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Welcome to the Podcasts Of Pennsylvania page. We are here to showcase some of the local podcasts talking everything you wanna hear. Music, Movies, Sports, Current Events &Entertainment!

Welcome to the Podcasts Of Pennsylvania page. We are here to showcase some of the local podcasts talking everything you wanna hear. Music, Movies, Sports, Current Events &Entertainment!


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Welcome to the Podcasts Of Pennsylvania page. We are here to showcase some of the local podcasts talking everything you wanna hear. Music, Movies, Sports, Current Events &Entertainment!




Hooligans of Hops: One Hell Of An Interesting Show

Well. The Hooligans get pretty torqued up on this one with some high volume stuff. They talk about weather change, the legit history of corn, random movie facts, Jimmy Carter, The Dc Comic multi-verse, and a bunch of f**ked up stuff. Drunken rants aplenty. This is a long one and interesting may not be the proper word. DEFINITELY NOT FOR WORK LISTENING!! Our views may not reflect anything else really. Seriously..good luck. Beers tried: Mango American Kolsch (Clown Shoes Brewing) La...


570 sports show

We break down high school wrestling and both girls and boys basketball for the upcoming week as well season so far


Hooligans Of Hops: 1st show of 2020

Another year has come and gone and the Hooligans are back for 2020! They bitch about new years resolutions, history of beer ingredients used by the vikings, Doug's hatred for olives, a very interesting take on a stout and a surprising beer offering from the brewery that shall not be named? Can things be different for the brewery of despair? Check it out! Beers tried: Can Opener (Manayunk Brewing Co.) Vinlandic (Liquid Riot) 4/20 Strain Edition: Chocolope Stout (Sweetwater...


A Decade in Review-The Reunion Show!

#GPFB Chris Decker Matt Deuerlein George Gatton Peter Delonge All 4 of us take a deep dive into the decade that was. Talk on various subjects like: Uptown Funk, Planking, K-Cups, The Fappening, TV Shows that make us sad, how to pronounce XXXTentacion, Harlem Shakes & Old Town Roads


Hooligans Of Hops: December Rage

The Hooligans are back and Doug has once again joined in on the antics. There were many Danzig references, Rick explains his rage for bad drivers, Kev shows his true hatred for the band Motley Crue, and a ton of other stuff you'll just have to listen to. Beers tried: Winter Cru (Flying Fish Co.) Danzig (Devil's Backbone Brewing Company) Harvest (JW Lees) Pliny the Elder (Russian River Brewing)


Hooligans Of Hops: The History Of Cottage Cheese

The Hooligans bring you their version of Thanksgiving 2019. Random beers are enjoyed, Kev calls out that bitch Morrissey, and they give you the real truth behind the creation of Cottage cheese..it may or may not be totally accurate. Just be quiet and listen. Nitro Cold Brew (New Belgium) Helles in The Tropics (Sierra Nevada) Robert The Bruce (3 Floyds Brewing) Grand Reserve Ale (Chimay)


Hooligans of Hops: November Rage

The Hooligans are back after a week hiatus behind schedule but do not disappoint..well maybe. Their special guest and good friend Doug joins in on the drunken rage beer tasting game as they talk about an array of topics, facts and rants that cannot be contained. Rick and Kev also talk about how they attended Abomination Brewing Company's 1st Year Anniversary event that took place not too long ago. Oh yeah, Kev lost a bet that involves a White Claw and a decision he is most likely going to...


570 spots show

We're back in podcasts form


Hooligans of Hops: End of October Show

The Hooligans wrap up the fucky month of October with some heavy hitters. They discuss fall beers, AEW Wrestling, their most recent experience at a punk show, people who waste beer, traffic and the hellscape of route 22 and everything that comes with drunken rants! Beers tried: Beer Pressure Lager (Neshaminy Creek, Croydon, PA) Acerola New England IPA (Fegley's Brew Works, Bethlehem, PA) Cooper Project Barrel Aged Scotch Ale (Goose Island) Kalamazoo Stout (Bell's Brewing, MI)


Close-Knit Sisters: RESIDENT EVIL (2002) Jellybeans

Syll and Angie delve 17 years deep to dredge up the FIRST of the Resident Evil FILM FRANCHISE. Does it hold up? How does the SOUNDTRACK hold up? Spoiler Alert: We LOVE Milla Jovovich & Michelle Rodriguez & Eric Mabius VIVA LA SOUNDTRACK


Hooligans of Hops Halloween Spooktacular!

It's time to get creepy! The Hooligans take on a Halloween edition show with horror themed beers! They talk of monsters, horror movies, fall season, a review of Bethlehem PA's 2019 Oktoberfest and lots more! Beers Tried: Colombian Neck Tie (Nightmare Brewing) Imperial Pumpkin Ale (Weyerbacher Brewery) BatSquatch (Rogue) Hope Roulette (Abomination Brewing)


Hooligans of Hops: Beer and Acid coffee

The beer brothers are at it again with another fun show. They weigh in on acid coffee, fish sandwich stories, the Burger King mafia, cannibalism, reminiscing of old school cartoons...oh and some really kick ass beers! Beers tried: Cherry Hibiscus Wheat (Neshaminy Creek Brewing, Croydon, PA) Nitro Black Stout (Belhaven Brewing, Scotland) Blushing Monk (Founders, MI) Pilgrimage Into the Dank (Abomination Brewing, PA)


Hooligans of Hops: Regular Scheduled Programming

The Hooligans are fresh off their few month long tournament and ready to get back to business as usual! They try some beers given to them from the Midwest, and 2 local PA beers. You hear them talk about tacos, Vince McMahon, the fall season, and the other usual random antics! Beers tried: Zombie Dust (3 Floyds Brewing From Munster, IN) Son Of Juice (Maplewood Brewing, from Chicago, IL) Sunday Mole Stout (Weyerbacher Brewing from Easton, PA) Only Hell Can Save Us Now (Abomination...


Hooligans of Hops: BWC Final 2019

We're finally here! The Beer World cup is at its climax! We're going to be honest with you here. There's more talking about random topics than the finalists only because we've been talking about them for so long. All you need to know is they are the best international beers that made it through a large bracket. We talk about soccer, the XFL, a little pro wrestling, and music. Oh yeah, and we try 2 terrible beers. One being the worst beer we've ever tried that somehow got...


Calling it in the Power Ring, Episode 59:

We talk the upcoming Marvel Phase 4 movies and shows, Far From home making a billion dollars, Ultimate Alliance 3, a bunch of comic reviews, Valkyrie, Second Coming, Flash and more! Plus all our thoughts on all the G1 Climax 29 matches so far!!


570 Sports Show Episode 3

In this episode we talk UFC results introduce new 3 man weave segment where we discuss USA FIBA World Cup basketball team and underrated NFL and NBA players also we bring on special guest AJ Mckenna to talk high school football and debate best ballers from our area plus NFL news and debate LT vs Ray Lewis


Hooligans of Hops: BWC Semi-Finals!!

The 2019 Beer World Cup of the Hooligans of Hops have finally reached the semi-finals and all of the remaining beers are even harder to choose from! The Hooligans chat about the crazy weather PA has been having and the usual madness. An underdog vs a heavyweight, and the battle of the Viking Beers! Palawan Wit (Philippines) vs Trappist Rochefort (Belgium) and Skullsplitter (Scotland) vs. Einstok Arctic Pale Ale (Iceland) Who will get to the FINALS? Click play and find out!


570 Sports Show Kevin Clark

Special episode from Dunmore High School at Kevin Clark's basketball camp


Calling it in the Power Ring, Episode 58: Knee Deep in the G1

Having trouble keeping up with the G1 Climax 29? Well don't worry, we got your back. We watched all the matches so far and we'll give you our thoughts on all the matches so far and who has the most points, wins and losses. Also thoughts on WWE's Extreme Rules, AEW's Fight for the Fallen. San Diego Comic Con news is breaking and some comic reviews as well Captain Marvel, Batman, Spider-Man and more!


Calling it in the Power Ring, Episode 57: Loaded Wrestling Weekend.

The G1 is about to go full swing and there is big AEW, WWE and Evolve shows all this weekend. Talk about a loaded wrestling weekend. We preview WWE's Extreme Rules PPV and AEW's Fight for the Fallen. Paper Girls to Amazon prime?? not much comic talk, Spider-man, Star Wars, Batman, Catwoman, and more. THen we review the first G1 show from Dallas and preview all the tournament matches for the next six shows!! Can't keep up with the G1? It's ok, we got your back!