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Lesson # 64 - Havoc: Physics and Dragons

Professional Development Time is Back! Today Josh and Matt discuss how to run a physics lesson using the Havoc Classroom RPG system. If you have been unsure what a content driven lesson of Havoc looks like, regardless of the subject you teach, you should listen! Even non-teacher can find a technique or valuable insight to utilize in their own home campaign. Did these teacher trainers provide you the lessons and confidence to run D&D in your classroom? Please rate and subscribe to...


Lesson # 63 - NPCs and Dragons

Every great DM wants to have an inspiring cast of characters with varied backgrounds and intriguing histories. However, what happens when your players decide to stray off the critical path to buy a pretzel? You can panic. Or you can improv a fun NPC! On this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt discuss making NPCs on the fly and provide tips to help DMs with one of the more challenging narrative aspects of being a DM. A DMs' secret weapon: Lists! Smeagle Bobson returns... Did...


Lesson # 62 - Alignment and Dragons

Character Alignments: Does your player character save the cat or do they save their time and steal a bunch of gold? On this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt discuss character alignments. As a player, deciding how a player character responds to in-game events can be challenging. However, the character alignments system helps to guide players into deciding how their Lawful Good Paladin or Chaotic Neutral Wizard would really act under pressure. There are nine options. Some are...


Lesson # 61 - Cantrips and Dragons

On this lesson, Josh and Matt talk about their favorite cantrips in D&D 5th edition. And we are not necessarily talking about the most powerful cantrips but level-0 spells that they think are fun and add an interesting dimensions to any campaign. They also try to answer this question: What is a pebble? Did these teacher teach you the difference between gravel and pebbles??? Please rate and subscribe to Detentions and Dragons! Or help Josh and Matt out by recommending Detentions and...


Lesson # 60 - Character Creation and Dragons

Josh and Matt are joined by founder of the Block Party Podcast Network, Mitch Connelly! The topic: Character Creation tips. Character creation, often referred to as "session zero" can be a textbook slog through stat blocks and dice rolling or an engaging and interactive gaming experience in its own right! Mitch prefers the latter and we do too. This lesson will review DM tips to make character creation a fun experience for all involved. And if you enjoyed listening to Mitch go check out...


Lesson # 59 - Halloween 2018 and Dragons

Trick-or-Treat! Dressed in festive Halloween garb, Matt and Josh make their way through the spooky avenues of New Trollsburg. Will the residents give them any treats? Or will they be haunted by all tricks? Nope. All Tricks. Let's hope they survive!!!! *evil laugh......* On this lesson, Matt and Josh talk about cursed homebrewed items for your Halloween session of Dungeons and Dragons. Homebrewed items are always a fun way to add flavor to a campaign. But watching your players squirm as the...


Lesson # 58 - Podcasts and Dragons

On another special interview lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt interview Josh Lorimer from the Sneak Attack! podcast. The subject: How to Start and Run a Real Play Podcast! With over three years of experience running and participating in real play D&D podcasts, Josh brings a well spring of insights that will help anyone looking to start their own podcast adventure. Josh Lorimer is also a busy person and is producing a lot of content for those in the gaming community to enjoy....


Lesson # 57 - Conventions and Dragons

On this special interview lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt interview Michael Ross of The RPG Academy Podcast. The topic: How to get convention ready! D&D and Gaming conventions are a great place for players to connect with like-minded individuals around the game that they love. However, conventions for can be intimidating. This lesson will provide some tips and insights from Michael Ross about what he does to make his convention experience a fun and memorable one! Also, hear...


Lesson # 56 - Game to Grow and Dragons

On this special lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Matt interviews Adam Davis and Adam Johns of Game to Grow, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that uses therapeutic social skills groups to help teens build real-life social skills. Listen to hear about how these dedicated individuals ventured into the unexplored realm of therapeutic gaming, what these sessions look like, and the successes they are having with teenagers using these innovative methods. Seriously, this episode will tug at your...


Lesson # 55 - TPK and Dragons

The Total Party Kill (aka TPK) is a term used to describe a scenario in which all player characters are defeated. However, it is the decision of the DM to decide if the TPK is a tearful epilogue to a campaign or a plot device to drive the narrative forward. Also, it is a downer when your students lose!!! On this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss their philosophy behind the TPK and three ways to redefine the TPK for your club or home campaign. Did these teacher provide you with some insight into...


Lesson # 54 - Intro to Havoc and Dragons

Professional Development Time: We have talked about it but now its finally here! Josh and Matt discuss how to run your first session of Havoc in the classroom. This introduction focuses on aspects such as what modifications were made, why they were made, and how to run the lesson step-by-step in class. If you have been on the fence about how to jump into a game of D&D in the classroom, this is the place to start. We are only sorry that listening to this lesson probably wont count at towards...


Lesson # 53 - Dragon Heist and Dragons

A new school year means new textbooks! This week on Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt take a look at the new module Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. Reason why we like it include: -Easy to follow structure. -Flowcharts. -Dynamic Visuals. -Scenarios that promote creative problem solving. This module is worth checking out! Especially for new DMS, or DMs of new players. Matt also discusses his module he will maybe make some day: Hedgehog Heist: Heist of the Potato Salad. We hit some major...


Lesson # 52 - DIY and Dragons

Josh and Matt get crafty! With the cost of dice these days, why not bust out the glue gun and make some supplies for your D&D classroom. On this lesson, Josh and Matt talk about some fun and inexpensive craft projects for your D&D campaign. -Josh gets artsy with details on making antiqued paper. -Matt talks a lot about Noosa Yoghurt Did these DIY teachers help inspire you start a new project for your D&D campaign? Please rate and subscribe to Detentions and Dragons! Or help them out by...


Lesson # 51 - Dungeon Master's Block and Dragons

A special crossover lesson of Detentions and Dragons!!! Recently, Josh and Matt were invited by DM Mitch and DM Neal to be guests on the Dungeon Master's Block! The subject: using real world places as inspiration for your D&D creations. Our crossover lesson includes "the meat" (the discussion portion) of DM's block episode 162. For those of you unfamiliar with the DM's Block, it is the podcast where the hosts talk about the most important person in the game, the dungeon master. The only...


Special Lesson: AetherCon and Dragons

On this special lesson of Detention and Dragons, Josh and Matt interview Chris Malidore, Jon Frater, Stephen J. Holodinsky, and Peter Bryant of AetherCon! AetherCon is Tabletop RPG convention hosted entirely online. If you are interested in learning more about all the fun games you can play, panels you can attend at this convention, and more then this episode is for you! Did these teacher mentors motivate you to get Convention Ready? Please rate and subscribe to Detentions and Dragons! Or...


Lesson # 50 - Movie Day: The Sequel and Dragons

Lesson # 50 Agenda They said it was impossible. They said it couldn't be done. They were wrong. Movie day returns. Matt is once again joined by special guest and substitute co-host Rachel Nimlos, a former graduate of Matt's high school and an alumna of his D&D club! On this lesson they review the movie Willow! Lots of Owen Wilson references. Lots of references to Van Kilmer 😊 Hey, you!!! That cool listener listening to this podcast! Please rate and subscribe to Detentions and Dragons!...


Lesson # 49 - Campaign Outlines and Dragons

Planning a campaign can be one of the most exciting parts of the game for DMs. However, when running a game within a limited time frame (one school year sounds like a lot of time but it does go by quickly), a DM needs to be flexible and adapt their storytelling to fit these constraints. On this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss the campaign outline techniques to help teacher DMs have a productive and less stressful D&D game at school. Thanks to Kevin MacLeod for allowing us to us the song I...


Lesson # 48 - Back to School and Dragons

Summer is almost over so it is time to start preparing for a new school year filled with D&D clubs and D&D lessons! On this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt discuss tips for starting your D&D school campaign off right. Spoilers: It involves preparing the behind the scenes materials that are often underappreciated but essential for getting the most out of your D&D game! Did these back-to-school mentors help motivate you for the new year? Help them out by recommending...


Lesson # 47 - New Listeners and Dragons

A special lesson of Detentions and Dragons for new listeners! If you are reading this and you are new to the podcast, welcome to the podcast! Jumping into a new podcast can be difficult. However, in this lesson, Josh and Matt provide lesson suggestions for all types of listeners! This includes school teachers, club leaders, beginner DMs, and people just looking to hear some nerdy humor about D&D! Still have questions? Contact us via email: Thanks for...


Lesson # 46: Summer Camp and Dragons

Grab your bugbear spray and your folding boat and paddle your way down to Camp Bugbear! On this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss planning, organizing, and implementing a D&D summer camp for kids. Does Dave Starchild survive his tenure as summer counselor?! This is Josh's first time editing and episode! Congrats!! Did these D&D counselors help you earn some 5E merit badges? Help them out by recommending Detentions and Dragons to a friend, teacher, or student. New listeners are the best way to...