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Story and Universe development, each season will be spent on the development of a story arc in the Fey Realms universe.

Story and Universe development, each season will be spent on the development of a story arc in the Fey Realms universe.
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Story and Universe development, each season will be spent on the development of a story arc in the Fey Realms universe.






The Raven Queen Ep. 2- THE CHICKEN

The Raven Queen Continues! Join us as we discuss Tatiana's plans for revenge, the "Unbound", encounters with changlings, destiny, and a terrifying... Chicken? Find out what the HELL is going on in this episode of... THE RAVEN QUEEN With guests, Charlotte and Sarah, And your host, Trevor Sutton! Let's Create!


The Raven Queen Ep. 1- The Queen Returns

Welcome back to Story Arc! In this episode of Story Arc we see the end of the curse of the Raven Queen. Being freed from her Raven form and returned to full power, where will she go next? How will she get back to the Fey Realms to reclaim her throne? The Fantom Zone podcast joins us to find the answers. Listen along as we discover new demented characters and plot twists in.... THE RAVEN QUEEN With The Fantom Zone! And your host, Trevor Sutton. Let's Create!


Fable of Malachi -Reading-

A special reading of the entire Fable of Malachi- By Trevor Sutton


Fable of Malachi -Malachi's Demise-

Malachi's demise The years were unkind to poor malachi He was all twisted except for his eyes He crept through the house and kept to the dark He traveled through holes in search of his mark Poor Jenny was next he'd supped her before Her breath came labored but still he'd take more In flew a raven it penned the troll down It pierced his dark heart magick was unbound A curse was undone Tatiana surprised The fairies set free but Malachi died


Christmas Special!

A very special Christmas episode where the host, Trevor, and the illustrator, Sarah, discuss Fae traditions and holidays! Some are fun, some may be.... different than your usual Christmas activities...

Fable of Malachi -Fingernail Trolls-

Fingernail trolls Ireland they found was where they landed Dropped in a peat bog alone abandoned Dark magik they used from innocence wrung Breath they collected from young child's lung Their lust for power deformed their lost souls No longer fairy's for now they were trolls Millenia past they became quite bored They were legends here they could not afford They gathered their things and sailed far away To a land brand new the U.S. of A.


Christmas Special



Fable of Malachi -New World-

New world Malachi went last he stepped through the gate The portal tickled it started to shake Time warped and collapsed crushing through space And then all went dark a stench hit their face The mud was knee deep it consumed their shoes The bugs were biting the swamp took its dues Where had they landed would this be there home Could he get power to take back the throne This place was foreign but they would strive on Oh how he hated the name Oberon


Fable of Malachi -Exile-

Exile Tired and beaten for miles they filed The traitorous fae were henceforth exiled Their magic was stripped their weapons on racks Their beautiful wings were torn from their backs The people watched on not one word was said Their fate was sealed they had made their bed Malachi silent, though anger still burned He followed his men no lesson he'd learned Before the portal Malachi stood tall He turned to the king and swore they'd all fall


Fable of Malachi -Portal-

Portal The king stood stoic his arms outstretched Dreading this moment tears full of regret Malachi forced him the king's hands were tied The traitor stood mute misguided by pride Magic was woven the ether was sundered A portal appeared a void that hungered The portal was huge and shone milky white It shimmered and shined and filled up the night Malachi gave up though hatred still seethed As Oberon watched the fairies proceed


Fable of Malachi -Corruption-

Corruption The darkness it grew it festered inside Smoldering hatred enveloped his eyes He had lost good men how could his king laugh Soldiers forgotten as time quickly passed He'd honor his men their lives weren't a tool He would do better Oberon's a fool He wanted the throne and the kings demise He took it with force usurped him with lies Kingdom divided the coup nearly done But Oberon rose from death he had won He gathered his troops he took back his throne But what was the...


Spoiler Alert!

Listen to this before you start the podcast!


The Fable Of Malachi -History-

History Malachi the prince brother to the king He led the guard in the war of the wings He fought with valor he'd never retreat His enemies grew weaker with every defeat His weary soldiers followed him to hell They gave for their king and so many fell And so in the end sacrifice brought peace The fairies were glad their lives had new lease King Oberon ruled brother at his side Malachi had changed for his heart had died


Landscape Ep. 11- BONUS- Ch. 1 Reading

Bonus Episode!!!! This is chapter one of the Landscape series, thank you so much for sticking with us this long. Stay tuned for updates on the graphic novel series and our Patreon!


Landscape Ep. 10- Spirit Walkers, murder, Season 2 reveal!

On the final episode of Story Arc's Landscape: Plot holes are worked out! Spirit Walker boyfriends are created Murder Beaches are never safe at night Corvidae may be Addison's only option... And we reveal Season Two of Story Arc!!!! As we say our final goodbye to, Landscape With guest and illustrator of the Graphic Novel, Sarah and host Trevor Sutton. Let's Create!


Landscape Ep. 9- Mental wards and demonic representatives

This week on Story Arc! We discover the location of the University, complete with a mental institute...? The Conduit's story develops further... Matthew's REAL reason for being at the University. What's next for... Landscape With returning guest, Brush! And your host, Trevor Sutton. Let's Create!


Landscape Ep. 8- The Conduit

This week on Story Arc! We discover... The Conduit! Assault forces, battles, plans to overthrow Oberon. Oh, Marshall, you know you can't do this without... Landscape With returning guest, Brady, and your host, Trevor Sutton. Let's Create!


Landscape Ep. 7- Nightmare Scribbles

This week on the Story Arc Podcast: There is a lot of power in a name... In this episode we discover the names of the shadow counsel operating out of the University... and the secret society that opposes them. Marshall's history and unusual eye color... An new character used by the University... A character that may create quite the connection in the future. And finally, NIGHTMARE SCRIBBLES. All contained in our story, Landscape With this week's guest, Charlotte! And your host,...


Landscape Ep. 6- The Bob Ross of X-Men

This week on Story Arc! "Addison has had a rough week. After discovering that she is basically the Bob Ross of X-Men... Everything has gone downhill. Her friends are acting weird, so are her teachers.. one student who seemed to be like her was mysteriously taken away... Or was that a dream? And now she seeing things! Things that use to look normal... Now seem to be fading away... Showing disturbing things underneath..." Tune in to find out more about Addison's strange journey... Just...


Landscape Ep. 5- Meet Marshall

This week on the Story Arc Podcast! Our hero, Addison, is just trying to get through her classes, hang with her friends, and occasionally smooch on her boyfriend, Matthew. What does she get? Wild nights of botched teleporting, friends that are secretly spying on her for shadowy organizations, trippy classes and classmates with abilities.... Like her?! Come along as we develop our story, adding new characters and key figures in... Landscape With this week's guest, Brush and your host,...