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Lesson # 81: Spring Spells and Dragons

We are back from Spring Break! On this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt talk about the homebrewed Spring Spells for your D&D 5th Edition game. You and your players (at least in the colder climates) survived a harsh winter. Why not celebrate the new season in your campaign with some lighthearted spells. Some of them are a bit wacky, but we are pretty proud of them! Did these two teachers help revivify your campaign with some fun homebrew? Help Josh and Matt out by...


Lesson # 80: Four Forgotten Actions and Dragons

On this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt talk about the forgotten actions and abilities of D&D 5E. New players will always remember the basic actions like attack, cast a spell, and move. But what about the humble second wind or channel divinity?! This lesson goes over four of the most common forgotten abilities that they have seen in their D&D club campaigns. The DM is both a storyteller and a teacher. So teach your players to utilize all the skills in their character's...


Lesson # 79: Rolled and Told and Dragons

On this special lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Matt and Josh interview Christina “Steenz” Stewart. Steenz is a cartoonist, co-creator of the Dwayne McDuffie Award Winning Graphic Novel Archival Quality, and Associate Editor at Lion Forge Comics. The topic of today's interview: Rolled and Told comics. Rolled and Told is one part DM module, one part comic, all parts fun! I always say that each interview is fantastic but this was honestly one of my favorites. Not only is this episode an...


Lesson # 78: Critical Core and Dragons

On this special lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Matt interviews Adam Davis and Adam Johns of Critical Core. Critical Core is an RPG that helps kids on the autism spectrum build real-life skills through a fantasy role-playing game. It is also a great entry point for players new to RPGs! We have had Adam and Adam on before to talk about their non-profit Game to Grow and how they use therapeutic RPG sessions to help young people develop social skills and confidence. They were great then. They...


Lesson # 77: Dungeon Master Screens and Dragons

On this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt talk about the Dungeon Master screen. The DM screen is a physical, typically cardboard, divider that separates the DM from the player characters. The purpose is simple: keep prying eyes away from the DM's campaign notes, maps, and stats. However, some DMs choose to forgo the screen. Is one play style better than the other? Josh and Matt discuss the pros and cons to both approaches! Also we have a new official twitter handle! You can...


Lesson # 76: Librarians and Dragons

On this special lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Matt and Josh interview writer Frances Sinclair. Frances is a librarian in Scotland and leads D&D activities in the library setting! The subject of today's lesson: tips for running D&D with kids at school. If you are still looking for information and inspiration on how to incorporate D&D into your school, especially as a librarian, than you will enjoy hearing all of Frances' insights! You can find out more about her and D&D...


Lesson # 75: An Ogre and His Cake and Dragons

On this special lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Matt and Josh interview writer Chris Walz. Chris authors and publishes one-shot adventures and other supplemental materials on the DMsguild. Chris is also the author of an engaging module for kids called an Orge and His Cake. The subject of the lesson: tips for running and writing D&D games for kids. If you are still looking for insights on how to make the game accessible for younger audiences then you must listen to this lesson! If you are...


Lesson # 74: Module Authors and Dragons

On this special lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Matt and Josh interview D&D module author Luciella Scarlett. Luciella writes and publishes modules, D&D adventures or campaigns used by DMs, for the DMs Guild. This is a fantastic interview and especially helpful for anyone interested in writing and publishing their own adventures. If you are interested, you can find a large collection of Luciella Scarlett's work...


Lesson # 73: Powerful Questions and Dragons

Powerful questions, or probing questions, are questions often asked by teachers to their students to draw out more thoughtful dialogue within the classroom discussions. However, on this episode of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt talk about how DMs and teacher DMs can use these style of questions in their sessions to draw out more meaningful player involvement. Be the guide on the side and not the sage on the stage! Did these two teachers and podcasters help you find the answers to...


Lesson # 72 - Movie Day: Krull and Dragons

Lesson # 50 Agenda I remember walking around the movie rental store in the 90s and seeing the cover of this movie. The image was of a man holding a boomerang that shot lasers. When I saw it streaming online, i knew this was a good opportunity to review it for the podcast. ... That was a questionable decision. Matt is once again joined by special guest and substitute co-host Rachel Nimlos, a former graduate of Matt's high school and an alumna of his D&D club! On this lesson they review...


Lesson # 71: Mundane Items and Dragons

On this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt talk about Mundane Items in D&D 5e. Mundane items are basic items in D&D with no inherent magical powers or fantastical elements. However, just because these items are common doesn't mean they can't be used in creative ways. In this lesson Josh and Matt look at some mundane items and discuss creative ways they can be implemented in your campaign setting. Don't just rely on spells and magical items. Let the constraints of mediocrity...


Lesson # 70: One-Shots and Dragons

On this special lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Matt and Josh interviews Adam DeWees of the One-Shot Onslaught podcast. The topic: one-shot campaigns! Do you have a group of students or friends who like D&D but can't commit to a multi-year campaign? Then one-shots, D&D campaigns meant to be completed in 2 - 6 hours, may be right for you. And the right person to teach you about one-shots is Adam DeWees! In his podcast, One-Shot Onslaught, Adam DMs a group of players and their player...


Lesson # 69 - Common Mistakes and Dragons

On this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt talk about common D&D 5E rules mistakes. D&D is one of the most accessible and streamlined editions of D&D. However, there are still some rules that aren't completely intuitive and even the most experienced players can get them wrong. This lesson highlights five of those mistakes. How far can a halfling jump? Do we need to include a segment on cute kittens? Did these two teachers provide you with an answer key to your rule...


Lesson # 68 - Feats and Dragons

On this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt talk about feats! Some players enjoy playing the generalist. However, for those players who are looking to focus on a particular niche or play style, feats can help fill that need! Josh and Matt talk about the pros and cons of feats in their classroom campaigns, some of their favorites, and a couple to look out for as well. Also, maybe learn about homonyms??? Did these two teachers help you find the feat that will help you become a...


Lesson # 67 - Player Character Resolutions and Dragons

New Year's Resolutions: -Attune self to nature. -Travel more. -Upgrade player character game. In this lesson, Josh and Matt talk about things to be a better player character in the 2019 year. We hope your 2019 is filled with many more exciting D&D Adventures! Detentions and Dragons is a proud member of the Block Party Podcast Network! Check out our show and other great D&D and gaming podcast at or where ever you download podcasts!


Lesson # 66 - Story Time: 2018 and Dragons

The holiday tradition returns! To celebrate the holiday season, Matt gives Josh the present he wants most in life: a chance to talk about fun stories from his D&D games. Listen as Josh and Matt ramble on and embellish their stories and inside jokes from their personal campaigns around the fireplace! Music: Brother Christmas by Lemon Yellow Hayes ( Fireplace Sound Effects: hansende...


Lesson # 65 - Deck of Many Holiday Things and Dragons

The Deck of Many Things is a legendary wondrous item in 5th edition D&D that causes game making or game breaking effects for any player character that chooses to draw from this magical set of cards . However, there has never been a Deck of Many HOLIDAY things. A deck based solely around campaign altering effects with a holiday twist. On this episode, Josh and Matt present the cards that they, their fellow podcasters, and listeners created for this deck! If you are looking to add some holiday...


Lesson # 64 - Havoc: Physics and Dragons

Professional Development Time is Back! Today Josh and Matt discuss how to run a physics lesson using the Havoc Classroom RPG system. If you have been unsure what a content driven lesson of Havoc looks like, regardless of the subject you teach, you should listen! Even non-teacher can find a technique or valuable insight to utilize in their own home campaign. Did these teacher trainers provide you the lessons and confidence to run D&D in your classroom? Please rate and subscribe to...


Lesson # 63 - NPCs and Dragons

Every great DM wants to have an inspiring cast of characters with varied backgrounds and intriguing histories. However, what happens when your players decide to stray off the critical path to buy a pretzel? You can panic. Or you can improv a fun NPC! On this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt discuss making NPCs on the fly and provide tips to help DMs with one of the more challenging narrative aspects of being a DM. A DMs' secret weapon: Lists! Smeagle Bobson returns... Did...


Lesson # 62 - Alignment and Dragons

Character Alignments: Does your player character save the cat or do they save their time and steal a bunch of gold? On this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt discuss character alignments. As a player, deciding how a player character responds to in-game events can be challenging. However, the character alignments system helps to guide players into deciding how their Lawful Good Paladin or Chaotic Neutral Wizard would really act under pressure. There are nine options. Some are...