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Every week, our 29-minute podcast brings you all the environmental news and stories to keep you in the know in Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania.

Every week, our 29-minute podcast brings you all the environmental news and stories to keep you in the know in Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania.


Pittsburgh, PA


Every week, our 29-minute podcast brings you all the environmental news and stories to keep you in the know in Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania.




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Remembering E.O. Wilson; Bees in Pa.; Black farmers

The life and work of famed biologist E.O. Wilson. A researcher is hoping to fill in the gaps on Pennsylvania's bee populations. Black farmers in Pittsburgh are looking to provide fresh, local food in an area with no grocery store. A local teen focuses on litter.


Coal's catastrophic environmental legacy; Farming made easier

We talk to a reporter who has chronicled the catastrophic environmental legacy of coal. Advocates hope new federal money will help clean up waterways polluted from mine drainage. A startup uses technology to make farming easier. The Mariner East pipeline, plagued by delays and environmental damage, will soon be finished.


Some (good) news stories from 2021

Some good news stories from 2021: Conservationists work to keep a pristine glacial lake near Erie protected. Pennsylvanians have a lot of choices when it comes to electricity providers. A long-time environmental journalist reflects on his career. Plus, enterprising siblings recycle cans for cash.


Stories from 2021: Black bears in Pa.; Dragonflies on the Ohio; DumpBusters in Pittsburgh

We feature environmental stories that gave us hope in 2021. We head into the woods to learn about Pa.’s black bears. We join a crew cleaning up trash at an illegal dump site. Plus, we hear from the director of a nonprofit focused on bringing fresh produce to people, and researchers who found an indicator of good water quality in the Ohio River.


Organic farmers squeezed by inflation; A new sci-fi novel imagines a future "Scrappalachia" full of plastic pollution

We learn how local organic farmers are getting squeezed by inflation. The author of a new sci-fi book about plastic pollution envisions the region as “Scrappalachia.” Plus, we learn about a common little owl that blends in with its surroundings, but can’t hide its distinctive calls."


Watching a stream get polluted by Sunoco; Deer with Covid; Combat training over Pa Wilds

The story of a volunteer whose conservation efforts were thwarted by construction of the Mariner East pipeline. We talk with the researcher who found deer infected with the coronavirus. The Maryland Air National Guard wants to lower the altitude for combat training over a rural part of Pennsylvania, but residents and local businesses have questions.


Inside the Clairton Coke Works; Overcoming climate anxiety; Finding land for farming

New documents reveal the decrepit conditions at the Clairton Coke Works that led to a massive fire in 2018. A coach for activists says it’s normal to have anxiety over environmental destruction. Aspiring Pennsylvania farmers are struggling to find land. Plus, a new vegan cookbook for regional comfort food.


Living with it: The story of one family and Pittsburgh’s polluted air

Susan Scott Peterson had been living in Pittsburgh for just a few weeks when she smelled it for the first time. The air was a little thick, a little hazy—and it smelled like a ripe porta-potty. It didn’t take long to figure out it was hydrogen sulfide, a sulfur-smelling gas emitted by U.S. Steel’s Clairton Coke Works, about fifteen miles south of her house. The plant manufactures coke, a fuel used in steelmaking—and it’s notorious for violating local pollution regulations. But what could...


Pollution's mental toll: How air, water and climate change shape our mental health

The Allegheny Front and Environmental Health News investigated the mental health impacts of air and water pollution and climate change in western Pennsylvania. We found alarming evidence that residents throughout the region are likely suffering changes to their brains due to pollution in the surrounding environment. Reporting also uncovered the growing gap in mental health care as more people are traumatized by worsening climate change. More at


Climate change solutions in Central Pennsylvania; the struggles of farming

A new collaboration hopes to get people in Central Pennsylvania talking about climate change. We also examine the mental health struggles of farmers, and how an aging farming population in Pennsylvania means that the future of small family farming is changing.


Opposition to offshore wind; Elk corridor; GASP's new leader

Some people along the coast of New Jersey are saying no to offshore wind power. They worry about preserving the character and natural beauty of NJ beaches. We talk with the new leader of a clean air watchdog group in Pittsburgh. A professor wants to create a corridor throughout the Appalachians for elk. Our reporter escapes to the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail.


Hunters and anglers on climate; creating free-flowing rivers

Climate change is making it harder to hunt and fish. An advocacy group wants hunters and anglers to speak out. Pennsylvania Senate passed a resolution disapproving of the state joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Taking down dams to create a free-flowing Mahoning River is not without controversy. Consumer choices are hard when you want to do good for the environment. One expert says don't sweat the small stuff.


Metal recycler in Allegheny County the target of EPA; Light pollution to be curbed in Pittsburgh

Metalico, a metal recycler on Neville Island in Allegheny County, is now the target of EPA. It has been a nuisance to the community for years. Pittsburgh has a new light pollution ordinance. An astronomer advocates for dark skies. Criminal charges against a pipeline company do little to spark action in the Pa. legislature.


The future of Pa. forests; the rebirth of a western Pa. river; the right to sign a gas lease

Researchers say too many deer and invasive plants are threatening the long-term survival of Pa.'s forests. A filmmaker of a new documentary about a massive effort to clean up a Western Pa. river says it's a hopeful story. The author of a book about individual liberty and private property rights argues that signing a gas lease shouldn't be one of those rights.


Wind turbines off the Jersey Shore; Mariner East criminal charges; Help to make your yard wild

More wind turbines in the ocean mean more renewable energy on the grid. But what's the impact on fisheries? Pennsylvania's attorney general files criminal charges for the Mariner East pipeline. A new group is encouraging people to retire their lawnmowers and leafblowers and plant native species.


More renewable energy means more power lines; Climate action in Pa.

Transmission lines are key to more renewable energy, but some don't want them on their land. Students take to the streets for a climate strike. We get reaction to Pa.'s new Climate Action Plan. Volunteers clean up tons of trash along Pittsburgh's hillsides.


Pa.'s new climate action plan; climate solutions for farmers and local governments

Pennsylvania has a new climate action plan. Regenerative farming is part of the climate solution as is a program to help local governments. Pennsylvania has pledged to regulate toxic PFAS chemicals in drinking water. What's taking so long? New Allegheny County air regs, and a study on the health benefits of joining a regional cap-and-trade program.


Protecting Pennsylvania's most pristine glacial lake; Replacing lawn with natives in your yard

Protecting a pristine glacial lake in Erie County from invasive species takes painstaking work. Author Doug Tallamy wants people to plant their yards with native species that feed the ecosystem. Pittsburgh opens two new parks, one with a public art installation that makes visible the history of water and flooding. A climate change training for community and business leaders.


Keeping the Flight 93 memorial as a place for reflection in nature

Preserving the sacred ground at the Flight 93 National Memorial and treating the water pollution that plagued the site long before the plane crashed there on 9/11. A look back as a naturalist searched for reassurance in nature on September 12. We dig into the recent decision by a federal judge to throw out a Trump rule that stripped protections for many streams and wetlands.


Labor and fossil fuel communities in a clean energy economy; a little clover makes a big comeback

What some labor unions want in a clean energy economy. We'll also talk to the engineer the president has tasked with making sure fossil fuel communities aren't left behind. Pa. is a step closer to putting a price on carbon. Plus, a little clover makes a big move off the Endangered Species list. News about fracking waste and the Clean Water Act.