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A special presentation brought to you by the team at Blackburn Media




A special presentation brought to you by the team at Blackburn Media




In conversation with Philadelphia Phillies manager Rob Thomson

The 2022 Major League Baseball season was an incredible one for Corunna-native Rob Thomson. He entered the season as the bench coach for the club, a position he had held since 2018. But on June 3, he became the team's interim manager when Joe Girardi was let go after the team struggled to a 22-29 start. An immediate turnaround followed, as the Phillies went on an eight game winning streak. By the end of the regular season, the Phillies had secured their first playoff spot in more than a decade. The Phillies then won the wild card series, the National League Division Series, and the National League Championship Series. That set up a meeting with the Houston Astros in the World Series, which the Astros won. As he prepares for his first full season as manager of the Phillies, Thomson spoke with Blackburn Media's Scott Kitching about his career, the expectations facing the Phillies in 2023, and how becoming a big league manager has changed his life.


The Sixth Santa: Episode Six

The fate of Christmas comes down to one final battle. Can Carl, Helen, and the Elves find a way to save The North Pole?


The Sixth Santa: Episode Five

The mastermind of the evil plot to end Christmas is revealed and Carl must rally the troops to protect Christmas.


The Sixth Santa: Episode Four

When a fire destroys the Reindeer Barn, the death and destruction starts to mount in the North Pole and with two oncoming warships, Carl and Helen scramble to find a solution.


The Sixth Santa: Episode Three

Carl and Helen’s first trip in the sleigh almost goes out with a bang, unsettling everyone in the North Pole. Dr. Rudolph makes a discovery that could risk the future of Christmas.


The Sixth Santa: Episode Two

Carl learns that the North Pole’s influence on the Children of the world has begun to wear thin with the powers that be. With global tensions rising, it becomes clear being Santa might not be as easy as Carl hoped.


The Sixth Santa: Episode One

What’s been completely misunderstood since the inception of Christmas is how Santa becomes Santa. Being Santa isn’t a reward, and it’s not a privilege. It’s a punishment for some of the worlds worst. When serial thief Carl’s criminal career comes to a permanent end, he is surprised to wake up in the North Pole.


Blackburn Media Presents: The Sixth Santa

We all think we know Santa. Fat man, jolly cheeks, the idol of millions of kids every December. But, what we don't know is that he wasn’t born as Santa, he wasn’t voted to be Santa, and he’s not even someone you’d want around your kids. Because you see, being Santa Claus has never been a privilege, and it’s never been voluntary. It’s a punishment, called the Santa Sentence. This is the story of The Sixth Santa.