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The Solopreneur Hour Podcast with Michael O'Neal


Michael O’Neal chats with other unemployable people like himself to learn how to take your skills and hobbies and turn them into a business.

Michael O’Neal chats with other unemployable people like himself to learn how to take your skills and hobbies and turn them into a business.


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Michael O’Neal chats with other unemployable people like himself to learn how to take your skills and hobbies and turn them into a business.




812: Ant Anstead of Wheeler Dealers/Master Mechanic – The Passion Behind The Work

Ant Anstead ( hosted me in his garage (Pronounced “Gare Edge”) for a sit down about his career, his current projects, and the real passion behind the work. We talked about overcoming adversity, the “solace” of being in the garage and making something from scratch, as well as making the leap from a police officer […]


811: How to Build An Incredible Coaching Business From Scratch with Marni Battista

Today we’ve got powerhouse dating coach Marni Battista ( on the show talking about how to build an incredible coaching business, how she helps her clients find love and connection, and tips for coping with Zoom and Facetime during the Pandemic.


810: The TRUE Power of Positivity, with David TS Wood

My old friend/mentor (friendtor?) David TS Wood stopped by to chat about his new YouTube show, My Extra Mile, Conversations with David TS Wood. (Click to subscribe) Readily apparent, amongst other things, is that David has a real knack for staying positive during situations that would make most of us fly off the handle. You […]


809: Your Questions, Answered!

On today’s episode of free coaching Friday we talk pivoting when events and live performance is your jam, and lots of other stuff. Featured ads on this episode: This episode is brought to you by private coaching with Michael O’Neal! CLICK HERE to check out the options.


808: Steve Sims on Being Authentic & How to Properly Build Your Personal Brand

My old bud Steve Sims ( chatted us up today about COVID pivots (he speaks a lot), how he’s branched out from BlueFish, how he’s growing his personal brand, and his Friday virtual happy hour. Steve: Many speakers who claim to be “onions” – i.e. wrapped in mystical and magical layers of enigmatic meaning – […]


807: Free Coaching Friday, COVID Edition!

On today’s, episode, we cover pricing, automation, English as a 2nd language, YouTube, Podcasting, lighting, product prototyping, and more! If you purchase anything from Amazon, consider using first (That’s my affiliate link) before you buy. It won’t cost you anything, but it will put a bit of wind in our sails!


806: COVID Reality Check with Brad Costanzo. Conspiracy Theories, oh My!

My pal Brad Costanzo virtually stopped by for a chat about Covid 19, conspiracy theories, how he’s pivoting, and a million other subjects. Check out Bacon Wrapped Business.


805: Keeping Your Head in the Game During the COVID-19 Crisis, With Toby Salgado

Today we brought our old buddy back, Toby Salgado, host of the super agents live podcast. We were sort of all over the map in the show, but a common theme was just keeping your head in the game and remember that you ultimately have control of your life right now, even though at times […]


804: (CoronaVirus Tips) How to Pivot Your Career, Learn Anything New, or Start a New Hobby

In these troubled times, many of us wish we had a skill sets week could accomplish from home or if you’ve been guilty of saying “I always wanted to do Blanck, but I never had the time”, this show is for you. Relevant Links: Featured ads on this episode: This episode is brought to […]


803: Does Your Past Have to Dictate Your Future? With Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Do your past experiences have to inform your future life, or can you create your own reality? Today we talk to organizational psychologist Dr. Benjamin Hardy about how do you radically change your life in as little as 30 days. I’ll takes is the right mindset, and some consistency. Relevant Links: PRE order Ben’s […]


802: THE Conference You Should Attend in 2020, with Chris Krimitsos, and Why You Should Start Ugly.

My buddy Chris Krimitsos was on the show today, talking about what I consider to be the best conference of the year, which is Vig Fest and pod fest in Orlando Florida, from March 6 to the eighth. We talked about YouTube, starting a podcast with a great niche and why it matters, why are […]


801: Building a 1 Million Subscriber YouTube Channel, with Sean Cannell from Think Media

Sean Cannell from Think Media and I sat down in the lobby of the Mirage Hotel during CES 2020, and dug into how Sean is on the brink of 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Sean gives SUCH tremendous value on all of his YouTube videos…you often can’t believe that they are free! Think Media on […]


800: Evolution, Commitment, and Growth With Mike Johnston

I struggled a bit on what to do for this epic episode 800. I finally settled on interviewing one of my good buddies who inspires me daily, professional educator and Drummer Mike Johnston. He’s one of the OG’s of this show, and I’m always amazed how he continually innervates in the entrepreneurial space. Typically I […]


799: How I Increased My YouTube Views by Over 999%!

In the special YouTube episode, I talk about the strategies and research I used to grow my YouTube channel rapidly in the last couple of weeks. One of the most important lessons we can learn in the solopreneur space is patience. I have been plugging away for a couple of years, and on this episode […]


798: A Massive YouTube Hack to Increase Views, and Your Questions

On today’s show I describe a hack I implemented to increase the views on my YouTube channel I over 620%. Then I cruise through all of your questions, and I got to tell you, it was great to be back! Relevant Links: Featured ads on this episode: My favorite all in one marketing platform […]


797: How to Become a Stock Market, Forex, or Options Trader with Anmol Singh

Stock market guru Anmol Singh from is on the show today. He talks about how he got his start trading, what kind of person is the perfect profile to become a traitor, how much money you need to do it, what you were expected returns could be, and gives us some great resources and […]


796: Steve Weatherford Will Make You Want to Run Through a Brick Wall

Former New York Giants kicker Steve Weatherford was in Studio today. After retiring from the NFL, Steve has become a motivational and mindset coach that will make you re-frame and re-think most of the decisions you make during the course of the day. His mindset is of a true champion, and if you are in […]


795: How to Create Your Own Mobile App, With Sean Casto of

Have you ever thought “Man, I wish there was an app for that!”. Today’s guest, Sean Casto of, has helped hundreds of people create apps. Today we chat about how he got into the app game, and the steps necessary to create your own app! Sean Casto is the founder of the premier app […]


794: CRASH Course for Success With Jason Aldean Drummer, Rich Redmond

This morning, I jammed with Jason Aldean Drummer Rich Redmond at an undisclosed studio in LA. Rich has been playing with Jason for over 20 years. But… He’s not just a drummer. He’s an author, actor, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. We had a great chat about how he keeps such a positive attitude, and what […]


793: Liz Germain on Starting Over From Scratch, Mega YouTube Tips, and Your Own Peanut Butter and Jelly

Today we have Liz Germain in Studio. Liz is an absolute YouTube wizard, in addition to being a former fitness professional, and mega amateur rapper. We chat about her transition of moving from a partnership business to a solo endeavor, growing up in Michigan, and she gives my Rennch YouTube Channel a quick assessment. Relevant […]