when she discovered she wasn't allowed to help businesses the way she wanted, she picked up and moved across the country. There's not many accountants who've created a YouTube Channel to help us navigate the murky waters of business tax – but then there's Kaitlin. Not only that, she built courseware and a program called Captain's Corner to help really navigate...


E0035 - Tackling It Head On

He teaches first aid and was Fire Fighter for a time but it wasn't until he witnessed several motorcycle accidents on a ride through the Rocky Mountains that he found his calling, and business, Head On First Aid and Safety. Standard First Aid training is his bread and button, but he's also teaching specifically for motorcyclists to keep us safe and able to help others in trouble. What should you have in your kit? He'll tell you, and this stuff and the people he's learned from and works with...


E0034 - It's All In The Kilt

It's always a good time hanging out with Calum Lykan, a professional storyteller. Yes, that's his job title and he wears a kilt to work so you know it'll be a fun time chatting about how he found his calling and life's work. Originally from Scotland, Calum studied his craft at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh and later came to Canada to continue to tell tales from Scotland. He can be found travelling the globe telling stories and you can even buy his CD "Scottish Bedtime...


E0033 - Focus on the Story

From the Netherlands, to Montreal, to Calgary and all points far and wide, please welcome Dave and Immanuela Lawrence. Dave created pop-culture icon, and everyone's favourite banger, 'Terry Cahill', on the stages of The Loose Moose Theatre Company. Together Dave and Immanuela (along with a cadre of fun-lovin comedians) create incredible shows from stage to screen ... and it's entirely possible they broke a TV network with their last show. No matter what they're doing it starts and ends with...


E0032 - Tell Interesting Stories and Make People Laugh

The passion, curiosity, creativity, and humility of Spencer Estabrooks is mind-bending on a scale only jerk robots could ever understand. Spencer is a filmmaker, director, writer, producer, a-swinger-of-maces, all 'round great guy, and who taught us there are no safe words in Orcish. We talk about Sharkasaurus, Kaiju, Bears, Dungeons and Dragons, funding films, how to get the most out of a KETO DIET, the importance of beer, and why ROBOTS ARE JERKS—oh and Zombie Western is an amazing film...


E0031 - The Unexpected Rebel Unicorn

Andrea Sereda started off by insisting she isn't a rebel but by the end of this episode it's really clear she is not just a rebel, but a unicorn rebel. From helping people achieve sustainable weight management, to performing on Broadway: What can't she do? She lost 140 pounds, kept it off, and started a business to help others do the same. She has her Masters in Social Work, is a professional sign-language interpreter for theatre, attended Juilliard, and performed on Broadway. She's a rebel...


E0030 - Goodbye Suit and Tie

Oliver Sherwood rebelled by suiting up and grabbing his briefcase and went to work at his nine-to-five job. He rebelled again and said goodbye to the suit and tie and started his own business. He could be the poster-child for rebellious entrepreneur: his work ethic is unstoppable, loves crazy socks, rides motorcycles, and when he's able spends the best days out fly-fishing — you know, when he's not building his empire. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS PODCAST Clark Shoes Street,...