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27 - Villains Part Five (Worldbuild)

Finally, we have reached the end of the Villains Worldbuilding. We had some laughs, we had some cries. But now we must, say goodbye. To this worldbuild. It feels like it’s been an eon since we started making bad guys, and I swear once you listen to this episode this sentence might be a bit funny. Regardless, we’ll hit you next week with those drink stories. Evil Quentin, signing off. Email: Daniel Twitter Quentin Twitter Website / Twitter / Facebook /Wordpress /...


26 - Villains Part Four (Worldbuild)

The Penultimate Villains Episode has arrived! That’s right, only one more week after this one and we’ll have villain’d all the heroes. In this one we tease the imfamous Eon, we stick it to Rubber, and we rap with The Smashing Pumpkins. Enjoy, and join us next week for finally the finale. Love you guys. Email: Daniel Twitter Quentin Twitter Website / Twitter / Facebook /Wordpress / Discord< [...]


25 - Villains Part Three (Worldbuild)

This one is out a day late, but it’s not a dollar short. In fact, it’s a dollar long. If not more! We’re back at it with these villains and a thing I realized while editing is that maybe the best villain, goes to one of the worst heroes? Can you figure out which one? If so, tweet us your guess and the first correct answer will win that long dollar we have. Or some swag equivalent like a button. Email: Daniel Twitter Quentin Twitter Website / Twitter / Facebook...


24 - Villains Part Two (Worldbuild)

We’re back again creating those emissaries of evil known as Villains! Did we make a villain based off of Quentin’s Sister’s nickname? Did we craft a villain that was actually a chicken operating a large systems of levers and pulleys? Did Daniel say the last name McElroy weirdly? Listen to find out! Spoilers: Yes, No, and Always. Also, check out 2 Pods a Day to get a couple cool indie pods everyday! Email: Daniel Twitter Quentin Twitter Website / Twitter /...


23 - Villains Part One (Worldbuild)

Have you been falling behind on these episodes? Have you been wondering why we don’t have more villains in our universe? Well that this episodes salve both of those wounds. We recap heroes starting from the beginning and we give each of them a villain to fight. And we don’t get very far, so join us in the weeks to come as we Villain every Hero in the Double Issue Universe! Cool Pods we mentioned: Spoop Hour and The Feminist Critique Also, check out 2 Pods a Day to get a couple cool indie...


22 - Tabula Rasa (Stories)

This week we finally get around to the stories with the prompt Tabula Rasa. Also It’s sort of a blank slate for the show as this is our first episode for releasing on Mondays. Even if we just barely made it for this one. Enjoy the stories and see you next week. Hopefully earlier . Shows we talked about: Sequel Rights (twitter) and


21 - Martian Timeline (Worldbuild)

This week we’re doing another worldbuild due to Quentin moving (although maybe he’d get more done without Assassin’s Creed Origins). But it’s not just any worldbuild. This time we try using an rpg to help us along. Let us know if you like this experiment, because we think it turned out really well and would like to incorporate more storytelling games into our worldbuild in the future. For now, enjoy finding out some of what happened on Mars before the martians came to Earth. July we are...


Totally Filler - Solo: A Star Wars Tale

No stories or worldbuilding this week. Quentin is moving and Daniel is working on some double top secret side projects this week, so we needed a week. Instead of a regular episode, enjoy this spoiler-free-ish review of SOLO. However, there are some spoilers for the Return of the Jedi and the Prequels. We are joined by Mike Sandberg and Ian R. Buck. This is episode was also aired on the Nexus TV and


20 - The Sensational Six (with Marcel Pérez) (Worldbuild)

This week Daniel and Quentin go to Hollywood. A place they know little about. Luckily they’re joined by Marcel Pérez a real life Hollywood guy. So, come along for the ride as we build a team that puts the real in reality television. You can find Marcel Pérez on Instagram, Twitter, and on his podcast: Giving Credit(s) Email: Daniel Twitter < [...]


19 - The Citadel (Worldbuild)

This week Joshy Guy joins us to dig into The Citadel. It’s been around since episode one, but we don’t really know much about it. We, after some back and forth, finally get an origin to the city as well as some heroes to flesh it out a bit more. Get your lasers ready for this one, because it’s a wild ride. Email: Daniel Twitter Quentin Twitter Website /


18 - Starship Crash (Stories)

This week we get back into action with a pair of stories about starship crashes. The prompt was provided by Beth Lindly from when she was a guest for Monster Crew. Our stories cover a few origins for an established character and a few brand new ones. We’ll be back next week with another world building episode where we explore the depths of Citadel City. Email: Follow


Totally Not Filler - Avengers: Infinity War

No stories or worldbuilding this week. We’re taking a break and you’re getting something we recorded a month ago and Quentin never got around to editing. UNTIL NOW. Spoiler warning for Avengers, and Rogue One. If a movie talk isn’t really your thing, go ahead and skip this one, but remember to come back next week when we finally bring you those stories from the prompt: Spaceship Crash.


17 - S.W.O.R.D.S. (with Ian R Buck) (Worldbuild)

This week Ian R Buck joins us to make a group fed up with the superness of the superheroes. Will we reveal what S.W.O.R.D.S. stands for? Will we revisit a concept we came up with in episode one? Will Daniel bring up Darby O’Gill again? Listen to find out! But if you want spoilers the answeres are Yes, yes, and no.


16 - Monster Crew (With Beth Lindly) (Worldbuild)

This week Beth Lindly joins us to create a team of supernatural beings. Will we make a vampire? Will we make a werewolf? Will we discuss how you could make being that is a vampire and a werewolf for so long that Quentin has no choice but to cut the whole thing so we can get the show going? Listen to find out! Che [...]


15 - War (Stories)

To continue up our quest for supreme search engine optimization in the wake of Avengers: Infinity War, we follow up the infinity prompt with the War prompt. Perhaps the prompt should have been Garth though as we both go in a Garth-related direction. Enjoy the stories and join us next week for another worldbuilding guest episode. Email:


14 - The Amazing Richard (with Matt Ryan) (Worldbuild)

Have we got a show for you this week! Not only do we have a super special guest this episode, we’re finally telling all about The Amazing Richard. His origin has been a mystery since his introduction in Episode 2, and now we’re blowing up all his secrets. Just like he blew up that duck. Whoops, spoilers. Also, It’s Josh’s birthday today. He said all he wants as a gift is for you to review us in Apple Podcasts


13 - Aegis: Infinity (Stories)

With the release of Avengers Infinity War, we too will release the ultimate crossover episode. There are plenty of characters in each story this week. Would we claim infinity characters? I wouldn’t, but Daniel might. Whoops, I gave away who writes these. Enjoy these Aegis-themed stories on this most cinematic of weeks.


12 - Spell Squadron (Worldbuild)

In Episode 3, we introduced the Spell Squadron and hinted at the team it was before. Now, we dive into that team that was before. Do you wonder about Captain Havoc’s parents? Is Ms. Mist a mystery to you? Where is WhereWolf? All these questions are answered and more in SPELL SQUADRON. Email:


11 - Underworld (Stories)

Usually on this show we try to do some worldbuilding, but this time, we’re going below that. TO THE UNDERWORLD. Be it the criminal underworld or a weird indie short film that probably more accurately links to the prompt underground, we got you covered. Email: doub [...]


10 - Artificial Insurrection (Worldbuild)

Remember in the Robot episode where we referenced there was a Robot Uprising event? Well, here it is! Get ready to be dazzled and feel feels. It’s a long one, but the universe really starts to feel alive with an event like this. So Enjoy! Email: