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Episode 16 - You Were Fantastic

With the Parting of Ways, we explore the final adventure of the 9th Doctor. The Daleks aren't quite the Daleks we know, the mystery of Bad Wolf is finally revealed, and Jack Harkness (literally) achieves immortality! It's all topped off with the first regeneration of the modern era! In addition, we also discuss the new poster for the 2nd season of Star Trek Discovery, and Kathleen Kennedy's extension at LucasFilm. And as always, we discuss our Beer of the Week


Episode 15 - The Beginning of the End (of the 9th Doctor)

In Episode 15, we revisit Satellite 5 and learn more about the plot thread that has been woven through the entire season: Bad Wolf. Who, or what, is the Bad Wolf? What do the Daleks have to do with it? Our time with Eccleston is nearing an end, so don't miss it! We are also discussing Star Trek themed liquor, Rick and Morty, and the upcoming onslaught of awesome movies. Note: We are aware of the diminished audio quality, and are working on it! We believe it's being caused by temporal...


Episode 14 - A Toast to Kahless!

In this episode, we deliver on a long-running promise. We are finally tasting the Klingon Bloodwine! This is an AUDIO ONLY version of a video podcast episode. For the video, please visit our YouTube channel. Warning: Due to crossing dimensional rifts in the TARDIS, audio quality is slightly compromised. We apologize in advance.


Episode 13 - Slitheen Part Deux

As we inch toward the end of Doctor Who Series 1, Boomtown is next on our list! The Slitheen are back, and are threatening the very existence of Cardiff! How will The Doctor, Rose, Captain Jack, and Mickey save the world? Additionally we talk about the new season of Doctor Who, the future of Captain James T. Kirk, and Netflix's Marvel universe! Our Beer of the Week features a unicorn with laser eyes that breathes fire. On his bat is a cat with a golden gun and a Rambo headband! It's...


Episode 12 - Protocol 417 is Dangerous!

This week, in solidarity with Captain Jack Harkness, we have doubled up our Beer of the Week with Protocol 417! If you're confused, then you need only listen! We discuss The Doctor Dances, the conclusion of last week's The Empty Child. How will the Doctor, Rose, and Jack escape certain gas mask zombification?! We also briefly discuss our favorite Doctors and our favorite Doctor Who episodes.


Episode 11 - Are You My Mummy?

This week, we revisit a favorite: The Empty Child. What is going on with this gas mask-sporting kid in 1940s London? Who is that suave time-traveling man? (No, not The Doctor.) We dig into the details! We also discuss some heartbreaking news regarding Nichelle Nichols, a rumored return for Star Wars Episode IX, and jerks on the internet. As also, we say goodbye to New American Brewing, which is where the idea for this podcast started.


Episode 10 - Paradoxes and Vehicular Homicide

This week's episode takes us back to Father's Day, from Doctor Who Series 1. This was recorded when we convened the Nerds of the Round Table, and we're finally getting it out to you! What happens when the Doctor allows Rose to go back in time, before her dad was killed by a hit-and-run driver? Spoilers: If everything went well, it wouldn't be much of an episode now, would it?


Episode 9 - #GiveWorfASeries

In the first part of this episode, we cover a lot of news. From Patrick Stewart's return as Jean-Luc Picard to Mark Hamill's "leak" of the Episode IX title, we span franchises to discuss the latest happenings. Michael Dorn's long-standing petition for a Captain Worf series could finally have some traction, and what is going on with the leading actors in the 4th Star Trek installment? Our Beer of the Week reminds us of cash money as we analyze this week's topics, as well as the...


Episode 8 - Nerds of the Round Table

In this episode, we debut the Nerds of the Round Table! This discussion features two guests-- for the sake of protecting the innocent, we'll call them Chip and Tim. We discuss what has changed in culture and society that allows grown adults to express their nerd or geek pride openly, whereas previous generations may not have done so. Additionally, we touch on news and rumors from Star Trek, Star Wars, Venom, and yes... Sharknado. As always, our Beer of the Week propels us to greatness!


Episode 7 - Great Scott!!

No Man's Sky has a massive new update, but does it finally fulfill its initial promise? Kareem Abdul Jabbar has an opinion on Marvel's villains, and the Star Wars Episode 9 cast list has been revealed. We look back at The Long Game from Doctor Who's Series 1. How does it stand the test of time? Our beer of the week fuels us in the 7th episode of the podcast.


Episode 6 - Return of the Dalek

In the latest episode, we take a look at Dalek -- the first Episode of nuWho to feature the iconic villain! Additionally we discuss San Diego Comicon, provide some updates on Joker and Solo, and look at Anovos' very expensive new product! Our beer of the week is the Uncommon Stout, by Bent River Brewing. And we chase that beer with some Romulan Ale!


Episode 5 - The Gassy Aliens from Raxacoricofallapatorius

Oh, the Slitheen... How does this Doctor Who 2-parter hold up? We break down Aliens of London and World War Three in this edition of The Doctors Who Podcast. We also discuss an upcoming Doctor Who publication, Infinity War's blu-ray release, as well as DC's bizarre strategy regarding their Joker movies. And this week, we sample Stone's Idolatrous IPA for the Beer of the Week!


Episode 4 - Podcasting on the Fourth of July

We're coming to you from separate locations. Chris dishes on his misgivings about Anovos, the fate of The Expanse, and more. Brian dives into some Episode 9 rumors and closes out with the return of Rewatching the Classics; The Unquiet Dead is today's feature, from Doctor Who's first rebooted season. We do so, of course, with our Beers of the Week in hand! Music by David Hilowitz


Episode 3 - Things that start with Star

In this week's edition of The Doctors Who Podcast, the Untappd Beer of the Week is revealed! Also, we discuss upcoming Star Trek rumors and Solo's continuing struggles at the box office. In place of Rewatching the Classics, we pose a question to you: The Listeners.


Episode 2: Phasers and Hobbits and Tardi, oh my!

This week, The Doctors Who Podcast fuel themselves with Founder's All Day IPA to explore the latest in home phaser technology, the future of Tolkien's vision on the small screen, and Solo's box office success (or lack thereof). The Doctors close with Rewatching the Classics, focusing on The End of the World from Doctor Who Series 1!


Episode 1: Allonsy!

Join The Doctors Who Podcast as we delve into nerd and geek culture, starting with the Beer of the Week! We discuss Solo: A Star Wars Story and the future of the Transformers franchise. We close out Episode 1 with an evaluation of Rose, the first episode of the 2005 Doctor Who relaunch.