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Kevin and George are busy dads. They do Sci-Fi. New episodes every two weeks.

Kevin and George are busy dads. They do Sci-Fi. New episodes every two weeks.
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Kevin and George are busy dads. They do Sci-Fi. New episodes every two weeks.




EP. 65: The Last Questions by Isaac Asimov

"INSUFFICIENT DATA FOR A MEANINGFUL ANSWER" Isn't that what we're all after? A meaningful answer. So, in lieu of our Wrath of Khan episode, we are instead going to be doing another dramatic reading of a great Science Fiction Short Story. Join BUSY DAD George as he reads THE LAST QUESTION by the master Isaac Asimov. Asimov actually considered this short to be some of his finest work and, I must say, that I agree. It weaves a classic sci-fi tale of man wrestling with his own limits and...


EP. 64: Extinction is Extinct, But Not Dead

"We don't know what's good for us." --George As though we are going to find a diamond in the rough if we just keep sifting, Kevin and George return once again to the "treasure trove" of the Netflix Sci-Fi and Fantasy section. Only, behold, this time we find more than the usual absolute crap. Join us as we take a look at Extinction, which has recently been billed as "Netflix's first good sci-fi movie". Spoiler: it's not.. Come aboard! We take a “fly on the wall” approach to our...


EP. 63: Possessed by Possession's Possessiveness

"Heinrich was my favorite character." --George The BUSY DADS take the plunge on the 1981 horror/thriller/sci-fi cult classic POSSESSION. What seems to be the simple story of a spy being broken up with by his crazy wife ends up becoming so much more. What did you think, Listener? Join us! We take a “fly on the wall” approach to our listeners. As such, some of what we discuss falls into the realm of SPOILERS. Consider yourself warned. If you enjoyed BUSY DADS DO SCI-FI, please take...


EP. 62: Orbiter 9 On Fire

"Sorry to bother you." --Kevin We are back and "better than ever! So better in fact that we've decided to jump back into the dumpster fire that is Netflix's Science Fiction section to review ORBITER 9. Also, join us in the celebration that is the Busy Dads Do Sci-Fi Language extravaganza. We celebrate the many languages of the world by boldly watching a movie that is entirely in another one. WOW. We are so cultured. Next thing you know we'll actually be reading...


BDDSF CLASSIC: Ep. 33: The Return of Tarkovsky's Ghost (Stalker)

As if George's life wasn't busy enough, his favorite Russian film making antagonist is back from beyond the grave. Kevin and George sit down, crack a bottle of non-flavored seltzer (thanks, Vic) and talk about Andrei Tarkovsky's iconic masterpiece STALKER. Meditative. Beautiful. Mesmerizing. But, science fiction? Well, it doesn't really matter. Take the trip with us as we unwind what this moving piece of art did for our minds and for our souls. BIBLIOGRAPHY: STALKER, 1979, dir. by...


Ep. 61: Huge Peter Dinklage (Avengers: Infinity War)

"I love chaos!" --Kevin Kevin and George talk about the movie that the entire planet has seen twice. The culmination of 18 movies and 10 years of movie making and it, SOME HOW, did not manage to let George (a dedicated Marvel fanboy) down in the slightest. Come and listen to find out how this movie was JUST LIKE Kevin's 8 year old son's birthday party All this AND MORE as the Busy Dads take on AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR! BIBLIOGRAPHY: Avengers: Infinity War, 2018, dir. by The Russo...


EP. 60: Sci-Fi Shorts Round Up (Oats Studios' Adam)

"...shorter." --Kevin In this episode we take another look at Neil Blomkamp's Oats Studios and their new three part short series, Adam. What did it do for us? What could it do for you? How does one tell a vast story in such a tiny amount of time? Why are some better than others? We answer absolutely none of those questions and, instead, just make fun of each other for most of the episode. However, it's still a good time. Check us out.


EP. 59: Not The Man From Earth Sequel (Mr. Nobody)

"That doesn't sound right. That sounds negative." "It sounds fecal." How can one movie make George go from crying during the viewing to throwing a keyboard at Kevin while discussing it the next day? How can the same movie have Kevin pontificating about the mortality of the Cyclops in the Odyssey and also begrudging Jared Leto for not looking homeless enough? How can one movie elicit such different responses from two ENTIRELY RATIONAL (I know) people!?! How?!? This is the paradox of...


BDDSF CLASSIC: Ep. 20: Sleep Exhaustion, Parsecs and the end of MAN FROM EARTH

This time BUSY DADDIES Kevin & George walk through the quiet cult film MAN FROM EARTH. Kevin discusses the vast differences between sci-fi authors Yoss and Richard K. Morgan. George lavishes praise upon the podcast WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE and how it reminds him of some of his favorite, humor filled, Sci-Fi works. We come full circle back to MAN FROM EARTH in a breakdown of laughter and celebration of the shittyness of that movies ending. Hope you enjoy. SPOILER POLICY: We take a “fly on the...


EP. 58: Altered Carbon Dies At The End

"If you just wanna hear the Altered Carbon part of the podcast, skip to 33 minutes 14 seconds." --George Don't worry. We certainly don't go out on a high note. As George and Kevin attempt to remove some potty humor from the show, we visit the cult film JOHN DIES AT THE END. Which, yes, was fantastic and we both loved. So, we also talk about the shit that was the Netflix series ALTERED CARBON. Kevin's hopes of a decent adaptation are dashed and George revels in the idea of what could...


EP. 57: Oh! So WE Are The Apes. Or Are They US?!

"Oh, so we're still talking about the birds and the bees here." --George We have just recently watched WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES (I know, we're late). So, the Busy Dads decide to go back and talk a bit about all the Planet of the Apes movies. To George they're an integral part of his childhood science fiction experience, to Kevin it's just some apes throwing poop. See who wins. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Original series Planet of the ApesBeneath the Planet of the ApesEscape from the Planet...


EP. 56: Flying Horses and Fish Sex (The Shape of Water)

"Is this a documentary?" --Kevin Guillermo Del Toro has served us up the perfect mix of Swamp Thing and Amelie that we've all been waiting for. With a combo like that how could you possibly go wrong? Well, according to one of us you cannot and according to another one of us it just doesn't matter. Join us for the masterpiece that is our low-level aggression at each other over THE SHAPE OF WATER. Enjoy and keep coming back. BIBLIOGRAPHY: The Shape of Water, 2018, dir. by Guillermo...


EP. 55: Is Anybody Out There (The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers)

"Listener drive." --George The Busy Dads jump into the vast world created by novelist Tim Powers in his 1997 fantasy/sci-fi/period/action/time-travel epic THE ANUBIS GATES. Ever wonder if you can outrun a 15 foot tall magic clown in 19th Century London? Well, you can't. Come and join us for the ride. BIBLIOGRAPHY: The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers We take a “fly on the wall” approach to our listeners. As such, some of what we discuss falls into the realm of SPOILERS. Consider yourself...


EPISODE 54: Dark Toilet (Black Mirror, Season 4, Ep. 1)

"Is BLACK MIRROR the visual answer to everything that I critiqued about BRIGHT?" --Kevin Everyone's darling dystopian Sci-Fi series is back, but this time there's a bit of a twist. We start off the season on a bright palette homage to original Star Trek? Say what?! Join the Busy Dads as we discuss the beginning of the fourth season of Black Mirror. Take the ride with us and let us know what you think. We take a “fly on the wall” approach to our listeners. As such, some of what we...


EPISODE 53: Not So Bright

"Bright is not a movie" --Kevin David Ayer and his best friend Will Smith can never make a movie together again after Suicide Squad. So they have come to Netflix. They've teamed up with Joel Edgerton for a cop movie meets fantasy wannabe epic. This is BRIGHT. We didn't hate it. Well, the collective "we". Kevin totally hated it. Come and listen to what went wrong, what went right and why either of us care enough to call a movie out for not being better than it could...


EPISODE 52: Did I Stutter? (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

"Whatever you do don't pull your punches!" --Kevin Star Wars is known the world around. It's pervasive and it's iconic. The Busy Dads have watched the most recent entry into the Star Wars saga, THE LAST JEDI directed by Rian Johnson (Brick, Looper). We share a bottle of seltzer and discuss whether or not it's possible for a movie called STAR WARS to actually NOT be STAR WARS. We also talk about whether or not that really matters and how much are we going to try to NOT like something even...


EPISODE 51: The Gods Are Angry (Stranger Things 2)

"The name of this episode should be DO WE HAVE TO?" --Kevin After a well-written and critically acclaimed first season The Duffer Brothers return to Netflix with STRANGER THINGS 2. Kevin and George revisit their favorite characters from Hawkins, Indiana and even take a kinda "meh" side trip to Chicago, Illinois. What worked and what didn't? Did we still care? How long can they keep this series going on just the ultimate beauty that is Steve Harrington's hair? Find out all of this and...


EPISODE 50: The Last Night of the World by Ray Bradbury

"What would you do if you knew this was the last night of the world?" For our Thanksgiving special Busy Dad George does ANOTHER reading of a great Ray Bradbury short. This time around it's THE LAST NIGHT OF THE WORLD. What better way to be grateful for all that we have, than to be reminded that likely in another universe there is a version of you that is standing in a post-apocalyptic rubble just trying not the break his glasses. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. See you in two...


EPISODE 49: Loved Ones On Fire (Alien: Covenant)

"I think that believes how in depth you are." --Kevin (tired and still on East Coast time) It's a sequel to Prometheus. It's also a prequel to Alien. Oh, and it's a prequel to Alien Vs. Predator. Wait. No. It's a prequel to Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem. So, that makes it a sequel to Predators also. Well, ALIEN: COVENANT already has a lot of dings in its armor. Divorced from all that continuity mess, how does this Ridley Scott movie stand up on its own...


EPISODE 48: Last Episode Plus 30 Years (Blade Runner 2049)

"Stupid people ruin shit." --George As part of our exploration of all things Blade Runner, the Busy Dads take a solid look at the new sequel to the cult classic. What does a movie like Blade Runner 2049 mean for the modern cinema experience? Do quiet, meditative movie experiences have any chance against the behemoths of Disney's Marvel and the endless spawn of sequels and franchise wannabes? Just how DAMN good was this movie? Find out and we dive in head first into Blade Runner 2049 on...