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3: I Can Talk to Snakes, It's Normal

We have an important announcement in this episode's Potterwatch, but you'll have to listen to find out what it is. In the Common Room accidental magic is the topic of the day. What kind of accidental magic would we have probably done had we been witches? Then, what's our favorite instance of accidental magic from the books? Keeping on topic with Chapter 2, "The Vanishing Glass," was a little more difficult this episode. Harry's life is horrible, and poor Mrs. Figg trips over her cat....


9: Episode Nine and Three-Quarters

New, edited episode up Thursday, April 26. In another mini-episode, Archer and Brigid discuss the importance of September 1, 2017 in the Potter world, the future of the Harry Potter universe and the future of the Potter fandom. Then they explore a new part of the Pottermore experience. Could this finally be something Archer likes about Pottermore? Finally, there's some news for everyone following us on social media and updates on our new schedule. You can find us...


8: Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts

New, episode up Thursday, April 19. We have some news and announcements in a Potterwatch-focused episode 8 of Books & Cleverness. Unfortunately, we start off with some bad news before getting to the fun stuff. But, we also have a date for our re-launch! Listen to find out when you can join us and Harry as we enter Hogwarts for the first time (well, in this re-read). There's been some news this summer. We're getting a few new books and there are changes afoot at the Wizarding World of...


7: The Owl Convention is in Town

New, edited episode Thursday, April 12. We finally reach Hogwarts in the seventh episode of Books & Cleverness, although we're not through the doors quite yet. First, however, we have two stories for Potterwatch. First, we discuss what the casting of Callum Turner as Theseus Scamander means for the Fantastic Beasts movies, and whether he's a good match. We also talk about Pottermore's Book Club announcement. We have two questions for In the Common Room. First we talk about what pets we...


6: Back to School Shopping

New, edited episode up Thursday, April 5. It's time to go back to school shopping in Chapter 5: Diagon Alley. No Potterwatch this week, but we're missing Jackie. She'll be back next week! We discuss Potter merchandise In the Common Room. What's the most embarrassing thing we've ever bought? And, what do we wish was available for purchase? Unlike Harry, Archer and Brigid both cried the first time they stepped foot in Diagon Alley. But, Harry gets to buy a lot of cool (and more mundane)...


5: He's Not a Wizard!

New, edited episode up Thursday, March 29. We finally see some magic in Chapter 3, "The Keeper of the Keys." This week's Potterwatch is all about Jude Law's casting as the young-ish Albus Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts movies. Is he the right choice or would we have cast someone completely different? In the Common Room we ask each other what would have happened if our Hogwarts acceptance owls hadn't gotten lost. Would our 11 year-old selves have wanted to go to Hogwarts? And, more...


4: The Neighbors are Talking

New, edited episode will be up Thursday, March 22. Vernon's gone absolutely mad in Chapter 4, "The Letters from No One." But first, In the Common Room, we discuss which Harry Potter related event we were most excited about. Book release? Movie release? Fan tour? Convention? A really cool shirt? Who knows? Then we go onto the chapter where we wonder why Harry didn't open the letter in the hall in the first place. He tries valiantly, but just can't manage to get a letter. As Harry gets more...


2: Pottermore, You Don't Know Me

We're finally reading the books! But first, in Potterwatch, Archer and Brigid talk about the Potter franchises' first Academy Award, and whether it's overdue. Then, In the Common Room, they discuss the most important Potter fan question - What is your Hogwarts House? - and the less important question of their Ilvermorny Houses as well as how much say Pottermore gets in the whole matter. Archer and Brigid get entirely too into talking about the first chapter, "The Boy Who Lived." Vernon is...


1: Who in Merlin's Name Are You?

NEWLY EDITED VERSION! In the very first episode of Books and Cleverness, hosts Archer and Brigid introduce themselves. We learn exactly when and how the world of Harry Potter first enraptured them and how they met each other. (Hint: It's really nerdy!) You can also find out what to expect from Books and Cleverness, including how often we post, the format, and what we're going to talk about. Books and Cleverness is a weekly podcast, posted every Thursday, where Archer and Brigid discuss...