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A UK based podcast for Warhammer Underworlds!

A UK based podcast for Warhammer Underworlds!
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A UK based podcast for Warhammer Underworlds!




Tournament Report - Waylands Forge Q2 Championship

Dan Dan and Ash made the trip over to Waylands Forge in Birmingham today for their Q2 Underworlds tournament a great event at a fantastic location check them out at the link below Well be recording another tournament roundup podcast soon with more details about the venue games and insights into how we played So keep an eye out httpswwwfacebookcomwforge


Tournament Report - Vault 14 Q2 Championship

Welcome back for another episode of Ready 4 Action Dan S Dan J and Josh head up to Doncaster in the UK to play in the Quarter two championship at Vault 14We thought wed try something different with this one recording a brief intro and then an overview after each round of how weve got onOne of us also brought home the trophy so we recorded the final which comes in after the outro music It recorded okay and we tried to describe what was going on whilst focusing on the game so thought it would...


Episode 1 - Intro, WHW Grand Clash and BARv2/FAQ

Welcome to our first episode of ready4action a podcast for Warhammer Underworlds In this episode we introduce three of group who are Dan 1 Ash and Dan2 missing Kev and Josh for this one giving a brief overview of our gaming history and then a quick rundown of our games from the Grand Clash that happened at Warhammer World in January Then we go into the BAR v2 the Errata and the FAQ that were released on Feb 18th by game Workshop this is very much a hot take and were reading some of the...