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Calling it in the Power Ring, Episode 5: Super Special Bonus Climax Edition!

It’s our first ever bonus episode and it’s a super special, bonus episode! It’s an all G1 episode! (our normal format will return this friday) New Japan’s G1 Climax 28 tournament is over and we have a winner! We go over the last 3 nights of the G1, Who won the Pick ‘ems, our Top 10 Favorite matches from it and our Top 5 MVP’s of the tournament! We’ve watched all 90 G1 matches, so now it’s time to wrap it all up! It’s Calling it in the Power Ring, Episode 5: Super Special Bonus Edition...


Calling it in the Power Ring, Episode 4: “Balloon Maker” Vacation Okada.

Ichi, Ni, San, Shi! Shi means four in japanese and that’s what number episode were at! Join us for lots of comic talk, even if I didn’t read any books last week! (AH) Fantastic 4 and Captain America 1, All those wacky X-Men books. The new Death of Superman cartoon movie. All In card takes shape, ROH and New Japan’s MSG show almost sells out day 1. The tale of two Kenny Omega Pops And of course our G1 Climax 28, review, thoughs and pick ‘ems for the last three nights. Will Tanahashi win?...


Shows From A Hat on the road to T.R.U.E Wrestling

Two weeks late, a sick household (more on that Monday), broken microphones and one car trip to do some Independent Wrestling later; we have our show. Brad and I recorded two weeks ago and file fucked up, so we are here to discuss OPW Survival Of The Sickest 2 in a more abridged manner than normal. Catch us pre wrestling trip, and post wrestling trip on our drive back trying to find a bathroom. We will be back Monday morning talking Limitless Wrestling from Maine! Excuse the audio, using...


Calling it in the Power Ring, Episode 3: Geoff Johns can do no wrong!

Episode 3 is here and a tad early to boot! We talk a bit more comics this week, memories of Nikolai Volkoff, Bendis on Action Comics 1001 and Superman, Doomsday Clock, Justice League Dark, Top 5, Putting over Joshua WIlliamson and our review and picks for the G1 shows of the past week (not the first Transformers cartoon). It’s Calling it in the Power Ring, Episode 3: Geoff Johns can do no wrong! Download it now!!


Calling it in the Power Ring, Episode 2: More G1 than you can shake a stick at!

Episode 2 of Calling it in the Power Ring has arrived with a sweet new logo image and even sweeter G1 Talk, reviews and pick’ems! Our thoughts on Matt Riddle possibly going to WWE, The All Women’s Evolution PPV, CM Punk at the MSG ROH/New Japan super show, the debut of our new “Top 5″ segment and much more. Andy Header and Matt Turner are all the way live on episode 2 of Calling it in the power ring!


Shows From A Hat-Big Dick Nick F’n Gage

Hey everyone, welcome to the show today. It IS Shows From A Hat Today, bringing you some relaxed rules fun. Its On Point Wrestling From Williamstown NJ. Today we sit down and review what ultimately can be called a fun show with a few things that didn’t sit right but overall is a fun show. On the docket we discuss. -Barbwire baseball bats and The Walking Dead -Like A Virgin by Madonna -Shane Hagadorns ”Former students of Ring Of Honor School” stable -LSG vs Drake Chambers in a...


Sorry I Missed Your Match Episode #3-George Gatton

Welcome everybody to a new episode of Sorry I Missed Your Match. This week we sit down with a truly wonderful person in Mr George Gatton George is just a total ball of positive energy and we address this on the show his thoughts and feelings on how hard it is to stay positive in this day in age when the news does nothing but show negative images and throw out negative emotions. This Brooklyn NY native discusses with me what is it to have an identity when your a younger kid in high...


Calling it in the Power Ring, Episode 1: Dawn of Puroresu Justice!

The debut “Issue” of the Calling it in the Power Ring podcast! Featuring Matt Turner and Andy Header talking tons of Pro Wrestling and Comic book news, along with some other stuff. Join us as we talk a SDCC starting, Extreme Rules, The passing of Steve Ditko and our G1 Climax 28 picks and review!! It’s our first episode, so bear with us while we find our groove. Toughguy! 100% live and uncut, uncensored and maybe uncivilized!?! It’s not the podcast you asked for, but the one you deserve....


Hooligans of Hops: Saucony Creek Brewery Visit!

The Hooligans on tour with a visit to the Saucony Creek Brewery in Kutztown, PA!! We sit down with Ian from the brewery, and he gives us their history, their beers, their past and future plans, AND about receiving a legit cease and desist order from the WWE on one of their beers!?!?! Make sure you check this one out!! Beers tried: Grendel Pegasus On In-line Skates


Sorry I Missed Your Match Episode #2-Jon Harder

Hey everyone, welcome to the second episode of “Sorry I Missed Your Match” with my guest this week, former host of The Hardway Podcast-Mr Jon Harder. Let me ask you something; Do you like Baseball, actually Do you like sports, actually I say Do you like life. Cause if you don’t than maybe this isn’t the show for you. Diehard Met fan Jon Harder talks to us for a nice chunk about all wonderful things baseball. Forgotten that Montreal had a baseball team? You won’t after this show. Jon tells...


So I’ve Been Told Episode 20 John Ward (The Capitol Of Nowhere)

Episode 20 is finally here! My guest on this episode is John Ward. The man behind the documentary called The Capitol Of Nowhere about The Capitol Venue in Shamokin PA! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SHBms8bi18 https://www.facebook.com/thecapitolofnowhere/ https://www.3pairproductions.com/


Shows From A Hat DEMAND LUCHA…please.

No Description Yet.


New Japan Roundtable-G1! G1! G1! G1! G1! G1! G1!

Welcome everyone, its that time of the year for another NJPW roundtable with Blue & Gold and Chris Decker here. Before we get going, Matt Turner and Andy Header will be back next week for THEIR new podcast; Call It In The Power Ring Podcast. Talking lots involved in the world of Pro Wrestling and a lot of Comic Book talk as well. They will be releasing their show (if all is good) next Saturday and talking over the first week of the 2018 G1 Climax. On this show Matt and Andy give their...


Sorry, I Missed Your Match Episode 1-Brute VanSlyke

Hey Everybody, Chris Decker here for a new show I’m starting. Long form interview show with my friends in and out of wrestling. Week 1 we go with a guy who I stated on Shows From A Hat who I wanted to interview and talk Nu-Metal with! That man is Brute VanSlyke. And we definitely dive into the music realm and give perspective on him growing up in a smaller country down and what kinda drew him into music and growing up. We touch on plenty of subject matter after words, long discussions...


Shows From A Hat: Safety Fuckin’ First

Welcome back to the show everyone. Little later in the week than normal but we had some internet issues, plus Independence day. So we are back here this Saturday morning. Some in-house notes first. Next Shows From A Hat show will be not this Monday but the following Monday. We will be reviewing DEMAND LUCHA’s-Lucha De Los Muertos 2 that day. On this coming Friday, we will be doing a preview for the G1 Special. The NJPW roundtable is back with Andy Header, Matt Turner & Chris Decker....


Hooligans of Hops: The Cider Edition

It’s hot and humid here in Pennsylvania, and we think it’s time to shake things up a bit with a summer theme. This show, we take a break from the usual adventures and try all craft ciders from around the northeast US! Their quest to find delicious summer sippers that hopefully stray far far away from Woodchuck and it’s overly tart and intolerable attack on your tastebuds by trying out some unknowns s there is World Cup banter, random old man style bitching, an upgrade in their recording...


More On Hockey Ep06

Caps win the Stanley Cup! Fleury loses, Pens fans need to stfu. Ovechkin likes to party. Oshie cries and makes grown men cry. Free agency isn’t as exciting. John Tavares won’t make up his mind.


Shows From A Hat Presents: Brad clearly stating that The Black Cauldron is better than Robin Hood (which is factually incorrect).

Good morning everyone. Thanks for stopping by and listening to our show today. This is Shows From A Hat. A show where we pick random non-cannonical shows from the vast libraries of Powerbomb.TV. Today we watched a show from 2000 in Wisconsin. It was not a good show. Highlights featured: -Geek talk first 20 minutes or so (Including possible spoilers for Luke Cage Season 2) -Fun ideas for a Nu-Metal podcast -Brad SHITS all over Disneys Robin Hood -We go meta as we compared Chuck E....


Hooligans of Hops The findings of June

The boys get a little tipsy on this one as they pay their respects to former pro wrestler Big Van Vader, and chat about an interesting World Cup so far, while coming across some really interesting beers, including beers brewed in England and Sri Lanka. Also..a GOLDEN STOUT?!?!? What the hell’s this sorcery? Check it out! Beers Tried Agwe (Siren Brewing/Naparbier Collaboration) Anti-Hero (Revolution Brewing) Seven Swords Golden Stout (Mispillion River Brewing) Lion Stout (Lion...