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Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 34 - Slang Part 2 and Dragons

Lesson # 34 Agenda Word up! Josh and Matt go hard in the paint again to discuss more important vocabulary for D&D 5th Edition. Will it give you street cred in the average social circle? Probably not. However, knowing this basic vernacular will make you look legit at your next D&D session or convention. Josh got a sweet D&D tattoo. Check his tattoo and him out @ProfessorOlaf Gorgonzola the elderly elf makes an appearance. The cannon of fast travel didn't shoot Smeagle Bobson all that...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 33 - Springtime and Dragons

Lesson # 33 Agenda Howdy! Now just don't just sit there like a bump on a log! It is springtime on the Detentions and Dragons hobby farm and there are plenty of chores to do. Do you want to help out by feeding the spring chimera? Or if you are looking for some adventuring, how about solving that mystery involving some curious hibernators? The world is waking up again, kiddo! Time to dust off those adventuring boots and get to work! On this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss Springtime and how to...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 32 - Contests and Dragons

Lesson # 32 Agenda Many DMs know that a player character can open a door by rolling a high enough number on an ability check. But what happens when that door is sentient and fights back? This situation calls for a 1v1 D20 roll-off, a contest. On this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss the a special variation of ability checks called contests. They discuss what contests are, when to use, and how to run them in a 5th edition game. They also provide several common and uncommon examples of contests...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 31 - Shopping Spree and Dragons

Lesson # 31 Agenda You've defeated the dragon and taken it treasure, you've bested the wizard and won their gold, or you read your book and earned your Havoc coins. It is now time to relax, sip on a coffee, and go shopping!!! On this lesson, Josh and Matt travel to the fictional town of New Trollsburg to buy some magic items designed by Josh and Matt! Need some new kicks? Head on down to Amberzombie and Witch! Need a dodge ball that sends you to a dodge ball dimension? You can totally...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 30 - In-Class Currency and Dragons

Lesson # 30 Agenda Want a good reason to integrate D&D into your curriculum? How about this number for you: 5,000. This is the cumulative number of hours students in Josh's classes have read books outside of school. And a major driver behind this stat is Havoc. On this episode, Josh and Matt talk more about Havoc, the modified D&D 5E system that Josh uses in his classroom. Specifically, they discuss the in-class currency system used in his yearlong campaign and how students power up their...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 29 - Spell Slots and Dragons

Lesson # 29 Agenda Spells Continued! In this lesson, Josh and Matt finish their topic from last week by examining the topic of spell slots, D&D's spell management system. They also discuss a way to clarify spell slots to new players using everyone's favorite building block, LEGO. Healy McHealerson shows up to help explain spells. Matt steals Josh's idea for a magic item and uses it against him. Exit Ticket: Item Review - Well of Many Worlds Have these two D&D Car Talk boys helped you...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 28 - Spells and Dragons

Lesson # 28 Agenda Welcome to the Dungeon and Dragons sponsored by Detentions and Dragon first annual spelling bee! Listen as Josh spells the names of monsters from D&D lore! The competition is intense. And the stakes are even direr as Josh plays for his own job! Once that is over, Matt and Josh tackle spells and spell management. While one of the most robust and entertaining elements of D&D, understanding the premise, requirements, and management can be daunting for new DMs and players....


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 27 - Spring Break and Dragons

Lesson # 27 Agenda Grab your beach D20, put on your +1 Flip-Flops of Relaxing and join Josh and Matt as they celebrate the American school tradition of SPRING BREAK! In this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss how they integrate "Spring Break" into their classroom and club campaigns. Have your students' take a break from the dungeon delving life style and try one of their techniques to add a little variety to your main campaign. Beachcomber Chad makes his premiere appearance on the...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 25 - Wizards v. Sorcerers and Dragons

Lesson # 25 Agenda Two spellcasters enter the ring. Only one will exit. On this lesson Josh and Matt discuss wizards and sorcerers. Sure they are synonyms in layman's terms, but in D&D 5E their are stark and powerful differences. Is magic powered by brains or bloodline better? Find out! Matt rants about random things. Matt also thinks Josh might have told his greatest lie yet. Hint: It is about random in-game effects. Gold Star Winner: Teachers. It is a difficult time in the school...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 24 - Trouble Makers and Dragons

Lesson # 24 Agenda Roll a D20 and make a perception check. OK. With that roll, you see a figure off in the distance. It is menacing, sneaky, and attention seeking. You have a right to be cautious. The being you see is... THE TROUBLE MAKER! On this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss strategies to work with trouble makers, players who intentionally or unintentionally disrupt the game with unsportsmanlike conduct. Player conduct management is a difficult and often times unavoidable. However,...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 23 - Healing and Dragons

Lesson # 23 Agenda Your players have won the battle but few encounters end without a scar or two. In this lesson, Josh and Matt talk about healing in D&D 5E. The concept is basic but foundational to a player unfamiliar with tabletop RPGs. Delirium sets in as Matt tries to stave off the flu enough to make it through a lesson. Does he succeed? Overall, yes. But his Robert Frost bit was the price we all paid for this lesson. Smeagle Bobson gets a Mountain Dew can to the head. Goldstar...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 22 - Homebrewed Items and Dragons

Note: When recording, Matt forgot the AC adapter to his mixer. As a result the whole episode was recorded using a single USB microphone. If this is your first episode, try any of our other lessons for better audio quality. Matt's bad! However, this make shiftsolution fits into our lesson's theme: Homebrewed Items. Agenda for Lesson # 22 In this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss ideas regarding when and why to make customized items for your school or personal campaign. They also discuss some...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 21 - Movie Day and Dragons

Lesson # 21 Agenda On this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Matt is joined by a special guest and substitute co-host Rachel Nimlos, a former graduate of Matt's high school and an alumna of his D&D club! The topic? Well, it is a favorite of student's and a nice quick lesson plan for ill or busy teachers: Movie Day. Matt and Rachel review Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire and discuss its value as inspiration for your campaign or for your students. Spoiler: Patrick Stewart is a dragon...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 20 - Conditions and Dragons

Lesson # 20 Agenda Are you feeling ill? Stuffy nose? Are you rolling with disadvantage? Well, we here at Detentions and Dragons are here to unconditionally help you get over what ails you: Status Conditions. -In this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt discuss conditions, status debuffs, that affect how characters and creatures interact in the game. -D&D Club Shout Out: Bremer Dungeon Crawlers in Queensland, Australia. -Dedicated to the Paladins of Sick Kick Flips.


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 19 - Ability Checks and Dragons

Lesson # 19 Agenda I want to jump across a canyon. Ability check. I want to break through that door. Ability Check. I want convince someone a normal duck is actually a unicorn. ...ability check. This week, Josh and Matt discuss the basics of ability checks in D&D 5E. They also review their tips to manage ability checks in their game. (i.e. no one wants 2 hours of perception checks) Gold Star Winner: RPG Crunch Support Community. A new Facebook group dedicated to providing info about...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 18 - New Year's Resolutions and Dragons

Lesson # 18 Agenda New Year's Resolutions: -Drink more water. -Get swole. -Upgrade my DM game. In this lesson, Josh and Matt talk about things they want to do to be better teacher DMs in the 2018 year. Exit Ticket: Item Review - Folding Boat. Is it a boat? Yes. Is it wondrous? Yes. Is it a canoe or a dinghy? Up for debate... We hope your 2018 is filled with many exciting D&D Adventures!


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 17 - Story Time and Dragons

Lesson # 17 Agenda To celebrate the holiday, Matt gives Josh the present he wants most: a chance to talk about fun stories from his D&D games. Listen as Josh and Matt ramble on and embellish their fun stories and inside jokes from their personal campaigns around the fireplace! Music: Brother Christmas by Lemon Yellow Hayes ( Fireplace Sound Effects: hansende ( Happy Holidays!! And...


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 16 - Holiday Themes and Dragons

I need you to roll a...gingerbread check??! In this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss holiday world building tips and some recommendations regarding how to engage your students or players in the fantasy holiday setting. Important Update: Dice Drive. When you buy a set of dice from from Dec. 14th - Dec 26th 2017, they will donate two sets to a school group. Ultra rad. Smeagle Bobson returns. Weaselmas I guess could be a thing now.


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 15 - Pilot and Dragons

Lesson # 15 Agenda Boot up your flux capacitors, grab a snack, and head into the past with Josh and Matt. In this previously unreleased lesson, Josh and Matt meet to record their pilot episode of Detentions and Dragons. The theme: their top 5 tips for running at D&D game at school. Proto-Item Review: Matt and Josh review a few different items. Some pretty boring. Some pretty awesome! Thanks again for joining us on this trip down memory lane!


Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 14 - Participation and Dragons

Lesson # 14 Agenda ... ... ...I don't want to write this summary. JK! In this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss techniques to encourage participation in your classroom or traditional D&D game. Again, it is hard to believe people wouldn't want to try, but it happens! Exit Ticket: Gold Star Winner - DM and Blogger @grand_dm. This person has been DMing for 3 decades is is filled with boundless knowledge to improve your game! Thanks for subscribing and the awesome iTunes reviews!


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