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An in-depth, episode by episode look at the cult classic TV series Twin Peaks. Join co-hosts Jeremy Smith and Allie Goertz as he walks her through the twists and turns of David Lynch's serial drama for her first time in this Limited Edition Series.

An in-depth, episode by episode look at the cult classic TV series Twin Peaks. Join co-hosts Jeremy Smith and Allie Goertz as he walks her through the twists and turns of David Lynch's serial drama for her first time in this Limited Edition Series.
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An in-depth, episode by episode look at the cult classic TV series Twin Peaks. Join co-hosts Jeremy Smith and Allie Goertz as he walks her through the twists and turns of David Lynch's serial drama for her first time in this Limited Edition Series.




46: The Return, Part 16

Allie and Jeremy celebrate one of the most satisfying episodes yet for longtime fans. There’s so much ground to cover, and just so much to luve. Will there be credits on Part 17? Who is who?


45: The Return, Part 15

With just three episodes remaining, Allie and Jeremy cheer happy moments and anticipate everything not wrapping up neatly, nor cleanly, nor happily. Death is a change, not an end.


44: The Return, Part 14

Allie and Jeremy lament the fact that we're only getting four more hours of Twin Peaks as various threads begin connecting (while at once, new mysteries open up).


43: The Return, Part 13

Allie and Jeremy sift through the mixed emotions they and the rest of the Internet felt about different aspects of this episode. Sudden "hey look who's back" returns, more violence, and perhaps they have discovered the true endpoint of Twin Peaks. We'll find out in the coming weeks if they're right.


42: The Return, Part 12

Allie and Jeremy discuss an episode that Showtime and the cast have been hyping as one in which "big stuff happens" (as if that weren't every episode). Find out whether Allie hated this divisive episode at all...or as much as many friends texted that they assumed she would. Covered here: Episode 41 (42 including The Pilot, or S03E12)


41: The Return, Part 11

Jeremy returns from the Black Lodge to phone it in from Utah and rejoin Allie for an episode that swung them from creeped-out and scared to happy and hopeful and back again. Covered here: Episode 40 (41 including The Pilot, or S03E11)


40: The Return, Part 10

In Jeremy's absence, Allie welcomes guest co-host Garrison Taylor ( @midnight), as well as guest-guest Emily Fleming (also @midnight) to sift through the breadcrumbs of "the Horne-iest episode yet".


39: The Return, Part 9

Returning to The Return after two excruciating weeks off, Damon Houx joins Allie and Jeremy to talk about timelines, fan theories past and present, as well as just how many loops are being closed...and how many might be kept open...and why. Damon Houx previously appeared on Episode 22 of Fire Talk With Me.


38: The Return, Part 8

Jake Fogelnest returns to discuss the most substantial, "Lynchian" episode yet, coming just before Twin Peaks goes on a two-week break before the final ten episodes start airing. Does this episode deserve the "one of the great episodes in TV history" praise that Jeremy and others gave it the night it aired? Are the questions it opens up more fascinating than the ones it does/doesn't answer? Does it convince us that we all really need a serious Transcendental Meditation practice? Jake...


37: The Return, Part 7

Allie and Jeremy are joined by the one and only FilmCritHULK to discuss the continuing dividends paid from watching the original series as well as Fire Walk With Me, new micro-mysteries revealed as we continue on through season three, and the revelation of how "Lynchian cops" differ from many in modern media (and potentially real life?). On social media, send us your guesses as to where you think the next episode will begin.


36: The Return, Part 6

Allie and Jeremy are joined by MoviePilot Editor-In-Chief Russ Fischer to discuss an enormous reveal/payoff for fans who obsessed over a particular part of the original series, a new high watermark for horrifying, and Russ' hope that someone becomes "the King of Emmytown". * Follow Russ on Twitter and bask in the glow of his magnificent beard. Covered here: Episode 35 (36 including The Pilot, or S03E06)


35: The Return, Part 5

Allie and Jeremy are joined by screenwriter BenDavid Grabinski to discuss the dreamlike effect of watching the new season, a very put-upon Dougie, and another delightful dose of Brett Gelman. BenDavid also creates a team of Fire Talk With Me interns out of thin air. * Thanks to our intern team, and BenDavid for creating them. * Follow BenDavid on Twitter and do the opposite of argue with him.


34: The Return, Part 4

Allie and Jeremy discuss the return of some signature elements of Twin Peaks, from owls to glass cases to well as the debuts of a few familiar faces who make their Twin Peaksdebuts in this episode. Covered here: Episode 33 (34 including The Pilot, or S03E04)


33: The Return, Part 3

Allie and Jeremy cover new mysteries, new settings, and a fistful of Coopers after watching (and re-watching) The Return, Part 3. Watch out for flying creamed corn and blood. If something scary happens, just yell "119"! Covered here: Episode 32 (33 including The Pilot, or S03E03) Fire Talk With Me will return this Thursday with coverage of The Return, Part 4.


32: The Return, Parts 1 & 2

Allie and Jeremy have both just seen a new episode of Twin Peaks together for the very first time! A lot changes in 25 years, but in Twin Peaks, it's fascinating what stays the same. Spoilers start quickly (there is a warning) as we revisit Allie's early hypotheses about split timelines and realities, her demand that her Cooper/Audrey thirst be validated, and most importantly...the coffee and donut situation in the 2017 of Twin Peaks. Covered here: Episodes 30 & 31 (31 & 32 including The...


31: Fire Walk With Me

After 2 years instead of 25, Allie and Jeremy return to discuss Fire Walk With Me. They reflect on the podcast's journey so far, the unconventional choices made regarding the focus of the Twin Peaks feature film, and the texture it adds to the series. Does anyone watch this movie without watching the original series? Fire Talk With Me has returned, and will be back in time for Season 3.


30: Beyond Life and Death

Dana Gouldjoins Allie and Jeremy to discuss the final episode of what we can now call theoriginal seriesofTwin Peaks. Allie reflects upon her predictions throughout the podcast, Dana contextualizes the events of the finale to its original airing, and boy are we glad we didn't do this when the fate of Season 3 was still up in the air. Covered here:Episode 29 (30 including The Pilot, or S02E22) Fire Talk With Mewill return, and...more than likelydo so in less than 25 years.


Special 3: Creature Features (Ray Wise)

Ray Wise is a fan of monsters in the movies, and has played his own share of them...including Leland Palmer. Last August,Fire Talk With Meproducer (andElectric Shadowhost)Moisésgot a few precious minutes with Ray to talk aboutTwin Peaks,Swamp Thing, and the roles he still hungers to play. As a bonus, hear Ray record the show intro you now know so well...and in a single take. Scheduling our very special guest for the podcast covering the final episode of the TV show has proven tricky. We...


29: Miss Twin Peaks (Brad Dukes)

Brad DukeswroteReflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks(which any fan of this podcast should get), so he's the most ideal guest we could hope for as we close in on the very end of the (original run) of the show, and especiallyfor this particular episode. Covered here:Episode 28 (29 including The Pilot, or S02E21)


28: The Path to the Black Lodge (Jeff Mahler)

FilmmakerJeff Mahlerhas aTwin Peaksorigin story that mirrors part of our show concept in a wonderful way. In this episode, learn how evocative a styrofoam cup can really be. Covered here:Episode 27 (28 including The Pilot, orS02E20)