Hi, we're Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase of We've got a microphone and more than the two minutes the Today Show gives us, and we're not afraid to use them. Join us for parenting culture discussions, non-judgy (mostly) tips, and humor, if we've had enough coffee. "Spawned is the best podcast ever! I love Kristen and Liz. I even schedule my shoot days around the new episodes." - What Jennifer Garner might say if she ever listened to it.

Hi, we're Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase of We've got a microphone and more than the two minutes the Today Show gives us, and we're not afraid to use them. Join us for parenting culture discussions, non-judgy (mostly) tips, and humor, if we've had enough coffee. "Spawned is the best podcast ever! I love Kristen and Liz. I even schedule my shoot days around the new episodes." - What Jennifer Garner might say if she ever listened to it.
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Hi, we're Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase of We've got a microphone and more than the two minutes the Today Show gives us, and we're not afraid to use them. Join us for parenting culture discussions, non-judgy (mostly) tips, and humor, if we've had enough coffee. "Spawned is the best podcast ever! I love Kristen and Liz. I even schedule my shoot days around the new episodes." - What Jennifer Garner might say if she ever listened to it.




Losing the Working Mom Guilt: Jessica Turner | Ep 124

Working mom guilt is useless -- or wait, is it? Well, consider us schooled! If you're a working mom (or even a working dad), we think you'll get SO much out of this discussion with Jessica Turner, author of Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt. She's got some terrific tips on why guilt can actually be a good teacher, how to make more time for yourself and your (non-kid) relationships, and one brilliant, simple, super quick way to help you overcome the guilt that inevitably...


Make Your Kid a Money Genius: Beth Kobliner | Ep 123

If you've been wondering how much you should give your kids for an allowance, or when you should open their own bank account, hey, us too! Get the answers and a whole lot more on this episode featuring Beth Kobliner, a New York Times bestselling author, financial expert, and mom-of-3, who's tackling all the kids and money questions we could squeeze into 40-minutes. || Questions? Comments? Hit up up at or find us on Facebook and Twitter @coolmompicks. And find all the...


5 top time-management techniques and how they can work for parents | Ep 122

This week, as Kristen and Liz try (desperately) to get organized for back-to-school, we take a look at 5 top time-management techniques from experts, compare them, and analyze how they can be helpful to parents. Because we're all busy, yo! And anything that gets our to-do list done more efficiently so we can get back to the things we really WANT to do is good by us! Plus as always, we've got some great cool picks of the week. || Find more information about the info you hear in today's...


How to Be a Happier Parent, with KJ Dell'Antonia | Ep 121

This week, we're so happy to be joined by NY Times Motherlode Sr Editor, and "How to Be a Happier Parent" author KJ Dell'Antonia to talk about....well, you guessed it! How to be a happier parent. Only there's no shaming here. No guilt. No OMG I AM DOING EVERYTHING WRONG AND WILL NEVER RECOVER! Just humor, great tips, a few honest confessions, and a reminder that we all do a lot of stuff right, so stop beating yourself up! \\ Comments? Questions? Hit us up at or visit...


Why ignoring your kids could be the best thing for them | Ep 120

With back to school right around the corner, or already here for some of you, we're chatting with Dr. Catherine Pearlman, author of Ignore It! How Selectively Looking the Other Way Can Decrease Behavioral Problems and Increase Parenting Satisfaction. She's got so many awesome tips and tricks to help parents deal with all those difficult behaviors that drive us all batty, and seem to spike right around back to school, aka now. Got questions or comments for us? We love hearing from you!...


Professional organizer Laurie Palau with back-to-school organization tips | Ep 119

Join us for one of our greatest hits Spawned episodes: Professional organizer Laurie Palau schools us on back-to-school organization tips and tricks that make this time of year so much more manageable. You'll love her! | Questions or comments? Hit us up @coolmompicks on social media or | And thanks so much for listening, subscribing to Spawned, and leaving so many incredibly positive reviews! It means a lot to us. (You guyyyyyys....)


NBC’s Making It contestant Robert Mahar on finding your creativity: Ep 118

You can imagine how excited we were to discover our old friend Robert Mahar, previous owner of Mahar Dry Goods which we featured many times on Cool Mom Picks, was a contestant on NBC's new DIY craft show Making It. So we had to have him on an episode of Spawned to give us the scoop on the show, but more importantly, talk about how to help your kids and you find creativity. And as always, we close our show with our Cool Picks of the Week. Get all the links and information from our show over...


How to deal with mean girls (no, not the Broadway musical) | Ep 117

We've probably all dealt with at least one mean girl in our lifetime, but now they're getting younger, and well, meaner. Our guest Katie Hurley, therapist and author of the new book "No More Mean Girls" helps us tackle this topic with smart tips and advice. Whether or not you're in the weeds with navigating challenging social situations with your kids, you'll definitely want to listen to this show, and grab a copy of Katie's book. You can get all the links from our show over on our podcast...


Angela Santomero: How to raise smart, engaged kids in a screen-filled world | Ep 116

Whatever age your kids may be, we know that managing screen time and finding the benefits (and boundaries) is a huge issue with parents. So we're THRILLED to chat with Angela Santomero, the successful creator of educational programs like Blue's Clues, SuperWhy!, and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. She's out with the new book, PRESCHOOL CLUES: Raising Smart, Inspired, and Engaged Kids in a Screen-Filled World, and she is just filled with common sense advice, smart perspectives, and pro tips that...


Can couples work together without killing each other? Episode 115

They're not mythical unicorns! Couples who work together actually exist. Lucky us, we got to chat with one of them on this episode of Spawned. We had a blast talking about balancing life in a love and work partnership with Tor Hyams, a Grammy-nominated songwriter and Lisa Rothauser, a singer, actor, and composer, who are currently working on a musical adaptation of the classic TV show, Green Acres. We think you'll appreciate their funny, frank conversations about a topic we know lots of...


Sleepaway camp: The pros, the cons, and the tears (mostly ours) | Ep 114

School's out, which means most of our kids are heading out for sleepaway camp, a few for the whole summer, and a few for just a week or two. There's even one going to Japan! (That's Kristen's oldest daughter). So, how do you decide if your kids are ready? How do you survive when they're gone? We're sharing our experiences on today's episode of Spawned, plus a super important Cool Pick of the Week that you won't want to miss. We'd love to hear from you! Drop us an email at...


Mothers of Reinvention | Ep 113

We're always fascinated by stories of women who have changed career paths after motherhood, and not just because that's our own story as well. We know lots of women who have found success in other areas, with the change often set in motion by having kids. We were so thrilled to chat with our friend Mallory Kasdan, host of the popular MILK podcast who shares her own struggles and challenges, along with her helpful advice. Let us know your thoughts! Drop us an email at...


MOM, I'M BORED! | Ep 112

You know it's coming. The dreaded "Mom, I'm booooored!" But hey! We're here to help, which is what we hope you'll get from listening to this episode. We've got tons of suggestions for how to keep kids busy this summer, and if you are so inclined, off of screens (we've got suggestions for awesome screen time too). From family book clubs to scavenger hunts, to how to make family movie night educational (seriously!), we've got ideas you might not have even thought of. And ones that won't take a...


The best shopping tips + tricks for online consignment shops| Ep 111

This week, join us for a light, fun, super chatty episode! Specifically, online consignment shopping. Which are the best online resale sites for sellers? Which are the best for buyers? Which pay the highest commissions to you? Which will suck all of your time away from your children? We've got so many great tips and tricks from our own experiences -- especially Kristen. Plus...we've got a fun live fashion unboxing that's pretty hilarious. Then some extra-cool cool picks of...


The future (of business) is female | Ep 110

Where do you start if you have a career dream, a passion, or a business idea? Why is it important for all of us to have more women running businesses? How are women changing startup culture? And what's up with only 2% of VC money going to businesses with women at the top?! (GAH!) Join Liz and Heather Cabot, the former ABC News anchor, current investor, Forbes columnist, and author of Geek Girl Rising, for a really engaging, informative chat that could change the whole direction of your life....


Mother's Day is not for dog moms | Ep 109

Dog moms, single dads, the list of people trying to claim Mother's Day from moms goes on. So, we address it head on! Should moms get their own holiday? Do we all need to be able to celebrate everything? What about the folks who have a hard time with Mother's Day every year? We tackle these questions and more, plus share our cool picks of the week! Where can you find the links from our show, you ask? Head over to our podcast page on Cool Mom Picks. And we'd love to hear from you! Drop us an...


Siri Daly: Making feeding kids more fun | Ep 108

Do you think preparing 21 nutritious meals a week is the joy of your existence? In that case, might want to skip this episode. Today we're keeping it real with the delightful, funny, and down-to-earth Siri Daly, who you might know from her TODAY Show cooking segments (often with her husband Carson Daly) and her bestselling cookbook, Siriously Delicious. We're chatting about how to make food "happy," tricks for getting kids to eat better without stress, meal-planning tips, plus totally random...


Have youth sports gotten out of control? Ep 107

With 13-year olds getting recruited by colleges, and a lawmaker in New Jersey warning parents not to get physical at kids' sports games for fear of jail time, we decided to tackle the complicated topic of kids sports on this week's episode of Spawned. Have youth athletics gotten out of control? Kristen and special guest Lisa Barnes (who filled in while Liz was away) share their own personal experiences with a combined seven kids in sports of some kind, and offer their own advice. You can...


Should you quit Facebook? | Ep 106

With the recent Cambridge Analytica data breach and myriad privacy issues, we're taking a closer look at whether it's worth staying on Facebook. And if we do, how do we keep our information safe? We're sharing various perspectives on the pros and cons of Facebook, as well as what you should do going forward if you decide to stay. Plus, we share our Cool Picks of the Week. Got thoughts? Comments? Questions? Drop us an email at, hit us up on Facebook (yep, we're still...


What parents need to know about Autism, with guest Dr. Laura Klinger | Ep 105

With World Autism Day approaching (April 2, 2018), we chatted with Dr. Laura Klinger, Executive Director of the TEACCH Autism at UNC, and part of the team who helped develop the character Julia for Sesame Street who debuted last year. We asked her everything from how to correctly refer to kids with autism, to what research she and her colleagues are currently conducting about causation and treatment. And we discussed how families whose kids are not on the Spectrum can show support and...