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Scummy Mummies is the podcast for less-than-perfect parents. Comedians Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson discuss a range of topics relevant to modern mums and dads, from culture and current affairs to farting and fish fingers.

Scummy Mummies is the podcast for less-than-perfect parents. Comedians Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson discuss a range of topics relevant to modern mums and dads, from culture and current affairs to farting and fish fingers.
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Scummy Mummies is the podcast for less-than-perfect parents. Comedians Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson discuss a range of topics relevant to modern mums and dads, from culture and current affairs to farting and fish fingers.




Episode 125: Live from Nepal!

The Scummy Mummies Podcast has taken us to some exotic places - North London, Cardiff, Stacey Solomon's house. But this episode is extra special, because it was recorded in NEPAL! We spent a week there with the amazing charity Practical Action, who are working hard to improve the lives of people living in poverty. For the first part of this ep, we sat down with some mums from a remote mountain village to find out what their lives are like. We won't fanny about, so to speak - these...


Episode 124: Mumsnet Founder Justine Roberts

In this episode we chat to Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts. We find out what it was like to start a business with one year-old twins, when she knew it would be a success, and what she really thought of the penis beaker thing. We discuss how Justine got the whole idea in the first place, and what she does to keep herself sane when things get too hectic. Plus there's some biscuit chat. The Scummy Mummies book is OUT NOW! We hope you like it, and if you do, we'd love an Amazon...


Episode 123: Grief Special with Cariad Lloyd

Our guest for this ep is the fab Cariad Lloyd - comedian, mum, and host of the brilliant Griefcast podcast. We talk about her experience of losing her Dad when she was 15, and why she started Griefcast. We get some practical tips about what to say to someone who's grieving, and suggestions for things you can do to help them through. It's all funnier than it sounds, honest. There's also some chat about Cariad's comedy career, which has included appearances in QI and Peep Show, plus what...


Episode 122: Sex Special with Dr Pam

How often should we have sex? What's the best way to get stuck in if you haven't done it for a while? And what on earth is a projob? Answering all these questions is amazing sex therapist Dr Pam Spurr! There's chat about everything from fake orgasms and roleplay to remote control vibrators. Dr Pam presents us with an array of sex toys to play with, Ellie gets lubed up, and we find out what Helen's S&M name would be. Dr Pam is also a childcare expert, so she reveals the two biggest...


Episode 121: Jeremy Vine Special

Jeremy Vine. Man. Father. Radio star. Strictly contestant. Absolute legend. And now... Guest on the Scummy Mummies Podcast! In this frankly momentous episode, Jeremy gives us some nuggets of parenting wisdom and reveals why he's not allowed to tell his brother Tim's jokes. There's a serious bit as he talks about his time as a war correspondent, and plays us some actual audio of someone trying to kill him. But then it's daft old business as usual as we chat about winding up vegans and...


Episode 120: Officially Amazing's Haruka Kuroda

In this episode we meet TV presenter, black belt, and Guinness World Record holder Haruka Kuroda! She tells us all about her adventures as the star of CBBC's Officially Amazing, and playing Noodle in The Gorillaz. We discuss the challenges of trying to raise a bilingual child, and the differences in parenting culture between the UK and Japan. Then it's back to the usual silliness as Ellie and Helen try to break a world record which involves stuffing wine gums into an orifice. We chat...


Episode 119: Go 8 Bit Special with Sam and Steve

For this episode we're joined by comedy duo Steve McNeil and Sam Pamphilon. They're the creators of hit TV show Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit, which also stars our very own Ellie Gibson! We discover how they became a double act, how the show came into being, and which celebrity guests have been their favourite. Ellie tells a hilarious showbiz anecdote about the time she had a row with Gregg Wallace about crisps. Then it's time for some Dad Chat. Sam explains why children are like...


Episode 118: Meshel Laurie on Buddhism, brothels, and Harold Bishop

She's a world famous comedian, a best-selling author, and a good mate of the Dalai Lama - it's Meshel Laurie! She tells us all about her latest book, Buddhism for the Unbelievably Busy, and offers some tips for coping with the chaos of everyday life. We find out how Buddhism helped Meshel through her divorce, and what goes on at a Buddhist board meeting. There's some chat about her career, which has included everything from performing at the Sydney opera house and working in a...


Episode 117: Cancer Special with Bowel Babe

In this episode we meet Deborah James, aka Bowel Babe, who is currently going through intensive chemotherapy after being diagnosed with late stage cancer. And we have a right old laugh! Deborah tells us what it was like to receive her diagnosis, and how she's sharing the news with her kids. We find out that chemo isn't like in the movies, and discover that like most things, it's more bearable with wine. There's some serious chat about Deborah's views on mortality and how she looks to...


Episode 116: The Supermum Myth with Dr Rachel and Anya

There's no such thing as a perfect mum, so why do so many of us keep trying to be one? This episode is all about learning to overcome anxiety, ditch the guilt, and embrace imperfection. Helping us out are psychologist Dr Rachel Andrew and writer Anya Hayes, author of The Supermum Myth. They give us loads of practical tips for becoming a happier mum, and we cover all sorts of topics from childbirth and post-natal depression to nits and brass bands. We round off with a bumper set of...


Episode 115: Classical Music Special with Clemency Burton-Hill

What's the best age to start learning an instrument? Can you make kids musical? And what kind of vajazzle would the host of the BBC Proms go for? Answering all these questions is Clemency Burton-Hill! She tells us all about her love of music, which covers everything from Back and Mendelssohn to Take That and UK garage. We talk about her brilliant book, Year of Wonder, which recommends a piece of classical music to listen to every day. Year of Wonder is out now, and comes highly...


Episode 114: Christmas 2017 with Steve Hill and Nurse Jessie

Ho ho ho! It's time to welcome back two of our most available friends, good old Nurse Jessie and Steve "bah humbug" Hill! In this Christmas special we reveal our highlights of 2017, including our favourite events, songs, food, and sex. Helen has a brand new game for us to play, and of course we enjoy the traditional Ham Review. Then it's time to round off with some festive Scummy Mummy Confessions. As discussed in this episode, we're supporting the #freeperiods campaign to make...


Episode 113: Anxiety Special with Clemmie Telford and Anna Williamson

Episode 113: Anxiety Special with Clemmie Telford and Anna Williamson How do you know if you suffer from anxiety? What does a panic attack feel like? Is Instagram affecting our mental health? How long should you wait before sleeping with your personal trainer? Answering these questions are the amazing Clemmie Telford and Anna Williamson! They share their experiences of anxiety - how it all began for them, how it changed with motherhood, and how they've learned to cope. There are some...


Episode 112: Fashion Chat with Style Me Sunday

She's a stylist, a mother, an ex-midwife, and a woman with strong opinons about jogging bottoms - it's Instagram sensation Natalie Lee, otherwise known as Style Me Sunday! She tells us how she got where she is today, and why she thinks it's important to have a creative output after you have a baby. We go on to cover a wide range of topics including diversity, tomboys, worst fashion disasters, and whether you should shave your front bottom before you give birth. Helen chats about her own...


Episode 111: Every Muslim needs a muslin with Dr Afrosa

Do kids need vitamin pills? Are smartphones really as addictive as heroin? And how are Muslim parents supposed to stop terrorism when they can't even get children to put their shoes on? Answering all these questions and more is Dr Afrosa Ahmed! She tells us about her work as a GP and her life as a mum to three boys. We get her top doctor's tips for raising kids, and discover why Instagram Wrist is the new Tennis Elbow. There's also some serious chat about religion, terrorism, and what...


Episode 110: Meet the Hoopers - it's MOD and FOD, Clemmie and Simon!

This episode features two amazing guests - Clemmie and Simon Hooper, otherwise known as Mother and Father of Daughters! They tell us how they became Instagram sensations, and what it's like to be famous while still holding down your job as a midwife or whatever it is Simon does. There's some hosiery chat, in which Simon explains why he hates socks. We also discuss why most of his followers are women, and whether he can actually tell his twins apart. Then it's time for a bit of...


Episode 109: Beauty and books with Lindsey Kelk

Are expensive face creams worth the money? What are the best beauty products on the high street? Is botox b****cks? Answering all these questions is the fantastic novelist and beauty expert, Lindsey Kelk! Although she's originally from Doncaster, Lindsey now lives in LA, so we chat about life under Trump. We discover how she began her literary career (writing the Girls Aloud annual), and how she went on to become a best-selling novelist. Then it's time to discover the beauty products...


Episode 108: Comedy and Pregnancy with Croft and Pearce

They're comedians, they're mums, and they're a hilarious double act - that's right, it's Croft and Pearce! They tell us how they met, how they got their Radio 4 series, and how they ended up pregnant at exactly the same time. We also play a brand new game, Mrs & Mrs. Find out whether Croft knows Pearce's middle name, who Gibson thinks should play Thorn in a movie of her life, and everyone's favourite sexual position. You can follow our guests on Twitter @croftandpearce, and their website...


Episode 106: Family Days Out with Jimi Famurewa

How do you have a great family day out? Where are the best places to go? And how do you survive the whole thing without going absolutely bonkers? To answer all these questions we have the hilarious Jimi Famurewa! He tells us all about his book, Family London, and reveals his favourite places to visit in the capital and beyond. We also talk about why the Swedes are so good at parenting, and discuss Jimi's career as an entertainment journalist. Find out what it's like to hang out with...


Episode 104: Jenny Eclair Special

Our guest for this episode is the wonderful comedian, writer and mum, Jenny Eclair! She tells us what she's learned in 28 years of parenting, and why she thinks all unruly London children should be sent up north for a bit. We hear about how Jenny got her start in comedy, what it's like to win a Perrier award, and why cheese conventions are less fun than you might think. We find out about her latest show, How to be a Middle-Aged Woman (Without Going Insane). Then it's time for Book Chat as...


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