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Lesson # 48 - Back to School and Dragons

Summer is almost over so it is time to start preparing for a new school year filled with D&D clubs and D&D lessons! On this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt discuss tips for starting your D&D school campaign off right. Spoilers: It involves preparing the behind the scenes materials that are often underappreciated but essential for getting the most out of your D&D game! Did these back-to-school mentors help motivate you for the new year? Help them out by recommending...


Lesson # 47 - New Listeners and Dragons

A special lesson of Detentions and Dragons for new listeners! If you are reading this and you are new to the podcast, welcome to the podcast! Jumping into a new podcast can be difficult. However, in this lesson, Josh and Matt provide lesson suggestions for all types of listeners! This includes school teachers, club leaders, beginner DMs, and people just looking to hear some nerdy humor about D&D! Still have questions? Contact us via email: Thanks for...


Lesson # 46: Summer Camp and Dragons

Grab your bugbear spray and your folding boat and paddle your way down to Camp Bugbear! On this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss planning, organizing, and implementing a D&D summer camp for kids. Does Dave Starchild survive his tenure as summer counselor?! This is Josh's first time editing and episode! Congrats!! Did these D&D counselors help you earn some 5E merit badges? Help them out by recommending Detentions and Dragons to a friend, teacher, or student. New listeners are the best way to...


Lesson # 45 - Kids and Dragons

Another special Detentions and Dragons Lesson! This time Matt interviews Curt Bolin of the Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters podcast, a D&D 5th Edition live play podcast starring him and his twin daughters Sammy & Birdie. The topic: Top 5 Tips for playing D&D with younger kids! If you are interested in introducing D&D to kids, this is well worth the listen! You can find more info on Curt and Dungeons & Dragons, & Daughters at the...


Lesson # 44: - Q & A: Part 2 and Dragons

Part 2 of our special two-part Q & A lesson! Josh and Matt are on a roll! After answering two D&D questions, they go back into the mailbag, pick out two more easy questions, and attempt to use their experience to answer your DMing questions. They are having a blast. Segment: You might be a Dungeon Master.... The Riddler. The answer is revealed! If your correct answer is randomly selected from all of the correct responses, you will win a hand painted mini fig by Josh! Some...


Lesson # 43 - Q & A: Part 1 and Dragons

A special two-part Q & A lesson format! Josh and Matt channel Tom and Ray Magliozzi of Car Talk to fix your Dungeon Mastering Questions. How successful are they? Questionable. But at least they are having a good time doing it! The Riddler. Send your answer to The Riddler to: If your correct answer is randomly selected from all of the correct responses, you will win a hand painted mini fig by Josh! Did the Car Talk boys of D&D help you fix your campaign with...


Lesson # 42 - Wolfgang Baur and Kobold Press and Dragons

A Detentions and Dragons' First! Josh and Matt interview Wolfgang Baur, the "Kobold in Chief,โ€ founder, and owner Kobold Press. On this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Wolfgang discusses with Matt and Josh all things D&D. Especially about the campaign setting of Midgard! This is a fantastic conversation with a gaming industry veteran that shouldn't be missed! Did this interview inspire you to pursue new avenues in D&D? Help them out by recommending Detentions and Dragons to a friend,...


Lesson # 41 - Summer Gear and Dragons

The Detentions and Dragons boys are back! They aren't in the classroom and their board shorts are a little sandy, but they have made their way back into the studio to introduce a little summer fun to your D&D campaign. This lesson: Summer Gear. While not required to have an excellent outing, the right vacation equipment can add a lot to your summertime experience. The same holds true to D&D! Why not stow away that gloomy pipes of haunting and bust out that beach gear! Don't have any? Josh...


Lesson # 40 - Graduation and Dragons

School is out for summer!!! With empty desks and empty classrooms, Josh and Matt sit back and recount adventures from their D&D games in club and in the classroom. No rules, No lesson plans, just two teachers telling stories about the fun they had playing D&D with their students over the 2017 - 2018 school year. Highlights from their adventures include: -3 to 4 player characters pretending to be a tall goblin. -Scrunt II Son of Scrunt. -Josh making a questionably powerful player...


Lesson # 39 - Last Day of Club and Dragons

IT'S PARTY TIME!!!! ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽ‰ In this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss the Last Day of Club! Whether or not you started your campaign the first week of school or you gathered the courage to play some D&D in class, the end of the school year is here and you and your players deserve a fun conclusion to their D&D experience for the 2017 - 2018 school year. The last session will go by fast so use this episode as your to-do list at your last day of club. And don't worry, this is NOT the last...


Lesson # 38 - Final Boss and Dragons

A power-hungry antagonist approaches and presents to you an impassioned speech. It speaks of a diabolic plot or perhaps disillusioned plan. You and your party disagree. You draw your weapons and ready a fighting stance. The lights go dim. The antagonist changes to its true form. A soundtrack with a dramatic score emphasizes the gravity of the situation. Is it the fate of world that will be decided by the outcome of this battle? Or is this simply one last fight for survival? Regardless,...


Lesson # 37 - Boss Dungeons and Dragons

In the lesson, Josh and Matt jump on the home remodel band wagon and rebrand themselves as dungeon fixer uppers. Why have your player characters run through that same old dungeon?! Just remove that old green avocado owlbear, knock down that load-bearing wall of illusion, and add in some modern trap elements! Seriously though, Josh and Matt look at Boss Dungeons. The end of the school year is near and campaigns need to come to a close. The final dungeon is your students' last chance to...


Lesson # 36 - Wand of Wonder and Dragons

Bust out your percentile dice and roll for a random effect! Detentions and Dragons have their most random episode to date! They asked for new effects for the Wand of Wonder, a magic item in D&D 5e that casts random effects from a random effect table, and the listeners delivered. In this lesson, Josh and Matt go over their favorite listener submitted homebrewed effects for the Wand of Wonder. Effects include berating spectral parrots, glitter, and more! Hosts from the Block Party Podcast...


Lesson # 35 - Modifications and Dragons

Mods. We use them to transform good games into better looking, more playable, and more enjoyable experiences. D&D is not an exception! In this lesson, Matt and Josh talk about rule modifications for D&D. Often times, DMs need to some tricks to maximize the gaming experience. They discuss a variety of tactics they use and mods you should consider implementing in your school or personal campaign. Matt is equipped with Dungum (definitely not Gundam) armor. Gorgonzola makes his...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 34 - Slang Part 2 and Dragons

Lesson # 34 Agenda Word up! Josh and Matt go hard in the paint again to discuss more important vocabulary for D&D 5th Edition. Will it give you street cred in the average social circle? Probably not. However, knowing this basic vernacular will make you look legit at your next D&D session or convention. Josh got a sweet D&D tattoo. Check his tattoo and him out @ProfessorOlaf Gorgonzola the elderly elf makes an appearance. The cannon of fast travel didn't shoot Smeagle Bobson all that...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 33 - Springtime and Dragons

Lesson # 33 Agenda Howdy! Now just don't just sit there like a bump on a log! It is springtime on the Detentions and Dragons hobby farm and there are plenty of chores to do. Do you want to help out by feeding the spring chimera? Or if you are looking for some adventuring, how about solving that mystery involving some curious hibernators? The world is waking up again, kiddo! Time to dust off those adventuring boots and get to work! On this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss Springtime and how...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 32 - Contests and Dragons

Lesson # 32 Agenda Many DMs know that a player character can open a door by rolling a high enough number on an ability check. But what happens when that door is sentient and fights back? This situation calls for a 1v1 D20 roll-off, a contest. On this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss the a special variation of ability checks called contests. They discuss what contests are, when to use, and how to run them in a 5th edition game. They also provide several common and uncommon examples of...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 31 - Shopping Spree and Dragons

Lesson # 31 Agenda You've defeated the dragon and taken it treasure, you've bested the wizard and won their gold, or you read your book and earned your Havoc coins. It is now time to relax, sip on a coffee, and go shopping!!! On this lesson, Josh and Matt travel to the fictional town of New Trollsburg to buy some magic items designed by Josh and Matt! Need some new kicks? Head on down to Amberzombie and Witch! Need a dodge ball that sends you to a dodge ball dimension? You can totally...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 30 - In-Class Currency and Dragons

Lesson # 30 Agenda Want a good reason to integrate D&D into your curriculum? How about this number for you: 5,000. This is the cumulative number of hours students in Josh's classes have read books outside of school. And a major driver behind this stat is Havoc. On this episode, Josh and Matt talk more about Havoc, the modified D&D 5E system that Josh uses in his classroom. Specifically, they discuss the in-class currency system used in his yearlong campaign and how students power up...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 29 - Spell Slots and Dragons

Lesson # 29 Agenda Spells Continued! In this lesson, Josh and Matt finish their topic from last week by examining the topic of spell slots, D&D's spell management system. They also discuss a way to clarify spell slots to new players using everyone's favorite building block, LEGO. Healy McHealerson shows up to help explain spells. Matt steals Josh's idea for a magic item and uses it against him. Exit Ticket: Item Review - Well of Many Worlds Have these two D&D Car Talk boys helped you...