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Ep. 8 - Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story

In Episode 8, I sit down with the production team from the feature-length documentary "Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story". Tiffany, Jayce, Rodrigo, and Kelli dive into the brave world of tackling a film with a late beloved makeup artist at the center of it. Perseverance, sleepless nights, and nightmare editing are just a few of the subjects discussed in this techinical difficulty filled episode. For more information on "Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story": Instagram:...


Ep. 7 Deany Bean is Dead

In Episode 7, I sit down with writer-producer-actress Allison Volk to talk about her feature film "Deany Bean is Dead". We dive into topics such as self-fundipodng, the rollercoaster that is submitting for film festivals, why you should create your own content, and what it's like to see your film on the big screen for the first time. Allison is insanely talented and I can't wait to see what else she does in this industry. For more information on "Deany Bean is Dead":


6 Tips for When You're Unmotivated

It happens to the best of us. One day you wake up with a list of things to do and... your bed is so comfy, and the blankets are so soft, and oh look! there's a new season of Orange is the New Black. In this bonus episode, I tackle one of the hardest obstacles in productivity. Here are my 6 tips for what to do when you're feeling unmotivated.


Ep. 6 - 5th Passenger

In this episode I sit down with writer/producer Morgan Lariah to discuss her first feature-length film, "5th Passenger". We dive into topics such as co-writing processes, what it's like working with special effects, crowdfunding, and how she got Doug Jones and some Star Trek actors to be in her film. For more information on 5th Passenger: Instagram: @morganlariah Twitter: @morganlariah "5th Passenger" is available NOW!


Why You Should Self-Set Deadlines and How To Stick to Them

Deadlines work! And in this episode I tell you why. Self-setting deadlines is one of the best things you can do for your productivity. I break down for you why it works and ways for you ensure that you stick to it, including a reward system, and accountability.


Ep. 5- Hyphen

In this episode, I sit down with writer/director/producer Maria Servellon to discuss her short film "Hyphen". This film was completed as part of her student thesis at Emerson College in Boston, MA. We talk about the benefits of going to school for film, crowdfunding, writing about your own life, and creating opportunities for yourself. For more information on 'Hyphen" Instagram: @hyphenfilm @riaservellon Twitter: @hyphenfilm


Why You Shouldn't Be Scared To Create Your Own Content

Welcome to the first ever bonus episode of The Stubborn Hearts Podcast! In this episode I talk about why you shouldn't be scared to create your own content. And let me tell ya, I'm terrified of creating my own content. So is this episode for me? Sure is! But hopefully you get something out of it too. Make sure you keep up with all the bonus episodes, releasing every Thursday! And look out for the normal filmmaker interviews every Friday! Thanks for listening!!!


Ep. 4 - Behind Her Eyes

In this episode, I reveal that I will be releasing new bonus episodes, featuring my pre-interview talks. Make sure to lookout for the first episode releasing on July 5th! Then I sit down with filmmakers, Katherine Roberts and Pony Gold to discuss the making of their short film "Behind Her Eyes".


Ep. 2 Women and Sometimes Men

In this episode I discuss the difference between "Dreamers" and "Doers". Then I sit down with filmmakers Lesley Demetriades and Ian Carroll to talk about their film "Women and Sometimes Men". For more information... Follow on instagram @lesleydemetriades @unknown_works Women & Sometimes Men is Available Now!


Ep. 1 War Brides of Japan

In the first episode of The Stubborn Hearts podcast, I sit down with Writer/Director Yayoi Winfrey. We discuss her new documentary feature "War Brides of Japan", and her life as a child of a war bride. I also introduce the podcast. I explain the reason I started it, and the meaning behind the name "Stubborn Hearts". For more information on the podcast, and Yayoi check out my website, Follow me on instagram: @susan4sythe/@thestubbornhearts Check out the podcast...