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Issue 1-41

In this special Geeky Brummie Episode, Ryan and the team head to MCM Comic Con Birmingham November 2018. We hear from: Jason O-Mara: Star of The Man inThe High Castle, Agents of Shield and voice of Batman Power Rangers Panel with Jason Faunt, Red Time Force Ranger; Adam Tuominen, Ninja Storm Crimson Thunder Ranger; and Jorgito Vargas, Ninja Storm Navy Thunder Ranger and Ray Santiago, from Ash vs Evil Dea Donate at Follow Geeky Brummie on Twitter -...


Issue 1-40

How Are You? Most of us visit MCM Birmingham Keith gets segued Leigh buys something Guy watches The Adventures of Pete & Pete & reviews films Phil goes on holibobs and avoids gammon Ryan replaces his washing machine Kallen gets ligging Plus Mike Myers / Michael Myers confusion, Now 101, Time To Say Goodbye - dancehall edition, Best choccy bars, Tony Toby Robinson, and “& Dave” Weird News Otter menaces and Phallus descriptions 2D into 3D On the release of the lion king trailer we discuss...


Issue 1-39a - Stan Lee Special

In this Geeky Brummie Special, Ryan, Keith & Kallen pay tribute to the legendary Stan Lee Donate at Follow Geeky Brummie on Twitter - Follow Geeky Goings On on Twitter - Follow Geeky Brummie on Instagram - Like Geeky Brummie on Facebook -


Issue 1-39

On this week's show, Ryan returns: How Are You? Leigh starts his Xmas shopping Guy gets angry at a quiz Ryan talks complaints via Twitter and Kallen has a leak Plus Nathan Barley, East 17 and "Lads" Weird News We discuss a band performing for empty audiences and black and white TV's Disney Plus We go over the news of what's coming to Disney's new streaming service and argue if we need another one... Youtubers & Cash-Ins We pick up an infamous new book from a celebrity YouTuber and see if...


Issue 1-38

On this week's show, Ryan in missing in action so Phil takes the helm: How Are You? Guy goes Ghetto Golf, Leigh teaches the team about Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Kallen names his audio production company, Keith covets a house in Wales, & Phil gets trolled on Twitter. Oooh What Do We Like! The team each pick two things each which they're currently loving. Future Films of 2018 We have a look what's left in the film listings for 2018 and see if there's anything worth your admission....


Issue 1-37

On this week's show: How Are You? Leigh fights the internet Phil pops to Italy Keith is angry at Pringles Guy rediscovers a dark memory Kallen 'accidentally' steals beer & pizza Ryan talks about Gary Barlow's Banoffee Pie "Pepper La Poo" Weird News We get obsessed with the story of Donut Theft and the rapid response of the Spokane police. Binge & Bloat We discuss the state of Modern TV habits. Is it better to binge watch, consuming a whole series of TV in a multi episode sittings, or is...


Issue 1-36

This week on Geeky Brummie, we get spooky film fighting... This week on Geeky Brummie, we get horrific... Graham Woods from Jaw19Show joins us to tell us about his horror short JOB being released today. We have our Film Fight on Horror Films trying to decide which is our ultimate horror movie, plus your regular Geeky Goings On In Weird News we discuss partying goats, and blowing up jets. Comic Of The Week - Podcast Of The Week -...


Issue 1-35

This week on Geeky Brummie, we get bratty... Leigh previews video-games coming up in the autumn /winter release schedule. Keith introduces us to Film Fight and we play Bratz Top Trumps plus your regular Geeky Goings On. But wait! There's more! Kallen goes to a pub quiz, Leigh has an interesting walk to the post office, Keith builds a ship, Guy steals a poster, Ryan watches some Who and Phil goes on holiday. In Weird News we discuss a cat with an electricity bill and a man saving a squirrel....


Issue 1-34

This week on Geeky Brummie we climb into our T.A.R.D.I.S. We review the first episode for Dr Who number 13 aka Jodie Whittaker. We also cast our eye over the resurgance in musical biopic movies and get our grump on in "Why It's Rubbish!". Plus your regular Geeky Goings On But wait! There's more! Guy gets a coat, Kallen notices a 'wire', Keith grinds on Destiny, Leigh has an assessment and Ryan gets diverted. In Weird News we cover DNA based playlists, bucycle numberplates and gaming fried...


Issue 1-33

This week on Geeky Brummie we go gaming... The team, including new member Leigh, head to EGX at NEC Birmingham and get into some gaming action. We speak to VooFoo studios about the launch of This Is Pool, Shadow about their amazing streaming technology, Rebellion about Arca's Path VR, Aegis-M about their tower defense game and The Sand Gardeners about their Sega Leftfield game, Between Stations. EGX: This Is Pool: Shadow:...


Issue 1-32

This week on Geeky Brummie we're as cool as ICE... Keith and Ryan take you on a tour through the ICE Birmingham Comics festival, including the full 'The Beano at 80 panel' with special guests Lew Stringer, Nigel Parkinson, Hunt Emerson and Laura Howell. We also speak to Jason Cobley and James Gray about the launch of their graphics novel Amnesia Agents, plus a quick solo chat to Laura Howell too! Help ICE Return in 2019: Listen Live -...


Issue 1-31

This week on Geeky Brummie, we chill like the dude and marvel over cult movies... In this week's show we look back at The Big Lebowski, 20 years on from release. We also discuss what we think makes a classic movie. We cast our eyes over the Captain Marvel Trailer. P But wait there's more! Guy has a charity shop find and we examine Uranus... Missouri Listen Live - Follow Brum Radio on Twitter - Follow GeekyBrummie on Twitter...


Issue 1-30

This week on Geeky Brummie we go Beano for Spider-Man In this week's show Ryan interviews Jess Anson ahead of PodUK at Millennium Point in February 2019. Ryan, Guy & Nate discuss all things Beano and review Marvel's Spider-Man. But wait there's more! Nate gets passports and writes a game, Guy sees Garbage and Manilow and Ryan hurts his toe and opens a record. In Weird News It's a class war over road resufacing... Listen Live - Follow Brum Radio on Twitter -...


Issue 1-29

This week on Geeky Brummie we return to the trail... It's another round of #TrailerTalk as we go through some of the biggest autumn & winter Film, TV and Game picks But wait there's more! Guy and ryan attend a concert, Keith goes to Kinver, Phil goes to Berlin and Nate returns. In Weird News there's lemon theft afoot, the town of 'Micarcle Whip' and Noel Gallaghers sock draw. Plus #McFaddenwatch returns to provide our latest update on Steve's movements... Listen Live -...


Issue 1-28a - Cat's Cabinet Of Curiosities Crossover Special

In this very special (and sweary!) episode of Geeky Brummie it's Geeks vs Cabinets! Geeky Brummie joins Cat's Cabinet of Curiosities to face off some musically themed conspiracy theories around JayZ and Avril Lavigne. We also discuss pervy house shares, ringing in sick, Prince tributes, quizzing, giant robots, interruptors and photo lurking. In Weird News we delve into parrots, popes, curriculum vitaes, and sexy robots. Cat's Cabinet of Curiosities...


Issue 1-28

This week we go to Cybertron... In this special Geeky Brummie Episode, Ryan and the team head to TFNation 2018. It's our third year attending and this time we we chat to Transformers Car Hire about Beaterbee Bumblebug & Barricade, interview the custodian of Hasbro's #OptimusPrime hear highlights from the Stan Bush panel and talk to Andy Turnbull about #TFN2018 and the community around #TFNation. In some bonus podcast extras Guy goes on the hunt for Pretender Ryans and we also pop along to...


Issue 1-27

This week we go to Warp... There's been a lot of stuff going on in the Star Trek universe so we thought we'd beam down a raft of information for your pointy ears. we discuss the upcoming Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery, we also talk about Patrick Stewart's return to the franchise, and we look 'ten forward' to the the return of Destination Star Trek to Birmingham in October. But wait there's more! In 'Weird News' we chat Mug Shot Make-up, Live Crab Theft, 108 Plays of Africa and "Shalom...


Issue 1-26

This week we team ICE with Ants... We speak to Shane Chebsey all about the upcoming International Comics Expo at the BCEC on 15th September. We review Ant-Man and The Wasp as it finally hits UK shores. We also talk about if adding a "Popular Movie" category to the Oscars makes sense or should we just hand the whole lot over to Terry Crews. But wait there's more! Phil snatches a wig, Ryan needs an onion,, Keith is late and Guy is a castle liability. We also discuss, lift and door etiquette,...


Issue 1-25

This week on Geeky Brummie we go Impossible... We're joined by Graham Woods (aka @Jaws19Show ) to discuss all of the Mission: Impossible franchise and we review The Cinematic Experience of Mission: Impossible. But wait there's more! Keith becomes a controversy, Guy injures himself again, Graham records some videos, Ryan goes House Shopping and we all learn Mark Kermode's real name. In Weird News we dicuss Jeff Goldblum, "Sit on my...", Donkey Zebras and Poo Joggers. Find Jaws19 on YouTube:...


Issue 1-24

This week on Geeky Brummie, Ryan returns... We talk all about the Film and TV trailers left in the wake of San Diego Comic Con. Keith talks to Andy Thomas of Mad-Dad Games about his new kickstarter, Hyper League Racing. Top Trumps returns with Awesome Animals. But wait there's more! Keith still hasnt brought in his omnichord, Phil does a quiz, Guy gets shouted at at a waterpark and Ryan goes on a boat. We look at Point Horror and Bunty in our first Nostalgia review and the team get some cold...