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Thank F****** God It's Friday! A podcast recapping episodes of everyone's favorite 90s TV shows. Join friends Drew and Katie as they discuss everything from SNICK to Must-See TV and, of course, TGIF.

Thank F****** God It's Friday! A podcast recapping episodes of everyone's favorite 90s TV shows. Join friends Drew and Katie as they discuss everything from SNICK to Must-See TV and, of course, TGIF.


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Thank F****** God It's Friday! A podcast recapping episodes of everyone's favorite 90s TV shows. Join friends Drew and Katie as they discuss everything from SNICK to Must-See TV and, of course, TGIF.




42: Step By Step

Join Katie and Drew this week on a show that definitely didn't make it better the second time around, Step By Step! They talk about the terrible characters (both on and off the show), the ridiculous theme song and opening credits, and how much fun it can be to hate-watch a show. Plus, Suzanne Somers wants to live to 125!? Website: Twitter/Instagram: TFGIFPodcast Email:


41: The Sandlot [90s Movie Break]

Another baseball movie!? Join Drew and Katie this week for the classic coming-of-age movie, The Sandlot. They talk conspiracy theories involving Animal Crossing, possibly unreliable narrators(!?!), Squints being problematic, and some of the most quotable lines of the 90s! Website: Twitter/Instagram: TFGIFPodcast Email:


40: All That

Finally, Drew and Katie tackle the show with arguably the coolest theme song of all time: All That! Join in this week as they talk about episodes from season three that featured Chris Farley as a ketchup-loving chef, Ed from Good Burger trying to pawn off a hamburger milkshake, and Ask Ashley going nuclear on her adoring fans. All that (ha!) and more from the coolest show to grace the Snick lineup. Website: Twitter/Instagram: TFGIFPodcast Email:...


39: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Go Go Power Rangers! You already know it's morphin' time, so join Katie and Drew this week and the classic kid's show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. From actors being paid like peasants to murder from an extra, there was a lot going on behind the scenes on this strange, but entertaining (to Drew anyways) show. Learn about poorly planned stunts, Lord Zedd and his stan, Goldar, and much more! Website: Twitter/Instagram: TFGIFPodcast Email:


38: Clueless

You thought Katie and Drew wouldn't talk about Clueless? As if! Listen in this week as they discuss the season one episodes "I Got You Babe" and "All Teed Off." They talk Paul Rudd (obviously), the ridiculous fashion of Cher and company, the horrific golf swings of everyone on the show, and some very 90s activities and items. If you miss this one, you're totally buggin! Website: Twitter/Instagram: TFGIFPodcast Email:


37: A League of Their Own [90s Movie Break]

It's movie time for Katie and Drew! This week, they are diving into a classic with A League of Their Own, one of the best baseball movies ever made. Listen in as they discuss whether or not there is crying in baseball, if Dottie threw the game at the end, and the hilarity of Jon Lovitz! And, of course, Madonna. Website: Twitter/Instagram: TFGIFPodcast Email:


36: Doug

Katie and Drew are back to talk about one of the earliest and most memorable Nicktoons of all time, Doug, including his many alter egos, the world-famous Beets, and the terror of liver and onions. Drew gets into conspiracy theories, including another Scrubs connection (of course) and a debate on whether or not Roger had the hots for Doug! Website: Twitter/Instagram: TFGIFPodcast Email:


35: 3rd Rock From The Sun

Katie and Drew talk alien anthropology this week with 3rd Rock From The Sun, the show with aliens masquerading as humans to get to know what we're all about. Drew wonders how Dick doesn't lose his job in season 1's "Dick Like Me," and Katie nerds out about computers with season 4's "Y2dicK." Listen in as we all learn a little about the weird lives of humans! Website: Twitter/Instagram: TFGIFPodcast Email:


34: Clarissa Explains It All

Katie and Drew are back to talk about Clarissa Explains It All, a show with one of the coolest kids to ever grace a television. Listen in as we talk about Sam's ridiculous surf punk gear in "No TV" from season 1 and Clarissa - sorry, Jade - hitting it off with drummer boy James Van Der Beek in "Alter Ego" from season 5. And naturally, we go into the incredible layout of Clarissa's room and wishing we could have a friend who came in from a ladder in the window. Oh, the 90s. A different...


33: Hocus Pocus [Halloween Movie Break]

What's a Halloween without a bit of Hocus Pocus? Katie and Drew couldn't let the spooky season go by without talking about this childhood favorite with their first remote guest, Grace! Listen as they discuss how strange it is for a Disney movie to be so hung up on the word "virgin," a horrifying fact about Doug Jones as Billy and, of course, a lot of their own Halloween memories. Website: Twitter/Instagram: TFGIFPodcast Email:


32: Dinosaurs

"I'm the baby! Gotta love me!" Katie and Drew are back with an episode 60 million years in the making with a discussion about the TGIF hit, Dinosaurs. Listen as we talk about the show through its season two episodes "Endangered Species" and "A New Leaf," and maybe learn some very important lessons along the way. And, of course, we'd be remiss not to also cover the traumatizing and depressing series finale, "Changing Nature," because how could a show about Dinosaurs not end in...


31: Friends

It's time, at long last, to cover Katie's all-time favorite show—90s or otherwise—Friends. And just in time for its 25th anniversary! Listen as they discuss the iconic and legendary series through season one's "The One with the Blackout" and season four's "The One with the Embryos," all while Drew tries to stump Katie with some of the most obscure trivia questions he could find. Website: Twitter/Instagram: TFGIFPodcast Email:


30: Dumb and Dumber [90s Movie Break]

"I like it. I like it a lot." Well, that's true for one of us, anyway. Can you guess who? Listen as Drew and Katie discuss one of three Jim Carrey movies released in 1994, Dumb and Dumber, and everything that helped it earn its very apt title. Website: Twitter/Instagram: TFGIFPodcast Email:


29: Nickelodeon Guts

"Do, do, do, do you have it?" Before American Ninja Warrior, 90s kids across the world (yes, THE WORLD) dreamed of testing their physical abilities on the unique action game show Nickelodeon Guts, and Drew and Katie are no exception. Listen as they discuss an episode from its first season (featuring someone who became so famous, Katie couldn't remember which boy band he was in) and another from the international sensation, Global Guts. Website: Twitter/Instagram:...


28: Boy Meets World

Cory Matthews isn't the only one who's been wandering down this road that we call life, but now TFGIF is finally back, and this week we're talking about a show Katie whole-heartedly loved and Drew apparently...barely saw somehow? Listen in as we discuss Boy Meets World through season 1's "Teacher's Bet" and season 5's slasher classic "And Then There Was Shawn." Website: Twitter/Instagram: TFGIFPodcast Email:


27: Holiday Movies (and 90s Toys)

TFGIF's celebration of the holiday season continues, and this time we're talking about our favorite festive movies from the 90s, such as Home Alone and Jingle All the Way. But that's not all! Join us as we remember which toys all 90s kids had at the top of their wishlists, read an actual letter Katie wrote to Santa Claus in 1994, and discuss the results of some holiday-themed polls from our Twitter feed. Website: Twitter/Instagram: TFGIFPodcast Email:...


26: Holiday TV

It's a Christmas miracle! TFGIF is back with a new episode! And this time, Drew and Katie are mixing things up a little, talking about holiday-themed episodes from six different 90s shows: Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life, Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Full House. What are our own Christmas traditions? What present do we both hope to get from Santa each year, now that we're adults? Listen in and find out! Website: Twitter/Instagram:...


25: Speed [90s Movie Break]

Pop quiz, hot shots! There's a bus with Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock and a bomb on it. What do you do? You watch the damn movie and listen to Katie and Drew dissect the bus jump, the sexiness of Keanu and Sandra's closing line. Join us in our review of Speed and enjoy a movie that holds up surprisingly well! Website: Twitter/Instagram: TFGIFPodcast Email:


24: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

It's been a busy summer, but Drew and Katie are back at long last—along with their horror-obsessed friend Sarah—to discuss the show every 90s kid feared: Are You Afraid of the Dark? Listen in as they talk about season 5's "The Tale of the Dead Man's Float" and season 3's "The Tale of the Dollmaker," along with all the scary movies that terrified them as kids. Spoiler alert: It's all of them. Website: Twitter/Instagram: TFGIFPodcast Email:


23: Martin

Damn, Gina!! Join Katie and Drew this week as they revisit Martin and all its crazy characters through season 2's "Suspicious Minds" and season 3's "Mother of the Bride." Listen as they discuss stuffed dog-aided interrogations, wedding planning procedures, and the insane number of characters Martin Lawrence played on the show, along with which details would be different if the show had been made today. Website: Twitter/Instagram: TFGIFPodcast Email:...