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The Weekly LIVE 091: Five Parsecs from Home, Reign in Hell and Star Wars Legally Sucks

Five Parsecs from Home is a solo adventure wargame. by Ivan Sorensen. Modiphius is publishing a physical copy of the third edition. Reign in Hell is fast, brutal demonic themed tabletop wargame by Adam Loper and Vince Venturella at Snarling Badger Games. Similar to Warcry and Kill Team even down to using the same size […]


The Weekly LIVE 090 – Warhammer Plus Announced, Netflix Wants to Make Games and Hybrid GenCon 2021

Games Workshop announced the platform for their eleven animated series. Warhammer Plus. No further details given until next month, neither price nor additional content. Netflix is actively looking into developing games and has approached veteran game designs. After the failure of Amazon, owner of Twitch, to become a game developer, it doesn’t make much […]


The Weekly LIVE 089: G4 Teams up with D&D, Warhammer Animation Preview and Frosthaven Designer Makes Changes

G4, that gaming network that no one knew still existed, is teaming up with Dungeons and Dragons to broadcast D&D Live, an update to the annual campaign storyline. They are also threatening to get involved with Warhammer Live and Magic: The Gathering. Should be fun. Games Workshop is holding a live event to promote the […]


The Weekly LIVE 088 – Apple Attacks Itch.io, New Age of Sigmar and Games Workshop Abandons Japan

In the lawsuit between Apple and Epic the Itch.io app for PC that is accessible on the Epic Store was used to attack Epic and the Unspeakable Games that can be downloaded. Games Workshop still thinks a pandemic is a good time to release a new version of their tabletop wargames. Following last years 9th […]


The Weekly LIVE 087: Quests of Yore, Jeff Goldblum AP, DisneyMustPay and D&D Filming

Another solo livestream, because these are times we live in. Chris will be back soon. In the meantime, I discuss the Quests of Yore TTRPG starter set based on the Disney/Pixar film, Onward. Quests of Yore: Barley’s Edition is a boxed set that contains everything you need to play this original game as seen in […]


The Weekly 086: Humble Bundle Split Change, Starforged on Kickstarter, Warner Bros. Quits Physical Media and Forbidden Psalm

The three sliders that adjust the revenue split for Humble Bundle disappears. Charities can now only receive a maximum of 15% Ironsworn: Starforged, the scifi stand-alone sequel to Ironsworn, appears on Kickstarter. Jerry Beck, an animation historian, let slip that Warner Bros. appears to be moving away from physical media starting in 2022. That means […]


The Weekly LIVE 085: Rebranding the Channel, Firefight 2E Playtest, Broken Tales and Symbaroum for 5E

Chris was not available making this week a solo show. First, I discuss the rebranding and name change from Idle Red Hands to Upturned Table. Mantic releases second edition public playtest rules for Firefight. Broken Tales by The World Anvil now has an English language quickstart in advance of their May Kickstarter campaign. The Ruins […]


The Weekly Live! 084: TROIKAfest, Charity RPG Bundle and Classic Call of Cthulhu Reprints

This week is TROIKAfest! a casula celebration of all things TROIKA! rpg by Melsonian Arts Council related. It iwll feature actual play streams, a game jam and assisted by Plus One Exp. Also a new supplemtent the Academies of the Arcane will be released. Long out-of-print Call of Cthulhu campaigns will be released after 20 […]


The Weekly LIVE 083: San Diego Comic-Con Cancelled, Marvel Signs with Penguin Random House and Kickstarter Manager Resigns

After some technical difficulties, we discuss San Diego Comic-Con 2021 being inevitably cancelled following the cancellation of their WonderCon. They will hold Comic-Con@Home on July 23rd-25th and also announced Comic-Con Special Edition. Special Edition is a scaled-down version of the live event scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend. Should be interesting. Marvel Comics announced they will be […]


The Weekly 082: Warframe RPG Cancelled, Auroboros RPG by Warchief and Dante’s Inferno 5E

We discuss the cancellation of the Frame RPG by Spencer Campbell on Kickstarter after the fanbase attacks. The first release by former Blizzard execs, Warchief Gaming, is Auroboros for 5E. Also on Kickstarter to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri, Acheron Books is releasing Dante’s Inferno for 5E. It will include […]


The Weekly 081: Dune RPG Preorder, Terminator RPG, Stargrave: Scifi Frostgrave, and Pixels Electronic Dice on Kickstarter

Watch this podcast recorded LIVE on both Twitch and YouTube! ++Pre-Ordered Dune RPG ++Terminator RPG on KS ++Stargrave: Scifi Frostgrave ++Pixels Electronic Dice KS


The Weekly 080: Coyote and Crow RPG, Rob Kuntz Licenses Works for 1e and 5e, Warhammer Fan Creator Joins GW and D&D Movie Cast Update

Watch this podcast recorded LIVE on both Twitch and YouTube! ++Coyote and Crow on KS ++Rob Kuntz licenses works for 1e-5e ++Warhammer Fan Creator Joins GW ++D&D movie cast update


The Weekly 079: Gamefound Launches with Skyrim Boardgame, Perfect RPG Cancelled and Tiny Epic Dungeons Cover Art

Watch this podcast recorded LIVE on both Twitch and YouTube! ++Skyrim boardgame is launching new Kickstarter alternative ++Kickstarter executive cancels The Perfect RPG campaign ++Tiny Epic Dungeons Changes Artwork After Backlash Over ‘Problematic’ Cover Art


The Weekly 078: Eclipse Phase for FATE plus NanoOPS, WotC Expands MtG and Spire Must Fall RPG

Watch this podcast recorded LIVE @ 12 noon JST (8pmPST 11pmEST 3amGMT) on both Twitch and YouTube! ++Eclipse Phase for FATE + NanoOPS ++WotC Expands MtG ++Spire Must Fall


The Weekly 077: Metal Gear Solid: The Boardgame Cancelled, New Never Going Home and Legend of the Five Rings LCG Ends

IDW Games will no longer publish the Metal Gear Solid boardgame. This means the designer also loses the license for the IP from Konami. This leaves more than 2,000 pre-orders on BackerKit and Amazon in limbo. The Legend of the Five Rings Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight is coming to an end. This doesn’t […]


The Weekly 076: Gale Forge Nine Lawsuit Settled, One Ring 2nd Edition and LotR Licensed RPGs

The lawsuit for nonpayment is settled by Wizards of the Coast with Gale Force Nine following another settlement of the Dragonlance lawsuit. Is the conspiracy over or just beginning? The 2nd Edition of the One Ring by Free League, previously produced by Cubicle 7, is now on Kickstarter. For context, we take a look at […]


The Weekly 075: Stuff of Legend Puppet Actual Play, Muppetborn for 5E and Zinequest 3 on Kickstarter

We talk about the new actual play series, Stuff of Legend, that uses puppets to play out the action of their roleplay session. Is the future of AP felt-based? In the same spirit, we take a look at the Muppetborn race for 5E by BJ Hypes. It is a well made and very charming way […]


The Weekly 074: The Weekly 074: The Symbaroum RPG Starter Set, Pathfinder Meets Savage Worlds, and the D&D Singularity

Free League is releasing a starter set for their 2015 RPG Symbaroum. Will this bring new players to this dark nature fantasy setting beautifully illustrated by Martin Grip? The official conversion for Pathfinder to the Savage Worlds system is now available on Kickstarter. We also discuss what D&D 6th edition may look like and the […]


The Weekly 073: 2020 in Review The Good and the Bad (mostly bad) of Last Year

We look back at 2020 and all the things that could have been great but had to suffer from our global condition. The Witcher and Tales From the Loop hit TV. Mork Borg and Ironsworn caught our attention as outstanding RPGs. Warcaster: Neo Mechanical by Privateer Press came and went. GenCon 2020 was cancelled along […]


The Weekly 072: Cyberpunk Red Miniatures Game, Bestselling RPGs of 2020 and the Baggage of Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk Red will have a skirmish miniatures game called Combat Zone produced by Monster Fight Club. This is the same company that produced the miniatures for the Cyberpunk Red tabletop game previously. We review the list of best selling “other” (non-5E) TTPRG titles on DriveThruRPG in 2020. The results may surprise you. Finally, we discuss […]