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The Weekly LIVE 145 – Astral VTT Ends, More Savage Pathfinder, MyMiniFactory and Free RPG Day

Astral Virtual Tabletop has suspended active development, but is exploring ways for it to continue into the future. In the meantime, Astral will remain open as long as they are able to maintain their server costs. This is sad news and hopefully there will be some company interested in keeping it going. The platform had […]


The Weekly LIVE 144 – Mantic Boardgames, Backerkit Launches, Troll Trader Statement and Saudi Arabia Embrace

Mantic Games has announced that they will launch a new Boardgames Division. This will focus on family-friendly and licensed-IP games. They want to be able to create projects that will be crowd-funded on Gamefound and will be one and done including expansions that are funded. The idea is to free them from one the wargaming […]


The Weekly LIVE 143 – Secret Weapon Minis Closes, Teberu Still Coming, Cypher System OGL and Saudi Arabia Invests in Embracer Group

Secret Weapon Miniatures announced they will be closing back in August 2021. Now we have more details. It seems Trolltrader/TT Combat (TTC) has claimed claimed IP on their HD Bases Kickstarter Campaign, making it impossible for them to get the project sent out. SWM say the claims are false. This has caused the company to […]


The Weekly LIVE 142 – Warzone Eternal Cancelled, Caverns of Thracia, Embracer Preservation and Arkham Horror Audiobooks

Res Nova has decided to order a tactical retreat and cancel the Warzone Eternal Kickstarter campaign regardless of the fact that they hit their funding goal on the first day. In an update posted on crowdfunding page they point to a slowdown of funding growth and complaints varying from the high price of unit boxes […]


The Weekly LIVE 141 – Marvel Loses Conan, Free Quest RPG, More Batman and Thirsty Sword Lesbians Wins Nebula Award

Marvel Comics is losing the publishing rights to Conan the Barbarian. This may not be a bad thing as Conan was most recently introduced into the main Avengers continuity and teamed up with Wolverine and Venom to fight ninjas. He is also a member of the Savage Avengers. No thanks. Marvel first published the character […]


The Weekly LIVE 140 – QUARANTINE SPECIAL – Kickstarters with Guest Host Matt Robinson

WARNING: The audio quality this week was not ideal for Matt’s remote audio. Apologies for the difficult listening. We will find a better solution for next time. We just have one topic today – KICKSTARTERS A few examples of current crowdfunding campaigns. Warzone Eternal by Res Nova, Blade Runner by Free League and Household RPG […]


The Weekly LIVE 139 – The Last Prospector for Stargrave, D&D Beyond Handover, Role Players Doc and Reproductive Rights Bundle

The Last Prospector is a new campaign supplement for the sci-fi tabletop miniatures game Stargrave by creator Joseph McCullough. In this clever approach to a two-player campaign, the ten scenarios are not played in a narrative sequence, but are chosen by the winner of the previous scenario. There is also a Faction Standing mechanic where […]


The Weekly LIVE 138 – Everyday Heroes 5E, Return to Dark Tower RPG, Blade Runner’s First Million and GW Abandons Japan AGAIN

Evil Genius Productions is bring us the spiritual successor to d20 Modern with its Everyday Heroes RPG headed to Kickstarter on May 17th. Jeff Grub, an original co-creator of d20 Modern is also involved. This time the system will be using 5E D&D instead of 3rd edition and will also include licensed IPs with what […]


The Weekly LIVE 137 – WotC Ignores Original Creators, Modiphius Announces Cohors Cthulhu, Warzone Eternal Kickstarter Launch Date and Kutulu Hits Japan

Wizards of the Coast has announced the return of two popular settings now for 5E. Unfortunately, according to Twitter, Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis, creators of Dragonlance and Jeff Grubb, creator of Spelljammer, were not involved in the announcement and found out at the same time everyone did during the announcement. We talked previously about […]


The Weekly LIVE 136 – Dark Souls TTRPG, Asmodee Unbox Now, Million Dollar Babies and Not the Best

Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/upturnedtabletop The Dark Souls TTRPG by Steamforged Games is being reprinted due to printing and rules errors. Customers that ordered the $95 Collector’s Edition or preordered the Standard Edition will be sent a replacement. This is unfortunate and will probably create reluctance to try this system. Was this a simple version or […]


The Weekly LIVE 135 – Beyond the Gates of Antares 2E, Hasbro Buys D&D Beyond, Pathfinder 5E, Fearsome Wilderness RPG and 40k Birthday Cards

Beyond the Gates of Antares created by Tim and Rick Priestley and published by Warlord Games is being discontinued. The miniatures will continue to be produced by Skytrex. The game will get a free second edition from the original creators and a new website to support the game separate from Warlord. So players of the […]


The Weekly LIVE 134 – The Return of Space Dwarves, Cyberpunk Viking Women, Blade Runner Crowdfunding and FREE Stuff

Games Workshop has announced with a switcheroo April Fools joke that Squats will be returning to the Warhammer 40k setting. Now called the very trademarkable Leagues Of Votann, these space dwarf miniatures look a bit more generic than their original incarnation. This crosses off another longtime fan request following plastic Sisters of Battle from a […]


The Weekly LIVE 133 – Warcrow by Corvus Belli, Death in Space by Stockholm Kartell, Cortex Prime License 2.0 and Leatherbound 1E Books

Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/upturnedtabletop Corvus Belli has announced Warcrow, a new fantasy setting and miniatures game. The showed off a teaser trailer that was more of a logo reveal and a timeline for releases. The first release will be a dungeon crawling game in the Warcrow setting followed next year by the full miniatures wargame. […]


The Weekly LIVE 132 – Household RPG from CMON, Empire of the Petal Throne, D&D Skirmish and Roll vs Evil

An English edition of the Household TTRPG design by Italian studio 2LM Press is being released by CMON who recently purchased the studio. The setting involves playing Littlings, small creatures like Faeries and Boggarts that originated in European folklore. Some disturbing information has come out concerning the creator of the Empire of the Petal Throne […]


The Weekly LIVE 131 – Alien RPG Tie-in Novels, Return of Gold Box Games, CBR+PNK KS, Kickstarter Record

Free League and Titans Books will collaborate to publish three original novels that are tied into the AlienRPG campaign storylines. This project will be supervised by Andrew EC Gaska the writer of the Alien RPG campaigns. The original Dungeons and Dragons Gold Box games from the 1980s are returning to PC. Relive these classic early […]


The Weekly LIVE 130 – Itch.io Trans Right Bundle, WotC Sues TSR3 for Fraud, Warlock New Edition and New Dune Box Set

In response to Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Attorney General Office’s transphobic declarations, Itch.io has put together all of these games in support of trans rights. Wizards of the Coast sues TSR3 for found around their claim to the trademark and the TSR logo. Warlock! by Fire Ruby Designs gets a new addition with […]


The Weekly LIVE 129 – Mutant Chronicles 3E Ends, WizKids Monster Manual Vinyl Figures, Critical Role Elden Ring One-shot and Cursed City Returns

Modiphius announces the end of their license to produce the Mutant Chronicles TTRPG third edition. All of their current stock of MC material will be half price until June when it will be discontinued. This will also include the remaining stock of their Siege of the Citadel. Did that delayed Kickstarter have anything to do […]


The Weekly LIVE 128 – Warner Bros. Film Rights, Roll20 CEO, Kickstarter NFTs and Ultra Limited Edition Dune Corebook

As if they listened to last week’s episode, Warner Bros. defends their film right for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. This contradicts the report that the Saul Zaentz Company is meeting with potential buyers. Both parties have ben in meditation for some time concerning profits of the Peter Jackson films. Roll20 gets […]


The Weekly LIVE 127 – Lord of the Rings Film Rights, Bladerunner TV and League of Free Agents

The film right for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are up for sale. This includes live-action film. merchandise, gaming and live events rights. The owner is the Saul Zantz Company who has owned the rights since 1976 and is also in litigation with Warner Bros over profits from the two trilogies they […]


The Weekly LIVE 126 – NFTs are a Scam, Billion Dollar Wizards and Critical Colonizers

Both Itch.io and DriveThru RPGs have come out against NFTs. Wizards of the Coast becomes the first tabletop company to sell a billion dollars worth of player’s handbooks and draft boosters. Critical Role is being criticized for their new campaign’s SWANA (Southwest Asian/North African) setting. Support Us on DriveThruRPG (afilliate link): https://www.drivethrurpg.com?affiliate_id=2081746