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The UK's Premier RPG Podcast




Episode 100 – Centenary Celebrations!

Episode 100 - Centenary Celebrations! (a.k.a Here's To 100 More) Back in the mists of time, the earth cooled and then there were dinosaurs. Not long after Baz and Gaz were sitting round drinking whisky and solving gaming. It's been 100 episodes! Officially, in reality there have been many more, with bonus episodes, actual play and no one really knows what happened to episode 11. Good friends of the show Dirk the Dice and Paul Fricker come along to help celebrate, talking about the last five...


Roleplaying Games of the 70s

Episode 99 - Roleplaying Games of the 70s (a.k.a Watership Down Scarred Me For Life) Simpler times, halcyon days? Baz and Gaz take a trip down memory lane and go through some of the very first RPGs from D&D in 1974, to Bushido on the cusp of the veritable explosion of product in the 80s. Even the venerable and wizened hosts aren't old enough to be buying the games as they came out, so conversation is sometimes mere impressions of the heady days at the cradle of gaming, but don't worry dear...


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition

Episode 98 - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition (a.k.a Show Us Your Two-Tailed Comet) ‘So, what are you here for? Adventure? Maybe. Gold? Probably. Justice? Ha, that’s a flexible term! What’s that I see in your eye, that pious gleam? Oh, you want to do the right thing. So long as it’s well enough paid, entertaining, and fits with your political views. Eh, close enough, you’ll do, come inside and I’ll tell you about the job.’ So begins the intro of WFRP 4e, a grim world of perilous of...


Dennis Detwiller Interview

Episode 97 - Dennis Detwiller Interview (a.k.a. Everyone Walking Around In Parkas ) Top guestage again dear listeners, the lads chat to RPG writer and artist Dennis Detwiller who you will no doubt recognise from Ennie-award winning Delta Green, Magic the Gathering, GODLIKE and much more - including Arc Dream's latest Kickstarter (at time of writing) Wrestlenomicon. The guys talk about the changes in writing and publishing games, classic RPGs, improvements in the industry and making a quality...


Ken Hite Interview

Episode 96 - Ken Hite Interview (a.k.a What If Vampires Are Snake People?) Top guestage again this time dear listeners as the lads chat to gaming luminary Ken Hite about Vamprire, Night's Black Agents, The Fall of Delta Green, Nephilim, future projects, novels, games design, ploughing the world's history for gameable content, pilum throw weights and much more! You can get more podcast goodness by listening to Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff (KARTAS). Ken mentioned Star Crossed by Alex...


Dungeon Master’s Guide – Part Two

Episode 95 - Dungeon Master's Guide - Part Two (a.k.a. A Thinking DMs Book) With a surfeit of D&D designer guests and other goodness, the lads round off their current D&D coverage with a walkthrough of the second half of the DMG. What old favourites still languish in the book, and what exciting new gems? How has the last few years of gaming and writing thereof influenced this tome? When D&D 6 comes out - will we even still have a DMG? All this and more is discussed in this week's bumper...


Kate Welch Interview

Episode 94 - Kate Welch Interview (a.k.a. Stat Blocks and Vegetables) Bask in the mellifluous tones of D&D game designer Kate Welch, talking to the lads about what it's like to work at Wizards of the Coast. After one year on the job, Kate describes her start at Wizards, thoughts that go into design, user experience and bringing skills from the video game industry, standing up and shouting with joy in meetings about vampires and what's so good about the Monk class anyway? Plus! Much, much...


Mike Mason Interview 2019

Episode 93 - Mike Mason Interview (a.k.a. "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn") Why vote for the lesser evil? This week the lads chat to returning guests Mike Mason, Line Editor for Call of Cthulhu at Chaosium. Topics included how to start out playing Call of Cthulhu and the thinking behind the starter set, latest gossip on new products, Greg Stafford's legacy, revision of licensees, producing fan content via Miskatonic Repository and more! Find the lads via Facebook, on the...


Mike Mearls Interview

Episode 92 - Mike Mearls Interview (a.k.a. Hit Dice are the new Healing Surge) Rare treat this week dear listeners, the lads interview Mr D&D himself right now, Mike Mearls. We cover current projects, what it was like taking over the helm, design choices and some nitty gritty details and listener questions, among many other things. Very insightful, and a charming guest, we look forward to inviting Mike back in the near future to answer more gems such as "What the hell is a hit point?" and...


Bonus Episode – Rolling Up A DMG Scenario

Bonus Episode - Rolling Up A DMG Scenario (a.k.a. Stop Moaning and Roll Your Dice) Hot on the heels of our Dungeon Master's Guide overview (part one), the lads have done a bonus episode rolling on the tables in the DMG and coming up with some ideas for a scenario. If you've got a copy of the book handy, then play along as they come up with table entries and what they might mean. Think about what you might do. Let the guys know how you get on. What would you do differently? Have you ever used...


Dungeon Master’s Guide – Part One

Episode 91 - Dungeon Master's Guide - Part One (a.k.a. Generic Cleric) Arguably one of the most overlooked, under-read RPG books of recent years, the Dungeon Master's Guide has lots of interesting parts and deserves a more thorough look. Gaz and Baz take a wander through the first few chapters of this D&D staple and offer insights on the pages found therein! New DMs or old hands alike could gain something from delving into a staple of the RPG library. Looks out for a bonus episode, with...


Plans For 2019

Episode 90 - Plans For 2019 (aka Your Motivation Is Down The Gym) Stuck for what to do in the New Year? Does it all seem to much? Too many games, not enough time? It's exactly the same at Smart Party Towers. This week the lads look at what 2019 might hold, how to get the most out of gaming hours, which books to read, corralling gamers and choosing systems and settings. Let's get some games in and all be even better players in 2019! Do The Smart Party a favour and head on over to the EN World...


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay – WFRP Actual Play

Bonus Episode - WFRP Actual Play The lads are joined by Dirk the Dice and Blythy off of The Grognard Files and Mat Hart from Steamforged Games to play some of the new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay from Cubicle 7. The brave adventurers failed Baron Von Horgen in a previous endeavour and now find themselves in Schmutziger, attempting to bring back the black sheep of the Von Horgen flock. Having had an encounter with the Stevedores' Guild, (you can hear more about that here), our plucky band start...


2018 In Review

Episode 89 - 2018 In Review (aka A Lot of People Give a Monkeys About This) It's that time of the year again - another one survived! Baz and Gaz and go through the games of the year, themes and what's hot right now in the industry. A sojourn through the upcoming games as well - discussion on why the new Savage Worlds might be more anticipated the Pathfinder 2 - and the proliferation of second editions, sequels and franchises. It's not just the lads of course, thanks to all the glorious...


B. Dave Walters Interview

Episode 88 - B. Dave Walters Interview (aka Shine on You Crazy Diamond) Live gaming actor, streamer, DM, comic author, life coach and all round great guy B. Dave Walters has more strings to his bow than a harpist. You may know him from LA By Night, The Uncommon Trust, D&D, or various Geek & Sundry or other outlets (Top Ten links below). Gaz and Guest Host and good friend of the show Iain McAllister of The Giant Brain and Brainwaves podcast chat to Dave about streaming games, running D&D in a...


Bonus Episode – Dragonmeet Seminar

Bonus Episode - Dragonmeet Seminar A special treat dear listeners! This week the lads were down in London Village to attend Dragonmeet - a one day convention. They teamed up with old pals The Good Friends of Jackson Elias to have a verbal wrestle on whether all RPGs were essentially just customised versions of Dungeons & Dragons. Due to live recording in fluid environment, some sections of audio may not be to the usual high standard, but the content is solid fried gold as always. Let us know...


Rob Schwalb Interview

Episode 87 - Rob Schwalb Interview (aka All Hail the Demon Lord) Rob Schwalb, our special guest this time is a veritable game-producing machine, prolific output for Shadow of the Demon Lord is added to by Occult Philosophy in Kickstarter. One of the designers of D&D, involved in everything from A Song of Ice and Fire to WFRP second edition - Rob has plenty to talk about and intriguing thoughts into game design and where inspiration comes from. Many thanks to Rob for coming on again! We lost...


Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan Interview

Episode 86 - Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan Interview The prolific and talented Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan joins the lads for some gaming chat and excellent advice on writing scenarios. We cover the writing process, collaborating with others, creating specifically for convention games and why gaming books should be useful at the table, among other things. A lot of what Gar says makes perfect sense and our glorious listeners may wonder, as we did, why it's not just this obvious for everyone - but that's...


Shane Ivey Interview

Episode 85 - Shane Ivey Interview The guys chat to Arc Dream head honcho Shane Ivey about the Ennie-award-winning Delta Green, GODLIKE, British small press games, publishing in the modern world many other things. Not only a prolific producer of games, but well-read fan of RPGs too, Shane has plenty to say on what's happening on Arc Dream and tidbits on other games and insights into how to run a game company. The Delta Green site has plenty of content, but there's great presence on Facebook,...


Spire & One Page RPGs

Episode 84 - Spire & One Page RPGs (with Grant Howitt and Christopher Taylor) A cornucopia of voices on this edition, as Baz is unavailable, but Iain McAllister from Brainwaves podcast and The Giant Brain blog in on board to help interview Grant Howitt and Christopher Taylor of Rowan Rook & Decard best known for Spire RPG and one sheet RPGs such as Jason Statham's Big Vacation. You can also catch the guests on the Hearty Dice Podcast, for your listening pleasure. Want to discuss further? The...