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Super geeks Chris Lisanti and Aaron Virola host this weekly podcast unpacking their love and nostalgia for film, TV and more mixed with current pop culture. Thanks for checking us out! Enjoy! Follow Chris (@realClmighty) and Aaron (@StartingSith) Follow Revenge of the Fans (@RevengeOTFans)

Super geeks Chris Lisanti and Aaron Virola host this weekly podcast unpacking their love and nostalgia for film, TV and more mixed with current pop culture. Thanks for checking us out! Enjoy! Follow Chris (@realClmighty) and Aaron (@StartingSith) Follow Revenge of the Fans (@RevengeOTFans)
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Super geeks Chris Lisanti and Aaron Virola host this weekly podcast unpacking their love and nostalgia for film, TV and more mixed with current pop culture. Thanks for checking us out! Enjoy! Follow Chris (@realClmighty) and Aaron (@StartingSith) Follow Revenge of the Fans (@RevengeOTFans)




Episode 26: Ewan McGregor Joins Birds of Prey as Black Mask, PG-13 Deadpool 2, Aquaman Box Office Projections, Rotten Tomatoes and Fan Questions

On this week’s episode of we unpack our thoughts on Ewan McGregor joining the cast of DC’S Birds of Prey as the Black Mask. From there, we speculate on how successful Deadpool 2 could be as a PG-13 film during an already pack release weekend – December 21stweekend before moving on to a conversation about the potential box office performance and success of Aquaman while exploring the idea that audiences don’t really care about poor Rotten Tomatoes scores. To close the show, we talk about the...


Episode 25: A Halloween review, The Batman coming in 2021, Boba Fett cancelled, and a Flash Gordon remake plus fan questions

On this weeks episode of The Fanboy Garage we and pack our thoughts and review the latest Halloween movie which is making a box office killing in it’s second week. From there we switch gears to talk about the latest news surrounding the Batman and it’s expected release date in 2021 and possibly after. Then we travel to a galaxy far far away to discuss the supposed cancellation of a standalone Boba Fett movie which was to be directed by James Mangold. To close the show, we discuss news of a...


Episode 24 : Wonder Woman 1984 Moves to 2020, Hope Brewing in the DCU, Halloween Kills at the Box Office, Titans, Fan Questions and More

On this week’s episode we unpack our thoughts on the recent release date shuffle of Wonder Woman 1984 moving from November 2019 to June 2020 and what it means for the rest of the DCU slate. From there, we discuss the success of Blumhouse’s Halloween reboot, when we'll get the chance to check out the movie (at the Revenger watch party) and the potential for other iconic slashers to make a return to cinemas. To close the show, we go in depth into episode two of Titans before diving into...


Episode 23 : Titans: A Hit or Miss, The Death of Iron Fist, The Flash is WB’s Gambit, Hellboy Without GDT, Fan Questions and More

This week on The Fanboy Garage,we unpack our thoughts on the first episode of Titans, available on the DC Universe streaming service. During the discussion we examine the idea of weekly and episodic steaming and whether or not it’s something that can help or hinder a show like Titans. From there, we talk about the cancellation of Iron First before moving into how streaming services are changing how content is consumed. Next, we flash past updates that The Flash movie has been postponed to...


Episode 22: James Gunn Heads to DC, BtS of New York Comic Con, Reactions to Venom, Fan Questions and More

This week on The Fanboy Garage, we react to news that former Guardians of the Galaxy Director, James Gunn is potentially heading to DC Entertainment to write and direct Suicide Squad 2 before we unpack their favorite moments of New York Comic Con 2018. From amazing cosplay and exclusive scavenger hunts to trailers and sneak peeks, we unpack our thoughts on everything from the Aquaman and Daredevil season 3 trailers as well give listeners as a spoiler-free breakdown of 35 mins of footage from...


Episode 21: The Venom Surrounding Venom, Creed II, Cowboy Rambo and More Plus Fan Questions.

On this episode The Fanboy Garage, we unpack our thoughts around the reception of Venom from critics and fans before Aaron dives into a rant about fandom and the MCU. From there, we discuss our impressions of the second, hard-hitting trailer for Creed II, the DC Universe streaming service, the new of Netflix launching a Chronicles of Narnia series as well as the first image of Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo in Rambo 5 (Yee-haw!). To close the show, we take on fan questions sharing our...


Episode 20: The Joker breaks the Internet, New Bumblebee Trailer Brings the Heat, Comic Book Movie Fatigue and Fan Questions

On this episode of The Fanboy Garage, we unpack our thoughts and reactions on new footage and images of Joaquin Phoenix in full on Joker attire. We speculate on whether or not the upcoming solo Joker film would be connected to the larger DC universe or truly serve as a standalone film before a quick discussion on whether or not there’s comic book movie fatigue. From there, we discuss our impressions of the latest BumbleeBee trailer and its departure from previous Transformers films (in a...


Episode 19: Aquaman vs Mary Poppins vs Bumblebee, A Peek at the Joker, Captain Marvel and More!

On this episode of The Fanboy Garage, we set a friendly wager between ourselves and fans as we unpack our thoughts on the three-way box office showdown between Aquaman,Bumblebee and Mary Poppins Returns. Which one will steal the hearts, minds and dollars of family audiences during the holidays? We break it down and place our bets! From there, we share our reactions on the first picture of Joaquin Phoenix as “Arthur” in the upcoming Joker movie as well as our thoughts on the first trailer of...


Episode 18: Henry Cavill Potentially Hangs Up the Cape as Superman, The Longevity of the Predator Franchise, The Connectivity of the MCU on TV, Swamp Thing and More!

We at The Fanboy Garage deliver a super charged episode as we immediately unpack our reactions to the latest news of Henry Cavill reportedly hanging up the cape and boots as Superman. With news reports, statements, recasting rumors and strange videos, we try to make sense of everything happening with the blue boy scout and whether or not we expect to see Cavill sport the “S” again. After tackling that bit of news, we open the show with some casting news for the DC Universe’s Swamp Thing show...


Episode 17: Batman Beyond, a Joker Give and Take, Face/Off, Remakes, McClane, Nerds and More!

We at The Fanboy Garage kick things off in this episode unpacking our thoughts on the quick entry and departure of Alec Baldwin from the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie as well as Dave Bautista’s decision to potentially no longer work with Disney and Marvel’s in their widely successful Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. With a jab, cross, hook, we bob and weave to take on questions from our listeners; debating and discussing topics like the best cinematic facial hair (yes mustaches, goatees and...


Episode 16: In-Movie Distractions, Rian Johnson’s New Star Wars Trilogy, Top 5 Cinematic Superhero Costumes and More

On this episode of The Fanboy Garage, we unpack our thoughts and experiences on the idea of being taken out of movies because of in-movie distractions like CGI’d lips, bad accents, poor editing and more. From there, we tackle listener questions by jumping right into our thoughts on where we’d like to see Rian Johnson’s new Star Wars trilogy go, the potential stories and time periods he would cover and whether or not a completely unconnected movie would still feel like Star Wars. To close, we...


Episode 15: Reactions to Danny Boyle’s Exits of Bond 25, Kelly Marie Tran Op-Ed, the upcoming Fall TV schedule, Westerns and more!

On this episode of The Fanboy Garage, we dive right in and unpack our thoughts on Danny Boyle’s exit from Bond 25 and examine if Bond directors are able to bring their style and sensibilities to the franchise with minimal interference from producers. From there, we quickly talk about Kelly Marie Tran’s powerful Op-Ed in The New York Times and transition into a rundown of the Fall TV shows we’re most looking forward to including Shameless,This is Us, Iron Fist and others and why other shows...


Episode 14: Is the Shazam Lead Miscast, How Many Comic Book Movies is Too Much and More Questions from the Fans

On this fan-centric episode of The Fanboy Garage, we change things up a bit by fielding questions from our fans and unpacking our thoughts on a variety of topics including the DCfilms on the horizon, is there such thing as too many comic book movies in a year, our favorite comic book stories and more. We kick the episode off with a flash of lightening by asking if The Face of WWE, Mr. John Cena, would have been a better pick as the lead in Shazam and from there we move into a conversation...


Episode 13: The Guardians of the Galaxy Debacle, Comedy in Comic Book Movies and Much More

On this episode of The Fanboy Garage, we unpack our feelings on the latest developments regarding James Gunn and recent comments from actor Dave Bautista about his contract with Disney if Gunn’s script isn’t used for Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3. From there, things take a twist as we explore and discuss the role of comedy in comic book movies, examining the broader Guardians of the Galaxyfranchise, as well as the roster of MCUand DCUfilms. To close the show, we revisit our comments on the...


Episode 12: The Fox/Disney Merger, Dark Phoenix, and a Detailed Rundown of the X-Men Cinematic Universe

Snikt Your boys here at The Fanboy Garage get mutated and psychic in this week’s episode as we unpack the latest news surrounding the now impending Disney/Fox merger along with our thoughts on what’s going on with X-Men Dark Phoenix and New Mutants. From there, we go back into time to revisit virtually every X-Men movie (sorry Deadpool); discussing the good, the bad and the very best the franchise has to offer. It wouldn’t be a worthy X-Men conversation without talking timelines, continuity...


Episode 11: TFG Recap and Reacts to SDCC 2018

In this week’s episode of The Fanboy Garage, we release our geekdom as we unpack all the news, trailers and excitement that rolled out during San Diego Comic Con 2018. No stone is left unturned as we dive head first and share our impressions on DC’s show stealing presence at hall H, the first trailers for Aquaman and Shazam, the future of TV and streaming with the first official peek at content from the DC Universe and more. Grab those super undies and throw on some deodorant because its...


Episode 10: Marvel Focus - Spider-Man: The Evolution of the Marvel King

In this week’s episode of The Fanboy Garage, we get spectacular and amazing with our first Marvel focused episode unpacking the golden boy himself, Spider-Man. From cartoons and TV reruns to successful movies and reboots of reboots, we work our way through nearly every iteration of Spider-Man on the big and small screen; exploring the twisted and gnarly web of the spider-verse. Whether or not you’re a fan of Sam Raimi’s trilogy or Tom Holland’s portrayal of a teenage Peter Parker, make sure...


Episode 9: DC Focus Pt. 3: Wonder Woman, The Snyder Cut, and the Future of the DC Cinematic Universe

In the final part of their DC focused trilogy, hosts Chris Lisanti and Aaron Virola unpack the iconic appearances of Wonder Woman in cinema, the tragedy that is Justice League and the future of the DC Cinematic Universe. With Aquaman, Shazam, and Wonder Woman 1984 on the horizon, they share their thoughts on the current DC slate and what they’re most looking forward to as WB looks to pivot away from the divisiveness of its previous films. To close the show, they debate and share their...


Episode 8: DC Focus Pt. 2: Batman

In the second episode of this three-part series, we get brooding and dark as we discuss the cinema and television evolution of the Dark Knight himself, Batman. Without skipping a beat, we throw on our cowls and capes to explore and unpack the Batcave including 1960’s Batman, Batman 89 all the way through Bat-ffleck and George Clooney. Gargle some salt water and bang out your push-ups because “You’re Batman” and we deliver a fun filled episode! Be sure to subscribe and listen to the latest...


Episode 7: DC Focus Pt. 1: Superman

In the first episode of this three-part series, we spin the world backwards and wax poetic on the appearance of Superman in cinema and television. From the brilliance that is Superman: The Movie to his resurrection in Justice League and everything in between, no stone is left unturned as we unpack the highs and lows of Superman’s reign in entertainment and pop culture. Put on your tights and cape and enjoy the ride as we dive deep into one of the world’s greatest superheroes. Be sure to...