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12 - Spell Squadron (Worldbuild)

In Episode 3, we introduced the Spell Squadron and hinted at the team it was before. Now, we dive into that team that was before. Do you wonder about Captain Havoc’s parents? Is Ms. Mist a mystery to you? Where is WhereWolf? All these questions are answered and more in SPELL SQUADRON. Email:


11 - Underworld (Stories)

Usually on this show we try to do some worldbuilding, but this time, we’re going below that. TO THE UNDERWORLD. Be it the criminal underworld or a weird indie short film that probably more accurately links to the prompt underground, we got you covered. Email: doub [...]


10 - Artificial Insurrection (Worldbuild)

Remember in the Robot episode where we referenced there was a Robot Uprising event? Well, here it is! Get ready to be dazzled and feel feels. It’s a long one, but the universe really starts to feel alive with an event like this. So Enjoy! If you already have this episode downloaded, this is the version with the fixed audio. Otherwise, Welcome back to Josh Freeman’s Double Issue Podcast. The only podcast where you can get stories straight from the creator of the Double Issue Universe, Josh...


9.5 - League of Elemental Animals (Worldbuild)

A special bonus episode for a special bonus day. I am of course talking about the day after Quentin’s birthday. Which is the day after the day after Daniel’s birthday. Hope you enjoy the extra content where we come up with some more animal based heroes for that crazy league we occasionally mention. Then join us on Thursday for our regularly scheduled episode where we’ll jump head first into the Robot Uprising Event! Also email us with the subject line Application and tell us your animal,...


8 - Quake (Worldbuild)

This is it, listeners. The Episode that SHAKES everything up. This episode really ROCKS. Join us as we flesh out the backstory of none other than Quake! This was a really fun one to record and we hope you have fun listening. It’s an episode that really pulls you in. Get it? Gravity! See this all the people I lost to in Punderdome? I can do puns! I swear!


7 - Resolutions (Stories)

It’s the one you’ve all been waiting for! The conclusion to the Cliffhangers from two weeks ago. I have a friend who nods to the resolution of any movie he’s watching. I’m sure he’ll be nodding this whole episode. And not nodding off, these stories are action-packed. Email:


6 - Centauri (Worldbuild) (w/ Josh Freeman)

Lightyears beyond the other worldbuilding. Both in a quality sense and in a sense that it’s in space! Join us as our friend Josh joins us to craft up an alien species only briefly mentioned in a story before this. Hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording this one. Enjoy! Email:


5 - Cliffhanger (Stories)

Are you ready to have to wait for the next episode to get the resolution you crave? Then have we got a show for you! This week is the first part of a two-parter as we set up unresolved stories that we’ll finish up in two weeks. The Twist? We’ll be finishing each other’s stories. Hope you enjoy the setup and hope we can get ourselves out of these ones.


4 - Aegis (Worldbuild)

Everything is different! The world is in chaos! Can’t just one thing stay the same? No. Thus, we break our streak of stories to bring you a full on worldbuilding episode. Hope you like it. There’s going to be one every other week from here on out. In this Daniel and Quentin tackle the biggest and most super of the super groups of this world briefly mentioned in a previous episode. And no I’m not talking about the superpowered animal team. We’re saving that gem for a live show. Email:...


3 - Reflections (Stories)

It’s time to look at yourself in the mirror this week as we tackle the prompt Reflections. Be prepared for a critical look at all your shortcomings and flaws, but also look to finde the spark of light in you that keeps you going. You do that self-reflection and meanwhile we’ll tell you some superhero stories. Email: Website / Twitter /


2 - Robots (Stories)

This week we tackle the prompt Robots. Then we get into the meaty question of are robots people? Turn out yeah. We answer that question pretty fast, but you won’t believe what we tackle after that!!?!?!>???!?!? Email:


1 - Rooftops (Stories)

The first episode! Join us as we embark on the journey of exploring this Super Hero universe. We read some stories and ask some questions about the world in general. This weeks prompt is Rooftops, so join us there as we take a cursory look out at our super world. Stories: “Bison & Wisp Issue #1″ by Daniel J. Pool “Hyperions Seeds” by Quentin A. Pongratz


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