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The Solopreneur Hour Podcast with Michael O'Neal


Michael O’Neal chats with other unemployable people like himself to learn how to take your skills and hobbies and turn them into a business.


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Michael O’Neal chats with other unemployable people like himself to learn how to take your skills and hobbies and turn them into a business.




874: He Hit Rock Bottom, 300 Lbs…Then Changed His Life To Become A Warrior, with Christian Bizzoto

My friend of over 30 years stopped by today to talk about his journey with violence, being overweight and how an almost fatal accident shifted his entire life. This episode is brought to you by


873: Justin Bell: From The Carbon Fiber Racing Seat To The Broadcast Booth

In this episode, we dive into the exhilarating world of auto racing as we join Justin Bell, the son of the legendary race car driver Derek Bell, on his journey from the racetrack to the broadcast booth and his current podcast, “Life with Legends.” Justin Bell’s captivating career and deep-rooted passion for motorsports make for […]


872: Charlie Cannon Built a Drone Empire Using Alibaba At Age 22, Then Cashed Out

Today’s show is about an innovative young entrepreneur that was a freeskier, and had a LOT of experience with drones. Charlie Cannon lived in Utah and had been around drones for many years, because of his hobby of freeskiing. When Covid hit, he decided to white label drones from Alibaba, and EXO Drones was born. […]


871: Lauren Myrick and FOUND.COM Are Revolutionizing Banking For Solopreneurs

If you’re like me, tax time as a solopreneur can be really daunting. It’s in our best interest to find the right kind of write-offs to maximize our profit, but it can be VERY arduous and confusing to reconcile our year of eating out, travel, business purchases, etc. That’s where comes in. From her […]


870: Investing In LAND…Way Less Hassle For Greater Profit, with Travis King

Travis King from stops by to talk about flipping land vs. flipping houses. Less red tape = greater profits. It’s also a far easier facet of real estate investing to get into. Dig in…this one might surprise you! Visit or: Free 7 Day Land Flipping Challenge Free Informational Webinar Land Flipping Course […]


869: Spreading Your Message With Live Events, with Shane Sams of

Hey, our ol’ pal Shane Sams ( stops by to talk about a newfound love of public speaking, the “back of the room” sale, and how to scale your business using courses and live events. Shane Sams is one half of the dynamic duo behind Shane and his wife Jocelyn are a real couple […]


868: Justin Sloan Wants You To Invest On Main Street, Not Wall Street

Justin Sloan runs, an investment firm focused on large real estate deals that can be syndicated to multiple investors, providing a turn-key investment strategy that consistently outperforms wall street. Pacesetter and innovator are two words that perfectly describe Justin Sloan. Justin is a business-oriented and highly driven entrepreneur who is passionate about investment and […]


867: From Engineer to Real Estate Investor, Patrick Grimes Wants Everyone To Invest On Main Street And Not Wall Street

Do you want to invest in real estate but don’t want to go through the entire process? Patrick Grimes is your guy. He’s the head of Invest on Main Street. Get Patrick’s book for FREE! About Patrick: A native Californian, Patrick is an avid traveler, mountaineer, kite surfer, and adventure sports enthusiast. He […]


866: Dan Martell Wants You To Buy Back Your Time. Right Now.

Dan Martell is a national treasure. His new book “Buy Back Your Time” is available Jan 17. Order now at FREE Resources from the book: Find Dan on the Socials: Instagram / Youtube @DanMartell Tiktok @DanVMartell The Buyback Principle: Don’t hire to grow your business. Hire to buy back your time


865: Hyper Discipline Results in Huge Productivity with Dre Baldwin

Today’s guest has Given 4 Ted Talks, written 33 books, and is an absolute machine. (Like…may actually be a machine. Lol) He is the Founder of Work on Your Game, Dre Baldwin. You won’t believe the amount of productivity he achieves with his strict, disciplined approach. This is what you get when you wake up […]


864: 3 Steps to a GREAT Online Business w/ Chris Farrell (best of)

As a solopreneur we all start somewhere. Sometimes we start with a topic we know a lot about, sometimes we see an opening and we go for it, learning along the way. Our guest for today saw an opening to serve his audience in a simpler, more effective way than email: a membership site. Chris […]


863: How to Do Ridiculously Cool Livestreams, with Lux Narayan

Great chat today with the founder of StreamAlive, Lux Narayan (luxnarayan on twitter) Name Place Animal Thing on Amazon About Lux Narayan Lux Narayan believes that “So, what do you do?” is a tough question to answer and should certainly not be answered with the current title on your LinkedIn profile. In 2021, he published […]


862: The Best Small Business / Entrepreneurial Podcast You’ll Listen to This Month: The 9 Triangles of Business Success with Dennis Yu

This is one of my favorite episodes of all time. You’ll learn more in this one episode from multiple courses and months of training. If not, I’ll refund your money. 🙂 Today we have Blitz Metrics ( founder and CEO, Dennis Yu on the show. We were also joined by Jordan Paris, who wrote Growth […]


861: Everything I Learned About Life I Learned from…A Sultan? Author Jeff Buehner on The Sultans 7 Secrets

QOTD: Have you ever learned marketing advice from a Sultan? Today you will. Jeff Buehner is the author of The Sultan’s Seven Secrets a game changing book on building your dream, managing your feelings and seizing control of your life. Jeff is the world expert on the writings of the richest man to ever walk […]


860: Beyond Bourbon Street – An Insider’s Guide to New Orleans with Mark Bologna

Today my pal Mark Bologna stops by, with his new book “Beyond Bourbon St.: An Insider’s Guide to New Orleans” Mark was one of the original Sololab members, and has grown his brand and his podcast (Available on all platforms) remarkably over the last few years. Check him out at


859: Scott Page – From Pink Floyd To Entrepreneur (Mike’s Fave Episode) – The Solopreneur Hour

Well, this is a treat. We get to hear from a rock legend on today’s show. In this one-on-one conversation with sax player Scott Page (Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Toto) who has not only played music for millions…but is arguably more successful as a solopreneur after his main music career. This was so much fun to record. I could have […]


858: How To Convince A Stubborn Audience They Need Your Product: Kelley Thornton from Tiege Hanley on Selling Men’s Skincare

Today’s show is with the founder of Tiege Hanley, ( a men’s skincare line. Kelley Thornton has the unique challenge of first convincing us stubborn men that we NEED skincare, and then thinking outside the box to sell it to us. (I can attest, the products are GREAT) 25% Off coupon Tiege Hanley Skincare […]


857: Free Coaching Friday is BACK!!

The FCF reboot is here everyone! So excited to be back in your earballs. Enjoy this show about how to charge for your services, great books to read, my mentors, and much more.


856: The VERY FIRST Episode of The Solopreneur Hour, with Podcasting Legend John Lee Dumas

This is the first of my Wednesday “Best Of” Series. Every Wednesday, I’m hand selecting my favorite episodes from the 9 years of podcasting. You know this show is going to be completely baller…that’s the long and short of it. The Solopreneur Hour is an audio podcast hosted by The Kickass Life Producer Michael O’Neal that […]


855: Katie Krimitsos is Building A Meditation Empire, One Podcast At A Time

Today’s episode is about “striking gold” with an idea and doubling down on it when it’s successful. Katie from is here! To win a gift basket: 1. LIsten and sub to one of the shows: (Search “Meditation for women”.) 2. Give a rating ad review on apple podcasts 3. Share on social and tag […]