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Hooligans of Hops: Two Zero One Nine

The first show of 2019 is ready to go! The Hooligans try an array of beers as they talk about New Years traditions, colonial times, old Pennsylvania favorite food favorites, and more! Beers tried: Poor Richard's Spruce Ale (Yards Brewing) Mudlust Porter (Sly Fox Brewing) Motorhead Road Crew American IPA (Acadia Brewing) Hydro-Electric New England IPA (Wallenpaupack Brewing)


Calling it in the Power Ring, Episode 30: Wrestle Kingdom 13 REVIEW!!

Wrestle Kingdom 13 was a week ago and what a show it was! Hear our thoughts on the whole show from top to bottom. Did you get up early in the AM to watch it? Well we did and we'll tell you all about it! Also some New Year's Dash talk as well. GO ACE!


Calling it in the Power Ring: Episode 29 Wrestle Kingdom 13 Preview!

Wrestle Kingdom is only a few days away! We go over the whole card, pick who we think will win and what will be the top matches. Behind on New Japan? That's ok, We'll get you all caught up on their biggest show of the year!


Calling it in the Power Ring: Episode 28: Green Falcon Arrow

I forgot to upload last weeks episode, because of doing the best of 2018 episode and the holiday show. So here is Episode 28! Not too much news this week because of the holidays and it's a light comic week, but we talk Holiday Raw/Smackdown, Ronda VS Nattie on Christmas eve, The Fantastic 4 Wedding Special, X-23, Life of Captain Marvel, Vampironica, Exorsisters, Die Kitty Die, Blackbird and Red Sonja. Chris Charlton's book Eggshells, that goes over ever Tokyo Dome show ever! Plus our normal...


So I've Been Told Ep. 22 2018 Faves Featuring John O'Connell

Shaking things up a little bit with this episode! My buddy John O'Connell and I chat about our top ten albums of 2018! A playlist with all of these sick jams will be posted on the So I've Been Told facebook pace whenever I get around to it. The outro song is "Casket Room" by Tyler Cult. I figure after talking about TC on the last two episode I would give him a little air time. https://gutscrewrecords.bandcamp.com/album/iloveemobangs-comiheartemobangs-com Happy New Year Everyone!


Binge Watching The Kids-Aladdin vs. Lion King

I hope everyone is having a great holiday this last week. On NYE we decided to drop a show we did about a month ago after we polled a bunch of folks about this topic. With the impending live action tandems to these movies coming out. We asked a few folks here at The Podcasts Of Pennsylvania, my brother in law, my wife and myself (Chris posting) which is the better original animated film. What we have here is a deep discussion of both where there was no real issues with either movies, but...


Calling it in the Power Ring, Episode 26: Best of 2018.

It's our Best of 2018 show! We list our best picks from the world of Comic Books and Pro Wrestling. Categories like Best Writer, Artist, Feud of the year and our top 20 matches of year! The end of the year means its time to make lists, so here is ours. It's Best of 2018!!

Calling it in the Power Ring, Episode 26: Uncanny X-Mas!

It's a few days before Christmas and our gift to you is this episode! Lots of comics Darth Maul, Kim + Kim, Deadpool, Wonder Woman, X-Men, Green Lantern, Catwoman, Red Sonja, Ghost-Spider, Life of Captain Marvel, Batman who laughs. Aquaman movie, Current state of Raw and Smackdown, The great Tanahashi & Osprey VS Golden Lovers match from Road to Wrestlekingdom, our regular segments and reviews of Ring of Honor's Final Battle and WWE's TLC Pay per views!


Hooligans of Hops: Christmas 2018 Show

Ho, Ho Hooligan! To hell what Santa thinks, they've got bitching to do and beer to drink! They talk about Christmas decoration, annoying holiday songs and other random shit that brings you yuletide cheer or something. They try two holiday beers and also feature beer from Kev's visit to Great barn Brewing in New Hope, PA! Beers tried: Country Girl Saison (Great Barn Brewing) Holiday Ale (Two Roads Brewing) Christmas Ale (Bell's Brewing) Nova Espero 1852 (Great Barn Brewing)


Calling it in the Power Ring, Episode 25: Fantastic 4 Horsemen

It's the big 25th episode! Just pretend this is a comic with a fancy shiny cover enhancement! We talk the DC Elseworlds crossover on CW, More God of War, Pokemon on the Switch, Lots of comics, Avengers, FF Wedding Special, X-men Red's last issue, Batman Damned, Flash, Supergirl and Wonder Woman, don't forget the Red Sonja X-mas special. Raw being bad, Smackdown being good, The New Daniel Bryan, a quick Final Battle preview, and TLC preview, plus our regular Top 5 and Watch New Japan segments...


Shows from a Hat gets Glitter all over the place...

Chris & Brad are back for another go round with Chikara Pro, this time covering the All that Glitters event from August 2008! Watch as Vin Gerard hijacks this Chikara show... and its good!?! All joking aside, this show was a lot of fun with matches from the Osirian Portal, the debut of Player Dos; Pre WWE Luke Harper; the would be Dasher Hatfield; Jimmy Olsen hating on masks; Fire Ant being Fire Ant; an incredible Shane Storm vs Mike Quackenbush match; an odd trios match featuring two...


Calling it in the Power Ring, Episode 24: God of War Machine

In this episode with the same number as my birthday, we talk the passing of Dynamite Kid and Larry "The Axe" Hennig, The new Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 trailers, Ultimate Alliance 3 announcement, Tons of comics, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Killmonger, Staw Wars, Winter Soldier, Merry X-Mas, Green Lantern. A bunch of video game talk with God of War and Devil May Cry, ROH's Final Battle preview, PWG BOLA, World Tag League and much, much more. Only right here, only right now! Episode 24: God...


Shows from a Hat is living in an Endless Winter

Chris & Brad are back, and this week they discuss Wrestling is... Cool from August 25, 2013! Touched upon in this episode: Just two shows left for the year folks, and next week should be fun as the guys will cover Chikara - All that Glitters from August 9th 2008! Follow Shows from a Hat on twitter: @Showsfromahat On Facebook: @shows from a hat Don't forgot to subscribe to Powerbomb.tv using promo code GSWLIVE to get 20 free days!!


Calling it in the Power Ring, Episode 23: Captain Marvelous Marc Mero

In this episode we talk about Wrestlekingdom being only 1 month away, PCO and Brody King signing with ROH, PWG's Battle of Los Angeles 2018, upcoming Final Battle PPV by ROH. An absolutely awful Raw. How much money will Captain Marvel make? Tons of comic reviews, Xena, Red Sonja, Punisher, Wonder Woman, Daredevil, Uncanny X-Men, Flash, Exorsisters, Return of Wolverine and much more! Plus our Top 5 and Let's watch New Japan segments.


Shows from a Hat journey into the Neon Nebula

Chris & Brad are back again this time talking about Pro Wrestling Explosions Clash of the Neon Nebulas from Oct 7 2018! Such a fun show as Joe Gacy beats 10 men, Beefcake awes Brad, Bobby Dempsey busting out the Anaconda Vice, we learn what a Tennessee Neck Tie match is, the Beach Bums implode, Ophidian awes as always, Team Philly aint from Philly, Tracy Williams and DeSean Pratt impress (well duh), and then Alex Payne and Shockwave out do the Williams/Pratt match. Next week the guys are...


Calling it in the Power Ring, Episode 22: Black Lantern Friday

We're back to our regular format, we talk All Elite Wrestling, what will it be, who will be in it. WWE Contracts coming to an end, Matt Turner running into Kevin Owens at Disney World, Andy Header's interaction with Tessa Blanchard at PPW, New Red Sonja creative team, new original graphic novels by Marvel, lots of comic talk, Elvira, Green Lantern, Fantastic 4, Uncanny X-Men, Blackbird, Flash and more! Plus our Top 5 and Let's watch New Japan segments. All right here in one convenient...


So I've Been Told Ep. 21 Robby Alexander (Mesa Glow)

Sorry it took me so long to get this out, and also for the glitches and volume issues in the episode. I really love this episode and I hope you do too. Give me a follow on instagram @ajkramer55 Here are some links to bands and stuff mentioned in this episode... Red Eyes For Blue Skies https://myspace.com/redeyesforblueskies Thom McCarthy https://thommccarthy.bandcamp.com/ Ayudar https://myspace.com/ayudarmusic The Groundbreaking...


ECWF Podcast Episode 12- Keita Murray

On this episode I was joined by one of our own from the electric city who just last weekend was on WWE TV 4 straight nights from nxt to survivor series to raw and SmackDown back to back to back to back you get it hear all about his journey to that point and what the experience was like and much more

ECWF Podcast Episode 12- Kieta Murray

On this episode I was joined by a local wrestler from here in Scranton who recently as in a week ago recently was all over WWE tv from nxt to survivor series Monday night raw and SmackDown back to back to back to back you get it hear all about his journey to this point and all about his experience over those amazing 4 days

Hooligans Of Hops 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Special

It's officially been one year since their first show and their 2nd annual Thanksgiving special! They try beers with food names while talking about Thanksgiving in general, ranting about sports a bit, and try to discuss what potato filling is and what the hell is in Shoo-Fly pie. Gobble Gobble. Drink up. Enjoy!! Beers tried: Dragons and Yum-Yums (Dogfish Head Brewing) Ma! The Meatloaf! (Evil Genius Brewing) Shoo-fly Pie Porter (Lancaster Brewing Chocolate Truffle Stout (Thomas Hooker...