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A Digital Day in 2025 - Part Two - Creative Futurism

The year is 2025 and the world is a very different place. We have automated homes, self driving cars, and even drone delivery systems. Most importantly, we don’t use cash anymore. All of this, supposedly, makes life so much easier. With all of this technology what could possibly go wrong? Join John for part two of this peek into a future with “A Digital Day in 2025”, written by Jake Thomas.


A Digital Day in 2025 - Part One - Creative Futurism

The year is 2025 and the world is a very different place. We have automated homes, self driving cars, and even drone delivery systems. Most importantly, we don't use cash anymore. All of this, supposedly, makes life so much easier. With all of this technology what could possibly go wrong? Join John for a peek into a future with part 1 of our 2-part radio drama "A Digital Day in 2025", written by Jake Thomas. Come back in two weeks for Part 2!


Technopacolypse Now! - Creative Futurism

Bob Gleason, Editor at Tor Books, joins John and Kevin, to discuss the devolution of world democracies, threats of nuclear standoff, and existential threats to democracy at large. Relevant links:


Super Secret Identities - Creative Futurism

This week John and Kevin discuss Kevin’s upcoming projects; ‘Avatar Dreams’, and ‘Uncharted: Lewis and Clark in Arcane America’, as well as Cambridge Analytica and if Avengers: Infinity War can live up to its hype.


Paying It Forward—Creatively - Creative Futurism

Kevin and John discuss the obligations, and advantages, of successful creators and innovators passing along their skills to the next generation, with a focus on Kevin’s cornerstone “Superstars Writing Seminars,” now in its tenth year.


My Life in Comics: A Day in the Life of a Super Editor - Creative Futurism

Jake Thomas, Editor at Marvel Comics for projects including Avengers and Thor, speaks with John and Kevin about his journey to working with Marvel, and a day in the life of an editor.


It Came from the Slushpile - Creative Futurism

Editor Lisa Mangum talks about sifting through mountains of submissions from aspiring authors at a mid-sized publishing company, and the criteria she uses to select which ones are ready for prime time. Lisa also talks about assembling the new UNDERCURRENTS anthology to raise money for the Don Hodge Memorial Scholarship fund. For more on "Undercurrents: An Anthology of What Lies Beneath" with selections from Kevin J. Anderson, edited by Lisa Magnum. Download John's new book Breaking Digital...


Bioengineering Superhumans: Fact not Fiction - Creative Futurism

Ira Pastor, CEO of biotech company Bioquark joins John and Kevin to deliver the message that super powers derived from animal genes are quickly becoming science fact, not fiction. From tissue regeneration, to fighting cancer, to augmenting memory, Pastor shares the research process that is driving innovation in the future of biological transhumanism. Preorder Kevin's new comic with Stephen Sears, Stalag X on Amazon Preorder John's book Breaking Digital Gridlock on Amazon


Be Nimble: Publishing in the 21st Century - Creative Futurism

Editor, bestselling writer, publisher—and former pro golfer and tournament poker player—Dean Wesley Smith shares his roller-coaster career of riding the waves and surviving the crashes of the turbulent writing/publishing industry. Learn more about Dean Wesley Smith at


Putting Games into the Hands of Authors, Creating and Playing Stories - Creative Futurism

Jean Leggett, the force behind, talks about the gaming industry and new ways for authors to take control over developing story-based games with her platform. Related links: Jean's Ted Talk: Transcription: John: Hello everyone and welcome to this episode of Creative Futurism. My name is John Best. Kevin: And my name is Kevin J. Anderson. And I am sitting out here in the mountains of Colorado hauling up so...


Self Sovereign Identity: The Future of Owning your Digital Life - Creative Futurism

John and Kevin are joined by Kaliya Young, aka Identity Woman, to explore the burgeoning concept of 'Self Sovereign Identity'. Learn how decentralized identifiers and verifiable claims may very well give you the keys to owning your digital identity in the same way you own your physical one. Related Links: Full Transcript: John: Hello everyone and welcome to this episode of Creative Futurism. This is John Best. Kevin: And this is Kevin...


Zombies, Traditional Publishing, and Indie Publishing - Creative Futurism

Just after the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, we had zombies on our mind (and spoilers!) Kevin discusses his brand new novel in his series featuring Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. and transitioning those books from a traditional publishing house to his own new-model indie press, a path that many authors are being forced to follow. Relevant links: Join the Wordfire Readers Group Buy Kevin’s latest book “Tastes Like Chicken” Pre-order John’s book “Breaking Digital Gridlock” Transcript:...


Free Cookies and our Increasingly Digital Lives - Creative Futurism

In this episode, John and Kevin traverse the breakneck changes of the digital landscape and how they are affecting our society. Join us to explore the future of digital identity far beyond the dreaded password, the growing polarization of our news consumption, and learn about the Squatty Potty that stalked John through the entire internet. Relevant links: Join the Wordfire Readers Group Pre-buy John's book "Breaking Digital Gridlock" Buy Kevin's latest book "Tastes Like Chicken"...


Immortality and Superpowers: All about Avatars - Creative Futurism

Doctor Harry Kloor from the XPRIZE Foundation talks with Kevin and John about the new Avatar XPRIZE to develop augmented separate avatars, remote bodies that allow humans to do remarkable things, like surgeons operating on patients through telepresence, exploring hostile environments, and extending the human body.


Inspiring the next generation to the stars - Creative Futurism

Lance Bush, President of the Challenger Learning Centers for Space Science Education talks about his mission to interest kids in pursuing careers in science and engineering, how to motivate the next generation to truly look to the future. “The first person who will walk on Mars is alive today and in a classroom somewhere.” For more information about Challenger Learning Centers, or to donate, visit Full Transcription: Kevin: Welcome to Creative Futurism podcast. I’m Kevin...


AI: The Disruptor of the White Collar Workforce - Creative Futurism

John and Kevin sit down with futurist Brett King, author of 'Breaking Banks' and new title 'Augmented', for a conversation about how the next wave of AI and automation will vastly alter the white collar work force. What will 'work' look like in age of AI? Is Universal Basic Income the model that will allow for society's smooth transition to this new world? Dive into the conversation and find out. For more about Brett's books, podcast, and speaking engagements, visit Buy...


Force fields, Ray Guns, and Science Fiction Weapons - Creative Futurism

Retired Air Force Colonel Doug Beason, former head of Air Force Space Command and member of the President’s Science Council—as well as bestselling thriller and science fiction writer—discusses new advances in physics, active-denial microwaves, and weapons concepts you’ve only seen in science fiction, including the possible sonic weapons that may have been used recently at the American embassy in Cuba. Books by Kevin and Doug Kevin: Welcome to the Creative Futurism podcast. This is Kevin J....


Karma as Capital: The Future of Payments - Creative Futurism

In this episode, John and Kevin speak with payments expert Chuck Davidson, head of customer engagement at Card Free, about the future of digital consumer relationships and 'internet of character'. Chuck Davidson is Mobile payment innovator; designed, developed and launched Starbucks Mobile Payment - the largest mobile payment system in the US from idea to beta to 10,000+ store launch. Leader with 19 + years of successful product innovation experience in Payments, Loyalty and Consumer...


Industrial revolution in reading - Creative Futurism

“Mark Lefebvre, director of author relations for Kobo, one of the largest eBook readers and distributors, talks about the dramatic shift in reading, publishing, and bookselling with the advent of electronic books and eReaders like Kobo. It’s the equivalent of the Industrial Revolution in reading.” For a full transcription click here


Drummer for legendary rock group Jethro Tull—Doane Perry Full Transcription - Creative Futurism

How music has changed from when Doane Perry started with Jethro Tull to today. John Best, Kevin J. Anderson, Doane Perry Kevin: Welcome to the Creative Futurism podcast, bringing together the worlds of business, technology, and creativity. This is Kevin J. Anderson. John: And this is John Best. You’ll look at the world and the future in a whole new way. Kevin: Welcome to the very first episode of the Creative Futurism podcast. I am here with my co-host John Best from Best Innovation Group....