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40 - The Doctor is In (Worldbuild)

Hey and welcome to an Express episode of Double Issue. We had limited recording time with our guest John, but we made the best of it. We design a bad guy team to take on Aegis, and let's just say you better be eating an apple a day or they'll come to take you away. Join us next week for finally our story episode with the prompt Alternate. Art by Lisa Prather: Instagram / Website Email: Daniel Twitter Quentin Twitter Website / Twitter / Facebook...


39 - Landslide (with Matt Ryan) (Worldbuild)

We had a week off and we still don’t have stories for you this week. Instead, everyone should grab their gun and join in because we got ourselves a prison break. Matt Ryan joins us once again to follow-up on an event we touched on in the Amazing Richard episode he guested on previously. So, plug in those earbuds and melt into the sonic landscape that is Matt Ryan. Find Matt Ryan on Twitter And Cartridge Blowers (Twitch or YouTube) And Stuff Weekly Art by Lisa Prather: Instagram /...


Bonus - My Filler Academia

In this episode of Tangent-Cast (the podcast within a podcast for when Quentin and Daniel don’t have their stories ready) we discuss the anime My Hero Academia. This is about general feelings, thoughts, and ideas that span the first three seasons of My Hero Academia. It’s full-on SPOILERS from the start (just a heads up). We don’t actually get too deep into the show. This is geared toward fans waiting on the season 4. We’ll be back next week with regular...


38 - Ichaival (Worldbuild)

It's still the season of Fall-ow up and we intended to do a sequel to The Martian Timeline episode. That fell apart, so here's more about our martian hero, Ichaival! Consider it the spiritual successor to the martian timeline. We dig into Ichaival's hero origins, a potential lover, and stumble over way too many anime related girls turning into legendary...


37 - Sequel (Stories)

Ever wondered what happened after Bison and Wisp fought that big monster in the streets of the Citadel? Or whatever happened after Michon hacked some pirates and then the prison ship which he inhabited? Well, what a weird pairing of things to wonder about, but have we got a great episode for you! We revisit some stories and layer some lore on top of them. Enjoy the stories and your Halloween day! Remember, if you’re reading this the day of release, you still have the rest of the day to...


Bonus Bethesda Talk

No real episode today. We had an episode we were recording fall apart and the next one won't be finished until later this week. So, enjoy our talk about some Bethesda games and such. Also, remember to get your entry in for the Double Issue Fan Creation Pumpkin Rapper contest by Wednesday October 31st. You can win a pumpkin rapper funco pop and whatever you create can be integrated into our Superhero Universe. So, enjoy and get to creating while you still have some time.


36 - Citadel Teamwork (Worldbuild)

The First Guest Josh has joined us once again for a follow-up to the first Citadel episode. We didn't think it would take this long, but it has. Join us as we create some awesome, and not so awesome teams that fight kaiju and crime in the commonwealth, more colloquially known as The Citadel! And remember! Submit your fan creations for a chance to win a Pumpkin Rapper funko! Send us your idea for a charter or someone’s theme song or a character doodle to...


35 - Part III (Stories)

This week we’re tacking on some stories to our previous two-parter Cliffhangers and Resolutions. If those resolutions weren’t enough for you, you’re going to love this one. If you thought those stories ended just fine, well hold on while we destroy those happy endings. Join us next week when we finally finally, (hopefully?) actually get into the Citadel Part 2. And remember! Submit your fan creations for a chance to win a Pumpkin Rapper funko! Send us your idea...


34 - Immortal Reggie (World Build)

Come one! Come all to the Double Issue Podcast extravaganza! This week, we learn about the Immortal Reggie in a world-building episode. It’s a little longer than our usual episodes because Daniel was in charge of editing and isn’t as good at this. Next week we’re kicking off Fall-ow-Up Month with Part III to our Cliff Hanger and Resolution stories. And remember! Submit your fan creations for a chance to win a Pumpkin Rapper funko! Send us your idea for a...


33 - Avalanche (Stories)

Sometimes everything is still and quiet. Then it all comes crashing down at once on you like an AVALANCHE! Well, this week we are writing stories about that second thing. Get ready for adventurous stories that keep picking up momentum. So get to listening to join the Garg, Spell Squadron, Defendant Defender, Legal Genie Broadband, Dial-Up, Baron Von Kill, Count Smackdown, and (introducing) Guardian Girl! And remember! Submit your fan creations to for a chance to...


32 - Amy Double Dangerous the Sequel (Worldbuild)

You thought there would be stories this week, but instead it's just more Amy Dangerous. We went back and answered some of the lingering mysteries of the character and introduced some fun new side characters and villains. Also spoilers if you haven't listened to the episode yet, but we're having a Double Issue Fan Fiction Pumpking Rapper Giveaway Contest. Submit your fan fic of all sorts to and if we pick you as the winner, your story will become canon in the...


31 - Amy Dangerous (Worldbuild)

Last week were our first Amy Dangerous-centric stories, this week our first Amy Dangerous-centric Worldbuild. With a hero that's been there all along, we end up going kind of everywhere with this one, but I think we got some good bits out of it and we do end up learning more about Amy even if we don't quite nail everything down. Have fun listening and catch you next week! Email: Daniel Twitter Quentin Twitter Website / Twitter / Facebook /Wordpress /...


30 - Void (Stories)

Finally some stories about that good ol' Amy Dangerous. We know you been clamoring for this one. This also features Quentin's most personal story to date. But fair warning, that story does deal with the feelings of depression and a discussion is had about that afterwards, so if that feels like something you just can't right now, go ahead and peace out after the discussion of Daniel's story. Otherwise enjoy the show and check out the awesome Amy Dangerous art we commissioned from...


29 - Zombpocalypse City (Worldbuild)

Diving into the good good zombie fiction. We mentioned The Amazing Richard once zombified a whole city. In this episode we figure out what that was all about. So join us as we grope through the dark and finally find that sweet soul meat of the good bits of worldbuild, just like our zombie friends. Email: Daniel Twitter Quentin Twitter Website / Twitter / Facebook /Wordpress / Discord Art by Lisa Prather: Instagram / Website Songs: Freeharmonics by The...


28 - Everyone is Drinks (Stories)

Technically out on Monday, so it’s not late, is DRINKS! Grab a drink and join us as we bring you the drinkiest stories yet. The episode is a cocktail of strange babies and jubilant parties waiting to be crashed by supervillains. Tweet us what you drank during this episode and we’ll match a hero to your drink. As best we can anyway. See you next week, dear readers! Email: Daniel Twitter Quentin Twitter Website / Twitter / Facebook /Wordpress / Discord Art by...


27 - Villains Part Five (Worldbuild)

Finally, we have reached the end of the Villains Worldbuilding. We had some laughs, we had some cries. But now we must, say goodbye. To this worldbuild. It feels like it's been an eon since we started making bad guys, and I swear once you listen to this episode this sentence might be a bit funny. Regardless, we'll hit you next week with those drink stories. Evil Quentin, signing off. Email: Daniel Twitter Quentin Twitter Website / Twitter / Facebook /Wordpress /...


26 - Villains Part Four (Worldbuild)

The Penultimate Villains Episode has arrived! That's right, only one more week after this one and we'll have villain'd all the heroes. In this one we tease the imfamous Eon, we stick it to Rubber, and we rap with The Smashing Pumpkins. Enjoy, and join us next week for finally the finale. Love you guys. ;) Email: Daniel Twitter Quentin Twitter Website / Twitter / Facebook /Wordpress / Discord Art by Lisa Prather: Instagram / Website Songs: Freeharmonics by...


25 - Villains Part Three (Worldbuild)

This one is out a day late, but it's not a dollar short. In fact, it's a dollar long. If not more! We're back at it with these villains and a thing I realized while editing is that maybe the best villain, goes to one of the worst heroes? Can you figure out which one? If so, tweet us your guess and the first correct answer will win that long dollar we have. Or some swag equivalent like a button. Email: Daniel Twitter Quentin Twitter Website / Twitter / Facebook...


24 - Villains Part Two (Worldbuild)

We're back again creating those emissaries of evil known as Villains! Did we make a villain based off of Quentin's Sister's nickname? Did we craft a villain that was actually a chicken operating a large systems of levers and pulleys? Did Daniel say the last name McElroy weirdly? Listen to find out! Spoilers: Yes, No, and Always. Also, check out 2 Pods a Day to get a couple cool indie pods everyday! Email: Daniel Twitter Quentin Twitter Website / Twitter /...


23 - Villains Part One (Worldbuild)

Have you been falling behind on these episodes? Have you been wondering why we don't have more villains in our universe? Well that this episodes salve both of those wounds. We recap heroes starting from the beginning and we give each of them a villain to fight. And we don't get very far, so join us in the weeks to come as we Villain every Hero in the Double Issue Universe! Cool Pods we mentioned: Spoop Hour and The Feminist Critique Also, check out 2 Pods a Day to get a couple cool indie...