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S1E6 - Accident

Talking Bottom reaches the end of the first series with Richie’s birthday episode. Comrade Richie is another year older and excited about his impending party. Eddie’s gift of a red hot tip pays off and ensures enough booze for the thousands of birds anticipated to attend. Unfortunately, a freak accident leaves Richie’s leg in plaster and wheelchair bound. Luckily Eddie’s pals Spudgun and Dave Hedgehog are on hand to join in with a game of sardines and get through the Emmerdale Farm...


S1E5 - s’up

Eddie’s Sunday afternoon watching Big Jugs is scuppered when Mr Harrison the landlord appears, needing cover for the shop downstairs as his stupid mother has selfishly died. Richie jumps at the chance for some power and a white coat while Eddie can’t wait to get stuck into the snacks. But a series of difficult customers persuades the lads to skive off to the roof to watch the cricket; a flawless plan just so long as Richie’s rain dance doesn’t work and the thieving locals don’t notice the...


S1E4 – Apocalypse

“Thieving bastard ***os!” Yes it’s the one with THAT dub! Richie’s plan to con his auntie out of some much needed cash takes a turn when the old bag dies, leaving him £600. A celebratory trip with Eddie to the funfair results in them blinding a Carni and a curse being bestowed upon Sir Richard Richard VC; he’ll be dead in three days. Can Richie survive that long without visiting the lav? Who ate the Taiwanese ranch style jumbo fishburgers? And what time is Neighbours on? Paul, Mat and...


S1E3 - Contest

Richie’s got a great plan to guilt trip his best friend into buying him a drink; a suicide attempt. But Eddie’s spent all his savings on some vintage porn and a bet on Miss World. If only they can last the evening without beating each other up or destroying the TV. Mat, Angela and Paul discuss the episode shot as the pilot before the rest of the series and muse on Eddie and Richie’s relationship and how they may have originally met. Plus: a reading of some deleted dialogue from the...


S1E2 – Gas

GAS MAN! GAS MAN! GAS MAN! Talking Bottom delves into what could be the show’s most famous episode, where Richie and Eddie hatch a fiendish scheme to keep warm in snowy Hammersmith; but the Gas Man may be about to rumble them – resulting in a trip next door to see their friendly neighbour Mr Rottweiler. What could possibly go wrong? Angela, Paul and Mat discuss stealing gas, cartoon violence, sound effects, Richie’s mania, Mafeking Parade’s odd door number system and wonder what position...


S1E1 - Smells

Two blokes and a bird celebrate the episode that introduced the world to Richie and Eddie - two sad losers on the fringe of society who are desperate for booze, women and cash. Paul, Mat and Angela compare the show to Rik and Ade’s previous work, discuss what makes the show so special and talk a load of bollocks. Plus: the Talking Bottom quiz!