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A real show about fake things






Minisode: New Who and the 13th Doctor

This week we bring you a minisode while the GOCO recharges from The Fifth Element. Guys we've seen the first two episodes of this season and spoilers, we like what we see from 13th Doctor Jodi Whittaker. Also just announced after the recording of this episode is that there'll be no Christmas Day special this year, but rather a New Year's Day episode devoid of any celebrations. Rather the crew will take on a NEW MONSTER. One thing is for sure, this era of WHO is all about change! Let us know...


Episode 33: The Fifth Element

We're free-wheeling in this episode Long Time Listeners! We're not sure what year it is, and neither is this movie, but who cares it's 200 years in the future! This movie is over the top and we are Geeking Out all over the GOCO! This episode was literally one of the best times we've ever had recoding the show. Thank goodness for The Fifth Element cause Batman Ninja almost ended our friendship. We've got a Patreon! We love doing this show guys, it's helped us keep geeking out though all the...


Minisode: Batman Ninja

Hey everyone, we're not gonna lie...this started out as a full episode. At the end of it returned to a happier place in the multi-verse, and started over. This was a difficult episode. We're DC Fanboys, we love everything about Batman...we found the limits with this one. So here's our PSA about Batman Ninja. See you next time!


Episode 32: Ghostbusters

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2018! It's our second annual Halloween episode. If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? ...NOT HE-MAN! GHOSTBUSTERS! We talk all things in the Ghostbusters Universe: GB1&2, The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters Cartoons. and the 2009 Ghostbusters The Video Game... Yup that's it... Nothing else to see here... Tune in, GEEK OUT, and you may even hear what we have to say about 2016's Ghostbusters Answer The Call.


E.G.O: Live Action Avatar TLAB

Live from the GOCO Mobile Newsroom we bring you this breaking news about a new live action Last Air Bender series over at Netflix ::da dunn:: AND announce a give away for next week's very special Halloween 2018 episode! Tune in and Geek Out with us!


Episode 31: Gargoyles w/ Zehra Fazal

This week GOCO is set high atop NYC on the Xanatos Building in Castle Wyvern circa 1994. We use the power of the Phoenix Gate to burn down the walls of time and space to bring very in a true Gargoyles expert Zehra Fazal! You know her as the voice of Rizavi (Voltron: Legendary Defender) and Halo (Young Justice), and we could not be more excited to talk with her! Hear the three of us geek out about this beloved cartoon from our childhood, and hear the story of how this show, and its fandom,...


Episode 30: Solo A Star Wars Story

In this week's episode we stowaway in the escape pod of the legendary Millennium Falcon to discus the latest (and possibly final) stand alone movie from Lucasfilm. Tune in as we geek out all things Star Wars. We really enjoyed this one, but both Shades and Sketch have numerous pitches that each believes would have made for a better movie and saved the franchise. So join us in a galaxy far far away and find out!


Episode 29: Summer of Marvel 2018

With so many Marvel releases this summer we had to group them together in one episode to get them all in! Thanks to Stan Lee for "lending" us his Great Glass Wonka-Vator to get this one out. We talk all the big releases of the summer Deadpool 2, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Luke Cage season 2. So join us as we take the GOCO to every corner of the MCU as we GEEK OUT! EXCELSIOR!


Episode 28: The Incredibles

Join us this week as we take the GOCO to a the secret island hideaway of Syndrome! We're talking all things Incredibles in this installment including the rather conspicuous fourteen year gap between movies. So grab your SUPER-SUIT, and and settle in with us as we take up permanent residence in the Lava motif control room!


The Netflix Minisode

The GOCO has been hastily set up. Guys this one was pretty serious. This week Shades and Sketch find themselves outside the crashed remains of a Jupiter outside Playland in beautiful NY. In this mini they recap the winter/spring offering from our Netflix Overlords. So Tune In and GEEK OUT!


Episode 27: Titans Go! To The Movies

This week Shades and Sketch find GOCO at the movies! The Super-hero movie to end all others and DC's answer to Deadpool. So Tune-in, CRACK AN EGG ON IT; CA-CAW! and GEEK OUT w/us!


Emergency Geek Out: Comicon 2018

Live from the GOCO Mobile Newsroom we bring you all the latest that we're Geeking Out over from this year's SDCC! ...It's going to be a good year for DC...


Episode 26: Tomb Raider (2018)

A subpar plot, a main character beaten into the periphery of her own movie, and the most ridiculous tomb ever filmed. This week we've take the GOCO to the remote tropical island of Yamatai to raid this troubled franchise. With a reimagined game series that offered so much in the way of critically acclaimed source material we have to ask the question, "what happened?" Tune-in, find out, and GEEK OUT with us! go-tomb_raider.mp3File Size: 169897 kbFile Type: mp3Download File


Episode 25: Full Metal Alchemist

We're celebrating our 25th Episode and our first year of Geeking Out! Thank you so much to all our long time listeners sticking with us on our tour of The Multi-Verse. This week we travel to a 19th century farm house to conduct a taboo experiment breaking the rules of both State Alchemists and Nature to resurrect a fallen franchises dear to our hearts... Instead we've transmute our first guest Tim Hoshi host of The Hidden Histories Podcast into the GOCO! Join us as we take a deep dive into...


Episode 24: Ready Player One

It's virtual reality as explained by an old man who doesn't understand the technology grafted on the most immersive MMORPG that isn't an MMO or a role play game...Guys the movie looked gorgeous and we loved it. We saw Ready Player One and so that means its time to GEEK OUT! Won't you join us!?


Episode 23: Knightrider

Join us as we take the G.O.C.O. on a shadowy flight into a dangerous world, the world of the Knightrider... An 80s episodic TV show that posits "one man can make a difference," discussed on a podcast where two man-children can talk about that show at length. Join us as we deep dive all things Kightrider, Knightrider 2000, Team Knightrider, and the 2008 reboot Knightrider and GEEK OUT!


Epiosde 22: Infinity War

It's the culminating event of the last ten years For Disney Marvel's Cinematic Universe! Wait...What's that? Oh, the rising action of a two, possibly three part Avengers event...whatever. It's the biggest movie event of the year! ...I'm being told that was Star Wars The Force Awakens... It's an Avengers Movie, OK? Hey, remember when Venom showed up, and Deadpool fought him, and then Wolverine walked in and OWNED THEM ALL! Thank goodness Disney bought Fox and got the X-men back...Oh right...


Episode 21: Made In Abyss

How did it take us 20 episodes to do an Anime!? Child exploitation, experimentation, and a curse that will mess you up! Join us as we discuss a whimsical world of discovery told through the eyes of two children, and then take the biggest WTF left turn since season two of Buffy! This week we take the G.O.C.O to seeker base in the second level of The Abyss to talk ANIME Of The Year Made In Abyss. Spoilers, we loved this show, but had very different feelings about it.


Episode 20: Black Panther

Wakanda Forever! Need we say anymore!? A magic rock, panther god, and a nation that may in fact be the villain of the movie, because if you have the power to change the world and don't then you're the bad guy. We're takeing on the Marvel billion dollar juggernaut Black Panther. Won't you tune in and GEEK OUT!? go-black_panther.mp3File Size: 194332 kbFile Type: mp3Download File


Episode 19: Lost In Space

"Lets put the peddle to the metal," because the "last one to kill some badguys has to buy the beers." This many one liners before we've even gotten to the episode must mean that we're talking about the troubled 1998 movie adaptation reboot of the '60s tv series Lost In Space. "Warning Will Robinson" this episode abounds in cheese. So tune in as we geek out, because, "this cold war just got hot!" It's Sketch's favorite line.