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From the creators of The Empire Film Podcast, The Pilot TV Podcast is your (spoiler free) guide to the essential new shows dropping each week across terrestrial, satellite, streaming and beyond. Bringing you the latest news and reviews, as well as interviews with the biggest names in TV, we're here to cut through the rubbish and make sure every minute you spend in front of the box is a minute worth spending. Served with a heavy helping of insider knowledge, irreverence and humour, the Pilot TV Podcast won't just keep you informed, amused and entertained, but is guaranteed to save countless hours of your life. Because you can’t watch *everything*.


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From the creators of The Empire Film Podcast, The Pilot TV Podcast is your (spoiler free) guide to the essential new shows dropping each week across terrestrial, satellite, streaming and beyond. Bringing you the latest news and reviews, as well as interviews with the biggest names in TV, we're here to cut through the rubbish and make sure every minute you spend in front of the box is a minute worth spending. Served with a heavy helping of insider knowledge, irreverence and humour, the Pilot TV Podcast won't just keep you informed, amused and entertained, but is guaranteed to save countless hours of your life. Because you can’t watch *everything*.




#265 Shōgun, Dead Hot, and Things You Should Have Done. With guest Jonathan Bailey

This episode is one for nerds and normies alike as we begin with an audit of the accessibility of sci-fi films and, unexpectedly, trainers. Bit that’s not all, because Fellow Travellers star Jonathan Bailey drops by to talk about that show with Boydy, and James finally gets the chance to hold forth on Shōgun, managing to explode Kay’s brain in the process (in English, not Portuguese). Plus we uncover a mystery in Prime Video’s Dead Hot and break James upon the wheel of BBC3 comedy with Things You Should Have Done.


#274 Constellation, Breathtaking, and The Way. With guests Jodie Foster and Noomi Rapace

Jodie Foster joins us on the show this week, to talk about the grand finale of True Detective: Night Country. We get properly into all the twists and turns of that show but don’t worry if you’ve not had a chance to watch the final episode yet, because we’ve put the interview at the very end of the episode with clear spoiler markings (PSA: all six episodes of True Detective: Night Country are available to watch on Sky Atlantic and NOW, or you can download them to own on digital platforms). But she’s not the only guest on this week’s show, either, as Noomi Rapace also drops by to talk about Apple’s creepy space-set sci-fi Constellation as well — it begins with talk of whether anyone’s wearing trousers on the Zoom call and all spirals out of control from there. Elsewhere on this week’s show, we take a look at ITV’s Breathtaking, which recounts the front line struggles of NHS staff during the outbreak of Covid, and we also watch BBC1’s The Way, which sees civil unrest as steelworkers down tools in Port Talbot. Plus Kay has us lamenting those dearly departed shows that ended on cliffhangers that were sadly never resolved.


#273 Alice And Jack, Kin, and Too Good To Be True. With guests Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall

You’ll have to have listened to last weeks’ Pilot+ to hear our review of One Day but fear not if you didn’t catch that, because stars Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall join us this week to discuss Netflix’s adaptation of the hit David Nicholls book. And speaking of turbulent romances, Alice And Jack comes to Channel 4 this week and sees Domhnall Gleeson and Andrea Riseborough as a pair of star-crossed lovers. BBC1’s Kin, on the other hand, sees an entirely different kind of turmoil as the Kinsella clan go to war (again), and Channel 5’s Too Good To Be True explores the perils of unvetted employment (but does allow James to set up a terrible culinary pun). Finally, Kay’s postbag management takes a turn for the meta and we look at side-eye references in your favourite shows.


#272 Curb Your Enthusiasm, Ted, G’wed, and Halo. With guests Domhnall Gleeson and Andrea Riseborough

We may not be reviewing it till next week but Alice And Jack is winging its way to screens very soon and stars Domhnall Gleeson and Andrea Riseborough — both of whom join us on the show this week to chat with Boydy. No one does awkward quite like Larry David so we're delighted to welcome him back to the screen for the 12th and final season of Curb Your Enthusiasm on Sky and Now. Plus Seth MacFarlane's Ted makes the transition to the small screen, we take a trip up north to see Scouse comedy G'wed, which lands on ITVX, and James nobly takes on the mantle of watching Halo season 2 so Kay doesn't have to get sci-fi on her.


#271 Black Cake, Domino Day, and Here We Go

We like to think of Pilot TV as the height of professionalism — a finely-honed product in which some of TV journalism's finest minds come together to share their wisdom. We like to think that. Evidence here to the contrary, though, as this one is an absolute shambles. James and Kay arrive unprepared, Boyd decides he'd much rather work with Helen and Dan, plus there's a whole thing about musicals. Honestly, it's a miracle we got through it at all. Still, we did find time to watch Black Cake on Disney+ (well, some of us), engage in some witchery with Domino Day on BBC Three, and catch up with Here We Go (again).


#270 Griselda, Sexy Beast, and Trigger Point. With guest Lulu Wang

Acclaimed filmmaker Lulu Wang hops to the small screen this week with Expats on Prime and she dropped by the podcast to tell us all about it. Plus we witness Sofía Vergara breaking bad as a cartel boss Griselda Blanco in Netflix's Griselda, revisit London's '90s criminal underworld in Sexy Beast on Paramount+, and rejoin Vicky McClure's bomb squad in the return of Trigger Point on ITV. But that's not all, because the gang talk about the ups and downs of this year's Emmys (#justiceforBetterCallSaul) and Boyd and Kay once again try (and fail) to get James to care about The Traitors.


#269 True Detective, The Artful Dodger, and Finders Keepers

True Detective makes its long-awaited return this week with Jodie Foster in the lead. Is it a return to form for the series? Listen and find out (spoiler: it is). Plus we head down under for some Dickensian fun with The Artful Dodger on Disney+ and go Detectoring with Channel 5's Finders Keepers. The team also mull over hotel scenes, completely fail to discuss the Golden Globes and hear how Boyd got blanked by Phoebe Waller Bridge.


#268 Criminal Record, Big Boys, and After The Flood. With guest Clarke Peters

We're back! After scandalously taking Christmas off, (Boyd is still furious about it) Pilot makes a triumphant return to your ears this week, accompanied by legendary star of The Wire Clarke Peters, here talking about his new Channel 4 show Truelove. Plus Kay, Boyd and James run through their televisual resolution,s but also catch you all up on all the shows that aired over the first week of January. Beyond that, Jack Rooke's Big Boys returns to Channel 4, Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo arrive on Apple TV+ with Criminal Record, and Sophie Rundle gets swept away in ITV drama After The Flood.


Review Of The Year 2023, with guest Jamie Dornan

Happy Christmas! What better gift to wake up to on December 25 than a Pilot TV Review Of The Year Special? Yes, we assemble live on Christmas morning* to bring you festive cheer, run through all the shows that mattered over the past 12 months, and reveal for you our Pilot TV list of the best shows of 2023. But that's not all! Because we also triage a special end of year postbag and Jamie Dornan stops by to talk about The Tourist, which returns to ITV on New Year's Day. See you all in 2024! *In no way recorded live


#267 The Winter King, Percy Jackson And The Olympians, and A Ghost Story For Christmas: Lot No. 249

Cider's mulling, turkey's turking, yams are yamming, and the Pilot TV podcast is getting ready for Christmas with this the LAST regular show of 2023. And, because this is essentially our yule send-off, Boydy runs through the vast array of shows coming your way between now and the new year, plus we review one of them: specifically, Mark Gatiss' latest festive frightener, Lot No. 249. We also head back to (Bernard) Cornwell country for the adaptation of his Warlord Chronicles, The Winter King on ITVX, and we find out whether Rick Riordan's Greek God saga lands safely on Disney+ with the arrival of Percy Jackson And The Olympians.


#266 The Serial Killer's Wife, Something Undone, and Doctor Who. With guests Imelda Staunton, Leslie Manville and Luke Treadaway

We have a right royal podcast for you this week as Her Majesty Imelda Staunton and HRH Leslie Manville join us to talk The Crown with Boydy. Plus, Luke Treadaway stops by for a quick chat about The Serial Killer's Wife on Paramount+. Elsewhere, we embark on perhaps the most shambolic review in Pilot history as we try (and fail) to determine what series of Something Undone we're reviewing on ITVX. All this before we get back inside the TARDIS for the third of RTD's Doctor Who anniversary specials.


#265 Mayfair Witches, Smothered, and Platform 7. With guest Lizze Broadway

We're all about witches on this week's show as the very VERY belated Interview With The Vampire companion show Mayfair Witches makes its tardy arrival on the Beeb. Plus, Kay finally gets to wax lyrical about Smothered on Sky Comedy and we explore the spooky goings on over at Platform 7 on ITV. Plus we thrash out some of the most iconic scenes in all of TV, Boyd tells the tale of how he lost twenty grand to his local charity shop, Kay causes a seating kerfuffle and Gen V breakout star Lizze Broadway stops by for a spoiler chat about her role in Prime Video's The Boys spinoff.


#264 Slow Horses, The Couple Next Door, and The Doll Factory. With guests Keanu Reeves & Jenson Button, and Jodie Whittaker

Yes, the much anticipated Keanu Reeves interview lands this week as the man himself chats F1 along with racing legend Jenson Button. Plus former Doctor Jodie Whittaker joins us, though not for Tardis talk, but rather to chat all about One Night on Paramount+. Elsewhere, Chris Hewitt drops by to mourn the cancellation of Blue Bloods, we ponder the question of whether adverts in shows add to the experience, and we review The Couple Next Door on Channel 4, The Doll Factory on Paramount+ and the triumphant return of Slow Horses on Apple TV+.


#263 Archie, One Night, and Such Brave Girls. With guests Jason Isaacs, Laura Aikman, and Russell T Davies

We have a veritable cornucopia of guests this week as Jason Isaacs and Laura Aikman join us to talk ITVX's Cary Grant series Archie, plus we give you a little snippet of our Doctor Who special as Russell T Davies stops by to talk the time lord's return. Elsewhere, we uncover hidden secrets with Jodie Whitaker in One Night on Paramount+, and check out Kat Sadler's sitcom Such Brave Girls on BBC3. Plus we mull over some of the most distinctive voices in all of broadcast television.


#262 A Murder At The End Of The World, Boat Story, The Lazarus Project, and Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters. With guest Brit Marling and special guest host Joe Barton

It's a BUMPER show this week so you might want to block out a good chunk of time for this one (sorry!). Because to celebrate the return of The Lazarus Project on Sky, Joe Barton dropped by the studio to join James, Boyd and Kay as a special guest host. But that's not all, because Brit Marling also pops up, talking to Boydy about her new whodunnit, Disney+'s A Murder At The End Of The World. Plus we get our kaiju on with Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters on Apple TV+ and find a shitload of cocaine on a beach with Daisy Haggard and Patterson Joseph in Boat Story on the BBC.


#261 Culprits, The Newsreader, and The Buccaneers. With guest BenDavid Grabinski

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off co-showrunner BenDavid Grabinsi joins us this week to chat resurrecting Canada’s favourite son for an all new anime series. Plus we tear it up in 19th Century London with The Buccaneers on Apple, join the network wars in eighties Australia for The Newsreader on BBC2, and go on the lamb in an attempt to leave a life of crime behind with Culprits on Disney+. Plus, we say our proper goodbyes to Matthew Perry, do our best to mine some news despite a ridiculously early recording, and take a look at TV stars before they were famous.


#260 All The Light We Cannot See, Invincible, and Shetland

This week the team travel back to WWII for Steven Knight's latest series, an adaptation of Pulitzer-winning novel All The Light We Cannot See on Netflix, plus we find out how Shetland fares with a brand new lead on BBC1. Finally, our long-standing inability to understand adult animation is put to the test when we tackle Invincible Season 2 on Prime Video, there's much discussion of the healing power of silence, and the team wrangle over their favourite Friend (in a segment recorded before the very sad news of Matthew Perry's death over the weekend).


#259 Fellow Travelers, The Enfield Poltergeist, and Three Little Birds. With guest Jacob Anderson

Grey Worm himself aka Interview With The Vampire’s Louis de Pointe du Lac joins us on the show to chat all things undead now that the show has arrived in its entirety on BBC iPlayer. Elsewhere on the pod, there’s an unusual amount to toe-sucking discussion as we review Fellow Travelers on Paramount+. Kay gets the willies from spooktacular documentary The Enfield Poltergeist on Apple, and we take a trip down Lenny Henry’s memory lane in Three Little Birds on ITV. Elsewhere, Boyd works his way through the alphabet of shows (slowly), James bangs on about Bosch (you thought you’d dodged this last week - you were wrong), and all three muse on a conundrum that would see them forsake their favourite shows for good.


#258 Bodies, Dark Winds, and Breeders

James and Boyd prepare to sacrifice their friendship on the altar of Peak TV this week as the pair attempt to review the final series of Breeders on Sky without killing each other. Meanwhile, Kay gets sucked in by a stealth sci-fi via Bodies on Netflix, and we investigate murder on the reservation in Dark Winds on Alibi. Plus the team play a little postbag roulette to keep things interesting and a challenge is set to find a horror show that Kay might deign to sit through.


#257 The Fall Of The House Of Usher, Interview With The Vampire, and Lessons In Chemistry. With guest Philip Barantini

We reach Boiling Point this week with Philip Barantini, who joins us to talk about his chaos in the kitchen series of the same name. Plus, after a year of waiting, Interview With The Vampire finally makes its way to British screens on BBC1, letting us take our first steps into Anne Rice's Immortal Universe. Brie Larson takes a stand against institutional sexism in academia in Lessons In Chemistry on Apple TV+, and Mike Flanagan returns with his final Netflix show in Edgar Allen Poe love letter The Fall Of The House Of Usher. All that and we take The Hollywood Reporter's top 50 TV Shows Of The 21st Century list to task and Boyd finally gets the respect he deserves.