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#304 - It's All Made Up

Chris, Tom and Sal are back at it with another April edition of Around Comics featuring more Avengers Endgame talk, asking what makes people care about characters, discovering that Lois Lane is Superman’s greatest villain, questioning is a new comic book character can ever have cultural relevance, discussing Doom Patrol, DC Universe Online, What We Do In The Shadows and more.


#303 - Bathroom Break

Chris Tom, and Sal get into Avengers: Endgame talk (no spoilers), pee breaks, spoilers study, Hip Hop Family Tree, Punk Magazine, Paper Girls, 80’s nostalgia, crappy childhoods, Neil Gaiman, Stevie Nicks, Chris’ love of One Direction, cocaine, and more.


#302 - It's Fine

Chris, Tom, and Sal reunite for another exciting adventure of podcasting heroism. Buckle up as the team blasts off into the multiverse for a thrilling tour of vinyl record collecting, used book stores, 80's music, good and bad comic book stores, retro toys, beercades, Captain Marvel, DC Universe Online, Doom Patrol, Black Hammer, and a hilarious warning from the future.


Top of the Stack 03-27-2019

Celebrating 80 years of Batman with the landmark Detective Comics #1000. Sal discusses his favorite parts of the anthology digging into the mythos of Batman, and a little bit of history.


Tales from C2E2 2019

Sal traveled to C2E2, Chicago's premier Comic Book and Entertainment Convention and reports back with tales of parking horror stories, security issues, lady arm wrestling, cosplayers, DJ Spidey and the crushing crowds.


Top of the Stack 03-08-2019

Sal feels the GRRRLL POWER of Gail Simone and David Baldeon's DOMINO: Hotshots #1 from Marvel Comics and gets meta-funky with Tom King and Jorge Fornes' Batman #66 from DC Comics. #NCBD #TopoftheStack #TOTS #NCBDCheers #AroundComics #MarvelComics #DCComics #Batman #Domino


#301 - Lean in to the Weird

GoBots with Tom Scioli and how he has evolved past being a Kirby knockoff. Alex Toth and Jack Kirby. Facetasm by Gary Panter and Charles Burns. Tom joins us after a while and talks Mr. Miracle by Tom King and Mitch Gerards. Umbrella Academy on Netflix as well as the comic by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. Doom Patrol on DC Unlimited. Marvel Netflix shows and their possible future at Disney. Weatherman by Jody Leheup and Nathan Fox, and much more.


Top of the Stack

Featuring Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt, Black Hammer: Age of Doom, Marvel Comics the Untold Story and Brian Hibbs ComicsPRO speech. For the week of Febuary 27th, 2019 #NCBD #TopoftheStack #TOTS #NCBDCheers #AroundComics


Classic Clips 268-269-270

Dive back in the Wayback Machine and take a trip to the past with this nostalgia-filled clip package. Featuring highlights from 2010 episode 268, 269, and 270, these tantalizing tidbits from back in time will give you a taste of the next three episodes put in the AC archive. Featuring conversations with Chris, Sal, John Siuntres, Jenny Frison, and Kyle Byce about Batwoman, J.H. Williams, Walt and Louise Simonson, Good vs. Evil, The Big Bang Theory and more. Clip 1: Around Comics Ep 268 - Has...


Classic Clips 271-272-273

Featuring conversation with Stevie D from the Comic Book Queers podcast. John Siuntres from the Word Balloon podcast, a road report form Tom Katers, Ande Parks and more. Clip 1: Around Comics Ep 271 - The Green Hornet's Nest (Mar 15 2010) Clip 2: Around Comics Ep 272 - The Long Goodbye Pt. 1 (Mar 23 2010) Clip 3: Around Comics Ep 273 - The Long Goodbye Pt. 2 (Mar 29 2010) Listen to the full episode on, iTunes, or wherever fine podcasts are found.


Classic Clips 274-275-276

Get in the Wayback Machine and take a trip to the past with this nostalgia-filled clip package. Featuring highlights from 2010 episode 274, 275, and 276 these tantalizing tidbits from back in time will give you a taste of the next three episodes put in the AC archive. Enjoy as the crew talks about The Walking Dead, a voicemail from Paul in Boston, and movies versus comic books. With special guests Kiel Phegley, John Siuntres and Tim Seeley. Clip 1: Around Comics Ep. 276 (Dec 2010) Clip 2:...


#300 - The Seven Year Itch

After an extended hiatus, the OG crew of Christopher Neseman, Thomas Katers and Brion "Sal" Salazar are back to save the podcasting world from the cowardly evil-doers that assail the ears of the innocent. Reuniting after seven years to talk Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol, Black Hammer by Jeff Lemire, Hey Kids ! COMICS! by Howard Chaykin, how to pronounce Conan, the Super Friends, Hoopla, Hot Ham & Rolls, and much more.


#287 - Tom Wears a Wig

Around Comics is back for February of 2012. The big news about Before Watchmen gets Tom, Chris and Sal talking about fan reaction, Alan Moore, creator contracts and more. Tom read Beanworld, Sal read X-Statix and Chris read the X-Men Omnibus Vol.2. Listen in for thoughts on all of this books plus some Oscar talk including The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Moneyball, Drive & The Help. At the end of the episode things get weird and Tom wears a wig.


#286 - Wonder Bread He-Man

Around Comics is back to ring in the New Year! Tim Seeley joins Chris, Tom & Sal to talk about the Holidays and some of the presents they received including… Wonderbread He-Man? Tis is starting his run on Witchblade and he talks about the challenges and rewards of working on the long running series from Top Cow. There's plenty of movie & TV talk mixed in with thoughts on comics and the comics industry. Tom loves Skyscrapers of the Midwest. Chris loves Skyrim. Sal hates the Packers. Happy New...


#285 - Happy Holidays & Holy Terrors

Happy Holidays from everyone at Around Comics! Join Sal, Tom, Chris and returning guest Ryan Browne for a wide sweeping conversation about the past month's comic culture happenings. The guys talk about the recently rumored return of The Watchmen and the healthiest ways to approach sequels. Last month Sal promised Tom that he would not only read Holy Terror, but force himself to like it. Find out if Sal was able to succeed on his claim. There's more praise for Mark Waid and his work on...


#284 - Alpha & Omega

It's a new beginning as the original Around Comics crew reassembles. Tom is back from his exile on the the East Coast, and he's here to thrill us with stories of bad Mexican food and how Wes Welker plays football "The Right Way". The gang discusses some of the New DC 52 and why Aquaman may or may not be lame. TV talk focuses on Grimm, Misfits, The Walking Dead and what makes for a better Zombie. There is much marveling at the rise of convention cosplayers, and the brilliance of Mel Brooks's...


#282 - Where is everybody?

As the rest of the comics world takes their annual trip to San Diego, Around Comics stays home to comment on Comic-Con from afar. Listen in for thoughts on Legion Lost, The Avengers & New Avengers, Star Trek and the awesomeness of Shatner and much much more.


#283 - Roadtrip!

Chris and special guest Ali Colluccio hit the road between Chicago and Ft. Wayne Indiana for a Curling trip and lots of comics talk. Listen in for a rambling conversation that touches on the recent Harvey Awards, classic X-Men stories, Ali's boyfriend Thor, writing about comics and more. Oh yeah, and Curling!


#281 - God Hates Around Comics

Ryan Browne joins Chris and Sal for a winding and wandering conversation about comics, the comics industry, the language of comics and... why Die Hard is one of the greatest movies ever. Listen in to find out how Ryan knows everyone in the industry and how he will eventually take over the Earth with the awesome that is God Hates Astronauts & his new book, Blast Furnace. And Sal loves Trains. Music by: Strike Under, The Starlight Mints, The Cult & Tom Waits


#280 - Revolting Youth

It's a busy night at Challengers Comics + Conversation as Chris and Sal welcome Mike Norton, Sean McKeever, Josh Elder, Paul Mounts & Tony Akins to the show. Mike and Sean talk about being reunited for Marvel's Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt and working on their co-created character Gravity again. Things get more and more hectic as the show moves along and the crowd grows for this evening of comics, art and plenty of beer.