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Ep. 02 - Sinnoh - And then there were four

Pokémon’s fourth generation region, Sinnoh, is the setting of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum as well as home to plenty of intrigue. Join the panel as they talk about its fascinating history, unique layout, and most popular destinations. In other news, you’ll learn: Also, we got another! Lore expert Peter has been added to the panel! Welcome ya’ bum!


Ep. 01 - Podracing - So it Begins

They’re talking dismemberment, they’re talking characters that resemble play-doh creations by a toddler, and, of course, they’re talking about strange battles over masseuses. Listen to the *interesting* minds of Sam, Levi, and Noah as they learn how to (hopefully) put on a good show in their pilot episode.