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68 - Donnie Brasco

Like a direct-to-video project accidentally getting theatrical release, DONNIE BRASCO rolled into movie theaters as a gangster movie that couldn’t afford proper gangsters. Listen to Alex and Julio as they discuss what happens when Johnny Depp is asked to play a normal person, what happens when Al Pacino tries to imitate Robert DeNiro and what happens when your screenwriter is a little too proud of all those cool mobster words he learned during his research. Also, the role of Nagging Wife...


Bonus! - The Travolties

One Travolta, thirteen movies and a whole bunch of made-up awards. It's The Travolties!!!! Listen as Alex and Julio recap The Summer Of Travolta while doling out recognition to the best and the worst of the past four months. Also: a "Where is Travolta now?" segment, the promised "Travolta Taco Bell Menu" and more!


67 - Be Cool

Is there anything cooler than being meta? Yes: being John Travolta and being meta at the same time. Alex and Julio arrive at the last stop in The Summer of Travolta as they contend with a sequel that wasn't content to be a sequel. BE COOL is a sequel about sequels. And understanding that is what makes the difference between actually being cool and being someone who gave this movie a bad rating in the Tomatometer. Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace get together on the dance floor, for crying out...


66 - Get Shorty

What did John Travolta do as soon as he rose from the dead like a Brooklyn Phoenix in the mid 90s? He made a movie that was all about him bullying his way through Hollywood. Listen to Alex and Julio begin to close the book on The Summer of Travolta as they discuss how uncomfortable it is to watch Gene Hackman try to be funny, compare Rene Russo's character to Princess Peach, criticize Danny DeVito's lackadaisical work ethic and are appalled at how quickly the movie disposes of Napoleon...


65 - Swordfish

Improbable Smarts VS Impossible Coolness: Dawn of Hackers. My god, the early 2000s were the coolest time to be alive. Need proof? Check out this untold tale of the X-men, where Wolverine and Storm form an uneasy alliance with John Travolta. Three incredibly attractive people helping each other crack codes, steal from the government and sunbathe in the nude. So how come critics hated it? Listen to Alex and Julio do their best to redeem this forgotten treasure from the beginning of the...


64 - Blow Out

It's hard to take Brian De Palma's BLOW OUT seriously, mainly because it tries to convince you that a hunk like John Travolta belongs behind the camera, not in front of one. Also because it casts the silly guy from THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN as a supposedly creepy serial killer. And finally because it's a De Palma movie, which means it's more interested in ripping off Hitchcock than in telling a coherent story around fully fleshed out characters. Listen to Alex and Julio as they wonder why...


Bonus! - Saturday Night Fever

There isn't a purer Travolta than SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER Travolta and what that means for the Italian American community might not be the same as for other Americans out there. Listen to Alex and Julio cope with the worst behavior exhibited in the Summer of Travolta so far: racism, misogyny, showing off on the dance floor - you name it, he's guilty of it. All this, and a pointless Fran Drescher cameo to boot! Why does the Tomatometer love this movie so much?!?


63 - Basic

What's better than a movie twist? How about A BILLION movie twists? Alex and Julio discuss BASIC, the military thriller which not only reunited John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, but also allowed director John McTiernan to out-Shyamalan M. Night Shyamalan. Listen as The Contrarians drool over Travolta's impressive physique, decide Giovanni Ribisi is the new Marlon Brando, applaud Sam Jackson's choice of death scream and, more importantly, explain the plot of the film to all of you. This...


62 - Face/Off

Don't just turn your brain off for FACE/OFF - take your brain out and smash it with a mallet. The Travolta/Cage vehicle may rank high on the Tomatometer but it's way down when it comes to IQ tests. Listen to Alex and Julio as they weave in and out of all the plotholes director John Woo scattered throughout the film! Ponder if we really needed a Travolta/Cage overacting competition! Worry for Joan Allen's sanity! Also, in Real Talk: the results of our first ever poll! Find out what's the...


Bonus! - Grease

The biggest musical in John Travolta's career features the oldest seniors in town teaching youngsters everywhere that all you have to do to win the one you love is change absolutely everything about you. Listen to Alex and Julio unpack GREASE, a movie that's all about bullying, body shaming, deceiving, conniving and lots of unprotected sex! And people in their mid-thirties acting like teenagers.


61 - Look Who's Talking Too

Possibly John Travolta's greatest challenge: playing a man who isn't happy to be in a relationship with Kirstie Alley. As the Summer of Travolta rolls on, Alex and Julio go deep into the Tomatometer abyss and retrieve a film that might hold the key to whatever's going on in Roseanne Barr's head. LOOK WHO'S TALKING TOO features terrible parenting, a wise black baby, Gilbert Gottfried being Gilbert Gottfried, and the Man Of The Hour, John Travolta, dancing to an Elvis song. What more could...


60 - Phenomenon

Is PHENOMENON a brilliantly low-key push-back against standard superhero movies? Or is it a boring John Travolta vehicle featuring the most unremarkable person to ever get superpowers? Is it a mistake or a masterstroke to have Travolta play the nicest guy since George Bailey? That scene where Kyra Sedgwick shaves him: romantic and sexy or awkward and creepy? And is that really Robert Duvall's butt? It's The Contrarians' sixth Grey Area Episode, which means the Tomatometer is split in half...


Bonus! - Hairspray (2007)

What's more passive-aggressive racist than a movie full of white people whitesplaining racism while they keep black people away from the spotlight? In this bonus late night, long distance recording, Alex and Julio reckon with the musical adaptation of HAIRSPRAY, a film that tries to fight segregation by focusing on the love story between two super white kids. This new installment of The Summer of Travolta asks the question: should a (re)established male movie star be taking a prominent...


59 - Pulp Fiction

Why should we care for a bunch of despicable criminals? "Because they're cool!", says Quentin Tarantino. John Travolta's comeback vehicle gets The Contrarians Treatment as Alex and Julio wonder why Uma Thurman speaks like Juno McGuff, why Tarantino wouldn't cast an actual actor to play Jimmy and, more importantly, what gives Travolta those time-traveling regenerative powers. And are Bruce Willis' terrible breakfast habits to blame for everything? Why can't we get a whole movie about Eric...


58 - Battlefield Earth

The Summer of Travolta begins!!! Oh, and how. Listen to Alex and Julio as they plumb the depths of the Tomatometer and discover a misunderstood epic fantasy that could have, and should have, been a game-changer. John Travolta's passion project is an ode to human resourcefulness and resilience. More subtly, it's also a visual poem about the plight of both, blue and white collar workers. And, almost imperceptibly, it's a generous Barry Pepper vehicle as well!


57 - Chasing Amy

The year was 1997 and a young white man cracked the code. Kevin Smith decided to tell the rest of us what gay women were all about. The nerve of this guy, right? Well, critics and audiences ate it up, and CHASING AMY holds a sweet 88% on the Tomatometer. Listen to the horrified Alex and Julio as they discuss how Smith got away with mansplaining lesbians, how an actual love story between Ben Affleck and Jason Lee would've been more interesting, and how the world "problematic" apparently...


Bonus! - Man on the Moon

It's Wrestlemania time, which means we are due for another Bonus Wrestlemania Episode! So Alex and Julio go Full Kaufman by picking a movie that waits about an hour to get to its big wrestling set piece: Jerry Lawler beating the hell out of Jim Carrey. It's a Rotten-Tomatoes-endorsed Possessed-Carrey vehicle about the Ultimate Troll, and the joke is on us, the audience! Listen as The Contrarians wrestle (get it?) with how empty the movie made them feel and also with what it's like to see the...


56 - Catch and Release

Behold: a movie that shows you how to grieve the right way. Sussanah Grant’s CATCH AND RELEASE may look like an average rom-com vehicle full of beautiful charismatic people – and oh god are they all gorgeous -- but underneath it all lies enough pain and confusion to create a thousand ugly crying faces. Listen to Alex and Julio swoon for Jennifer Garner and Timothy Olyphant, marvel at a rare Kevin Smith performance written and directed by someone other than himself, and confirm that anything...


55 - Fantastic Mr. Fox

What the cuss is this? An alleged kid's movie featuring broken marriages, rabid dogs, mutilated tails and... SMOKING?!?!?! Listen to Alex and Julio as they quickly realize stop-motion Wes Anderson is just as pretentious as live-action Wes Anderson but looks worse. FANTASTIC MR. FOX may have an all-star cast, but is it worth it when you can't really see their beautiful faces? And don't get us started on the plot holes... Also: we reveal the line-up for the SUMMER OF TRAVOLTA event!


54 - Tank Girl

YEEEAAAH, TANK GIRL!!!! Lost among the myriad of failed adaptations in the 1990s lies a fantastic Looney-Toonish feminist manifesto that clearly scared too many people in Hollywood. Listen to Alex and Julio as they discuss Lori Petty's powerhouse performance as a female Bugs Bunny superhero, Malcolm McDowell's prescient take on a future American president and Naomi Watts' heartbreaking film debut in The States. All this and Ice-T as a mutant kangaroo too! Not enough for you? We'll also...