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Summer Anxiety and Your Kids - How You Can Help

Summer is a time for fun and activities and kids can't wait to get out of school but it also brings out the unknown which for many kids provides a lot of anxiety. Schedules are off, activities are added and what is fun can be overwhelming too. This week I talk about what are some things that cause anxiety in kids during the summer and what you can help to ease that transition to have a happy balanced summer holiday. Write us and share your stories we love to hear from you....


Celebrating Dads and All That They Teach Us

Happy Father's to all men out there who are fathers in some way and give, love, mentor and nurture the people in your life. When we are young we try so hard to not be like our parents only to find out how much we are actually alike. Today I celebrate dads and the things they have taught us by sharing stories of what my dad taught me and the biggest ways he impacted my life which shaped me to who I am today. Happy Father's Day to you dad, to my husband and to all dads out there. Celebrate...


Has the Next Generation Lost Common Sense?

Every generation thinks the next generation is crazy, lazy and not as smart or as good as the one before them. But has this new generation, the Gen Z's really made it so that they are lost? Are they truly a generation that can't do or think much on their own. In this week's podcast I talk about common behaviours among the generations and what we can do to help save the next generation. Write us and share your stories we love to hear from you. Brought to you by:...


Building Relationships by Staying Connected To Each Other (Not Technology)

Technology and social media is part of everyone's life and has connected the world and each other in ways that only seemed futuristic not too long ago. It has also disconnected our human connection to each other giving rise to anxiety, depression and loneliness. Humans need human connections to feel alive and loved and to have relationships. This week I talk about how we can build our relationships and bring back the human connection to each other. Leah's Likes: Brain: online course -...


Does Divorce Affect Your Child's Future Relationships?

Navigating our own relationships is work enough but having to think of our children and the relationships they will have adds more work. Our children are always watching and mirroring us and our behaviours so it is important to show them good healthy relationships as it will affect their own in the future. This week I talk about ways we can ensure our children have good healthy relationships of their own in the future. Leah's Likes: Brain: Board Games - many challenge the mind and are also...


Stepmother's Day - Celebrate Loud and Proud

Stepmother is often a role that is looked at as wicked or secondary but it is a role that is one of the hardest and is a woman who plays a significant role in their family's lives. It is one that needs to be appreciated, recognized and loved always so today we are celebrating it loud and proud and sharing tips on how stepmoms can feel confident to do the same. Happy Stepmother's day to all of the stepmom's out there. Leah's Likes: Brain Health: Sleep - it is incredibly important to get...


What Makes A Mom?

There are so many types of moms out there and so many people have been given the title of "mom" for what they do for someone else. Moms come in many forms so what makes someone call them mom. This week I talk about the different types of "moms" and what is the common thread with them all that make them a mom. Leah's Likes: Brain: Brain teaser games - it keeps the mind sharp and active for children and adults Buy the game: Health Like: Green Vegetables - add more to...


Do Step-Parents Actually Want Support?

Are you a step-parent looking for support? It is often very difficult to find. Aside from the articles online or the private facebook groups there are few in-person support groups for step-parents. How is this? We often complain about the lack of support but are we as step-parents part of the problem? This week I talk about step-parent support and how to get the support you are looking for. Leah's Likes: Brain: Secrets of Happiness From the Oldest of the Old- article - Learning the secrets...


Keeping Your Body Healthy During Divorce and Stressful Times

Divorce and blending families is stressful. We often forget about our physical health during those time and boy does the weight go up and down and does our mind and life ever feel bodged down. It doesn't have to be that way. This week I speak with my special guest, Deanna Pizitz from Well & Worthy Life who is a Health Coach who talks about keeping healthy during stressful life moments and tips on what to do. Leah's Likes: Brain: Soft Music - find something that quiets your mind and relaxes...


Should Children of Divorce Contribute to Expenses When They Turn 18?

At some point your children grow up and are adults before you know it. Finding that balance of treating them like adults and transitioning their responsibilities is a hard thing. Children of divorce sometimes find that transition harder than others because it is common that their parents gave them everything due to divorce guilt and they legal system. The contribution of money and when a child should be responsible for themsevle's becomes that much harder with children of divorce. This week...


Stupid Things People Say to a Step-Parent

Are you ever in a conversation and someone says something to you that makes you stop and think "huh", "did they actually say that". We all have those experiences. As a step-parent I feel that I have those moments more than most because people do really say the oddest things to a step-parent, often innocently. Today I want to share some of the comments I have heard that made me scratch my head and sometimes laugh. Being a step-parent can be fun. Leah's Likes: Brain: Book - Love Yourself Like...


A New Way of Practicing Family Law

The needs of people going through divorce are changing. People have less time and money to spend on their legal matters and want to avoid court. Family law is changing and the services lawyers provide are changing as well making it easier for clients. This week I talk with special guests Susan Blackwell and Lisa Eisen, two family law lawyers who have changed their practice to an "a la carte" style service and their clients couldn't be happier. Listen to what they have to say about the...


How to Smash the Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

We all have that little voice that stops us from doing things but sometimes that voice stops us from doing great things and being our true selves and realizing our greatness, especially when going through a divorce or the struggles of step- parenting. This week I talk with my special guest, my husband Jed on how to smash those limiting believes so you can find your greatness and move forward in your journey. Leah's Likes: Brain: Unleash the Power Within Conference, it can change your life,...


My Date with Tony How It Changed My Life

Every now and again you end up doing something that has such an impact on your life you will never forget it. Well last week I went to see Tony Robbins and spent 4 crazy and inspiring days with him and my husband and 15,000 people and got inspired. But there were 5 things that really resonated for me that rejuvenated my life and spirit. Listen to what they are and how I connect them to you who are going through divorce or blending families to help and inspire you too. Leah's Likes: Brain:...


Parenting with a New Spouse

Getting remarried is a beautiful thing, you found love again. But now that person has to parent with you. How does that happen? This week I talk about how to parent with your new spouse and what are the things to consider when adding that person in as another parent. Leah's Likes: Brain: Word Games and Brain Teasers - keep your mind sharp all the time. Health Like: Quiet Time- find a time of the day that you can clear the thoughts in your head even for just one minute to help your mind and...


How to Overcome Divorce Guilt When Dealing with Your Kids

Every parent suffers from guilt at some point in their life but when you are divorced that guilt is enhanced for many reason and often can change how you parent. This week I talk about how to overcome divorce guilt so you can be the parent your kids want you to be. Leah's Likes: Brain: Jay Shetty, amazing motivator for life. Watch this Video: Health Like: Aqua Fit - one of the easier forms of exercise that is low impact with big results. Try a...


Divorce: What's Your End Goal?

Many people call it quits on their marriage but don’t stop to think about the next steps and what their plan is. Like any big life or business venture, the ones that work best are the ones with a plan, with a focus and with a goal. Having an end goal keeps you on your path and gives you direction so you know how to better navigate the system and process, ultimately getting you to your goal. What is your end goal? This week I talk about some things to think about when looking at your end goal...


043 - Step Tips # 1: Focus on Your Life

As step-parents it is common to fully immerse yourself into your step family especially to feel included and have some control. In doing this we often forget about our own lives, likes and needs and therefore feel alone and lost. In this episode I give 5 tips that will keep your interests in tact while buildings your relationships and feeling that sense of control and happiness. You can have it all and it all starts with you. Leah's Likes: Documentary: Kindness Diaries Watch the series:...


042 - My Kids Want to Live with My Ex

Kids of divorce have it tough living in two homes no matter how nice you make it for them in yours. But there will usually come a time when you hear the dreadful words "I want to live with mom/dad". It's like a knife to the heart. In this episode I talk about what you can do in that situation, how to assess it and keep communication open so you maintain a relationship with your child and ease the pain in your heart. Leah's Likes: Book: I Do, Part 2 by Karen Buscemi Buy the book:...


041 - Love After Divorce

Love is in the air. Valentines is a time where many show their love in extra special ways. Well we have our own special way this episode as we share the love stories from our listeners about how they fell in love after divorce. And we have one lucky winner of our date night content, listen to find out who. And to keep you feeling great throughout your day and tips on some things to do with your loved one, listen to Leah's Likes in the podcast where she gives you her top three likes of the...