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Episode 40: 80’s Explosion: Ready Player One and The Karate Kid

Welcome back! You’ve arrived at the Phantom Galaxy Podcast, a journey into all things science fiction, fantasy and horror. Nathan Bartlebaugh and Nathan Bell leap into unapologetic eye-rolling 80’s nostalgia, while rolling their eyes at unapologetic 80’s nostalgia. Fueled by Blueberry Moonshine, the guys talk about Youtube Red’s upcoming Karate Kid cash-in, Cobrai Kai, and then go down the rabbit hole of silly 80’s martial arts extravaganzas, paying some special attention to schlocky...


Phantom Galaxy Episode 39: Tomb Raider and Ash vs the Evil Dead

Welcome back! You’ve arrived at the Phantom Galaxy Podcast, a journey into all things science fiction, fantasy and horror. In this episode host Nathan Bartlebaugh is joined with guest host Nathan Bell as they look at the latest attempt to bring Lara Croft to the screen in Tomb Raider. They also reminisce about the game franchise and the success or lack-thereof of the previous movies. After that, we move from outlandish big-screen heroine to outlandish small-screen hero and discuss Bruce...


Phantom Galaxy Episode 38: Wrinkle In Time, Black Panther, Annihilation and more

After a hiatus, Phantom Galaxy begins it’s new season! We’re gonna kick things off with an episode recapping some of the stuff we missed while away. Nathan and Chris give you in-depth reviews of Black Panther, Annihilation and some of Netflix’s recent original ventures. We also talk about the recent Oscars and review some Doctor Who candy confections from Nathan also offers up a fresh spoiler-free review of Ava DaVerney’s Wrinkle in Time. Is it a new fantasy classic, or does...


Casting the Bones Episode 1

Welcome to the very first episode of ‘Casting the Bones’, a chilling new podcast dedicated to exploring the roots of horror fiction and folklore. Your hosts Nathan Bartlebaugh and Seth Dombach peel back the seemingly tranquil veneer of the normal to examine the weird, the strange and the terrifying lurking beneath the flesh and muscle of our stories to find the fear beneath. Consider this episode the prologue, as we discuss childhood fears and haunts and what things drew us to the...


Episode 37: Best Horror Movies of 2017

Now that all the tinsel and trees are put away and holiday festivities have been fully recovered from, Phantom Galaxy brings you the first of our ‘Best Of 2017′ podcasts. This time out, Nathan, Chris and Jason Kuppler bring you their top ten choices for the best horror movies of the year. So listen along, and let us know in the comments or on Facebook what your top ten choices are! SPOILER WARNING: We avoid most spoilers for the films mentioned, but proceed with caution. Our basic rule is...


Episode 36: Through the Black Mirror (Part 1)

Happy New Year from Phantom Galaxy! Seth and Nathan start the year out on a slightly bleaker note, by considering Charlie Brooker’s dark sci-fi phenomenon, Black Mirror. Set in worlds that feel devastatingly close to our own, Black Mirror often feels like Twilight Zone for pessimists. But underneath the grim exterior, there are worlds bursting with human truth and feeling, even if some of it doesn’t exactly shine a light on our better natures. In this first episode, Nathan and Seth...


Episode 35: Star Wars and The Last Jedi

Phantom Galaxy begins it’s daily podcast countdown to the New Year! Our first episode has an old friend returning from the past to offer counsel on the Force. Nathan Bell joins Nathan Bartlebaugh again, to talk all things Star Wars and then consider The Last Jedi and the intriguing backlash it seems to have stirred in some quarters of fandom. We’ll weigh in on Porgs and and whether or not we think Rian Johnson brought balance or disturbance to the Force with this ‘Jedi’. Finally we talk...


Episode 34: Cult Night–The Room and Windy City Heat

Oh, hi Mark! Welcome to Phantom Galaxy Episode 34. We return to kick off a big December full of podcasts with our first Cult Double Feature. Remember when looking in on and obsessing over the lives of seemingly mundane schlubs was the purview of the Truman Show? Reality TV vaporized that taboo long ago, and left us with a burnt-out wasteland of entertainment that sometimes still produces gems of absurdity. In this episode we look at two ’singular’ individuals and the movies and cults...


Episode 33: Thor Ragnarok Review

Welcome to Phantom Galaxy Episode 33. Positively tiny compared to most of our episodes, this one is a quick review of Marvel’s new Thor: Ragnarok. Nathan and Chris jump into a non-spoiler discussion of what you can expect from this latest jaunt into the world of Norse mythology and comic world-building. And there’s Goldblum, y’all! Phantom Galaxy is a genre podcast that releases every week. If you’d like to support the cast please subscribe free in iTunes, and leave a review for the...


Episode 32: Overlooked Horror Movies Part 2

Happy Halloween! Nathan, Chris and Seth bring you fifteen horror movies that may be considered underrated or maybe just overlooked. Across all subgenres and languages, we seek to bring you movies that will spook you, creep you out or just plain scare you. Check out this shivery episode and let us know which movies you think are underrated gems of the genre!


Episode 30: This Movie is a Hot Mess

Welcome to Phantom Galaxy Episode 30. Ever had that movie that was a certified clunker by everyone you meet, that resembles the inside of the microwave after an unfortunate burrito accident, but….you like it anyway? In this episode, Nathan, Chris and Seth discuss the ultimate ‘hot mess’ movies; films that aren’t ‘ so good they’re bad’ or eccentric cult items, but films that were heading somewhere but got lost somewhere in translation. There is no denying their failure in a conventional...


Phantom Galaxy Episode 27: Wicked Little Dolls

Welcome to Phantom Galaxy Episode 27. They sit there, they stare with their unblinking eyes, tiny artificial hands and painted mocking smiles, planning your doom. Nathan, Chris and Seth open up the pop culture attic and go looking for creepy evill dolls and demonic teddy bears. Here you’ll find Chucky, Annabelle, Talky Tina, and others. Join us for a march down the toy aisle of terror! Open PS to Slappy the Dummy: Yes, we forgot to mention you. Please don’t throttle us in our...


Phantom Galaxy 25: Between Two Lodges–Twin Peaks Episodes 9 through 12

Welcome to Phantom Galaxy Episode 25. Seth and Nathan continue their journey through David Lynch’s strange country of Twin Peaks: The Return. It’s been several episodes since the mind-bending, myth-busting epsidode 8, and fans of the original Peaks have been given much to rejoice over and even more to fluster over. This episode we delve into where Lynch really seems to be going with the overall arc of the show, teasing out the mysteries and guessing at what comes next. And of course,...


Phantom Galaxy Episode 22: War for the Planet of the Apes, Preacher, The Mist, Transformers: The Last Knight and Despicable Me 3

Welcome to Phantom Galaxy Episode 22. In this episode we get down to reviewing a handful of new summer movies and tv shows, including a special early review of Matt Reeves War for the Planet of the Apes. We’ll also take a look at the latest season premiere of AMC’s Preacher and Spike TV’s launch of The Mist. Chris laments the twisted desire to finish film franchises he’s already started with Transformers: The Last Knight and Nathan wearily explains what you can expect from Despicable Me...


Phantom Galaxy Episode 21: Between Two Lodges: Twin Peaks Episode 3.08

Welcome to Phantom Galaxy Episode 21, an impromtu Twin Peaks cast to commemorate the moment David Lynch broke cable television on June 25th, 2017. This episode is so strange, so out there Seth and Nathan had to sit down and talk it out. Don’t worry, we both need a break from Lynch….we’ll return you to your regularly scheduled programming soon… Note: This is complete spoiler territory. We discuss in detail events that occur in these five epsiodes as well as our theories about what’s...


Phantom Galaxy 20: Between Two Lodges: Twin Peaks Part 2

Welcome to Phantom Galaxy Episode 20. True friends and false imposters are uncovered as Nathan and Seth continue to follow the Lynch bread crumbs making their way back to Twin Peaks: The Return. This time around we focus in on epsiodes 3 through 7, and explore the themes of behavior, identity and sweeping a floor for a really, really long time. Note: This is complete spoiler territory. We discuss in detail events that occur in these five epsiodes as well as our theories about what’s...


Phantom Galaxy 19: Twin Peaks–Between Two Lodges

Welcome to Phantom Galaxy Episode 19. Time and space, good and evil, are turned upside down and topsy turvy as Nathan and Seth start their journey into Twin Peaks: The Return. In keeping with David Lynch and the nature of this fascinating and often bewildering experience, our series will be more of a stream-of-conciousness discussion as we consider and wrestle with the ideas, imagery and themes that form the bubbling surreal stew that is Twin Peaks. Note: This is complete spoiler...


Phantom Galaxy Episode 18: Don’t Be Afraid of the Shark

Welcome to Phantom Galaxy Episode 18, where Nathan and Chris sink below the waves to observe a world of gliding monsters and chum the depths of shark movies. We begin the episode with a new feature on the cast, ‘Phantom Rants’, where we hear from you about trends in sci-fi, fantasy and horror that really irk you. Tonight’s rant comes from Brian, who has cast an ‘ill eye’ on possession movies. Then, we review the new summer shark bait, 47 Meters Down with Mandy Moore and Clair Hoult. We...


Phantom Galaxy Episode 17: Monster Mash

Nathan, Chris and Seth dig up the classic Universal Monsters in tonight’s episode, looking at the studio’s glorious past and their dubious future in the business of monsters. All the greats are here–Wolfman, Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Gorilla Girl even drops by. Nathan and Chris also review It Comes At Night and Universal’s first trip to the Dark Universe, The Mummy. Come children of the night, join us! SHOW NOTES: Running Time:...


Phantom Galaxy Episode 16: Wonder Woman and Captain Underpants

Tonight’s episode is a shorter, experimental review episode as we look up in the sky and gaze at the two new superhero movies releasing this weekend. Nathan and Chris bring you a review of Wonder Woman directly after the screening, and Nathan’s son joins his dad to talk Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. Enjoy! SHOW NOTES: Running Time: 35:12 Introduction[ 00:55] Captain Underpants Review [ 00:7:40 ] Wonder Woman Review


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