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"Wash your hands, you dirty pigs!" - Episode 70

Looking for something to do during social isolation or quarantine? How about listening to our podcast?! This week, Liv and Alex talk about their all-girls' Valentine's Day viewing of "Birds of Prey." Then Alex praises Shia LeBouf's healing masterpiece "Honey Boy," and Liv talks about Taika Waititi's "Jojo Rabbit" and the value of making fun of Nazis. Please send good vibes to our producer and podcast Yoda, Keith, who is in Washington state at the center of the COVID-19 outbreak. All jokes...


2020 Oscars Recap - Ep. 69 - The Ridiculous People Podcast

The Oscars happened! And the independent Spirit Awards! And Liv and Alex are surprising not *that* mad about it! They also talk about the wonderful second season of “Sex Education,” the not so wonderful third season “Sabrina,” and a new favorite internet sensation, Augustus Gloop. NOTE: Skip to 35:27 for non-Oscars related stuff.


‘Parasite’ Deep Dive - Ep. 68 - Ridiculous People Podcast

Liv and Alex talk about Bong Joon-ho’s masterpiece movie “Parasite.” Also included: “Irishman” title talk, why Liv didn’t think “Joker” measured up, controversy around Oprah’s book club pick “American Dirt” and much more!


“Ms. Driver has the range.” - Episode 67 - Ridiculous People Podcast

“Ms. Driver has the range.” - Episode 67 During a week of pure vegetation after New Years, Liv and Alex consumed *a lot* of content. They talk about the wildly underrated Eddie Murphy comeback film “Dolemite Is My Name” and one of Liv’s favorite miniseries of the year, “Unbelievable.” They were disappointed by the confusing Sundance movie “Brittany Runs a Marathon” and Alex was delighted by “The Sack Lunch Bunch.” “Booksmart” was great, but are you stressed out by gotta-get-to-the-party...


“I have not a blessed idea in my tiny little head.” - Episode 66 - Ridiculous People Podcast

New year, same ridiculousness. Liv and Alex are back with a vengeance. This week, they’ll talk about an exciting stage piece written by and starring Alex here in New York. Then, they’ll discuss why “Star Wars” is like the bottom of your purse, “Little Women” and Greta Gerwig’s masterful directing style, and run through the Golden Globe nominees. (They haven’t yet watched “Succession,” they’re very sorry.)


“I Don’t Wanna Go Outside.” - Ep. 65 Ridiculous People Podcast

Liv was bored and decided to watch “Unfriended: Dark Web,” which was fun but far more disturbing than she expected. Alex watched “The Irishman” and really loved it, although she did find it odd that DeNiro played an Irish person. She also sheds light on some mob slang, so that’s fun. Also, Alex talks Bon Appetit Test Kitchen (which she watched before it was cool) and Liv is obsessed with DaBaby.


"F*** You Harvey Weinstein" - Ep. 64 - Ridiculous People Podcast

Liv and Alex y’all Instagram marketing, a #MeToo update, Jenny Slate’s new Netflix special and Big Mouth season 3. Then, Liv compares Joker to Parasite — spoiler alert: Parasite is superior.


HalloweenTown Watch Along - Ep. 63 - Ridiculous People Podcast

Buckle up for spooks and frights and Debbie Reynold’s witch microwave! Alex and Liv watch Disney Channel Original Movie classic Halloweentown and chat sh*t along the way.


The Halloween Movie Edition - Ep. 62 - Ridiculous People Podcast

The girls sit down and with assistance from their black cat T'Challa, run down a list of their favorite Halloween flicks, everything from the super creepy and weird to the campy, the funny, the unintentionally funny and sorta super scary. It's a freaky good time!


"Lizzo Danced More Than Cardi B" - Ep. 61

The girls are back! They've seen "IT", "Hustlers" and Aaron Carter's Instagram account. It's a doozy.


The Mean Girls Watch - Along! - Ep. 60

The ladies are back on the couch with one of the all-time faves, the Tina Fey masterpiece Mean Girls! Chill out, pull it up on your favorite streaming service, and hit play!


McSteamy From Grey’s Anatomy Ties It All Together - Ep 59

Liv and Alex review Euphoria. Alex talks through season 2 of Mindhunter and the Atlanta child murders. Liv gives the scoop Killing Eve and the details of the Sony/Disney Spider-Man divorce.


A Silk Robe - Ep. 56

Liv and (a very hungover) Alex talk you through Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Stranger Things 3, and the final season of Orange is the New Black. Alcohol is poison, kids.


2019 Summer Blockbusters Review - Ep 57

Liv and Alex are here to talk you through the big blockbusters of the summer! They review Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time...in Hollywood, A24’s art flick Midsommar, and of course, Spider-Man Far from Home. Keep listening for an Internet Junk Drawer featuring bops, memes and body positivity.


“Go Get Sad: It's The Summer.” – Ep 56

The sun is shining! Summer is here! And everything on TV is SAD AS HELL! Liv and Alex talk more about the making of When They See Us, necklace acting and trauma bangs in Big Little Lies, the wild ride of Fred Armisen’s heritage, and the mystical-comedy-horror perfection of Los Espookys, scary travel show Dark Tourist, and Hulu show Ramy about being Egyptian in NYC. Alex forced her sister to watch Adam Sandler’s Netflix movie Murder Mystery, they are the only known humans to date who have...


Linda Fairstein Sucks - Ep. 55

Liv and Alex are back to catch you up things like: rescue cats, Fleabag, Schitt’s Creek, When They See Us, why Linda Fairstein sucks, Spongebob in Paris and video essays.


The Blind Box Show! - Ep. 54

We're not telling you what today's show is about. You'll have to overcome your fear of commitment and press Play!


Spoilercast! GoT! Avengers! VEEP! - Ep. 53

In case you’ve been actively not participating in pop culture the past few weeks, a lot of our touchstones of entertainment have recently come to an end. This week, Liv and Alex talk about the surprisingly emotional ending of a 22-film era of superhero films that is Avengers: Endgame. » Then, like the rest of the internet, we’ll lament about the disappointing ending to « Game of Thrones. » Yeah, yeah, it’s hard to end a series about power and politics with lots of characters and intertwining...


Game of Thrones Pilot Ep Watchalong - Ep 52

**Contains spoilers for GoT up to/including S8, ep5** Alex and Liv watch the first ever episode of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” in prep for the coming series finale. Listen in as they get nostalgic over how the show has changed, and yell about what GoT fumbled and delivered on since it’s 2011 debut.


“The Devil Wears Prada” Watchalong - Ep 51

This week, Liv and Alex are thinking back to their first jobs in New York City and watching the wildly underrated ode to the fashion industry, “The Devil Wears Prada.” They’ll talk mostly about how amazing and beautiful Meryl Streep is, but also about being a personal assistant, the strange fashion trends of the mid-2000s, Stanley Gucci’s giant ring, and the trials of working for powerful overbearing women. Follow us! @aridiculouspod @aluxshan @liviosah