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Brahms: The Boy II Review

We saw Brahms: The Boy II in theaters and it was so bland and unfulfilling that I questioned whether or not I want to spend my free time reviewing movies of this caliber. As soon as I asked that question of myself, I realized that the answer is obviously - yes. I need to watch these boring hunks of junk to make sure you don’t have to. Intro - (0:45)Trailer - (4:16) Synopsis - (06:40) Review - (10:19) Score - (10:44) Spoilers - (17:10) Final Recommendations - (48:50) Horror Movie News with...


Fantasy Island Review

We went and saw Blumhouse's Fantasy Island, and it was exactly as good as you would expect it to be. It's a needless remake of the campy 70's TV show of the same name. It's entertaining, but nothing to write home about. One this episode of Horror Movie Talk we give our full review and breakdown of the film. Intro - (0:38)Trailer - (5:00) Synopsis - (08:20) Review - (09:07) Score - (15:08) Spoilers - (24:25) Final Recommendations - (1:08:10) It Came From Social Media - (1:10:40) Outro -...


Gretel & Hansel 2020 Movie Review

(Hansel and Gretel Movie) We saw Gretel & Hansel in theaters and I was pleasantly surprised with something that might not be the most groundbreaking film we’ve ever watched, but it succeeds admirably at breathing new life into this classic Grimm fairy tale. Intro - (0:41)Trailer - (7:40) Synopsis - (9:52) Review - (11:11) Score - (16:48) Spoilers - (22:56) Final Recommendations - (54:30) Taglines - (55:34) It Came From Social Media - (1:25:05) Outro - (1:38:10) @dgoebel00 on instagram...


Color Out of Space Review & Tara Westwood Interview

We have a packed episode this week. We review the surprisingly good Color Out Of Space, interview the lovely Tara Westwood from The Grudge (2020), and play a new game called "fNICt or fCAGEtion". Hold on to your alpacas, and listen to the latest Horror Movie Talk! Intro - (0:46)Trailer - (7:27) Synopsis - (10:13) Review - (11:07) Score - (17:10) Spoilers - (25:47) Final Recommendations - (1:00:32) Interview with Tara Westwood from The Grudge (2020) - (1:01:43) fNICt or fCAGEtion - (1:28:53)...


The Turning (2020) Review

We saw The Turning in theaters and it’s got a ton of jumpscares and some great acting, but it is hamstrung by a script that never had a clue where it was going despite having a very clear and high-quality roadmap of the story that it was based upon - The Turn of the Screw. Intro - (1:01)Trailer - (4:53) Synopsis - (7:11) Review - (10:00) Score - (16:48) Spoilers - (22:56) Final Recommendations - (54:30) Horror Movie News - (55:34) It Came From Social Media - (1:25:05) Outro - (1:38:10)...


Crawl Review

Our patrons voted for this week’s movie review, and they selected Crawl. This was a movie we let slip by us when it was in theaters. However, now we know, you don’t just slip by gators, they will look for you, they will find you, and they will kill you. Intro - (0:27)Trailer - (7:27) Synopsis - (10:55) Review - (12:01) Score - (16:00) Spoilers - (25:43) Final Recommendations - (53:39) Taglines - (54:54) It Came From Social Media - (1:00:08) Outro - (1:20:50) @dgoebel00 on instagram provided...


Underwater (Movie) Review

Underwater is in theaters right now and I did not expect much, which left me pleasantly surprised when I didn’t have a bad time. As far as underwater spooks and adventure go, Underwater is unique enough to hold my attention, but it doesn’t pull off anything amazing. Dgoebel00 on instagram provided this amazing pic. Follow him for more great horror art. Also, check out his website. Skip to Intro - 0:40Skip to Trailer - 4:17Skip to Synopsis - 6:36Skip to Review - 8:39Skip to Score - 10:05Skip...


The Grudge (2020) Review

We went and saw The Grudge, and I feel like I’m taking crazy pills, because I liked it. That's because it's a dark and moody sequel/reboot of The Grudge. Nicolas Pesce wrote and directed the film, and brings a more serious and weighty tone to the proceedings. This is the first Grudge film to earn an R-rating, and it is warranted not only for the violence, but also for the mature subject matter. Intro - (0:11)Trailer - (5:44) Synopsis - (10:05) Review - (11:46) Score - (22:35) Spoilers -...


Best and Worst Horror Movies of 2019

2019 treated us very well in terms of how our podcast is doing and in terms of great horror movies. I would even go so far as to say we were spoiled by 2019. So let's take a look at what we love and hated about the horror movies that we reviewed in 2019. We had such a great time with horror in 2019! Skip to Intro - 0:40Skip to 2019 Expectations - 5:17Skip to Worst of 2019 - 17:27Skip to Best of 2019 - 32:35Skip to Which Episodes did Best - 1:06:55Skip to Which Episodes did Worst - 1:12:40...


Rare Exports Review

We streamed Rare Exports, and much like Finland, it was cold and dark. This horror film has more to do with Lovecraft than a run-of-the-mill slasher or monster movie. There is a lot of dread and high-concept build up. While the ending might not be satisfying, it stands out as the most entertaining part of the movie, and is worth the wait. Skip to Intro - 0:54Skip to Trailer - 4:39Skip to Synopsis - 7:52Skip to Review - 8:25Skip to Score - 12:33Skip to Spoilers - 20:45Skip to Taglines - 53:14...


Black Christmas (2019) Review

Bury Christmas everyone! ROFLOLOLOL!!!! No, but seriously folks, we like to joke... This week we review the new 2019 Model of Black Christmas. It’s a genuine attempt to reimagine Bob Clark's 1974 classic through the lens of today's modern woman. Listen to our full review on our latest episode or read the summary below. Also in this episode, we play Taglines and a new game called "Black Christmas or Black Christmas or Black Christmas". Enjoy. @Dgoebel00 on instagram provided this amazing pic....


Backcountry (Movie) Review

We saw Backcountry on Netflix, and it is an effective enough one-trick pony. Unlike The Ruins movie we reviewed earlier, there are no super-natural elements, the threat is just a plain ol' bear. I laughed and cried, and sometimes it wasn’t ironic! Skip to Intro - 0:26Skip to Trailer - 9:07Skip to Synopsis - 11:08Skip to Review - 12:20Skip to Score - 13:50Skip to Spoilers - 20:00 Skip to Final Recommendations - 1:00:00 Skip to Taglines - 1:08:14 Skip to Outro - 1:12:32 Oh my God, @Dgoebel00...


American Psycho Review

American Psycho is, without a doubt, one of my favorite movies of all time. This thriller is one of the most hilarious and disturbing tongue-in-cheek movies ever made. Skip to Intro - 0:34Skip to Trailer - 4:37Skip to Synopsis - 6:38Skip to Review - 7:54Skip to Score - 9:42Skip to Spoilers - 14:04Skip to Outro - 1:44:16 Oh my God, @Dgoebel00 on INSTA provided this amazing pic. Check him out on his site as well. American Psycho can be found on Netflix right now for free, and just about...


Patreon Sneak Peak: American Pyscho Afterpod

We decided it would be a good idea for all you regular listeners to get a taste of the exclusive Patreon content, and let you know that there is a whole lot more where that came from! This Afterpod was recorded with our guest who we had on for the American Psycho review that will be released later this week - my buddy Marc! Every post needs a picture but we don't prepare very well. Listen to us wax about what makes a horror movie a horror movie, what "feminist movies" do wrong, and what we...


ThanksKilling Review

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Since it's so close to the holiday, we decided to review ThanksKilling this week. It's dumb and bad, but in the best way. In this episode, we give out review, play a round of Taglines, and share what Horror Movie Talk is thankful for. @Dgoebel00 on instagram provided this amazing pic. Follow him for more great horror art. Skip to Intro - 0:23Skip to Trailer - 4:49Skip to Synopsis - 7:53Skip to Review - 8:23Skip to Score - 11:19Skip to Spoilers - 16:38Skip to...


Dawn of the Dead (1978) Review

We saw Dawn of the Dead for free on Youtube because it’s available for free on youtube. This is a Patreon request, so if you want to have a say in what we review, join our Patreon and you will get to weigh in on what we review once a month. This movie is the classic sequel to Night of the Living Dead by George A. Romero that really upped the ante on the zombie concept, and shock factor of the time. Skip to Intro - 0:37Skip to Trailer - 7:35Skip to Synopsis - 8:31Skip to Review - 10:06Skip to...


The Shining Review

This week, we are reviewing the prequel to Doctor Sleep, Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, and Stephen King's least favorite adaptation of his work: The Shining. Plue we have a big announcement in "It Came From Social Media" and play another round of "Horror or Porno". Skip to Intro - 0:55Skip to Trailer - 6:24Skip to Synopsis - 8:46Skip to Review - 11:01Skip to Score - 13:23Skip to Spoilers - 25:22Skip to Final Recommendations - 1:14:03Skip to It Came From Social Media - 1:16:00 Skip to Horror...


Doctor Sleep Review

We saw an early screening of Doctor Sleep, and I was treated to what I believe to be the best horror blockbuster of the year. This is the movie that Brightburn told us it would be. A compelling superhero story with a horror twist. On top of all that high praise, I truly believe that this is a worthy spiritual successor to The Shining, which is one of my all-time favorite movies ever. Doctor Sleep is impressive, serious, and fun. Skip to Intro - 0:27Skip to Trailer - 4:51Skip to Synopsis -...


The Lighthouse Review

This week we are reviewing Robert Eggers' The Lighthouse. It's a descent into madness that doesn't hold your hand. The performances of Willem Defoe and Robert Pattinson are worth the price of admission, but everything related to the production design, sound, and script are all of the highest caliber. Skip to Intro - 0:29Skip to Trailer - 6:17Skip to Synopsis - 8:20Skip to Review - 10:06Skip to Score - 14:41Skip to Spoilers - 20:51Skip to Final Recommendations - 1:12:44Skip to Taglines -...


Zombieland: Double Tap Review

We went and saw Zombieland: Double Tap, and I was treated to a fabulous time! This franchise understands it’s audience and really ends up feeling like an excuse for famous actors to get together and have a blast making a movie - which, as it turns out, means a good time for everyone. Skip to Intro - 0:52Skip to Trailer - 5:35Skip to Synopsis - 8:00Skip to Review - 13:00Skip to Score - 18:00Skip to Spoilers - 29:35Skip to Final Recommendations - 1:33:27Skip to Taglines - 1:35:37 Big thanks to...