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A weekly Movie and TV podcast where we discuss the latest news, review current films, look at upcoming releases and put our own comedic spin on movies and television.

A weekly Movie and TV podcast where we discuss the latest news, review current films, look at upcoming releases and put our own comedic spin on movies and television.
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A weekly Movie and TV podcast where we discuss the latest news, review current films, look at upcoming releases and put our own comedic spin on movies and television.






How Do You Find New TV Shows And Saying Goodbye To 2018 | 335

On this episode of The Hollywood Outsider, we discuss how we find new television shows in a climate where there are 500+ scripted shows across all mediums. Also, Netflix and Disney's pissing contest, the UK is taking up for scarred villains, we recast Die Hard with modern actors, and then wrap up the show by saying goodbye to 2018 with our last regular episode of the season. Discussed on this episode (0:00 – 28:26)(28:27 – 43:44)(43:45 – 1:15:15)(1:15:16 – 1:44:45)(1:44:36 –...


A Hollywood Outsider Christmas | The 2018 Holiday Special

Every year, we love to celebrate the holiday season with our listeners, and there is no better way to do that then with our 5th Annual Holiday Special! It all started with a random idea, as Aaron and Scott were big fans of holiday specials, yet podcasts seemed to skip over the idea completely. Therefore, we decided we can do whatever we want here at The Hollywood Outsider, so let’s create our own tradition and the Annual Holiday Special was born! Every year we do a little something...


The Football Movie Battle Royale | 334

Football has become the American pastime. A team sport that is equal parts sheer brutality and entertainment. Any given Sunday, the country is enthralled by the NFL and its merry band of outlaws, tossing a leather ball back-and-forth on a field playing a kid’s game, and we eat it up. And because of that, we also love a great football movie! But what defines a “football movie”? Does it require rah-rah speeches? Does the actual sport need to be played? Most importantly, what IS the greatest...


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Spoilercast

The Crimes of Grindelwald is a direct sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and a prequel to the beloved Harry Potter franchise. The worlds are vastly interconnected and we begin to see their ties more and more as the Beasts world progresses. In follow up to the last, after being recruited by Albus Dumbledore, we are to follow Newt Scamander, Tina, Jacob, and Company as they fight the battle against Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) – one of the most powerful wizards who seeks to...


Holiday Movie Preview 2018 and Farewell, Stan Lee | 333

Shocking news hit the world this week as Marvel legend Stan Lee was pronounced dead at 95. A hero to the dreamer in all of us, Stan Lee entertained millions around the world with his amazing creations such as Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, and the list goes on and on. On this episode of The Hollywood Outsider, we reflect back on what Stan Lee has meant to us, as well as his legacy. After that emotional journey, we dive into our every single major theatrical release that will be discuss for...


The Haunting of Hill House | A Netflix Series Spoilercast

On this bonus episode, we discuss Netflix's recent series, The Haunting of Hill House. Just like the show itself, we bounce through the characters of the Crain family and dissect what it is about this show that captured our attention so greatly. Take a listen! TheHollywoodOutsiderFacebook GroupFantasy Movie League Do your shopping via our Amazon Link!


Nostalgic Movie Plots That Are More Disturbing With Age | 332

This month marks the 25th anniversary of Mrs. Doubtfire. A movie revolving around a divorced dad who was simply not allowed to see his kids whenever he wanted. So in an effort to spend more quality time with them, he dressed up like a nanny and landed a job inside his ex-wife’s house to help raise these kids. In 1993, Robin Williams sold us on this premise as whimsical, charming, even oddly supportive. But in 2018, Mrs. Doubtfire is terrifying! This week, we look at films that featured a...


When TV Shows Go On Too Long | 331

Television is stuffed with content these days, and the quality supports the excess. But what happens when we as an audience become hooked on a series, and it continues even after the quality and ratings drops? What happens when our favorite TV shows go on too long? This week we dive into this very real problem of fandom: when to leave your favorite shows. With TV series staples like Walking Dead and The Simpsons seeming to live forever, at what point is it time for us to cut and run? Also...


A Happy, Happy Halloween Episode | 330

Halloween is a special time of year, especially for fans of entertainment. As long as we have it, film and television has supplied audiences with an endless array of boogeymen and women to terrify us into that Halloween spirit. This year, we devote an entire episode to the festivities. From what we love about the holiday – including tricks, treats, and costumes – to a review of the 2018 version of Halloween to our own Must-See Halloween movie lists, this episode has a little something for...


Thunder Road | Interview with Jim Cummings

On this exclusive interview, we sit down with Jim Cummings, the writer-director-star of Thunder Road. Jim's new film follows a police officer who has just lost his mother, and is now forced to come to grips with her legacy, his role in law enforcement, and his own relationship with his daughter. Jim discusses a myriad of topics, including the genesis of Thunder Road, shooting an extended scene uncut, marketing and releasing his own film, and even landing Bruce Springsteen's approval. It's...


1988 - A Year in Film and Television

Three decades ago, an absolutely rad year in entertainment took hold. Classics like Die Hard, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Rain Man, and Scrooged hit theaters. The Cosby Show, Cheers, Roseanne, and Murder, She Wrote took over our television sets. It was a prime time for entertainment. Much has changed since then, but what is even more interesting is how much remains the same. For this special episode, we’re not only going to look back at the year - complete with sponsor breaks and Breaking News...


Villains That Deserve A Franchise And Venom Spoilercast | Ep 329

Villains. Cinema is stocked to the brink with great villains, as well as mediocre and even ridiculous ones. Some of these are so iconic, we spend countless hours contemplating further adventures with these foes, perhaps even plotting them against heroes in other universes. On this episode, with Venom conquering the box office, we decided to look at other villains that could benefit from a solo film or franchise. Surely there are more than just Eddie Brock’s alter ego? Also this week:...


Recasting Original Actors and A Star Is Born | 328

Over the past several months, we’ve talked a lot about we’ve talked a lot about FOX’s Lethal Weapon replacing Clayne Crawford’s Riggs with Seann William Scott’s Cole. They aren’t the exact same character, but in this instance they might as well be, as both occupy the position of co-lead in a buddy-cop relationship. So, in the spirit of replacing original actors, we thought it was a great time to discuss if maybe, sometimes, it’s actually not so bad after all. Cinema’s history books are...


Interview with Producer Roxanne Avent - CEO of Hidden Empire Film Group

On this exclusive interview, Aaron sits down with Roxanne Avent, CEO of Hidden Empire Film Group. So far this year, she’s produced Traffik with Paula Patton, The Intruder with Dennis Quaid, Meagan Good and Michael Ealy, Meet the Blacks 2 with Mike Epps, and is currently in the midst of shooting Fatale starring 2 time Oscar winner Hilary Swank, as well as several TV projects, including The Thrill with Snoop Dogg. We discuss how Roxanne came into the business, building HEFG's diverse brand,...


Movie Battle Royale - Most Horrific Serial Killers | 327

Serial killers have terrorized film since its inception. The idea of an unknown stranger, hiding in the dark, plotting an innocent character’s demise – it’s one of the most terrifying concepts in cinema. Yet, at the same time, audiences are fascinated with this despicable hunters of humans. For our latest Movie Battle Royale, we take 8 of the most sadistic serial killers on film, and determine whom is the most horrific of all-time! Hannibal Lecter, John Doe, Billy and Stu, Martin Vanger,...


Fall TV Preview 2018 | 326

Fall TV is rapidly approaching and to get YOU ready for it, we break down what’s new, what’s coming back, and what just needs to go away. On this episode, we discuss our Fall TV preview, Veronica Mars confirmed for a revival, CBS CEO Les Moonves departs after harassment allegations, and are iTunes digital movie purchases really yours to keep? Also this week: Spoiler-free reviews of Predator and A Simple Favor, Upcoming Releases for the week of 9/21, and our monthly movie giveaway Patreon...


Too Much TV, Marvel, Gender Swapping, and Unsung Franchises | The Best of HO 2018 Vol 2

As we take the week off, here are four of our most popular topics from earlier this year (Too Much TV, Marvel, Gender Swapping, and Unsung Franchises), as well as quick recap of Peppermint, Searching, Ozark Season 2 and Jack Ryan. Discussed on this episode of The Hollywood Outsider Movie and TV Podcast: (0:00 – 33:29)Episode 308: Too Much TV(33:30 – 1:36:50)Episode 310: Building Marvel(1:36:51 – 2:01:42)Episode 312: Trailers and Gender Swapping in Film(2:01:43 – 2:21:54)Episode 313:...


Take Two | Interview with Creators Terri Edda Miller and Andrew W. Marlowe

Take Two stars Rachel Bilson as Sam Swift, a disgraced actress who is struggling to rebuild her career. Researching a role, she shadows private detective Eddie Valetik (Eddie Cibrian) and eventually finds out that her history as a TV cop might prove beneficial at solving actual crimes. Therefore, in the spirit of The Thin Man and Moonlighting, these two team up to solve crimes every week on ABC. For our exclusive interview, creators Andrew W. Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller join us to discuss...


2018 Summer Movie Awards | 325

The summer movies of 2018 is in the bag, so how was it? Many people have complained that this season has been overrun by sequels and franchise films, was it really that bad, or are moviegoers suffering from too much awesome? We debate the summer of 2018 at length – where it stood, what was lacking, which franchises were born, the biggest news stories in entertainment, what caught our eye on television, and even our own favorite summer movie experiences. Avengers: Infinity War, Crazy Rich...


Let's Puppet Up A Movie! | 324

What is the deal with puppets? Are we running out of human actors? Then why do we enjoy puppets so much? On this episode, we discuss the world of puppets, if we prefer the humorous or horrific brand, and most importantly: what movies would instantly improve with the addition of puppets? Also this week: YouTube pulls The Nun ad for being too terrifying, summer movie clichés, reviews of Mile 22 and Netflix’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Movie Innuendo, and more. Discussed on this...