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313: Making Money in Your Sleep - By Blogging About Sleep

“Everyone needs it, people tend not to get enough of it – so that’s how the site came about,” said Kieran. Kieran MacRae is talking about sleep. The site he started is called, a UK-based site that Kieran has taken from $0 to $2.5k a month in revenue in its first 12 months. Note: Click here to download Kieran’s top tips for building a profitable site from this episode. Do you remember Alan Donegan from in episode 306? He told the story of one of...


312: 6 Rules to Scale any Side Hustle

If you're still doing all the work in your side hustle or business yourself, you're limiting your growth. This is an episode about getting out of your own way--about the transformation from technician to business owner. To help me work through the 6 Rules of Scale, I invited Sean Marshall from back to the program. We last heard from Sean way back in episode 92 in early 2015. I think he’s someone worth paying attention to because he’s set up his business (an online...


311: How to Create Your Own Niche—and Your Own Income

Her escape plan was an interesting one. April Whitney was staring at a future of pharmaceutical copywriting, and wanted out. Today, April is the leading voice in the niche of petite fitness. Where the story gets exciting, is that it’s a niche that for all intents and purposes, April invented. Nobody was searching for this stuff, which would normally be a huge red flag. But when women came across April and her content, something resonated. Note: Click here to download April’s top tips...


310: 10 Creative Side Hustles that Make Real Money

In this episode of the Side Hustle Show I’ve put together a round up of creative side hustle ideas that people have shared with me over the last couple of years. Here are the 10 creative side hustles I cover in this episode: 1. Flyer Distribution Business 2. Moose Poop Art 3. Tumbleweed Sales 4. BabyQuip 5. Subleasing Airbnb 6. Snuggling 7. Waiting in Line 8. Penny Posters 9. Funeral Cryer Service 10. The Death Reminder App Tune in or check out the show notes at...


309: Side Hustle Coaching: How Can I 10x My Current Business?

Nikko Mendoza is one listener who’s taken a lot of action this year building his side hustle He runs a really cool business in the 3D printing niche that today has 2 main revenue streams: digital files for masks and customer armorPatreon campaign Currently, those 2 income streams combine to earn around $2k a month, but Nikko told me he had the goal of 10x-ing that income in the next year. To help me brainstorm ways to get that done, I invited Don the Idea Guy back to the program for this...


Bonus: 5 Ways to Be More Effective Every Day

Busy doesn’t always mean effective! It's not just about getting more stuff done; it's about getting more of the right stuff done. So how can we be more intentional, proactive, and destination-driven with our days, instead of just reacting to everything life throws at us? Today I want to share 5 ways -- 5 key habits -- I’ve found that will help you be more effective, excited, satisfied every day. And because I've seen their power firsthand, these are the 5 habits I've baked into my brand...


308: How to Start a Knife Sharpening Business

Every house in the country is a potential repeat customer... Matt Rowell set himself the goal of generating an extra $5k over 5 years to fund some passion projects, and he’s well on his way. Matt runs on the side from his day job as captain of a research vessel. It’s a knife sharpening business, which was up to $250-500 a month when we spoke and is earning him $30-60 per hour. He saw an ad while posted abroad with the Navy that gave him the idea for his...


307: Online Arbitrage – How to Find Amazon FBA Profit from Home

Can you find Amazon FBA profit from the comfort of your couch? Amit Desai of has built a business doing exactly that, and now he’s on track to sell $250k worth of stuff this year – all on the side from his day job. We’ve covered Amazon FBA and retail arbitrage before on the Side Hustle Show, but Amit has a unique angle in that he sources most of his inventory online. Click here to download Amit’s top online arbitrage from this episode. Amit’s side hustle background is...


306: How to Start a Business You Care About — With No Business Ideas and No Money

From no business ideas and no money, to making your first sales in 2 weeks. It’s not a far-fetched goal according to this week’s guest. Alan Donegan from specializes in guiding people through this transformation, and he says that everyone has a profitable business idea in their heads – and he knows how to find it. Click here to download Alan’s top tips for turning a passion into a business from this episode. He does this through in-person workshops that are free...


305: Sell More by Finding the “Buy Button” in Customers’ Heads

Could ethically “hack” the minds of your customers and prospects to persuade them to take action? It’s not some kind of magic or marketing trick. I’m talking about triggering a response in someone by triggering a response in their primal or reptilian brain. Patrick Renvoise of is a neuromarketing specialist, he’s the author of his recently released book - The Persuasion Code, and his TEDx talk has more than 140,000 views. Patrick argues that we basically have two systems...


304: The $5k a Month Part-Time Girl Scout Blog

Jodi Carlson has been running her blog part-time since 2014 and has slowly built it up to $5-6k a month in revenue. The earnings come from a combination of mostly digital product sales, as well as advertising, and affiliate relationships. Click here to download Jodi’s top tips for growing a blog and creating digital products from this episode. The surprising thing – to me at least – is that she’s done this in a niche that theoretically doesn’t have any...


303: The 15 Income Streams I'm Working on Right Now

Could you live for free? That's what The Side Hustle Snowball framework proposes: to erase your expenses with new income streams. Start out with your smallest monthly expenses and work your way up: We all want our business to cover our costs of living and then some, but the "Snowball" framework (apologies to Dave Ramsey) allows you to work your way up to that ultimate goal of financial independence. Celebrate the small wins along the way. In this post / podcast episode, I'll break down...


302: Catching Up with the $30k a Month Piano Teacher — How He Grew His Business While Cutting Back His Hours 97%

Things were going great; he had a bunch of happy customers, he’d quit his engineering job to focus on it full-time, and he was doing what he loves. You might remember Jacques Hopkins from episode 223, where he broke down how he turned his hobby of playing piano into a solid $20k a month online business at BUT…. Between customer support, email, social media, phone sales, and all the other day-to-day tasks, it was taking a full 40 hours a week to run. Since then, Jacques...


301: Accelerate Your Business with Outsourcing: Best Practices from Hiring Over 300 Freelancers

At a certain point, you reach the ceiling of your own capabilities, of your own capacities, and no amount of productivity hacks are going to get you to the next level. So what do you do? You hire some help! That’s exactly what Bonnie Fahy started doing when she needed help with the day-to-day tasks running her real estate consulting business. Note: Click here to download Bonnie's top outsourcing and hiring tips from this episode. Soon after she put a virtual team in place -- headed up...


300: 5 Listeners Who Took Action and Are Seeing Awesome Results

300! In this special 300th edition of The Side Hustle Show, I’m excited to feature 5 listeners who took action on specific ideas they heard on the show or read on the Side Hustle Nation blog -- and turned that action into concrete results. Those results range from their first $1000 on the side, up to a $700k e-commerce empire, but the point is they made something happen. Tune in to hear how they got it done, and check the text summary below.


299: Trading Up: From $8.65 an Hour to Retired at 25, Plus the Next 10 Years

Remember the Red Paperclip Guy from a few years ago? In 2005, an out-of-work Kyle MacDonald started with a single red paperclip and traded his way up to a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan. Remarkably, this barter adventure took only 14 trades and was completed in less than a year. Kyle started out small, each time seeking something “bigger and better” in exchange. For example, his first trade was the red paperclip for a pen shaped like a fish. Then he traded the fish pen for a doorknob, and...


298: $100k a Year Flipping Random Items: The Return of the Flea Market Flipper

Rob is a professional "money multiplier." The good news, he says, is it's a skill that can be learned. You might remember Rob "The Flea Market Flipper" Stephenson from episode 147 in late 2015. At that time, he was earning $30,000-$40,000 a year flipping random products on the side from his day job. Since then, the father of 3 has taken his buy low, sell high model and turned it into a full-time 6-figure operation. Rob doesn’t discriminate what the products are he’s flipping, as long as...


297: Event Hosting: How to Bring Your Tribe Together and Build a 6-Figure Conference on the Side

"I'm this close to firing you right now." That's what Hung Pham's boss told him when he reached out about ways to get his team more engaged with the company's overall mission. "If you want passion and purpose," she said, "you've got to look somewhere else." Frustrated with the internal cultures at the organizations he worked in, Hung wanted to attend a culture-building conference. The only problem? That event didn't exist. Sensing a void in the market, Hung was inspired to create...


296: Blogging for Multiple Income Streams – How a Part-Time Blog Became a Diverse Revenue Engine

“I feel like this is the most important project I’ve ever worked on,” Mike said about his blog Mike Riscica runs a blog, podcast, and has built a thriving community for young professionals in the architecture field. The idea for the blog came from a pain point in Mike’s life, and for many others – passing the Architect Registration Examination (ARE). After failing to pass the exam 4 times (before passing) and seeing his peers struggling, Mike started blogging about his...


295: A Local Service Business that Scales - From Zero to $60k a Month in Revenue

“I tell people I work on my cleaning business about an hour a day because 5 minutes doesn’t seem believable,” Chris Schwab said. Chris is the founder of, a residential house cleaning service in the Washington DC area he started on the side while still a university student. Less than two years later, the business is doing $60k a month worth of cleaning work, all without Chris ever lifting a mop or dusting a shelf himself. Note: Click here to download Chris’ top tips for...