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Scummy Mummies is the podcast for less-than-perfect parents. Comedians Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson discuss a range of topics relevant to modern mums and dads, from culture and current affairs to farting and fish fingers.

Scummy Mummies is the podcast for less-than-perfect parents. Comedians Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson discuss a range of topics relevant to modern mums and dads, from culture and current affairs to farting and fish fingers.
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Scummy Mummies is the podcast for less-than-perfect parents. Comedians Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson discuss a range of topics relevant to modern mums and dads, from culture and current affairs to farting and fish fingers.




Episode 155: Simon London on adoption, racism, and Twiggy

We tackle some controversial topics in this episode with the help of the brilliant journalist, presenter and telly producer, Simon London! He tells us about being adopted at the age of eight, and what it was like to go from a children's home to boarding school. We hear about some of the racism he's faced over the course of his life, and the advice he's giving his son about growing up as a mixed race child. The conversation covers everything from knife crime and Raoul Moat to...


Episode 154: Food Special with Hungermama

Our guest for this episode is the brilliant Bethie Hungerford, otherwise known as Hungermama! She tells us how she went from being raised in the States on pizzas and burgers to living in London and writing a cookbook. And guess what - her kids ACTUALLY EAT VEGETABLES. We find out her secret. Bethie tells us all about her hungerpot recipes - "the laziest possible way you can make a homemade meal." We also learn her favourite way to cook Christmas turkey, and chat about everything from...


Episode 153: Outdoors Special with Dress Like A Mum

She's fun, she's fashionable, and she's a one-woman festival - it's Dress Like A Mum, also known as Zoe de Pass! Zoe joins us in the gardens of the Horniman Museum for a special outdoor recording. We talk about why we love a good park, and in Ellie's case, hate the beach. There's some chat about our favourite summer festivals, and giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a dog. Plus we get to know Ellie and Helen a little better with our brand new game, Who Did That Outside? This episode...


Episode 152: Rebecca Humphries on cats, clits, and life after the Strictly scandal

What's the best bargain make-up brand? How much fun is living with drag queens? And what's it like when your stand-up comedian boyfriend is papped snogging his Strictly partner outside a pub? Answering all these questions is the amazing Rebecca Humphries! She tells us all about her relationship with Seann Walsh, and why that famous photo only told half the story. We hear her advice for getting out of bad relationships, and find out how she's doing now. There's also some chat about...


Episode 151: Sindhu Vee Special

Our guest for this episode is the hilariously brilliant comedian Sindhu Vee! She tells us about her experience of growing up in India, and how parenting styles can differ between east and west. We also learn about a unique discipline technique involving a tea tray. Sindhu tells us what possessed her to try stand-up without ever having seen it before. And she explains how, annoyingly, she went on to become amazingly good at it, and get nominated for loads of awards. We find out Sindhu's...


Episode 150: Step-families, screen time and gaming with Keza

Our special guest for this episode is Keza MacDonald! We discuss her experience of being a step-mum, and why she changed her mind about having her own kids. There's some chat about dealing with the teenage years, and we find out Keza's number one piece of advice for new step-parents. Then it's time for video games chat! Keza is the games editor for The Guardian, so we pick her brains about screentime, age ratings, and what to do if your child decides they want to become a pro gamer. We...


Episode 149: It's Briony off of the Bake-Off!

How do you get on The Great British Bake-Off? What's it like to be kissed by Noel Fielding and sworn at by Paul Hollywood? And where does Helen think her cakehole is? Helping us answer all these questions is Briony May Williams! She reveals what it's really like inside the Bake-Off tent, and where to find the best chocolate cake recipe EVER. There's some chat about running, and we play a new game, Through the Cakehole. Plus we find out who's the best baker out of someone who came fourth...


Episode 148: Sophie Ellis-Bextor on pop music and premature babies

How did Sophie Ellis-Bextor offend an arena full of Take That fans? What's the worst lyric she's ever written? And why is she the Craig David of pregnancy? Answering all these questions is ACTUAL SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR! We are also joined by her brand new baby, the lovely Micky! She tells us what it's like to be mum to five sons, while still managing to record a new album with a full orchestra. It all gets momentarily serious as Sophie and Ellie share their experiences of having...


Episode 147: How to be a Better Parent with Philippa Perry

Is your child a Dandelion or an Orchid? What's the one piece of advice every new parent needs to hear? And how do you get kids to put their bloody shoes on? Answering these questions is brilliant psychotherapist Philippa Perry! She tells us all about her fantastic new book, The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (And Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did). We talk about why our childhood experiences are so important when it comes to bringing up our own kids, and the best way to cope...


Episode 146: Mel Giedroyc on comedy, motherhood, and Bake-Off

For this episode, we are joined by the amazing Mel Giedroyc - comedy hero, TV star and all-round absolute legend! She doles out sage advice on everything from handling teenagers to performing at Edinburgh. We talk about the time she sang with Limahl in an airport, and cover othr highbrow topics like weeing in the bath. Then it's time for the return of the segment no one asked or expected to hear again: Bin Chat. Like us, Mel is a great humanitarian, so she is appearing on our stupid...


Episode 145: Sex, relationships, and having a third child with Steph Douglas

How important is sex to a good relationship? Why do we sometimes need to pull up the drawbridge? And what are the best and worst bits of having a third child? Answering all these questions is Steph Douglas, Instagram sensation and founder of Don't Buy Her Flowers! She tells us what effect becoming outnumbered has had on her marriage, and why her husband described her third pregnancy as being a bit like Brexit. We talk about the biggest shock that comes with having a new baby, and how...


Episode 144: Love, Loss and Laughter with Elle Wright

In this episode we chat to the lovely Elle about her son, Teddy, who died a few days after he was born. We talk grief, love, loss, and amazingly, manage to have a few laughs along the way. Elle discusses her book, Ask Me His Name, and her blog, Feathering the Empty Nest. She tells us why she is sharing Teddy's story and what she wants other grieving parents to know. Ellie talks about her own memories of having a baby in intensive care, while Helen shares her equally important...


Episode 143: Richard Herring talks parenting, comedy, and bins

What's been Richard Herring's favourite moment on stage? Why did he break up with Stewart Lee? And why is he looking forward to his own death? Answering all these questions is actual Richard Herring! He talks about being an older dad and whether he wishes he'd had kids earlier. We ask his advice about being in a double act, and he tells us why he thinks women comedians are better at it. We mull over controversial topics like mowing the lawn and loading the dishwasher, and introduce a...


Episode 142: Andrea McLean is On Fire

It's TV's Andrea McLean! She tells us how she went from weather girl to Loose Woman, what it's like meeting Oprah, and the best Michael Bublé story ever. We get some advice on dealing with teenagers and getting through tough times. Andrea tells us the two things she wishes she'd known before she started the menopause, and we find out Alexa's views on Brexit. You can find out more about Andrea's brilliant new project over at She's on Facebook and Instagram...


Episode 141: Ortis Deley talks gadgets and vadgets

Our guest for this episode is Ortis Deley, off of CBBC and The Gadget Show! He tells us about how he manages tech time in his house, the best and stupidest gadgets he's ever seen, and whether we really need a wet wipe warmer. We go behind the scenes on the Smash Hits Roadshow, and find out what happened the night Kerry met Brian. Ortis discusses how he feels about having a second child, and reveals his top mobile phone picks for 2019. There's also some charity chat as we talk about...


Episode 140: Christmas 2018 with Jessie and Steve, again

What have been the highlights of 2018? What was Helen's most embarrassing moment? How do you use anal sex to get out of cooking the turkey? We answer all these questions and more in our bumper Christmas podcast! Joining us on the couch are Nurse Jessie and Steve Hill, as is the custom. They can get very lonely at this time of year. We hear all about Steve's book, The Card, which is out now and makes a great gift for anyone who likes football and/or laughing. Then it's time for a new...


Episode 139: Multiple Sclerosis, parenting and Primark proposals

On the day his daughter took her first steps, Christian Donlan was told he has with Multiple Sclerosis. In this episode, he and his wife Sarah Lea discuss the issues around trying to parent while coming to terms with the diagnosis. Honestly, it's more fun than it sounds. Christian tells us about his book, The Unmapped Mind, and how being told you have MS is a bit like being William Shatner in an episode of Columbo. We discuss whether the diagnosis affected their decision not to have a...


Episode 138: Sex, self-love and being a boss with Kemi Telford

How do you raise strong girls? What's the best way to avoid Mum Guilt? What term would Nigerians use to describe teabagging? Answering all these questions is the amazing Kemi Telford! We talk about how she started her own business and why she moved to the UK. There's some chat about discussing sex with kids, and why we should all stand in front of the mirror naked. We play a new game, Every Hole's a Goal, and Ellie discovers her children may be Nigerian. You can buy Kemi's amazing...


Episode 137: Bricking it with Lego Masters' Matthew Ashton

He's the star of hit TV show Lego Masters, the exec producer of the Lego movies, and he INVENTED UNIKITTY - it's the amazing Matthew Ashton! He tells us who Unikitty is modelled on and how to correctly pronounce Ninjago. We get all the gossip on the new series of Lego Masters and the second film, plus a gift that makes us cry. There's also some chat about Ben Fogle's four dishwashers. The new series of Lego Masters starts on Channel 4 this Tuesday 6 November, at 8pm. Many thanks to...


Episode 136: Midult Special - books, beauty, solo parenting and shardigans

How many times a day do you find yourself saying "I'm absolutely fine," when the truth is you're absolutely f***ed? What's wrong with the term "middle-aged"? Are we really all winging it? Or just whinging it? Answering all these questions are the fabulous Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan, otherwise known as The Midult! They tell us all about their brilliant new book and multimedia empire. Annabel tells us about her experience of being a solo parent. As the beauty correspondent for...