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Four fantasy fanboys talking about the new, immersive fantasy park called Evermore in Pleasant Grove, Utah. We cover the stories, the characters, the production, and the experience of Evermore Park. Learn what Evermore has in store for you with hosts Chandler, Daniel, Skyler and Wyatt.

Four fantasy fanboys talking about the new, immersive fantasy park called Evermore in Pleasant Grove, Utah. We cover the stories, the characters, the production, and the experience of Evermore Park. Learn what Evermore has in store for you with hosts Chandler, Daniel, Skyler and Wyatt.


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Four fantasy fanboys talking about the new, immersive fantasy park called Evermore in Pleasant Grove, Utah. We cover the stories, the characters, the production, and the experience of Evermore Park. Learn what Evermore has in store for you with hosts Chandler, Daniel, Skyler and Wyatt.




Update: Indefinite Hiatus

With the state of the world and our current lives it is no longer feasible for us to continue forward. As of now the World Talkers: An Unofficial Evermore Fancast will be going on an indefinite hiatus. Find out the details by listening to this update. We have joined Evermore Park in creating amazing experiences for you. Stay up to date by following Evermore Parks social media. Thank you for joining us on this journey. We love you and we hope to see you again soon! Theme Music Galway Kevin...


Episode 39: Evermore Epics

Disclaimer: When we initially recorded this episode we were attempting to continue to do the podcast. As such the contents of us discussing how we are functioning moving forward is incorrect. For the correct update on what is happening to the podcast see the Indefinite Hiatus episode. In this episode we go in depth on how Evermore Epics work. The new changes to the park allow for wonderful participation while staying safe during the pandemic. Stop on in to hear our thoughts on how well they...


World Talkers Ultra Mini Episode Update

Due to some life happenings we will be delaying our podcast. Rest assured we will be back soon and with even more amazing regular content. Thank you so much for your continued support! Doing this podcast together, for you, is one of the greatest experiences we have. We want nothing more to get back on track with more episodes containing exclusive interviews, in depth reviews, and so so much more. We will be seeing you soon Beyond the Portal! Theme Music Galway Kevin MacLeod...


Episode 38: Elevating Evermore: Humanity

Introducing a new episode type Elevating Evermore. In these episode the World Talkers seek to analyze the park through various different lenses. Todays lense is the topic of Humanity. Where there is great art there is much to be interpreted, and Evermore is great art. We hope you enjoy learning about Humaity through stories in Evermore. Let us know your thoughts and interpretations at We felt it important to date this episode. We state why in the episode. If...


Episode 37: Overcoming the Oddity of Evermore

Chandler, Daniel and Skyler sit down to discuss how we can convince everyone to love Evermore Park! When talking to our friends a lot of them may not be into the unique nature of Evermore. How do we go about convincing them they are wrong? How do we begin the discussion? How do we help them fall in love with Evermore? How can we become better communicators in general? The answer to all these questions and more await you! What are you waiting for?! Theme Music Galway...


Episode 36: The Fantasy of Evermore

Getting deep the these fantasy fan boys talk about the essence of Fantasy. What does it mean in our lives? How does it shape our reality? As they discuss these things they come to a realization that its unique brand of fantasy truly elevates Evermore to a realm of its own. Zen with Zodhi: Coins of the Revenant: Chapter 1: Yet to come. Chapter 2:...


Episode 35: How to Support Small Businesses like Evermore Park

In these uncertain times, how can we all support Evermore Park? In this episode Chandler, Daniel, and Skyler discuss all the varied options that are available to us to help not only Evermore Park but other small businesses as well. Your continued support means so much to us! Thank you for listening and we hope you join us in supporting small businesses in our area! Theme Music Galway Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution...


Episode 34: Evermore Audition Process

The guys got the wonderful opportunity to sit in for Evermore Parks audition process. See the ins and outs as loud squawks and roars fill the air with actors crawling on the ground and jumping on tables. Do you have what it takes to make it through this rigorous auditioning process?! Theme Music Galway Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Support World Talkers: An Unofficial Evermore Fancast


Episode 33: Everlevel: What's in a Quest?

Together the boys break down the questions "What is an Everlevel Quest?", "How do I find one?", "How do they differ from a normal quest?" and "What do I need to know to complete one?" All these questions and more await! Also this is Wyatts last episode with the World Talkers. Be sure to stick around until the end to hear Wyatt say goodbye as well as getting to hear a funny moment that was cut from a previous episode. Thank you all for being with us! Theme Music Galway Kevin MacLeod...


Episode 32: The World Fakers

The boys' minds this week have been enlightened. On this Day of Fools, don't let yourselves be distracted by the "so-called" truth! Diving deep into the hidden depths of Evermore lore, the World Fakers point out all the things the government doesn't want you to know! So come along, you Quack Heads and learn about where the dragons went, Demitri becoming an airborne virus, Gudrun Grey becoming the repository of all knowledge, and most importantly how King Otis is Scrooge McDuck's...


Episode 31: Aurora 2019 Story: Icy Winds Howl

Recommend listening through headphones Using the new story format for telling overall season stories the World Talkers tackle the Aurora 2019 season story! This time, hosts Daniel, Skyler, and Wyatt join together to tell the story of Aurora 2019! Whether you were there or not, there was a lot that happened and this is your chance of hearing some things that you may have missed! People made of ice, Wolves of Winter, mind control pies and chaos surround this great season of Evermore. The...


Episode 30: Aurora 2019 Season Review

Your friends, Chandler, Daniel, Skyler, and Wyatt, once again come together to review and discuss both the good and the bad. This time, the World Talkers review Evermore Park's 2019 Aurora season as a whole: The story, the actors, special effects, theme, and everything in between. We ask the hard question of "was Aurora 2019 worth the price of admission?" What did you think of the Aurora 2019 season? Let us know by emailing us! Help us let the Park know what their fans liked, didn't like,...


Episode 29: A Unique Problem of Evermore

Chandler, Daniel, Skyler and Wyatt have all come together to discuss a intricate and unique problem that Evermore Park faces. People. How people interact with a medium is always difficult to gage, it fluctuates and changes. Secrets in Evermore are like currency. As such what should the guests of Evermore do to best utilize this unique currency? How should Evermore Park best use this to enhance the experience of its guests. Also we are celebrating our 1 year podcast anniversary. Thank you to...


Episode 28: Evermore Realms Highs & Lows

On New Years Eve 2019, Evermore Park released their collectible card game (or CCG) called Evermore Realms. In this episode, the four World Talkers--Chandler, Daniel, Skyler, and Wyatt--discuss both the highs and the lows of the game. This absolutely stunning game is also a new collectible merch that the park offers. Does Realms stack up to other CCGs out there, or is it simply a beautifully themed merch item that doesn't stand up as a game on its own? Listen today and see for yourself!...


Episode 27: Evermore One Night Stand

If you only had one night at Evermore, how would you spend your time? What would you do and how would you most enjoy yourself? Join hosts and best friends Chandler, Daniel, Skyler, and Wyatt as they discuss how to get the most out of your one night experience at Evermore Park. The guys apply some of the advice found in an article titled 10 Ways to Overcome Fear and Break Out of Your Comfort Zone found on They also explain how to be a good guest and interact with the magic of...


Episode 26: 2019 New Years Eve Party Review

Happy 2020 everyone! This time on World Talkers, we discuss how we chose to ring in the New Year--at our favorite place, Evermore Park! The park hosted a party for New Years Eve and allowed all to come enjoy the celebration with wonderful food, a great atmosphere, fantastic characters and story elements, and some exclusive merchandise for those fans that were able to attend, including Evermore Realms, a collectible trading card game designed to allow fans to bring Evermore home with...


Episode 25: A Very Wonderful World Talkers Winter Holiday With the World Talkers

Come and curl up by the fire as our wacky hosts come together to get to know eachother better. Encouraging kindness, charity and smiles often given discover an all new holiday invented by the World Talkers. Settle in as Chandler, Daniel, Skyler and Wyatt set out on a marvelous adventure to give the gift of getting to know them. They answer questions sent in by listeners and talk about all types of personal goofs that have happened in their lives. In the longest episode yet they send out...


Episode 24: Evermore Cast Speaks: Archelaus Crisanto

Visitors to Evermore Park's Mythos 2019 and Lore 2019 seasons will recognize the name of Reginald Rooster, a man who went from traveling salesman to being an official, honorable knight of Evermore. Daniel and Wyatt had the pleasure of speaking with Archelaus Crisanto, the actor who portrayed Rooster. They discuss the process of being an actor for Evermore, tips on how to get the most of your experience as a guest, and so much more. We want to say thank you to Archelaus for spending time...


Episode 23: Aurora 2019 First Experience

Come along as our four hosts describe their first impressions of their adventures into the Aurora Portal of 2019. Listen in to hear exciting tales of meeting new towns folk, the council of evermore declaring a state emergency, guild upsets, and the perils of Evermorian banking. This is a sure fire episode you wont want to miss! Theme Music Galway Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Support World...


Episode 22: Lore 2019 Season Review

Evermore Park has now officially been open for one whole year, which means Lore has opened once more. With it, all sorts of spooky things were released into the park. Join hosts Chandler, Skyler, and Daniel as they discuss their thoughts on the Lore 2019 season, which also included the Pirate Soiree party. We are also announcing our official Patreon! We want to bring more of the park to you and expand our brand. To do that, we would ask that you take a moment and see if you might be able to...